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NFL And College Football Picks- LSU Colts Seahawks And More! | Three Dog Thursday (Ep. 82)

Another week and we bounced back with some outright Underdog winners in the NFL and college football this past week. Those included Purdue upsetting Indiana, Air Force winning at Boise State and even, the Raiders winning at Denver. Now host T.J. Rives and guests are back for more on “3 Dog Thursday.”

First, T.J. welcomes Kevin Rogers, Sr. Handicapper from , back on board the show. Kevin is ready to impart his tremendous insight and knowledge and has some great advice on college Underdogs. What ACC team is he backing and why does he like an upset of an unbeaten C-USA school? Kevin also has a surprising large pooch in the NFL, as well.

Next, a special guest from Chicago, George Ofman of the “Tell Me A Story I Don’t Know” podcast is on the show. George has great perspective on the Bears and their struggles, but do they have a shot to stay close with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers Sunday? George also has more on his podcast with huge sports media, guest names and Chicago ties.

Finally, it’s our “No Huddle Underdogs” segment with T.C. Martin of the 5 day a week “TC Martin Show” from Las Vegas, Vince Ferrara of “The Sports Animal” sports radio station in Knoxville, TN and Bill Rohland of the “Yards and Stripes Podcast” all predicting a single doggie. Who takes OK State? Who has an AFC hound and who’s on the Seahawks outright Monday night?

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