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Top Ten Fantasy Football WRs For 2020 & The Football Tournament (Ep. 836)


Top Ten Fantasy FootbalL WRs For 2020

Sean (@SeanTGreen) and Ryan (@KramerCentric) release their top ten fantasy football WRs for 2020. Who gets snubbed and who are you surprised to see crack the top ten? Who will be the second year breakout star and much more!

The Football Tournament

SGPN is teaming up with All Thing Comedy to redo the 2019 NFL playoffs by simulating them on Madden with the 2020 rosters. Plus we’re giving away $10,000 in MyBookie credits, go here for all the details.

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Speaker 1 (1m 11s): Hey everybody, Jim McMahon here, and you’re listening to SG P N let it ride.

Speaker 2 (1m 16s):

Speaker 0 (1m 50s): Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stacking that money green with my partner and pigs, right? Real money Kramer. What’s happening, cram dog. What’s up, dude. I’m excited. Why are you excited? I, you know, just that sweet transition, everyone watching on YouTube just saw was my first attempt at automation with the video shit. And it were a CPU is a role in that process of getting automated. You’re getting ready to go. This is our training camp getting ready for the, just the cavalcade.

I dunno, whatever. Just a as tsunami of football content coming at you. This is of course part of our top 10 fantasy football preview series. And if that occurs right kickers and defense. Yeah, no, we’re, we’re doing a top 10 fantasy football receivers. Maybe we do the kickers and defense, Twitter, sec gambling podcast. If you actually want that episode unclear if that’s a punishment for the audience or a joke, I could, I could give you a top 10 kickers, the defense lists.

Maybe we will actually get to that, but we’re going to be doing some more mock drafts coming up, doing some best ball breakdowns and just getting, getting deep in football content.

Speaker 3 (3m 0s): And then MBA’s coming back. So we’ll be, I’m sure we’ll be picking some stuff there. We already a hundred percent. We did a, I know Kramer’s against sports coming back. He’s pro Corona. True. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not anti sports coming back. I just feel like you’ve been a bit optimistic and we know what happens when you start counting your chickens before they hatch in the gambling world shot. All right. So you’re like a man who enjoys a reverse jinx. Like a man. You really join the reverse GenX song, Corona 19. I like it.

It’s not even a reverse jinx. It, what I’m trying to lay down is like, let’s, I’ll be stoked when it happens. That’s all I’m saying. I’m obviously happy if sports come back. I don’t know if you’re aware of this show in our business relies around sports. I did. And that’s why I’m excited that they’re coming back. See you’re being optimistic again. Well, yeah, they announced that they’re coming back. Soccer’s back. The lockers back back baseball is about to be back, which that’s more of an activity than a sport. The sports that real men play there.

They’re back. Yes. We’ll see if football comes back to what I did. There, there you go out Kramer. Well,

Speaker 0 (4m 11s): No, it’s definitely coming back more giveaways. That’s right. What we’re doing? Another Madden tournament. This time teaming up with the guys over to all things. Comedy, big fans of them. Of course, that’s a bill burrs podcast network with our magic girl and a, they have a bunch of funny dudes over there, but we’re going to be streaming these games on the all things, comedy, YouTube channel. We’re running back the 2019 NFL playoffs. So maybe the Eagles have a chance to beat the Seahawks in this video of the 2019 NFL playoffs.

Hopefully Damien Clowney doesn’t knock out. Oh wow. But the Eagles Eagles are bad in the SIM world, but will what the important thing is 10,000 in prizes, of course, by bookie credits, 10,000 kicks off July 3rd, five o’clock Pacific schedules, kind of a broken up through the month of July. You want all the information of course enter the contest. The contest is a confidence pool style.

So you assign, you know, each team, each team, you assign a number to like, let’s say you think the chiefs are gonna win. You give them a number one through 12. However, each when they get, you get that many points. So if you have, if you give the chiefs of 12, the Ravens and 11, the Ravens win one game chiefs win two. When chiefs would have 24, Ravens would have 11 points. So what you really want to find is those wildcard teams that can win the super bowl. What I was going to say is very similar to the great FFPC playoff challenge, where part of the strategy is how many games do you think this team will play?

Obviously, the teams with the buys, they get one less opportunity, but they’re also the team you are most likely to think is going to win the super bowl. So love the strategy in there, Sean.

Speaker 3 (6m 3s): And by the way, we’re not going to be like those lame streams stream houses playing with rosters from LA, even though we’re running back the playoffs.

Speaker 0 (6m 11s): Yes, 20, 20 NFL rosters coma. And it’s going to be awesome. Shawn. Who’s got it better than us Noah. No buddy. And of course it’s a sports gaming Go there to get your entry in, sign up. And again, all this presented by good pals over at my book, your daddy G promo code SGP, where you can play with and get paid. Perfect time to get in on the SIM action. All right, Kramer enough, messing around.

