Top Ten Fantasy Football WRs 2021 (Ep. 1046)


Top Ten Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) continue their top ten fantasy football preview series for the 2021 NFL season by breaking down their best fantasy football WRs. Sean and Ryan give out their top ten fantasy football wide receivers for 2021. They give the fantasy football outlook for Stefon Diggs, A.J. Brown, Tyreek Hill and more.

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Sean’s Top Ten Fantasy Football WRs

  1. Stefon Diggs
  2. Tyreek Hill
  3. A.J. Brown
  4. DK Metcalf
  5. Davante Adams
  6. DeAndre Hopkins
  7. Justin Jefferson
  8. Calvin Ridley
  9. Diontae Johnson
  10. Devonta Smith

Ryan’s Top Ten Fantasy Football WRs

  1. Calvin Ridley
  2. Stefan Diggs
  3. Tyreek Hill
  4. Keenan Allen
  5. DeAndre Hopkins
  6. A.J. Brown
  7. Davante Adams 
  8. Justin Jefferson
  9. D.K. Metcalf
  10. Allen Robinson

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0:00:49 Intro/Welcome
0:05:54 Ryan’s #10 Wide Receiver – Allen Robinson Fantasy Outlook
0:08:19 Sean’s #10 Wide Receiver – Devonta Smith Fantasy Outlook
0:12:50 Ryan’s #9 Wide Receiver – DK Metcalf Fantasy Outlook
0:14:47 Sean’s #9 Wide Receiver – Diontae Johnson Fantasy Outlook
Ryan’s #8 and Sean’s #7 Wide Receiver – Justin Jefferson Fantasy Outlook
0:22:40 Sean’s #8 Wide Receiver – Calvin Ridley Fantasy Outlook
Ryan’s #7 and Sean’s #5 Wide Receiver – Davante Adams Fantasy Outlook
0:28:37 Ryan’s #6 Wide Receiver – A.J. Brown Fantasy Outlook
Sean’s #6 and Ryan’s #5 Wide Receiver – DeAndre Hopkins Fantasy Outlook
0:33:17 Sean’s #4 Wide Receiver – DK Metcalf Fantasy Outlook
0:35:25 Ryan’s #4 Wide Receiver – Keenan Allen Fantasy Outlook
0:39:27 Sean’s #3 Wide Receiver – A.J. Brown Fantasy Outlook
Ryan’s #3 Wide Receiver and Sean’s #2 Wide Receiver – Tyreek Hill Fantasy Outlook
Ryan’s #2 and Sean’s #1 Wide Receiver – Stefan Diggs Fantasy Outlook
0:49:40 Ryan’s #1 Wide Receiver Calvin Ridley Fantasy Outlook

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Podcast Transcript

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Speaker 0 (1m 28s): Ooh, welcome everyone to sports podcasts of Sean stacking the money grain with my partner and picks Ryan real money Kramer to it in cram dog.

Speaker 1 (1m 40s): We’re so close to football. We’re so good. It’s unbelievable how close we are. We’re literally as every moment we speak, we get closer metaphorically and physically,

Speaker 0 (1m 53s): This is not just a metaphor. We are counting it down. We are in the, you know, in the dead heat of summer here doing our top 10 fantasy football preview series. We gave you the top 10 fantasy football tight ends. We gave you the top 10 fantasy football quarterbacks, and now it is time for the top 10 fantasy football receivers. Ryan, as we get ready for the top 10 fantasy football receivers, want to make sure we shout out when Beth the presenting sponsor of the sports gaming podcast and the sports gambling podcast network, when Batman, they do it all.

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Speaker 2 (3m 20s): Let it ride.

Speaker 1 (3m 29s): Yeah, you let that finish. Yeah. The excitement you have when we, when it comes time to talk about pass catchers, not quite as excited when the people patented throw in the ball, but pass catchers, tight ends wide receivers, and we even had a little off air. D you, you seemed earlier, we were discussing the order of our series and just purely out of nothing other than how the thing the positions were listed. Yes, but running back or wide receiver, what is a more important position in today’s fantasy football?

Speaker 0 (4m 4s): And I see the case you were making running back. You have a smaller margin for error, but to me, essentially, you need hyper fragile, hyper fragile. You need more receivers, thus, you need to do, to me, they’re more important than figuring out who the top 10 are and that you could make the other, the other side of the argument is obviously you have less room for error on the running backs. But I was saying, I thought receivers were important, more important. Maybe save them for last. You said, we’ll do whatever you want Sean.

So, but I conceded and we’re doing receivers first and then running backs to appease you ride, because you were saying running backs more important.

Speaker 1 (4m 45s): I think it’s more important to get running back right early. I think it’s more important to get a wide receiver right. In the middle range. Yeah. So perhaps like, if we’re really boxing it into a top 10 conversation, maybe more important for the running backs, but overall for all the wide receivers. Hell yeah. Obviously we’re we live in a PPR world. Although, you know, some place is still like the half, come on, APR underdog looking at you. Some people are pulling PPLs, savages, who, who seem to play standard.

The only, I mean, come on,

Speaker 0 (5m 20s): Imagine I don’t even know what my rankings would look like.

Speaker 1 (5m 22s): I mean, this is like a Colby Dan thing, right? Like, ah, well, I remember when it was slide receivers in the one yard catch that shouldn’t be

Speaker 0 (5m 30s): Worth one point at one point I do. I like the whole point PPR, maybe it’s just cause it helped me win $200,000 on draft Kings, but I

Speaker 1 (5m 39s): Only know why you like it. Why? Because you’re a skilled fantasy. And what, what does a skilled fantasy player want to do? Expand the player pool as far as possible. Yeah. All right. So some things won’t swear sees this and it’s like, wow, you do this. You make more players relevant. It’s easier to shuffle players in and out. That’s true. Deeper bench is the neutralizer there. But the reason a sharp player plus Evie player likes PPR is you exp I believe you explained it. You expand the player pool, thus making your knowledge of wide receiver, 69, more important, thus making your deep knowledge of who the third string running back in the Philadelphia Eagles might be more

Speaker 0 (6m 22s): On carrier Johnson. So I,

Speaker 1 (6m 25s): I think that’s the answer to the question standard is for people who like to flip coins, bottom

Speaker 0 (6m 31s): Line, put them in there, put them in their whole ride and let’s get it going. Just

Speaker 1 (6m 36s): Pissed off. I have a bunch of like 50 and 60 year olds.

