Funny Fantasy Basketball Names 2021

Funny Fantasy Basketball Names 2021

After a condensed offseason, the NBA is back, baby, in just a few short weeks! This means it’s time for fantasy basketball. While we can’t guarantee you will win your league this year, we CAN guarantee you can at the very least have the best-named team. Look no further than our funny fantasy basketball names list for 2021 (if you don’t like any of these, here’s our list from last year).

First, we’ll see what the #degen nation has to contribute on Twitter:

(I don’t approve)

And Zack has some others he sent via our Slack channel:

America Runs on Duncan
Durant Durant

pointsbet riskfree bets


Let’s check out some prime cuts from How They Play:

Tacko Tuesday

Steph Infection

Tacko Bell

Couldn’t Caris Less

Bol Movement

Raging Bol

With All My Dwight

Out of My Teague

Smokin’ a Bol

Too Good To Be Jrue

Wiggins Out

Curry Up and Shoot

Jrues for Jesus

Harkless Bastards

Return of the Cedi

Cool Hand Luka

Oubre-Di Oubre-Da

Do You Believe in Dragic?

Help Me Rondo


Now, a selection from Cheat Sheet War Room:

The Beal World

Masking for a Friend

Greek in the Sheets

Buck Like Freak

Donovan Down By the River

Beal You Can Be

Ayton Manning

Chief Wiggins

Warriors, Come Out and Klay

Klaymond Curry

Praise Ja

Iron Lion Zion

LaLaBron Land

The Big Bam Theory


Next, to Dunk or Three:

What a Jokic

Hoop, There It Is

Hoops I Did It Again

Messed Around & Got a Triple-Double

Rim Jobs

Rim Shots

Run, Shoot, Steal


Finally, let’s peruse the list over at Sports Feel Good Stories:

Big Girls Don’t Kawhi

Go Harden the paint

DeMars Rover

DeAndre DeGiant

The Big Lebronski

High Top Fadeaways

Everybody Loves Draymond

Rondo Rousey

Curry the Team on my Back

KAT in the Hat

Kareem of the Crop

Kawhi of the Tiger

Double Lebrontondre

Kawhi 5-O



Need help figuring out who to draft this year in your league? Read This:

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