Sports Betting or DFS: Where is the Better Payout?

Spring is getting near and with it new options for all kinds of fun bets and wagers. But, with the rise of Daily Fantasy Sports, there is a question of which is better, sports betting or DFS? As always: it depends on who you are asking and when.

There are three questions that you need to ask yourself before you choose between the two options, which may only look similar but have some serious differences:

  1. How much time are you investing?
  2. Where are you located?
  3. What is more fun?

As you may have noticed, the payout wasn’t mentioned in the selection. This is because betting, and especially DFS, is not really all about chance and has more to do with information dealing. If you are looking for a high RTP, it is much better to play something like starburst free spins

Payment-wise, both betting and DFS are closest to poker, on average returning 60-70%. This is much lower than what you can get from other casino games and slots. But, for those in the know, the edge can be much greater.

The problem is that everyone thinks that they are the ones in the know, and that is a relatively rare case. It is much better to seek fun and excitement and prepare to pay a bit for your losses than to expect a win and stress about missing.

What is More Fun for You?

Daily Fantasy Sports and regular sports betting attract a completely different sort of sports fans. Knowing which you belong to and what would be the most fun to follow is key to having a good experience.

Those interested in regular betting see teams as a whole. They usually have their favorite sport which may be something to watch in the off-season. If you are a person that often complains that someone isn’t a team player and that they should pass the ball more, you are probably in this group.

DFS fans are those interested in the players. They may have idols that they have followed through multiple teams and usually have a better grasp of statistics and how different factors influence the game for a single player.

Neither is better or worse. But, if you are a fan of regular betting you will find it annoying to look up stats for all of the players. And if you are a DSF person you will feel limited by the options in regular sports betting.

Chances for Sports Betting

Chances to win in sports betting are actually quite high if only writing up a W is your focus. But, being in the black in betting is a whole other story. The odds won’t even be in your favor and betting to win big will make you have fewer systems.

The best way to increase your chances of predicting the correct score is to find yourself a niche. Some sports that you would watch even for free is the best possible option. Here you can learn all about those few teams and how they compare with each other.

Betting on the NBA is currently the best option for bettors, especially when playing without an audience, as there are only a few factors you need to follow to have a general idea of what might happen.

This also means lesser winnings, but if you are even trying to get close to black it is much better than, for instance, UFC or tennis.

Odds for Daily Fantasy

If your idea of a relaxing evening after hours of day-trading is looking at spreadsheets and making notes then high-level DFS is a game for you.

Thankfully, the game can be rather fun and more akin to ‘’NFL Head Coach’’ in real life. If you don’t want to play with big bucks in mind you don’t need to and you can pick out players for your team that you like the most.

But, the best players will also come with the greatest price, thus making your result lesser. Your edge will be finding players that few have faith in but that you know that they will excel this season. This is how you win in DFS.

Similar to sports betting, having a niche sport that you are very familiar with is necessary, maybe even more so. There is so much data that you can incorporate that going too wide might be all but impossible.

Just Trying to Relax

Especially now when it seems that the whole planet is under stress, it is important that our entertainment doesn’t induce more stress than it relieves. Paying in too much for betting is always a bad idea as you want wins to make you happy without losses destroying your week.

It is important to play for entertainment, regardless if you are betting or going for casino games and slots. If every game is fun you are winning every time, and that should be the goal.

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