Speaker 0 (6m 40s): Oh, are you talking about, I go first? Yes. You go first. Who’s your number 10 fantasy football receiver for 2021. So this was

Speaker 1 (6m 47s): Terry McLaurin because I am super high on him. This was almost Michael Thomas

Speaker 0 (6m 53s): Man. There are some really good options. I

Speaker 1 (6m 56s): Liked Winston too much to not have my, I realized I was too low on Michael Thomas, but I’m going Alan Robinson and purely like this guy is a quiet Deandre Hopkins level when it comes to producing, no matter how good or bad the quarterback is. So whether this is a Dalton, this is fields. I don’t really care. I think he is a guy that’s going to produce. And I think you’re gonna putting him at 10 means like I have gotten him a bunch, which I backed into a lot of fields, stacks and fields commit stacks because I ended up with Aaron or Allen Robinson because in the third round, it’s hard for me to pass him up with some of the other guys dangling on the board at that time.

So number 10, I think Alan Robinson, we can talk about his target share. We can, we can talk about a potential emerging number two and Mooney, but there’s always a potential the other guy. And you can talk about how the tight ends might steal some red zone opportunities. I think you, bottom line, you look at the quarterback situation there last year and it was pretty pissed bore. Even if you’re not super high on Justin Fields, it’s got to improve a little bit, even if you’re not high on Dalton. I think it’s going to improve a little bit. I mean, Dawn can, if there’s one thing Dalton can do, he can throw to a big body receiver with a huge catch radius.

So I really like Allen Robinson this year. I think again, 10 puts him in the range where I’m going to get a lot of shares of them. And so I don’t know if you’ve got Alan Robinson in the year, top 10 as a Penn state.

Speaker 0 (8m 26s): No I didn’t. I mean, there, there are a number of guys that I like that are just outside the range that you just nailed here. I’m Michael Thomas at 11 Alan Robinson at 12 Terry McLaurin at 13. Okay. We’re all in the same bucket there then. No, no. I mean, and I was going back and forth. Like there’s just, there are a bunch of good receivers, as you mentioned, like there’s so many good receivers out there. Cause you know, every, every team is running three receivers as their standard love and personnel. It’s easy to get these high PPR outputs from certain receivers.

And again, that brings me into my number 10 receiver. We always see one rookie get into the top 10 fantasy. Always, maybe not receivers, but I think I like doing it. I think Devonta Smith at number 10, put them in. He’s a PPR machine. He’s going to, he’s going to be the number one target on the team. That’s throwing a bunch.

Speaker 1 (9m 26s): Yeah. I mean, I like the gamble.

Speaker 0 (9m 28s): I don’t, I, it’s not a yards thing. It’s not a touchdowns thing. It is a, it is a catch

Speaker 1 (9m 33s): A thing. Manufacturing plays, right? You drafted him, you get him the ball.

Speaker 0 (9m 38s): No. I mean the, the, the front office, how we Roseman Nick Sirianni, he’s a receiver specialist. Like the entire Philadelphia organization has come around. This one guy, you know, everyone talks in fantasy. It’s about volume. This dude is going to get a shit ton of volume. And, and the more I think about it, maybe even knock, you know, I should go back and maybe pull God or down a step or two, because the more I think about it, the more I think is just Devon Smith is going to get a shit ton of easy catchable balls and he’s gonna, he’s gonna be a PPR machine.

So again, it’s just about identifying volume and I, I don’t, I don’t see him not having massive volume.

Speaker 1 (10m 19s): God bless your love of the Eagles wide receiver 40 for me, which is probably too low. I’ve told you this I’m lower on, I’m lower on him than I think I should be. But yeah, I just, at this range, I can still get a guy who I’ve seen be a number one wide receiver at the NFL level. So, but I really didn’t see. I didn’t, I was, I didn’t, even

Speaker 0 (10m 42s): If you had a, I think the way offenses are run these days and the way we saw all these receivers get trapped in the first round and the way that people go out of their way to work them into the system. Who do you think would be the Workiva running a rookie receiver to get into the top 10? Because again, I liked Jaylen model as a prospect, but I don’t like his situation. Who do you think would be the, the, I think the obvious choices is chase

Speaker 1 (11m 10s): Just because of, of the, are they already have the rapport that they’re going to be. There’s going to be a plus fantasy opportunity in that in Cincinnati. I think the dark horse is, is Bateman with, with, with Baltimore just because he’s going to there’s other guys on the team already. And if he’s as good as advertised and Lamarck and connect with him, you know, he’s the kind of guy that could score 10 touchdowns. But to your point, we’re still believing it is July. So, you know, cheers, cheers to the hope.

My only here would be my, my objective counterargument. I wonder to your point, I do wonder if there are going to be enough targets to carry him into the top 10.

Speaker 0 (11m 53s): No, and that’s maybe that’s, there’s so much unknown, like you’re right. You put these lists together. I like to throw in a couple surprises, a couple of guys that aren’t in the, the top 10 cause shout out to the echo chamber chamber chamber. Cause everyone’s 10 guys are the same guys. I think it’s fun and refreshing to throw some new guys in there because ultimately the 10 preseason guys, aren’t the 10 preseason guys at the end, much like with basketball or a milli maker. I like to take some shots on finding guys that aren’t in your typical top 10

Speaker 1 (12m 26s): List. And to me, I think when you look at guys who finish in the top 10 overall and fantasy, and you look at the targets that are going to need to get there, you kind of have to draw a line right at eight, they’re going to need to average more than eight targets a game, unless you have some, some sort of anomaly touchdowns.

Speaker 0 (12m 43s): I think he’s going to have seven plus just from what I’ve heard about the

Speaker 1 (12m 48s): Officer that he has the opportunity. And I think another guy I didn’t, maybe

Speaker 0 (12m 51s): They ended up spreading it out way more. And it’s, it kind of is a different look, but they’re playing out, I’m running a true west coast offense. So he’s going to get ride receiver screens, bubble screens. And I think even some jet there, they were practicing a bunch of jet sweep, jet suite option stuff. So,

Speaker 1 (13m 9s): And then my other, you know, my, if you’re going to go left, my counter would be like, well then, you know, if he, if his aid is super low, then, then his opportunity also becomes a problem, right? Like you want to make sure his, his depth of Target’s not, not sinking into like the can’t be valuable range. But again, I appreciate you. You surprising me with an, a Philadelphia Eagle on the list. My, my number nine guy, maybe the opposite. If you saw these two guys walking off the bus together, you would assume Devante Smith is just here to hold DK, Metcalf bags.