Let’s get to it. Let’s talk fantasy football wide receivers. Do you want to go first Kramer? Why don’t we we’ll kick you off first? Who is your number 10 fantasy football receiver for the 2020 season? Well, and I had the, I wanted to have the mock draft up. I accidentally closed it, Sean, because we did a mock draft. He did. So I said, well, you know, it’d be silly for me to be

Speaker 3 (7m 5s): Finalizing a list of top 10 wide receivers for this podcast. When I should see what I actually did and what we actually did. A number of fans joined us to do this mock draft. And so I wanted it. Who was the 10th receiver taken in this mock drill? That’s a good point. Well, we had four in the first round. We had three in the second round and then Alan Robinson was the 10th receiver off the board. Very similar to my list. Not a guy.

We should talk about Alan Robin’s first. I don’t know if he’s on your list.

Speaker 0 (7m 39s): He is okay. He’s on my list. He’s a little higher.

Speaker 3 (7m 41s): Wait, we’ll wait. My first guy, because I don’t know what the situation is going to be in Carolina. I like DJ more last year. I, I liked his potential. And when you sprinkle in the fact that this team could be losing a lot, I’m intrigued by DJ more here. This is now his what third year? When do we typically see the wide receiver jump? Is this his third or second year?

Speaker 0 (8m 7s): I don’t know. Before I started with my head Kramer,

Speaker 3 (8m 11s): But he was a darling last year. And when you look at his stat, Sean, I’m guessing you’re puzzled. Look is he, this is his third year, which we, where are we like to see the jump? I’m guessing by your look. You’re not a guy who has him in, in your list. And when you look at his numbers last year, 135 targets, 87 receptions for 1,175 yards, only four touchdowns, right? Only four touchdowns. So that kept his point total low. But when you look at a guy getting 135 targets in 15 games on a team that was a complete disaster, they’re going to be a little bit less of a disaster.

They will at least know who their quarterback is. Whether it be Walker, whether it be the Butler or whether it be an unknown person.

Speaker 0 (8m 51s): Yeah, it, it, I, I’m almost certain. They’re going to start off with Bridgewater as their, what is Bridgewater

Speaker 3 (8m 56s): Strength, checking it down, checking it down. Get getting an easy throw to a guy who has athletic ability. DJ Moore is an intriguing guy to pair up with Teddy Bridgewater because DJ Moore, he can run the short stuff nicely. He has the speed, but what was the thing about DJ more coming into the league, polished route runner. So he’s a polished route runner. You pair him with a very accurate quarterback. I love DJ more this year, 10 fields. I am probably going to end up.

I think I even discussed this in the mock draft. I like DJ more. There was a guy like more in the moderate, more than more in the mock draft, but DJ Moore’s a guy who could even go higher on my board for now. Let’s leave him at number 10, DJ, more Carolina Panthers.

Speaker 0 (9m 41s): Wow. DJ more in full clarity, not even a guy on my list, not even a guy considered top 10, not even in your, so you made, you made a compelling case. I think the, the biggest

Speaker 3 (9m 53s): 14th receiver drafted when we did the ma yeah, not that far off, not that far and rounder, you’re not getting them in the fourth round.

Speaker 0 (10m 1s): I would say my, my, what I would worry about putting them in the top 10 is the Christian McCaffrey touches. And you said Bridgewater loves checking the town. I think throwing the ball to Christian McCaffrey is they’re going to pick up where they left off with Ron Rivera, as far as getting him the ball in the passing game. And even though he can, at some point, he’s going to have some sort of regression, but I still think he’s going to get a ton of targets. That would be my concern on throwing DJ more in there. That’s a fair concern. This guy at number 10, my number 10, 2020 fantasy football wide receiver injury concerns always an issue, but assuming he’s healthy, assuming he can play 16 games, Sean Jackson, no, I’m going to say T Y Hilton.

He’s in a dome with a great head coach in Frank Reich. And you’re bringing in Phillip rivers. If you look at Philip river’s numbers, even when he’s having not a great year, the number one receiver on that team always gets a ton of yards. A ton of looks, Phillip likes thrown to the number one receiver and the tight end. So I think T Y Hilton and no, I feel like he’s not on anyone’s list. And maybe because they’re scared off of the injury concerns, but I think he has huge potential. I mean he, 10 games, he played, he’s still at five touchdowns and that’s with, you know, Jacoby verset who was kind of injured.

Like they were doing nothing at the quarterback position and maybe you think rivers is gone, but I still think they’re going to scheme up opportunities for T Y Hilton and that AFC South, the cornerbacks he’s going up against these are dominant defensive quarterbacks and you’re playing a decent number of games in a dome.

Speaker 3 (11m 38s): Oh, I actually, I have him as my 20th guy, Sean, full disclosure. And I just put 24th guy taken in the sixth round of the mock draft. So, you know, there will, if you like T Y Hilton, unfortunately in the past, he’s been one of those guys that goes way too high.

Speaker 0 (11m 53s): He’s been a victim of that, where he goes way too high, 80 swing in the other way performs. You’re right. And I think that’s what it is. I think people overlooking him and he can give you that nice sort of boost. And some of these rankings, a lot of times it’s an excuse to talk about guys that I think are, are deep sleepers or guys who can really move the needle. Who could, I mean, if you get him in the sixth round seventh round, that’s a guy that can, and he has like one of these top five, top 10 receiver years, which you certainly capable of. That’s how you win your goddamn Lee

Speaker 3 (12m 22s): Kramer. I agree. Who’s your number nine. I agree. Well, Sean, what I was going to say is I he’s a guy too. Like I know that it’s easy to caveat a guy like T Y Hilton and perhaps it’s just the, the, the, the curse of the wide receiver position, but there’s a number of guys here. You’re going to hear us say, we like him. We like him even more in basketball. I probably like him closer to 10th and best ball just because of the upside, you know, and not many guys in the league have 200 yard potential and he’s one of them. So best ball helps guard against the injury stuff as well helps guard.

