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4 Ways to Boost Your Sports Bet Returns

Guessing which teams will win and placing a wager on the outcomes is a tried and tested way to make sports more exciting. The problem is, it’s hard work. The majority of sports bets fail, which is why the industry turns over billions of pounds of revenues yearly. 

Nonetheless, many people enjoy the process regardless of whether they win or lose. Of course, it would be nice to look at your bank account and be in the black at the end of every season. There are zero guarantees in sports betting, but there are ways to improve your returns and give yourself a better opportunity of being successful. 

Shop Around 

Operators want to make you think that brand loyalty is essential. After all, the more bets you place with a single bookmaker, the more money they stand to make. Sure, your bookie may throw in a free wager now and again, but do they do enough to warrant remaining loyal? If the answer is no, it’s time to search for added value. 

By shopping around, you will find different companies that are willing to undercut their rivals. So, you may realise there is a superior welcome package that gives you extra rewards. Alternatively, the odds at selected operators could be better. When you spend less, you lose less. And when the odds are in your favour, your winnings will be greater. 

Use an App 

An app is another reason to evaluate the effectiveness of your current bookmaker. Mobile applications are popular throughout the industry as they provide features that are essential to the user experience. For example, the best sports betting apps let you stream the action live or place wagers in real-time. 

These properties may seem insignificant, yet they can revolutionise your winnings. If you watch a game and make bets based on the statistics, you’re more likely to be successful compared to choosing teams based on pre-game predictions. Also, don’t forget the importance of accessibility. Apps are never offline, which means neither are the sportsbooks. Therefore, you can spot value and exploit it instantly. 

Pick Your Payment Method Wisely 

Deposit and withdrawal fees aren’t as common as they used to be, but they continue to exist until this day. If you fall foul of a transaction method, you could spend your hard-earned cash before you’ve even finalised your selections. This makes sports betting more expensive. Plus, it’s entirely unnecessary. 

Almost every operator will list which payment options charge and which are free. Picking the latter over the former will automatically save you a couple of percentage points on your budget. An example is e-wallets, such as PayPal and Skrill, as they often have charges on the other end that bookies can’t swerve. Remember that every little helps concerning maximising your sports betting returns. 

Don’t Be Drawn in by Long Odds 

The odds are long for a reason – nine times out of ten, they don’t win. Taking a risk on the 10% isn’t smart as the percentages aren’t in your favour. Instead, it’s savvier to back the favourite, even if they are heavy market leaders. Your returns will be lower, but it’s a marathon and not a sprint. When you win frequently, your pot will build up gradually, leaving you in profit. 

If you are going to make sports bets, you should keep these tips in mind. They may be the difference between winning and losing.


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