Look, I, my hot take was almost putting Tyler Lockett in this over DK Metcalf. Cause I have this real weird feeling this year that I want to have lots of Lockett. Now I’m higher than market on lock it. I think having him in my, my top 20 lock,

Speaker 0 (13m 58s): It did have a hundred catches last year in 10 touchdowns

Speaker 1 (14m 1s): Will in something I wanted to bring up was again, back to those average targets, couple guys who fall into that range that people definitely have outside their top 10 Robbie Anderson, very close for me, eight and a half targets, a game Tyler Lockett, 8.3 more than DK Metcalf. Obviously we can explain the difference because of Metcalf’s big playability is his size around the red zone. I think this is right around where, where market has him. I think this is right around where he’s being drafted right late second round pick, maybe someone you pair with a stud running back.

So I assume you have him in your top 10 as well. We also like the, I mean, just from a pure, like which wide receivers do you maybe like a little bit more from a stack perspective because of that big game and we,

Speaker 0 (14m 48s): And we kept his up there, we hit on it as to why I like Russell Wilson. I think I gave him number five for the fantasy football quarterback. Six six is because the more I dove into their, into their offense and what they expect them to do, it’s going to be some quicker passing stuff. And that probably even favors DK over, lock it up a little bit. Cause he’s more of a possession guy than lock it. I still think you can make a good case for Tyler Lockett as well. But yeah, I have DK Metcalf all the way up to number four because I’m the more I’m doing the research and diving in the more I’m hiring.

I’m like I gotta get me some more Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf stack my number nine again, probably off your board. Ryan. This is another zag when everyone’s zigging is Deontay Johnson. I am very high on Deontay Johnson. Again, this is a strictly PPR play. He got an insane amount of targets. He was sixth in the league and targets last year, 146 targets. And if you know anything about big Ben and that Pittsburgh offense, what are the two things that jump out at you?

One, they have a, an offensive line that sells issues to big. Ben can probably only take so many more tackles and what’s their workaround. We saw last year, the, the quick passing game and Deontay Johnson really benefited from that. And he even had some drop issues and they would take him out and then he would put it back in and he would still get a ton of catches. This is strictly from a, from just like a total number catch perspective. You know, he had 88 catches last year.

I think he could have like one 10 this year and he and touchdowns kind of keeping the same. He had seven. I think he can kind of maintain that. But I think he’s just going to get a huge jump in the easy catch a range. So it’s not necessarily yardage thing, but full point PPR, I think he’s going to have a massive, yeah.

Speaker 1 (16m 42s): And it’s, it’s actually startling. He only had four games, sorry, five games where he didn’t have double digit targets last year. And it was like 1, 2, 3, 4, and seven targets. So like his duds were absolute duds, but when the rest of the time it was 10 plus targets. I like the, I think this angle is just, there’s a little bit of big Ben in here that maybe pushes him down the board for me. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (17m 7s): Well, and then I, I mean, I struggled that with that, with a lot of this, like how much do you factor in the quarterback and how much do you punish them? You know, in the same reason why Joe Burl wasn’t in my top 10 for the fantasy quarterbacks and I don’t have any bangles receivers in, in, in for this, you can make the case pretty easily. But for me, that ACL injury is still a big thing. I know everyone says he’s going to be fine. I just, from a guy who watched Carson Wentz his career and seeing that first hand experience well and Carson wins, he tore his ACL, I think in a pretty similar time to Joe burrow.

And again, it takes a little bit to recover that like once wasn’t ready game one, like he didn’t start until week three. So the fact that everyone thinks that Joe Perot is going to be a go full board game one in a 17 game season, I’m skeptical. I think Joe burrow and the fact that he got it this early is shitty for him and for bangles fans. Cause I think it’s going to hurt his development. So we’ll see

Speaker 1 (18m 12s): One thing to note on Deontay Johnson before we move on. I think it is interesting how you can, he’s still going about the same time as chase Claypool and you know, I don’t have them as high as you do Sean, but I definitely like them more than chase Claypool because I think Deontay Johnson let’s say Ben gets hurt. I think Deontay Johnson is still probably part of the offense because of the type of routes he can run. And I think it’s, I, I like him where he’s going for sure. I mean, what is he going in the wide receiver?

Twenty-five to 30 range. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (18m 46s): He’s a real steal, but do you really want to stack it with Ben?

Speaker 1 (18m 51s): The thing I was going to say to support your claim, he was fifth in the league and average targets per game last year. So yeah,

Speaker 0 (18m 58s): He’s gonna get, he’s gonna get a shit ton. The targets, I may have said six, but yeah, he’s just going to get a shit ton of targets to me. It’s just that simple.

Speaker 1 (19m 6s): All right. Eight wide receiver rankings. Give me a gimme Justin Jefferson. Okay. As much as it, I guess you could, you could say, you know, he had a great year. Let’s fade them. There’s no real reason to, I mean, I, I think the Vikings on offense or defense could get a little bit better. Sure. Maybe that takes some opportunity out of it, but they’re going to be an offense that puts up points in games. And I think what Justin Jefferson showed you last year is he’s not really Gardasil and I’m pretty high on Adam Thielen too, to be honest.


Speaker 0 (19m 38s): And that’s, I have I’ll skip ahead. Cause I’ve just in Jefferson seven, but it’s interesting. I think you can make a case that he even does more like if you look at the touchdown splits between Thielen and Jefferson Thielen had 14 touchdowns as Jefferson only seven. I don’t know. I mean, just I test, it feels like some of those are if 21 between them, would you be surprised if we had Jefferson 12 and, and Thiel and now 13 and eight or,

Speaker 1 (20m 9s): And here’s why I think when you, when you dive into Jefferson, you see a guy who the, the, the numbers underneath the numbers tell a even better story,

Speaker 0 (20m 19s): Like nothing, nothing about his year felt outlier

Speaker 1 (20m 23s): Davante Adams in average depth of target, or I’m sorry, average yards per route run, which, which means he’s running down the field and Kirk cousins still slings the rock. And so Justin Jefferson, you know, you’re your touchdown or aggression point, maybe Thielen still gets used around the red zone a little bit more because of, of the routes he’s running. But I think just the fact that Jefferson’s running these deep routes is every game is so high. And then, you know, he, he had a phenomenal season last year.