But you’re still like, where are you investing the equity, I guess in a guy like T Y Hilton.

Speaker 0 (12m 60s): When I say it just makes it sound so professional and fucking around talking about fantasy football, who’s your number nine Kramer.

Speaker 3 (13m 7s): People who have Odell Beckham out of their top 10 are insane, period. I mean, I understand hating them, but again, you know, your argument, if you’re making the argument for T Y Hilton in terms of the pendulum swinging the pendulum really LA last year is the outlier. Rebecca last year is perhaps, you know, I’m already seeing people talking about a will Baker Mayfield get bench this year. And I think we we’ve discussed this a number of times, but the, the fact that the organization is definitely going to be more stable this year than last year.

And why is that? Because it was at the bottom last year, but what was the big move they got rid of Freddy kitchens. So they, they have a guy in position who at least has a history of being successful somewhere. Yeah. And I think Freddy kitchens, the problem with him was he, he had had some success, but he had the success at the level of like one step above a player, not the head coach.

Speaker 0 (14m 4s): And I didn’t put back him in my top 10 interests, the argument against him, Andrew and I do hate injuries could be an issue, especially a guy who has a soft tissue injury issue. I think the weird off season, I’m looking to stay away from guys. Who’ve had hamstring soft tissue stuff going on, but more so Sean hates the soft tissue more. So it’s the, the unknown of the new system Stefanski coming in. Is he going to have time to install that? Clearly there’s not a great dynamic between him and Baker. Like I don’t, and maybe I’m wrong, but my gut telling me, they’re not meeting up and putting in the, doing that off season conditioning, getting together at Baker’s place, throwing the football around, just getting on the same page.

I just don’t think they’re going to be doing that stuff. And maybe Stefanski figures it out in the second half of the season, but I, I just worry about this Cleveland team in general. And I’ve had a rule of just not having a Brown on my fantasy football team for a long time. It’s it’s, it’s treated me well. And Jarvis Landry is pretty solid, but I get your case for Odell, but he’s not in my tub

Speaker 3 (15m 10s): Side case. And I think when we were talking about him as a potential early second round pick last year, again, pendulum swung too far, everyone was super high on this Brown’s offense. Did you say where he drew? He drafted? He got drafted in our mock draft. I was about to say, I took him in the third round. And I think if you can establish, if you can, you know, I paired him with Davante Adams and Austin and Austin Eckler, but if you can pair, like if he’s your second race, there’s less risk there. You’re not losing your draft in the third round anymore.

And when you talk about a guy, again, not many guys in the league, much like T Y Hilton have the explosiveness to really put up those massive games. And if this offense gets a little bit closer to where they were last year sure. Lots of mouths to feed, but if they can get back to where the hype was or where the hype thought they ha they were going to be, I think there’s going to be opportunity here for Odell to have a pretty solid year. And if you look at, I mean, Sean, if you had to guess how many yards did Odell have last year? Well, I just looked it up, but it was like 450 or something.

Or was I looking at the wrong column, wrong column? He had 1,035, 74 catches and 133 targets. Now I was just talking about DJ, more, getting excited about like a line like that in a second year. Obviously we are yet to be seen if OJB can be successful without a great hall of fame quarterback like Eli Manning, but I’m going to lean into it here. I think there’s, I think, I think he just lets himself, he has to have eaten some humble pie too. Like, there’s that element to this?

Speaker 0 (16m 39s): I like your angle, but Odell, Beckham, eating humble pie. That’s the one thing he doesn’t eat

Speaker 3 (16m 45s): Ben at the pro provost since 2016.

Speaker 0 (16m 48s): Yeah, but you, but that’s the beauty of Odell Beckham. The results don’t make a difference,

Speaker 3 (16m 54s): Sean. But before it was 2017, he got hurt. Okay. 2018, the situation, but he was still in New York. He’s now in Cleveland. And it’s like, when you lose in Cleveland, he’s realizing like, Oh, this real, this place really sucks. I’m telling you Browns as a whole, make a bounce back. OBG, OBJ. Crazy, crazy to not have him in the top 10. I’m sure you don’t show them.

Speaker 0 (17m 20s): Well, maybe he looked into the mirror in the off season, but I don’t think he was seeing his own reflection. He was seeing maybe a certain substance laid out on that mirror. That’s the Odell Beckham jr. I know my number nine. He’s a beast. And this is, he’s just primed, juiced up for that break out a breakout season. And he’s a guy you don’t have to worry about his conditioning at all. DK Metcalf number nine. And again, maybe this is the hot take, but just from watching the two times the Eagles played the Seahawks.

