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The Wong Teaser: The Sharp Way To Bet The NFL


If you’ve been looking for a sharp way to bet the NFL — look no further. The Wong Teaser is a proven method to win against the sportsbooks long term. Before we jump into what The Wong teaser is, let’s take a look at betting teasers in general.


The Wong Teaser: The Sharp Way To Bet The NFL

The Basics of Teasing

Tired of losing that parlay by one leg each week? Become a  sharp bettor by learning how to properly tease lines. A teaser will allow the bettor to move lines in their favor – at reduced odds. These types of bets follow the same principles as a parlay. Each individual leg needs to win for the entire bet to be graded as a win. This makes using the Wong teaser a potentially huge moneymaker.

The most popular teaser you’ll see while betting is the 6-point football teaser. While some books allow the bettor to tease the line up to 10 points, this is rarely a smart long-term strategy. Additionally, the more points you buy, the worst the odds are. The payout for a six-point teaser on two legs would be around -120. That’s not bad considering you just moved the lines in your favor. Let’s take a look at a standard six-point teaser for the NFL this week, courtesy of Wynn Bet.

What are teasers?

The Chiefs are one of the most dominant teams and this double-digit spread against the Denver Broncos reflects that. If you think the Chiefs will win but the 10 points may be too much to lay in a divisional matchup, the six-point teaser is the way to go. Since we are teasing the line 6 points, Kansas City needs to win by five or more points for this leg to win. This is a key point of the Wong teaser approach.

The second leg of this teaser is Eagles +7 at home against the Cowboys. If you hate Rayne Dakota Prescott and the Cowboys as much as Sean Green, you’re chopping at the bits to throw this baby in a teaser. With the additional six points added to this spread, the Eagles can now lose by up to 14 points and you’d still come out as a winner.

It’s important to note that even though the lines are adjusted to -4 and +13, the standard “push” rule may apply. That is, if the final spread lands exactly on the new alternate lines, the leg will be void and the payouts reduced. As always, take a gander at your sportsbook’s rules regarding teasers and pushes so there are no surprises.

Stanford Wong

While most players visit the sportsbook to make ill-advised bets on their favorite sports team, Wong is making smart, calculated decisions. There’s a word for guys like Standford Wong–sharp. He has published over a dozen books teaching the average bettor how to exploit popular casino table games and sharing his advanced sports betting knowledge. His book Sharp Sports Betting has become one of the most well-known sports betting books in the niche, specifically because of the successful Wong teaser.

The Wong Teaser

Whoever said “nobody likes a tease” must have never won money with the Wong teaser. This strategy has been proven to win long term and has been causing bookmakers to adjust lines for decades. The Wong teaser follows a few basic principles.

  1. The teaser only works in the NFL and with two teams.
  2. Bettors must tease the lines through the key numbers of three and seven.
  3. The totals of each game must be less than 50 points.
  4. Never cross through zero.

Week 18 provides us with a perfect situation where the Wong teaser can be applied. This matchup between the Bucs and Bears fits the above guidelines to a T. The total opens under 50, the key numbers of three and seven are hit and zero is not crossed.

What Are Teasers?

The Pleaser

If you’re some type of masochist you might dabble with pleasers. The pleaser bet is basically a reverse teaser. Instead of buying points in your favor, you’re selling points. These bets are rarely a smart betting strategy but when they hit–they can pay dividends.

Let’s say you passed out from too many whiskeys and dreamt that the rookie quarterbacks were going to have a big day. Because of this premonition, you went all-in on Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson. Here’s what a six-point pleaser might look like using the Wong teaser.

Opening Lines
Jags +6
Jets +10

6 Point Pleaser
Jags PK
Jets +4

Pleasers are tempting to bet because of the odds they payout but they shouldn’t be used very often. Most of the time they won’t hit and you’ll be throwing away money like Antonio Brown after every meltdown. However, we’re all degenerates here. So if you’re lucky enough to have a sportsbook that offers pleasers, we won’t judge if you let it ride.

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