Receivers tend, tend to take a little bit more time to develop he’s already there. So there’s no reason to try to get cute and not take him if he’s sitting there at, you know, in the second half of the second round in

Speaker 0 (21m 6s): Your draft. No, and I definitely have some best ball where I have Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and our buddy Kirk. And I don’t want to tip my hand, but the more I’m diving deep on the, on the running backs, I I’m I’m, I think I’m going to make Dalvin cook my number one, running back simply out of a process of elimination because like every other, every other one of the first round running backs, like I have a giant red flag that I don’t feel great about. And Dalvin cook ends up being the outlier there

Speaker 1 (21m 38s): Real quick. Justin Jefferson only averaged 7.8 targets a game, but still was able to produce that many yards because of those targets cow Rudolph gone. That’s a decent amount of targets. And if they don’t go to

Speaker 0 (21m 48s): Earth, yeah, it’ll be interesting. Cause they, the coaching staff went out of their way to say Irv, Smith’s not going to take over that Cal Rudolph role, full sick Ken talk in fantasy football. And it’s all, it’s all about finding that value in the same applies to gambling, which is why you got to check out prop and you got to use promo code SGP. Why? Well, of course

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Speaker 1 (23m 15s): G P value liquidators.

Speaker 0 (23m 19s): You liquidators. All right. So seven

Speaker 1 (23m 21s): I’m on seven now. Okay. Should I do my eight? Or do you want to do your go, go with your eight,

Speaker 0 (23m 26s): My eight Ryan. And this is going to anger you, but why would it anger me? Number eight, Calvin Ridley. I’m just, there’s a lot of Calvin Ridley steam. I have a feeling you’ll be talking about Kevin Ridley down the line here, but right. Calvin Ridley is only eight. Take one. I don’t, I don’t think Matt Ryan is going to be quite the quarterback without Julio Jones. Arthur Smith should help the offense. To me. It is an eye test, the arm strength of Matt Ryan.

And certainly you could, you could use some of that same logic against big Ben. I would counter it by saying like, Pittsburgh’s already aware of that and they’ve built a team around it and routes around it and they set up a quick throwing offense. Calvin Ridley, I think is just going to have trouble being the number one receiver. He’s never been that in his career might have some issues. Again, I, I still like him at number eight, one other little nugget from doing stuff in the schedule is that the Atlanta Falcons essentially play 10 road games because you know, the, the NFC teams play nine road games and then they also lose one of their home games to a London game.

So they’re playing 10 games this year on the road. I think that’s eventually going to catch up to Matt Ryan and his arm and thereby the passing offense of the Falcons and pits. I think we’ll take some of his targets. That being said, that’s why I haven’t been eight. I still still like him this year, but I’m not a lot of people. Haven’t been that top three and just not. Does it make sense for me? Well, where

Speaker 1 (25m 3s): Did he finish last year with Julio? With Julio, but I’ll tell you, he, he finished as the, let me, let me flip this over to PPR. I’m sorry. Fifth, fifth receiver. So I, I just think, you know, he, no, I mean, Julio was there. He didn’t play a ton of snaps. I get that. I just, again, the defense may be slightly better. They’re not going to be a good defense. I think we’ve, we we’ve said too much. Or at least I believe too much that Arthur Smith may have had something to do with the efficiency of that Titan’s team.

And if he brings any of that to this Atlanta team, like they weren’t always an efficient team. And so if they can combine that with the need to still be a volume team, like the, what do they say? The roof is the ceiling, the ceiling. There is no roof on Calvin Ridley this year. And I think that’s why, you know, I made him my number one, but we’ll, we’ll get, we’ll get boiler alert, spoiler alert. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t let you eight you’re out of your mind because you’re number seven, Devontae Adams, this, and this is another one.

I feel like similarly to how we ranked Aaron Rogers. Like on one hand, if Aaron Rogers is playing and you know, he’s playing, you’re taking Devonte Adams, maybe as the number one receiver, if he’s not Davante, Adams is still a beast. He still led the league and average yards per route run. He still is an absolute beast around the red zone. And I think if you’re like, are you taking him? You, you you’re, maybe you have the first pick Sean, you’ve taken Dalvin cook.

You’re sitting there at 24 Davante Adams is there you’re a hundred percent taking him, right?

Speaker 0 (26m 45s): Yeah. I mean, as now as we’re recording it, I’m taking them. I’m probably even not dropping him down as much as other people would. Even if Jordan loves the quarterback, the volume has gone deeply would put him down. But if Jordan Love is the quarterback next year, do you think he’s not getting a 149 targets? He got to 149 targets in 14 games. That’s what it was. I mean, if, if Jordan loves my starter, I’m not throwing the ball less to Devonte Adams

Speaker 1 (27m 14s): Averaged. He led the league in average targets per game at 10.6. And that’s not changing periods now

Speaker 0 (27m 21s): We’re where it’s going to hurt them. Probably if Jordan loved plays is the 18 touchdowns, but I don’t even think he gets that regresses anyway with, with Rogers. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (27m 31s): Reject him for more than like 10 to 12 touchdowns.

Speaker 0 (27m 34s): I actually have, I have Davante Adams and we’ll just get into it as my number five. I still think Aaron Rogers is coming back. I still think he’s going to be a big part of the offense. Number five. Yeah. Just sounds about right. For me right in that, that middle of the top 10, I’m not scared to do draft Dave Rogers, Davante Adams stack.

Speaker 1 (27m 55s): It’s you know, you’re going to get it cheap. Now you might as well take a little bit of it, right? Yeah. Cause it’s going to go from a second and like ninth, 10th round to two to a first and

Speaker 0 (28m 6s): A sixth round, he led the league in fantasy points, even in 14 games. So even with his missing a couple of games, he’s still, he’s still led the league and obviously led in per game as well. So even saying he cools off a little bit. Cause they did seem like they were going out of their way to get him the Rogers, the passing touchdowns for the MBP. And maybe they tried to do that again. It works like why aren’t we to go away? I don’t, I don’t know. So

Speaker 1 (28m 33s): Handoff at that, like what’s, what’s more reliable Aaron.