When Russell Wilson felt pressure, third down, he needed a big play. DK Metcalf was the guy he was going to. And especially as a rookie, as a rookie Russell, Wilson trusted him enough to target him a hundred times as a rookie. He got 58 receptions, 900 yards, seven touchdowns. And we were playing them in DFS towards that second half of the season. Cause he was really coming on late. He had, he had that killer playoff game against the Eagles. I think he’s gonna be, he’s gonna be in prime, physical shape.

We’ve already seen the connection with Russell Wilson and you know, I think, I think he’s going to end up being the number one receiver over Tyler Lockett there for the Seahawks. And I think he’s, he’s going to be a big value play as well. Cause I don’t think his ADP is matching what he’s going to put out there this season. I like it. I mean, I think you’re being aggressive. I’m being aggressive, but he had, he had seven touchdowns, 900 yards, 58 catches upside is there for sure.

Upside is there. I think you’re being aggressive. Who’s your number eight Kramer. So this is where we get hot take. Right. And this is, you’re probably going to be pissed. You’re probably going to be upset with me. I think maybe maybe hot take Courtland Sutton. Let’s go. Oh, right. Okay. I did consider Courtland Sutton, but then I, I took a step back and I touched down, this is a touch standpoint, just like Metcalf. Yeah. I was kind of worried about how much I’ve already put out there in these preview podcasts about the, about the, about the Broncos already thrown in a fant, Andrew lock they’re in the top tens.

So I stayed away from Sutton, but I I’m, I’m super high on him as well. What do you like particularly about Sutton? Well, I think it’s the touchdown ability and I think much like a former host of inside Vegas used to always tie with court and Courtland Sutton got to give him the guy to give him the nod here. I, he, he was into it. I think it’s just that he, he controls his body well. And he’s one of these receivers who came into the league and the book on him is sure he has physical ability, but he knows how to run a route. And what’s better to pair with a young quarterback who needs to have consistency, a guy who can run a good route and a guy who can help you out.

Cause he’s just an absolute physical beast. Now they bring in Jerry Judy to confuse defenses a little bit more. No offense is there to create habit up the middle and the running game shirt showing the counter would be a lot of mouths to feed and will this offense really be that good? Is the defense going to still be good? Will there be enough opportunity, but also the AFC West? Who are you worried about? Cornerback wise in the AFC West? Because when I look at the defenses across the rest of the division and maybe the chargers , but it’s less, it’s more about that front seven then than anyone on an Island there.

And I think in general, you’re going to have to score to win the AFC West this year. And I think what we see

Speaker 3 (20m 48s): Here is I think we see the emergence of a guy who’s going to be a first round pick in 2021. So I think Courtland Sutton at number eight. Sure. Is this maybe just me trying to ensure that I get him in a lot of spots. Absolutely. Let’s see. Where did he go in the, he went right after DJ Morrisseau 15th in our mock draft first pick of the fourth round. That’s intriguing to me and I’ll tell you what I bumped them over, over Odell since the draft. So I regrettably I should have taken Sutland Sutton, I guess, but again, another upside play here.

Speaker 0 (21m 22s): No problem. When you get into in those live mock traps, get overwhelmed. You don’t even look at your own lists. No, I just had to, I wanted to talk about backup. You know, sometimes it’s about creating content. I know I’m a content fellow content creator, Kramer, number eight for me. And maybe you’re going to give me a bunch of shit here. Who are the new England Patriots throwing to gimme Julian Edelman. Oh wow. I didn’t see that coming at all. You’re doing a full point PPR. I mean, what was the, what was the biggest knock on Tom Brady last year I had trouble getting the ball down field who’s who’s great at catching short passes and racking up PPR points.

Julian Edelman coming off a hundred catch season. Now maybe his heartbeat in it though. And certainly he could be butt hurt and, but really can he be that butt hurt? Like Belgium not going to let that go. Like, and maybe he doesn’t have that hundred catch six touchdown season that he had last year with Brady. But I certainly think he could have a 90 to 95 catch season. I mean, whether it’s cinema or Hoyer, are they really going to be able to get the ball down field? It’s going to be a lot of James White. Is it going to be, who do you think it’s going to be Sean?

Speaker 3 (22m 25s): Who’s it going to be? Oh,

Speaker 0 (22m 27s): I got into my head. I would say Stedham because I think Belicheck kinda went out of his way to endorse Dedham quietly by not bringing anyone else in. And I think they are legitimately high on the kid or they think he’s a hundred percent. The guy that, that to me is, is the move. Now maybe he makes them earn it and they put in Hoyer early. We’ll see how, how camp shakes out. A lot of, a lot of stuff’s still up in the air, but Edelman is just a guy that just racks up garbage catches. And I think that’s what this offense is going to be. If you thought it was dink and dunk with Tom Brady, imagine the dink and dunk was stood up.

And now, you know, I think I had James White in our mock draft. Sony Michel just had some, a foot injury. So James White, I’m already looking at putting him in my week one DFS line up. Cause that’s a guy who’s going to catch you eight, nine balls maybe. And I think he has huge fantasy potential. But along with Julian Edelman, it’s just going to be easy catches all day for the Patriots. Who’s your number seven.

