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Lakers Vs Heat Matchup: NBA Finals Printable Cheat Sheet

NBA Finals Stats Cheat Sheet

The NBA Finals are finally here! Let’s dive into the stats for this Lakers vs Heat matchup. In this post, I’ll hit a few of the most-glaring statistics that I found during my research. Check out the downloadable PDF for the full preview of this NBA Finals.

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Lakers Vs Heat Matchup:

Points In The Paint

Advantage: Los Angeles Lakers. During the Playoffs, the Lakers are averaging 49.6 points per game inside the paint and allowing 40 points per game. That’s a +10 advantage.

First Quarter

Another eye-opener is how well LA does coming out of the gate. Lakers have a +4 margin in the first quarter: averaging 31.6 points and only allowing 27.5 points. Miami Heat, on the other hand, have -.7 differential in the first quarter.

Best Bet: Couple those stats with the experience that LeBron James has in the NBA Finals, and you should look to bet on Los Angeles in first quarter of Game 1.

Second Half

Miami Heat have been great in the second half of games especially in the fourth quarter. They hold a +5 point differential: averaging 29.1 points and only allowing 24.1.

Best Bet: If the Heat are down big at halftime, look to take Miami in a second half bet.

Lakers vs Heat Matchup: Scoring Depth

Miami does not have the true superstar like Anthony Davis and LeBron James. However, they do have All-Star Jimmy Butler and three more players who are averaging 16 or more points per game. Butler and Goran Dragic are both averaging at least 20 points per game.

On the Lakers side, only one other player besides Bron and AD is averaging double digit points. Kyle Kuzma has 10.5 points per game.

Miami Heat Team Total

Miami is averaging 112.2 points per game, and have been consistent in both halves of games. They’re averaging right around 55.5 points per half.

Best Bet: A great spot to look at as the series progresses will be Miami Heat Team Total.

For a deeper dive for key stats and player stats, check out the full printable Lakers vs Heat Matchup PDF.

NBA Finals Stats Cheat Sheet


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