Speaker 0 (28m 36s): Yeah. The one yard Davante Adams touchdowns just automatic and maybe a couple fall off, but he’s still should be. And maybe I’m low on him on five. If I think Rogers is going to be back. And I just think the Roger’s 48 touchdowns. It’s just hard to have that season again. But I, you know, if Ryan, anytime you play the regression card on this Packers team and the Packers offense in particular, it hasn’t looked good as looked good for Aaron Jones. What receiver

Speaker 1 (29m 2s): Walked in the building. It’s going to take away any targets from Dubai. No one, no. And so I think for me, if Rogers is a hundred percent back, he’s probably sitting right next to Calvin Ridley as someone I’d take in the first round after those top tier running backs are gone. Yeah. All right. My six, the guy, what do you do?

Speaker 0 (29m 21s): I have not. I have not done. My I’ve done. My seventh is Justin Jefferson. My fifth is Devante Adams. I’ve not given out my cell.

Speaker 1 (29m 29s): All right. Six for me is Aja brown. I’ve seen people much higher. I almost feel like putting them here is going to make it hard to get them on my teams. Cause he, he seems like a pick that is a pretty sexy like writer, like right around the turn for a second turn. But I mean, you saw it last year. We like Ryan Tannehill. We, we like, I think, oh no, I like Ryan Tilly. Julio Jones is probably helps Aja brown, at least when he’s playing. Cause he adds an element of decoy. And you know, I think the, the question of with a J brown is how much did Corey Davis matter, which is strange.

But Derek Henry still there they’re, they’re sure they lose Jonas Smith, but they bringing in Julio, I think fixes all of that. The question to me is, does the offense, you know, it’s the same thing. Does the offense regress at all? Just because of the, the, the S the, the coordinator change. I think, again, it seems like sometimes guys are just good at calling plays in game. And when you watch the Titans games, I think the forte was making end game adjustments because you saw these games where they had massive comebacks, they completely scrap their game plan for something that was completely different.

And if they can continue to do that, I mean, again, this team’s going to be losing in some games and they’re going to be chucking it. And they, Jay brown, again, another guy that just looks like Devante Smith would be holding his bag for him coming off the bus.

Speaker 0 (30m 52s): Yeah. I’m going to get to AGA brown in a second. But my back to my number six, I have Deandre Hopkins. Who, again, this is, you’re just looking for volume, right? More or less and 160 targets last year, 115 catches. I mean, this guy just was year one with Kyle or no real off season. Yeah. And we came in, I know, and again, to my own detriment, I was super high on Josh Allen, but I thought Steph digs that maybe they’ll take a little bit to figure out that historically was the rule, was that, you know, receivers changing positions, you wanted to fade them.

You know, it takes a little bit, and especially with the COVID shortened off season, these guys should struggle, but we didn’t see that with Hopkins or digs. In fact, they both had awesome years. I and worth pointing out. I mean, he had 115 catches and only six touchdowns. I think that touchdown to catch percentage can even out a little bit in his favor. I think him getting 10 touchdowns this year is certainly possible. So any played a full, a 16 games, the guy’s catch radius is insane for it.

And for a guy like Kyler, who deals with sight lines and, you know, well, munchkin guy back there, like having to like angle it and, and whatever Deandre Hopkins is as a blessing. I mean, he went up and got that hail Mary, like the guy’s just a baller, right. At number six. I mean, again, a lot of these guys who could make a pretty easy case to put them in the top five, top four here, but yeah, I got the D hop number

Speaker 1 (32m 24s): Six. Yeah. What scares me? I mean, I liked the angle that he has more time with Kyler. He is in your top 10, right? Yeah. I’m going to talk about the Nazis. My number five guy, I had him, we basically have Aja brown and Deandre Hopkins swap, but I think the volume is it a little concerning that he was, he still was able to disappear with like 10 target games last year and only show up with four points. But I think just in general, there’s no reason to think his volume is going to go down. They are, it does concern me the style of offense because in theory, there are a lot of targets on any given play, but again, you’re, you’re just getting too cute if you’re dropping a much lower than this.

And honestly, like he was a guy early in the summer, I kept asking you, why am I able to take Deandre Hopkins at the end of the second round? Why am I able to pair

Speaker 0 (33m 12s): Christina, another guy who’s just, you know, slipped under the radar.

Speaker 1 (33m 17s): Well, and I think maybe cause there is a certain garbage element to some of his volume, but I think if you like Kyler and, and you like this team to maintain a certain level of competitiveness, Deandre Hopkins is going to get double digit targets. Again, I get the average 10 last year. It’s hard to see that going away. So I made him number five. Sean, you want to talk more about Aja brown?

Speaker 0 (33m 40s): Well, I’m, I’m up to my number four.

Speaker 1 (33m 43s): W yeah. Well, okay, so you add Jay brown was your five. No Devonte

Speaker 0 (33m 47s): Adams was my five DK. Metcalf was for Jesus Christ. I haven’t gotten my AIG brown.

Speaker 1 (33m 54s): I see you. You said you save them for later. My bad.

Speaker 0 (33m 56s): Yeah. No, it’s all good DK Metcalf. I feel like we hit on a lot of reasons why he liked DK Metcalf. Again, he is just an eye test guides dude is just,

Speaker 1 (34m 6s): Whoa. The volume is the concern that that would be the only like, Hey, he’s going to have to get it in the end zone a bunch.

Speaker 0 (34m 13s): Yeah. And he, he, he got, he was the fifth fantasy football receiver last year on only 83 catches, which is pretty crazy big point. You got you. And you got guys like Steph digs with 1 27. But again, I think he’s also like young he’s getting better. Yeah. It feels like peak DK, Metcalf time, you know? And, and he was certainly the number one fantasy receiver there for those first five weeks where Russell was really cooking. I, we talked about it in the quarterback episode, but I think there’s like a middle ground between that red hot passing offense.