Speaker 3 (23m 22s): Well, I think again, I, this is, this is a high risk pick and I don’t know if I’m gonna end up taking him, but Kenny gala day, I wanna, I just, the more I get, the more I’m thinking about it, the more staffer it’s going to come back and Stafford was, was really digging golf today.

Speaker 5 (23m 43s): And

Speaker 3 (23m 45s): I, when

Speaker 0 (23m 46s): You watch this team play like last year was such a train wreck. And I know there was distribution with, with guys like Marvin Jones, but again, he’s another guy who, whether you look at the way he plays on the field or the rapport he had with Stafford even last year with complete dog shit, he caught 65 balls for 1,190 and 11 touchdowns. So I think, I think the touchdown regression may occur, but I think he’s going to see more than 116 targets.

I think he’s going to catch more than 65 balls. And I think he’s going to be a number one receiver on a team that sure they’re going to try to run the ball first, but they’re going to be down like it’s Patricia, they’re going to be losing and Stafford can still sling the rock. Yeah. I mean, I want, I want to see Stanford throw the ball and assuming he’s a hundred percent, they could be a sneaky a team there, especially in fantasy, Kenny Galladay didn’t make my top 10 and I don’t feel great about that, but, and maybe it was just partly my bias of like guys I really wanted to make a point to talk about.

And then I put them in the top 10. He’s not in my top 10 right now, but certainly, maybe I made a mistake there. We’ll see. I feel great about this as number seven. And I think I could even be low. This guy could easily be a top five in my mind. Alan Robinson, really Allen Robinson. Why? I you’re not, you’re not standing in Island here for sure. There’s three agrees. There’s a little bit of Alan Robinson heat and I’m a part of it to me. This is, this is the perfect receiver for Nick folds.

This is the Al Shan Jeffrey, the guy who does Nick foals like to throw it to, he likes to throw it to guys who can go up and get those jump balls. Nick falls even said, I remember watching the Superbowl. And he said like his player intros was well at the heart of me. I’m a basketball player. It’s like, what the fuck? Don’t say that in the Superbowl. And does it, it doesn’t instill confidence, but the, the dude ball that, I mean, remember that poly through to Alisha and Jeffrey in the Superbowl, the first touchdown, if Jeffrey went up evil with the torn rotator cuff pulled that thing down in route to beating the Patriots.

This is the exact guy, Alan Robinson. This is, this is the perfect guy for foals. He’s a big dude who has a huge vert, goes up and gets a ball. It’s also a contract year for Alan Robinson, right? And again, there’s not a lot of other receivers around them. Number two, number three receivers. I don’t think they’re gonna be taking targets from him. Certainly. Maybe they throw it to the running backs a little bit tight end, the only way. And I know what you’re thinking. What if Mitch stays in there even when Mitch was staying in there and the only way he’s going to stay in there is if he’s really balling out. And the only way he’s going to be pulling out is if he’s getting Allen Robinson involved and even with and that’s, and that’s part of the reason why people are so high on Allen Robinson, they’re like he’s had Mitch and Blake Bortles as this two quarterbacks.

And now you get Nick foals who don’t forget Christian Hackenberg at CAC was in there. Yeah. Like this is his chance for a breakout year. And even under Mitch he still had 98 catches, 1147 and seven touchdowns. And I think that can

Speaker 3 (26m 44s): And should go up this season. Yeah. I guess when you throw in the contract here, there’s a bit of subjectivity for me with him. You’re right. Cause he, in many ways you can apply the same Deandre Hopkins lens. You can say it doesn’t matter who his quarterback is. This dude’s going to give you point. He’s going to have a nice floor. I just can’t. I don’t want to get stuck with him. I don’t want Alan Robinson to be like my second round pick. I don’t want to have to waste a second round pick on a guy who, and sure you went in the third round, actually in our, in our mock draft. But well, if you’re rating him as your number seven guy, you you’re liking him at the end of the second round.

And I don’t think I like him at the end of the second round. Now all of your points are valid, but I just don’t want to get stuck with Mitch. Dubiski I think what you’re saying is get stuck with, cause we’ve watched games with that bears offense and how frustrating they’ve been at times. And, and that’s what you’re worried about from a fantasy perspective is having a guy this early on a defense that just quite or offensive quite frankly sucks. So to me, it’s all about the fact that Nick foals will be the starting quarterback at some point. However, if Mitch stays in there, it means he’s getting Robinson involved and, and he’s doing well.

So that’s kind of how I hedged it there. Who’s your number six Kramer. You make some good points. And I think the consensus guys who he’s one of the guys I left out, he was 13 on my list. I don’t hate him. I just, and maybe seven’s a little high, but I just wanted to talk about him. The potential is just right there. Yeah. I think you probably would, should tell me like what you’re going to take Odell over him. It probably not the best call, but yeah. Something about just getting involved in Allen. Robinson’s what’d you take? Yeah. Like I wouldn’t take Odell over Alan Robinson.

I probably, I think I would, I, I just don’t want Alan Robinson on my team. Number six, Chris Godwin. Oh, okay. I think, I mean, I think we’re lockstep here in that. We both think that God, when is going to be the guy, you’re not going to hear me say Mike Evans on my top 10 list. Nope. He fell in at number 12. A couple of spots of head of Alan Robinson. Yeah. I think, I think with God, she’d rather have Mike Evans over Alan Robinson. That to me is they’re they’re in the same tier.

