DFS Showdown Picks: Texans vs. Chiefs

DFS Showdown Picks: Texans vs. Chiefs

Thursday night brings with it the first opportunity to play in a DraftKings Primetime Showdown slate. DFS Showdown Picks can be tough to select, especially on opening night! Most Thursday Night games turn out to be defensive contests and frustrating for fantasy. However, this one will be different, as we open the 2020 season with two hot quarterbacks with resumes full of big games. 

It’ll be a really fun game for DFS showdown picks. There will certainly be fantasy points to be had. The question is, who will they come from? Showdown slates are tricky in that everyone is working from the same small player pool. Where you make your money is in how you differentiate yourself from the pack while still rostering the studs. 

The following DFS showdown picks have a little of the known mixed in with just enough of the unknown to separate it from the rest. You should find this as a great base to customize as you see fit.

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DFS Showdown Picks: Texans vs. Chiefs

Captain – Patrick Mahomes $18,900: QB Kansas City

By nature, showdown slates make it tough to feel good about putting the most expensive player in this spot. But, when he is the best player on the field, it kind of forces your hand. Certainly arguments can be made against putting Mahomes here, but the upside can’t be ignored.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP has his major targets back in 2020. Kelce, Hill, Watkins, and Hardman all return for another tour of duty. On top of that, Andy Ried has taken a swing at rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. It’s true, we have yet to see what CEH will add to the mix. But, we also know that Ried loves his screen plays to running backs, which give Mahomes added potential as a DFS showdown pick.  

Fresh off of a ring ceremony, the first game of 2020, primetime, this has all the indicators of a Mahomes masterpiece. Better to be on the right side of his points than trying to catch up.    

Flex – Deshaun Watson $11,800: QB Houston

The over/under on this game is set in and around the 53-54 point range depending on the book. With the Chiefs at least nine point favorites, it doesn’t seem like a quarterback on the downside of the spread would be a good play. While that might be true of most quarterbacks, not all of them are as talented as Watson.

We certainly do not have to sell you on Watson’s talent. Your only concern is how viable a lineup can be with both starting quarterbacks on the roster. What makes this the right move is that both quarterbacks have multiple weapons at their disposal. 

With his favorite target now the richest player in NFL history out in Arizona, he will have to spread those targets around. This means there will probably not be a single Houston player to outscore him Thursday night. Which is why he needs to be in your lineup.   

Flex – Sammy Watkins $5,800; WR Kansas City

It stands to reason that if you are picking the best quarterback, you surround him with his pass catchers. We are doubling down on the periphery targets for Mahomes. Rostering cheaper wideouts in this situation comes with it’s risks, but the benefits can help you cash.

Watkins had a giant week one last season, lambasting the Jaguars with 198 yards and three touchdowns on nine catches. Sadly, he never saw that kind of production again the rest of the year. But, it goes to prove that all it takes for you to be happy is one explosive night. Even if he only sees half of those totals, you’ll take it.   

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Flex – Mecole Hardman $5,200; WR Kansas City

You might wonder why there is no Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce in this column. The truth is, they are far too expensive to consider with the construction of this roster. Instead, we’ll focus on someone who has the potential to do big things and be less owned. 

The jury is still out on Hardman as to his consistency, but as we’ve stated before, he has the talent. He most likely will not be a high volume play, but the big play ability is there. What you are looking for out of Hardman is the possibility of double digit points. Last season against the Texans he caught all four of his targets for 45 yards. He could certainly do that again and a little more this week to justify this DFS showdown pick. 

Flex – Randall Cobb $4,200; WR Houston

DeAndre Hopkins left a large hole in the Texan’s receiving corps. Houston hopes to fill that hole with Brandin Cooks and Cobb. What puts Cobb in a better position this week against Kansas City, is the news of a Cooks injury. There is no official designation on Cook’s availability yet. But, even if he sees action, his production might be limited with his lack of reps with his new offense. 

This opens the door for Cobb to gain a few good looks on the road at Arrowhead. Behind him are a hodgepodge of guys who have had mixed results over their careers. It is somewhat safe to assume that Cobb will command more attention than Will Fuller V, Keke Coutee, or even Kenny Stills. What he is capable of in this offense in these circumstances is worth the price as a DFS showdown pick. 

Flex – Harrison Butker $3,800; K Kansas City

You have two choices when left with an awkward dollar amount at the end of a lineup. You can completely punt and roster someone you know may not score you anything. Or, you can pick someone who you know will post a few points with the opportunity to surprise you. This is what Butker can do for you. 

The decision you have to make here is whether or not you think either defense is a better option. In some situations, this is the case, especially on a Thursday night. Here though, neither squad scares us enough to choose over all but guaranteed points from a kicker. 


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