And then what they kind of cooled off to that. It’ll be a little bit more even throughout the season. And that’s why I have DK Metcalf ended up in the, almost the same spot as he did last year. Maybe slightly higher. Maybe that’s just me being a fan of DK Metcalf, but I just think the opportunity is going to be there. And again, I think with them switching to like a quicker passing off offense, I think it’s only going to benefit a guy like DK Metcalf. I mean, we saw that, that, you know, his burst, I mean, chasing down that was it Patrick Peterson to kind of save that game for them.

Although they ended up losing or wait, what happened with that Seahawks? They ended up winning, but not

Speaker 1 (35m 30s): Covering or a year right now. I know we lost our bet. Yeah. That’s all I care about. I want to say they lost the game. Yeah. Did they? And then DK Metcalf ran and ran an Olympic qualifier and got smoked and everything went back to normal. The track community was pissed off at a football player.

Speaker 0 (35m 49s): Don’t even let him, the Cardinals won in overtime 37 30 Ford man. That was a crazy ass game. But we see the run after catch ability for DK Metcalf. So if they’re looking to show, we get it, we’ve all seen him with his shirt off that dude’s ripped and, and a good receiver.

Speaker 1 (36m 5s): Alright. Trivia at time. Number four receiver. Sure. You, you touted that Davante Adams earlier had 149 targets and only 14 games. This guy had 147 in only 14 games. Who was he in last year? Last year? He’s probably not in your top 10 OU plays for your Los Angeles chargers for string 97. Catchy Keenan Allen. Wow.

I mean, it’s interesting because I feel like I end up with him in the FFPC every year. Cause I’m like, why am I able to take this guy in the third round again? Like, okay. Give to me. And you know what? I needed something that was a little bit different in my rankings. Cause there are

Speaker 0 (36m 53s): Kanan Allen hunter catches eight touchdowns.

Speaker 1 (36m 57s): Again, we like the offense. We’re high on Herbert. We’re high on Eckler. Why are we not high on Keenan Allen? We learned in hard knocks. He can block. So he’s on the field almost every down. And Herbert is on record talking about how much he loves throwing a Keenan Allen, because he’s always in the spot that he needs to be. And he’s always open

Speaker 0 (37m 20s): In the national football league grind. Chris Hogan somehow

Speaker 1 (37m 23s): Got the nickname seven 11, because he was always open and training camp like Keenan Allen is always, oh, who gave Chris Hogan? I don’t remember. I feel like someone was caught with maybe I’m confusing it with another white receiver, but Keenan Allen always open. And if you asked me like, oh really, you’re going to draft him at the beginning of the second round. You bet. Yeah, absolutely. And here’s why I put him over Deandre Hopkins. Here’s why I put them over Aja brown. I, I honestly I trust his consistency.

When I went and looked at Deandre Hopkins game log, it blew my mind that he was able to have games where he received 10 targets and only scored four fantasy points. Keenan Allen doesn’t have games like no.

Speaker 0 (38m 8s): Kay, Keenan, Helen Ryan, as they say in the business, 10

Speaker 1 (38m 11s): Points in a drive. And it’s like sometimes

Speaker 0 (38m 14s): Fashionable wide receiver. I think he only, the only thing that you could really throw shade at him for is maybe some injuries, stuff, age. He feels like he’s kind of getting to the end. But to your point, I heard last year that he got hurt and it’ll probably get hurt again this year to some degree. But if he doesn’t certainly top five is well within the range. And I would say this too, like as a reason to like Keenan Allen is who’s, who’s the young buck taking his

Speaker 1 (38m 46s): Target. Well, I like Mike Williams and fantasy

Speaker 0 (38m 48s): Because he’s gone so right. He’s got injury issues. Like there’s no, there’s no clear like number one, like Jaylen, Guyton, like who is going to steal his targets away. Hunter Henry is no longer there Eckler does. I mean, no, that’s what I’m saying. Like I think, and you want to

Speaker 1 (39m 4s): Hear a crazy nugget. Keenan out had two games where he received 19 targets and you want to talk about ceilings. Like his floor is like eight to 10 targets. Sealing could be just completely takes over a game. So again, I’m definitely higher than the market on this one. I think you can safely draft him up until like the beginning of the third round without like you can pro if you’re drafting like 1, 2, 3, you can probably take Keenan Allen with your third pick.

And that to me is crazy because again, how many of these guys are that automatic? And you know, he’s going to be a big, a big piece of that offense. Like you said, who came in? That’s going to take targets away. No,

Speaker 0 (39m 45s): No. Oh, but as a man who likes a good hot take and shaken up the echo chamber chamber chamber that I love

Speaker 1 (39m 52s): That you left him off your top 10. That’s the hot take to me, Shawn,

Speaker 0 (39m 55s): I got I’m 15 and I’m trying to figure out how to get him high. Don’t let him see that though. He is one of those guys that would get real pissed if he saw he responds to personal disrespect. Are we, I think we’re already up to my number three. Yup. And we’ve already hit on this guy who was your four, just so we’re sure. DK Mack Aja brown is my number three. Shit.

Speaker 1 (40m 19s): Imagine, keep both those guys on the same team where they end up asking sucked.

Speaker 0 (40m 27s): AIJ brown. Again, we, we kind of already built the case for AGA brown. I think Julio being out there creates more opportunities for them in the same way. I think Ridley, you know, I’m not quite as high as you on Ridley, but I think playing across from, from Julio Jones is gonna help them. They got to, what are you going to just leave Julio Jones out there, single coverage. Like, and again, the, he

Speaker 1 (40m 51s): Wears the number because of Julio Jones. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (40m 55s): It’s going to matter. There’s there’s good chemistry. I tried to give him the number two. I think Tannahill I’m high on him. I’m high on ADJ brand. I’m high on Julio. Like I, I really think this and he got Derrick Henry the play action off of Derrick Henry makes these guys’ jobs so easy. I don’t agree with the Falcons owner who said it was a win-win trading, Julio Jones. I, I still can’t wrap my head around it because if you’re keeping Matt, Ryan, you’re still in win now mode and trading Julio Jones is not a win now.