Probably I would take Allen Robinson over because I’m going to claim number one. Yeah. I don’t know though. I don’t. I think that Bruce Ariens is a, I like having Bruce Ariens and Tom Brady over I’m really high on, on Godwin. But you’re saying Evans is clearly the number two guy and maybe it’s cause the reason I don’t like Evans this year, as much as God, when I think God, when separates himself is between just watch the way that Evan’s run, like the, where you get the weakest part of Mike Evans, his game, his ability to run routes.

He’s a big time take the top off the defense threat, but you want to look Brady skillset, my point. Do you want, you want to look at the guy? I still think he’s going to catch them, but you want to look at the guy like, is there clear number one in the guy I would take in the second round, maybe third round that’s Chris Godwin. He definitely second round. He would. He’s going to be the guy that you see Brady quickly fall in love with every, every receiver who’s come through new England who doesn’t run, run Chris sprouts. Doesn’t do shit. Right? Why did Chad Johnson fail? Does not, I don’t run around and know how to run a Chris Brown.

And so I think Chris Godwin, whether it be his physical prowess, whether it’s, whether it be his willingness to go over the middle and deal with more of the shorter shit that lines up with what Brady is at this point in his career. I think God, when you know, we’ve been talking about him, it feels like for two full seasons now about how he’s going to emerge. I think this is the year he emerges as the guy. And I think there’s going to be a shitload of pass attempts in this offense. I think there’s going to be a lot of opportunity. Lots of mouths, lots of opportunity. Number six, Chris Godwin.

Speaker 0 (30m 29s): I have a, I have Godwin higher, but so I’ll, I’ll kind of save my points for that portion. Now my number six, Julio Jones, he’s just kind of bread and butter. I mean, you can get cute and not put them in, in the top 10 or not having this high, but the guy just, I like the Falcons offensive perspectives this year. I dabbled with the idea of Ridley. He’s he’s not a guy I have super high, but he’s still in my top 20. I mean, look at that. Look at that Atlanta team last year, they were just kind of lethargic on offense and still 1394 receiving six touchdowns, 99 catches.

He’s going to be arguably he’s the best, best receiver ever. Like he’s, he’s going down that path of excluding Jerry Rice, excuse me, but he’s going down that path. And he’s just like, when, if he continues to play, his numbers are just absurd per game numbers. Especially a little bit of this is factoring in, Hey, all things considered with the shortened off season, whatever training camp looks like, why not go to the guys that you know, are just beasts physically that have a great connection with their receiver. Then also play in a dome. I mean, how many, you know, he gets like what nine, 10 dome games a year.

And yeah, I mean, he gets at least his home games plus the saints. And the other reason is I just don’t I’m not fine. Atlanta’s defense. You know, people are talking about Atlanta being like a sneaky team to win the NFC South. I’m not there yet. And a big part is the defense. I’m just skeptical that that defense can actually stop people. So all that being said, I think they’re going to be behind. They’re going to be throwing a bunch. Give me Julio Jones, Kramer. Who’s your number five. And I think this, this is the beginning of the like guys, you, as you

Speaker 3 (32m 7s): Probably need to take, like if you’re sitting with picks 10, 11, 12, now we’re talking about receivers. So you probably have to snag there probably a first round pick. If you’re a 10 and you want to get these guys, you might need to go first guys, Tyree kill. And it’s just hard. It’s hard to leave him out. It’s hard to leave him out of the discussion in any format because he he’s just going to have games where he, he wins you the week because he catches two touchdowns, 200 yards he’s in the best offense in the league.

Sure. There’s a Superbowl hangover. Sure. You know, shaking go wrong chicken. Always go wrong. But as far as a guy who all he’s gotta do is catch two or three balls and still have a productive day. That’s the guy I, in the back of my head, I have this weird theory that we’re going to see Sammy walk-ins emerge into the true number one there because you know, because of his route running ability and like Tyree kill is a bit of a one trick pony when it comes down to it. But it’s a really good trick. Exactly. But yeah. So for me, Tyree kill is the first guy who I would consider as a late first round pick Ty Rico.

Speaker 0 (33m 12s): Yeah. I also have Tyree killed number five Kramer. You nailed it. Even, even though he missed four games last season in 12 games still had seven touchdowns. So he’s and you know what? Maybe just short of averaging a touchdown, a game.

Speaker 3 (33m 23s): What difference differentiates him? And the next four guys for me is the floor. I think his floor is just much lower.

Speaker 0 (33m 30s): His floor is low, but again, I don’t know, man, that guy is a, I mean his, his Twitter handle is at cheetah. I mean, what more do you need to know? The guy is just insanely fast. And if you remember, there was a couple of plays of a, I forget who broke it off, but it was like Damien Williams or, or one of the other receivers broke it off. And this is L broke it off for a touchdown. Like there’s no defenders anywhere near. And then Tyree kill comes coming, running out of nowhere to like escort them in the end zone and Pat him on his back.

