Circa Squares™ For Super Bowl 55

Circa Squares™ For Super Bowl 55

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and as we settle in to watch it we will all be glued to those little papers with a grid of names and numbers printed and written on them. Super Bowl Squares are a tradition almost as old as the game itself. Probably. How could you ever improve upon the classic game? It seems impossible, but Circa Sports has done it!

And they even patented it! Circa Squares™ bring a great experience to the game and especially for anyone watching the game at the lovely Circa Sportsbook or Circa Stadium Swim. Circa Squares™ is the patented next level of the Super Bowl Squares.

Check out the Circa Squares™ odds sheet below:


What Is The Circa Squares™?

Much like the traditional game, Circa Squares features each team and their score running across the side and top of the grid. Unlike traditional squares games though, Circa allows you to pick ANY square through them. Instead of getting stuck with whatever random square is left after Cousin Blake screw you over, you can pick the numbers that YOU think are best. Add in the fact that you pick different numbers for each quarter instead of being locked into two numbers for the entire game and this is a game built for the 21st Century gambler.

But wait, it gets better! “How, you ask?” By introducing odds. In true #degensonly fashion, Circa has introduced odds on each square, in each quarter, and every possible combination. This is so revolutionary that they went and patented it! You heard right, this bad boy is trademarked. Everyone can pick any number in any quarter and this is the news Degen Nation has been waiting for.


The idea of being able to buy your own square is a completely new concept, with this only being the second year Circa Squares™ have been available to play so there is a lot of opportunity for carving out the best approach. One strategy that Derek Stevens suggested on the a recent episode of the Sports Gambling Podcast is “to go with a more popular number on one side, and then play a crooked number on the opposite side.” This strategy you’re only hoping for one unusual scoring occurrence to help you cash.

Circa Sports is keeping the minimum low and you can buy squares for only $1. At only a $1 a square you really have no excuse to ever end up with crappy Super Bowl squares thanks to Circa Squares™!


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