Speaker 1 (41m 27s): Yeah, we got, I mean, Titans Titans minus two and a half

Speaker 0 (41m 29s): Week Cardinals tighten up. We’ve given the Titans teams and fans a bunch of shit over the years. But I, I, I mean, especially fantasy wise, I got to do a deeper dive on their defense,

Speaker 1 (41m 41s): Some homework to do, and that’s get more stacks of Tannahill and Aja brown

Speaker 0 (41m 46s): And, and even throwing a little Julio for a super sack. But yeah, I mean, Adrian brown, again, professional wide receiver soldier so

Speaker 1 (41m 56s): Far, but yeah, Y Y I mean before the trade, he was a guy that was in consideration for the top spot for me. Yeah, no.

Speaker 0 (42m 4s): And you know, Corey Davis, Corey Davis, Julio Jones, I feel like their target share is going to be the same, but his looks are going to be better because of Julio Jones being there. Hopefully, I mean, if you’re a defense, would you rather game plan for Corey Davis or Julio Jones? And it’s kind of a leading question, but maybe, maybe you think Julio is on the downward side so much. You’d rather them prepare him than Corey Davis. I think that’s,

Speaker 1 (42m 32s): I’m kind of a Corey Davis fan boy, but it’s probably harder to, to game plan for, for Julio. If he’s healthy, I’ll say that number three, Tyree kill. I mean, I, look, I am I mad at you if you take him in the first round, in the second half of the first round to, to pair with my later in best ball? No, of course not. Cause his, his ceiling is just astronomical. Am I going to end up with a lot of Tyree kill and season long? Maybe here? I don’t know. I mean, he seems to go anywhere from six to like 16, depending on the league.

I definitely don’t like him ahead of my, the other guys here. And even in the Keenan Allen Tyree killed decision to me is a tough one because yeah, to me,

Speaker 0 (43m 18s): That’s where, that’s where I got to get my oven man on this take. Right. And then that’s where it gets a little too

Speaker 1 (43m 23s): Hot again or sealing conversation. But all of that being said, we we’ve seen Tyree killed just, there’s not many guys who at three touchdowns is like a thing. Every time he steps on the field. So Tyree killed number three, when you’re going to add to it. Now

Speaker 0 (43m 38s): I got Tyree killed number two. Yeah. I mean, again, that often he’s just going to get his, you know, him and Kelsey. And again, they’re kind of in that situation where you, are you worried about who else are you worried about stealing Target’s Byron Pringle. Me Cole. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (43m 54s): The, the two cute squad that you can stack in the homes and like the 17th,

Speaker 0 (43m 59s): I think it, but Tyreek’s getting his and we haven’t even talked. He quietly gets involved in the rushing game to 123 yards is a rusher two touchdowns on the ground. I mean, that’s on nothing.

Speaker 1 (44m 11s): Yeah. I guess like, does it matter that Sammy walk-ins has gone? Like, did that, did that do anything like it? The fact that teams can maybe key more? I don’t, I don’t have a problem. I mean, you just, you either take them as a top three receiver or you don’t take them.

Speaker 0 (44m 27s): I mean, 15 touchdowns, he’s basically getting 15, 15 games. He’s averaging a touchdown, a game you don’t need to overthink. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (44m 36s): I mean, I guess the only thing I throw back at you is I’ve heard you tell me that Kelsey is a top tight end option. I’ve heard you tell me that Tyree kill is the number two wide receiver option. And my homes is only the is a, is a lowly number seven. Well,

Speaker 0 (44m 51s): Ryan, you get more? Yeah. I mean, I understand how it works. I’m just saying this is fantasy correlation. Well, yeah, this is fantasy. And you get more points for receiving touchdowns than you do passing touchdowns. Okay. Okay. So you could see why there could be a difference there. And if say a quarterback runs in to the end zone, that’s more points than passing into the

Speaker 1 (45m 13s): End of it. I’m saying it’s strange for you to be reversely correlated,

Speaker 0 (45m 17s): To be lower than market

Speaker 1 (45m 18s): On my homes. And, and on marketing,

Speaker 0 (45m 21s): Like jerking off motion is what I think of the market. Like, come on. What do I think he’s going to have a good year at my homes, but it’s fine. It’s just, you can get 40 touchdowns and not be a top five fantasy quarterback now. Like that’s the world we

Speaker 1 (45m 35s): Live. Okay. Again, it’s it’s fine. I was just pointing it out. Number two for me.

Speaker 0 (45m 40s): I don’t think he’s top five. Cause he’s not getting the rushing yards or rushing touchdowns. I think he’s going to throw very well.

Speaker 1 (45m 48s): Yeah. I mean, again, this is the theme this year, you are all in on the run, the value of the legs

Speaker 0 (45m 52s): And the quarterback. If the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks don’t have guys who were on the ball, then it’s going to be a bad year for Sean and fantasy.

Speaker 1 (46m 0s): Nice. All right. Olins all right. My number two. No, I mean, you gotta be all in on the theory. I just think there’s going to be some guys smattered in their Stefan Diggs. My number two, you know, I’m a little lower than market. Jerk-off motion on Josh Allen, but I think it’s hard to be on digs. Just again, you know, you have the upside of a quarterback willing to sling the rock and then you have the, the upside of clearly a receiver who can just do unbelievable things. Pretty crazy that the Vikings were able to let him go and just slot in Justin, Jefferson, the slot.

And then, then you, you factor in that. I don’t think anything happened on this team. That’s going to drastically affect his target share. Even if you like a guy like Gabe Davis to, to kind of be a fun play. That’s more of just a couple of big plays here and there taking some home run shots. So I don’t see the guy on this team. That’s going to see the consistent targets. I guess Cole Beasley would be that guy. Maybe Zacker it’s if they pull off a late trade. So again, you know, when you look at the targets last year, right after Keenan Allen was digs at 10.4 per game played the whole season.

His lowest target output was six and week three. So the consistency was there too. Again, he’s the number number? My number two guy. I think you take them in the end of the first round. If you’re not certain about those running backs and you don’t don’t think twice about it.

Speaker 0 (47m 27s): Brian got a shout out underdog fantasy, of course, underdog fantasy, doing the best ball mania, two drafts, where you can win $1 million playing basketball and it gets better than that. If you use a promo code SGPs on your first deposit, a free entry in the best fall mania to stay tuned to our YouTube, we’ve been doing a ton of drafts and it’s just been awesome. I mean, basketball is the best way to play. Underdog has a bunch of other stuff on there as well, little NBA, little MLB, kind of whatever you want to get into.