It just shows the insane speed that this guy has. And yet maybe the volume isn’t there as far as targets and catches. And maybe I’m grading this as full point PPR. But if it’s, you know, I mean maybe even he’s even a little higher and a half point PPR, something like that cause of the catches, but yeah. Number five, Tyree kill Kramer. Before we get to our top five, want to give out my number one, when it comes to paper, head software, that’s a spread baby.

Thinking about starting your own online sports book, you should, it’s really easy to do. All you gotta do is go to ACE, G P sign up there. Use our link. You can get up to six weeks free ACE per head. Man. ACE is the place set you up with the online sports book, very easy. It’s literally turnkey. They host the website. They do everything. All the heavy lifting. All you gotta do is go to dot com slash S G P ACE per GEP.

Stop trying to beat the bookie and just become a bookie

Speaker 3 (35m 11s): Top four Kramer. Who’s your fourth Hulu. I think it, you know, I think you’re crazy for not, I think in a draft you would take Hooley over Hill gun to your head. Maybe not a best ball, but a regular season long. His floor is so goddamn high. And I think he’s four for me because I do think Ridley is going to start eating into that production a little bit. He’s getting up there in age, but I love the tight end. Hayden

Speaker 0 (35m 38s): Hearst. Maybe, maybe that has some impact on targets. Hoover was Hoover was doing just fine. He was out in the field 97% or something crazy like that. Yeah. Julio Jones up for, I think it probably guarantees that I won’t get him, but it also like another guy, if I’m sitting there at 10, I’m taking Julio probably with my, yeah. If you’re, if you’re in the late first round, are you taking Julio? I think I’m taking Julio over, over Hill, but not over the other guys. Yeah, I would, I would maybe still go Tyree kill, but, and I think as we’re doing the running back episode, we can kind of talk more about which running backs we would take them over.

Cause I think that’s the real story. You kind of have those blocks in the beginning of the draft where, you know, once you get through your, your top tiers, like where are you going back? Especially this year feels very top heavy where there’s like a pocket of guys. It was just like last year, I think. Yeah. And then, well, a lot of teams do the whole running back by committee and you still have to fill two running back spot. So lot to unpack there. My number for Dion Dre Hopkins, I think the, the things you’re maybe concerned about is new team, new system.

Kenny, can he get involved? But again, I mean, look at these targets, the target shares insane. The last time he had under 150 targets Kramer, what year are we talking? Never. Well, actually in 2014 he only had 127 targets. After that he’s been 150 plus that must’ve been a player after year. That might’ve been, it must’ve been the Osweiler year, but even that’s why I live here. Like he’s still had good numbers. I don’t understand how he’s fallen into, like I see, I think I’ve seen a number of it

Speaker 3 (37m 17s): Places putting him in a second tier, depending on how you’re doing, do your tiering, whatever. But you can’t, you can’t exclude him from the top tier of guy. I don’t see how you exclude him from the top tier of guys when he’s joining a team with a worst defense and arguably a more interesting offense. Sure. His quarterback slight downgrade, but does it matter as you just highlighted?

Speaker 0 (37m 43s): Yeah. And, and I think there he’s a positive touchdown regression candidate. He only had seven last year on 104 catches. I think that’s going to go up

Speaker 3 (37m 51s): Well and I have, he’s my number three guy. So I’m, I’m locked up here. I I’m, I’m shocked at how low he’s being ranked. I saw some, some average of like 25 quote fantasy experts. Where do you think that he, Deandre Hopkins showed 25 industry experts. Where do you think he showed up averaging like ranked in receivers 11? No, it was six though. Really six that’s that’s way too low. I would have a hard time finding five receivers to take before.

I mean, that’s, that’s feels ridiculous. I think if I would argue, he’s joining a better opportunity. He’s joining a coach that we at least know, we’ll say, Hey, this, this guy is, this guy can ball.

Speaker 0 (38m 35s): It feels like going to go out of their way.

Speaker 3 (38m 36s): Pinterest, smarter than bill O’Brien. We know he lives better than bill O’Brien with that Kush ass mansion. He was, he was rolling up in the draft in, but yeah, diorama is my number three guy and D hop. Like this is where the, the tier of after the first, like, if I don’t love the, I think there’s maybe four running five running backs. I love at the beginning of the draft, after that, this is what the, the, the, the tier of receivers where I’m like, Oh, I’ll just take this guy. So D hop is one of those guys.

Speaker 0 (39m 5s): My number three for the green Bay Packers, Devontae Adam,

Speaker 3 (39m 9s): No. So low

Speaker 0 (39m 13s): Only played 12 games, but still at 83 catches five touchdowns. To me, the, the reason why like Davante Adams and everyone’s high on, I mean, and Kramer appears from his reaction that I’m low on him actually. But I think the case for Devonte Adams is pretty simple in that he’s the guy in green Bay, Aaron Rogers, it feels like he’s going to be Davante. Adams is going to be his life preserver. He’s just gonna chop back to pass, throw it to Devontay Adams. Fuck you, Matt LaFleur floor. I’m running my own show almost out of spite.