They also have like crazy three man fantasy drafts. It’s it’s a DJ only paradise. So make sure you check them out. Underdog, promo code as G P N Ryan. My number one fantasy football receiver for 2021 is the affirmation. Stefan digs 127 catches. He beat the number two receiver by 12 catches. And he, he was 10 touchdowns behind Davante Adams. I, I think, I mean, seven digs only had eight touchdowns.

I think there’s a world where he, he gets 12, 14. I think he could get, I mean, with all his targets, he is another guy identified as far as like touchdown to catch to target ratio. He seemed like he was due for some touchdown improvement. And again, I’m just sensitive regression shot. I’m just super high on the bills office, Josh Allen. I don’t see any reason for them to slow down like the Brian Day ball. He didn’t go anywhere. They’re bringing it all back. Their offensive line should be solid.

I mean, you know, the dolphins defense is decent, but I like feels like they’re still going to be able to eat a bunch. And even, you know, Josh Allen had a little bit of a shoulder thing going on mid season. He played through that pretty well. And Stefon Diggs you, I mean, you, you nailed it. There’s just no reason not to love Stefan Diggs. And I think as crazy as his numbers were, he’s in his peak he’s second year in the Bill’s off. It’s like, there’s, it’s very easy to build a case that he improves on his monster year just by getting that touchdown count up a little bit.

And I think that’s very realistic that he has double digit touchdowns. And if he does, I think he walks right into the number one fantasy football receiver.

Speaker 1 (49m 45s): That’s that’s the only limiting factor. And I, again, consistency, he didn’t have too many outputs that were just flat low, only putting out single digits, I think five times last year. So again, he’s, he’s, it’s almost automatic. And again, like I would almost, I apologize. He put out single digit zero times and I would even go as far to say, like his, he might have the highest floor. Like he was my number one guy before the Julio trade.

I brought really up. I’m glad I did. Speaking of which, my number one guy who I, I, again, I think they’re very close. You know, I, I could say one, a one B, but I think both of them have such a tremendous week to week floor combined with the obvious ceiling. The floor is higher than Tyree kill. In my opinion, the floor is similar to Keenan Allen, but the ceiling is much higher. The floor is similar to Deandre Hopkins, but the ceiling is so much higher.

And to me, that’s, that’s how these two guys differentiate themselves into that top tier. Probably the two guys I would be most comfortable taking in the first round. I think once you get to Tyree kill, I would much prefer taking him on the turn if I have a late first round pick. So I think what once your row, once you’re running backs or out, and maybe you’re a Kelsey guy, but once your top running backs are out, I think it’s fair game to take Ridley or dig.

Speaker 0 (51m 13s): Yeah. Especially if you’re towards the end of the first and you can bring it back with another receiver or, you know, take care of your running backs a little bit there. Yeah. I mean, I see the case for Ridley. Obviously I wasn’t as high, but

Speaker 1 (51m 27s): Again, I think he has the digs potential to have a similar volume as well.

Speaker 0 (51m 32s): No, if he gets, if he, I mean, what was his, he had 143 targets. So if he gets up to that 1 68 targets that digs has, and he end, he picks up a couple more touchdowns. Cause he only had dine w you know, only nine. But I mean, you look at some of the top guys last year, re Tyreek had 15, Tyler Lockett had 10 DK Metcalf had 10 Davante Adams of course the massive 18. So if he can bump up into a double digits there, the case form is, is pretty. So over

Speaker 1 (52m 1s): His last 16, he has 1,450 yards, 10 touchdowns and 95 catches. And that includes Julio, Jean Jones being on the team. So like,

Speaker 0 (52m 10s): Yeah. And again, my thing is, I think Julio is helping him succeed by getting the number one cornerback and some attention in those situations. But you could also say he’s also eating up opportunities.

Speaker 1 (52m 23s): Efficiency goes down, volume goes up, it might be a net zero gain. Yeah. I just think you can, because of the style they’ve always played and the, and the, like the potential Arthur Smith bump. I do like that. That’s the bet I’m making. That’s why he’s number one. Like if they, if the efficiency stays there and the volume goes up, then he goes into like Davante Adams range where it’s just like,

Speaker 0 (52m 46s): No, and I, and I liked the, yeah, I don’t know. I, I, everyone just like re runs the same formula. It just spits out the same sheet. It’s like, come on, take a little risk. Let it ride. Where do

Speaker 1 (52m 59s): You have? ’cause I, I think, I think we’re both pretty low on it, but where do you have a Mari Cooper? Oh,

Speaker 0 (53m 5s): Let me, let me pull up my full rank incentive course. Make sure you check out, just drag that little, a fantasy tab and check out our rankings. We’re going to be doing rankings projections, shout out to Adam Pelletier, fantasy football editor for putting it all. Oh, that’s great. Yeah. And I had him at a certain, you know, I’m going to do some more adjusting here cause I did my, I did my first round and I was kinda like, you know, taking, I just basically moved down a couple guys.

Amari Cooper should have been one. I have CD lamb, 22, a Marty Cooper. 23.

Speaker 1 (53m 46s): Yeah. And honestly like if, if you

Speaker 0 (53m 48s): Actually, I just bumped him down again. Cause I moved up Tyler Lockett over them. Yeah. I probably need some updating too. That’s what’s so fun about these rankings. So check it out on sports gambling updated rankings. We’ve got our top 10 fantasy football running backs dropping soon. So you want to stay tuned to that and obviously check out the other positions we’ve already hit on quarterback already hit on tight ends. This was receivers. Make sure you download the app as GPN.

We got some massive football contest coming that you can only enter exclusively in the SGPs app and throw us a nice for view. Take 10 seconds out of your busy day to nice write a nice little review. And again, apple reviews are available every Monday merchant Monday, we will be giving out a, a SGP hoodie to a random quote unquote review of the, of the app in the apple spore apple app store

Speaker 1 (54m 49s): Or the Google play store for participating

Speaker 0 (54m 52s): In these pious pours sports gaming podcasts. I’m Sean, second muddy green, and he is Ryan never spelled team with an a

Speaker 2 (54m 60s): Kramer. Let it ride.

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