I feel like he’s going to go out of his way to just feed down Vontay Adams, Aaron Rogers. Doesn’t have a lot of guys he’s close with on the field, but Davante Adams is definitely one of those guys and they actually seem to have for, for, you know, Roger’s, there’s a lot of like, it doesn’t speak to his family. There’s weird. Chemistry was the only guy who like seems to be friends with him and have a legit connection as Demante Adams. And, and for him, for a team, an organization that have kind of ostracized him a little bit, whatever that dynamic is, don’t you think he’s just going to lean in to a guy that’s he clearly is a support system that has that connection.

Kramer I’m guessing Devante Adams is your number

Speaker 3 (40m 25s): Two or number one. Well, we’ll get to that, Sean, because my number two it’s Michael Thomas. Sure. Little bit of a hot take. I don’t think it’s too hot Taiki to have either of these guys. Number one. I think everyone sees what Michael Thomas just did. He was like, well, I think the only way Michael Thomas gets the number one is if drew Brees gets hurt, I think drew Brees is falling off the cliff this year. And if they don’t pull them out into the field and put them down like a good set of a good owner and not someone who’s going to let them live in pain and just look like dog shit.

I just don’t see. I don’t. I love Michael Thomas. He’s great. I’ve had him on fan that he’s brought me to the promised land and the FFPC, but I just, I just unwilling to put them ahead of Davante Adams and maybe I’m foolish. Maybe it’s just a weird bias, but I’m just waiting for drew Brees to fall off the edge. And I, I also, this, this kind of goes hand in hand with me liking a Camara positive regression. So, and I think there’s some other players there. So Michael Thomas is great.

I, you know, I, I see no problem. If you want to take him, I’ve seen him go as high. He went third in our mock draft show. Michael Thomas. Yeah. And I think, you know, perhaps it’s one of those things where if you like add, if you liked Thomas better than any of the running backs, fucking take them because his floor is going to be pretty high. I’m just going to, I’m just going to make a personal bet with myself here that he’s not going to be the number one receiver.

Speaker 0 (41m 52s): He’s not the number one receiver on my list. Kramer. He’s also the number two receiver, Michael Thomas, you brought up a bunch of good points about drew Brees and his arm shrank. But Michael Thomas, that’s not his game. The deep ball, isn’t his game. The deep ball we’ve seen Brie struggle it to the point that they even think it didn’t. They bring in taste some Hill for a hell of Mary. It’s just like, God, that’s emasculating you. You gotta let your breeze throw that just out of, at a pride Michael Thomas for all, for how well he’s done in fantasy.

Where do you think he ranked in a deep targets last year? It didn’t have many I’m guessing, right? 72 in the league, only nine deep targets, but that’s perfect because that’s, that’s not breezes strength right now in the same way you like Edelman last year in fantasy. And even to this year, because you have a quarterback, that’s not going to push the ball super deep down the field. I think it even, it even helps Michael Thomas’s case in fantasy in a weird way that you’re a breeze skill set is diminished and is kind of going down. So yeah, I mean everything you said about Michael Thomas, I’m on that as well.

And here’s the thing, here’s the last, the last bullet point I have,

Speaker 3 (42m 60s): Which I’m glad you brought up the points you brought up, but 2000 1,749 targets 104 receptions. Yeah, 2000 1,847 targets 125 receptions. That’s a very hard high percentage to your point, perhaps because shorter routes doesn’t, doesn’t have all the super long yards per route, but that’s pretty consistent. 150. Then he had this crazy surge last year, 185 targets and 149 of those balls were caught for 1700 yards. I don’t think he’s averaging 108 yards per game.

And I think the fact that Emmanuel Sanders just showed up is going to give them a legit, additional target that breeze can, can launch the ball too. So I look we’re, we’re, we’re a, we’re splitting hairs, as they say, because at the end of the day, if I was sitting there at six in the top running backs and a wide receiver are gone, I’m probably taking Michael Thomas. So not that I hate him, but I just like the other guy a little bit more. My number one guy to Vontay Adams, you kinda nailed it. You kind of pointed out some, some reasons why you’d maybe want to take him because Aaron trusts him.

Aaron likes to throw to guys, he trusts strange anomaly last year, to your point about the touchdown regression, Davante Adams saw something. I don’t have the exact number, but I believe it’s like 50% of the red zone targets. He only saw, he only saw, I want to give the exact number of red zone targets. He only saw last year 21 targets in the red zone.

Speaker 4 (44m 36s): So

Speaker 3 (44m 38s): That combined with this, the guy is a touchdown machine. He scored 10 plus touchdowns, three straight years leading up to last year. How many touchdowns did he score? Shot five. So when you go from scoring 35 touchdowns over three seasons and then scoring five, however you want to break down the numbers, There’s going to be positive regression. Sure. Now the counter argument would be well, Matt lift Fleur wants to run the ball more.

That’s fine. I still think that Davante Adams will see more touchdown red zone targets, which will lead to more touchdowns. Now, if, if he only gets four more touchdowns, that’s still how many points Sean? 24 points. That’s a big difference. And if you put them back on the field for all 16 games, I think this is going to be one of those situations where we’re going to look back on this and we’re going to be like, wow, that was really weird. That first season, when the floor forgot that Aaron Rogers was a beast.

And I think we’re going to see it happen this year, because I think, you know, it’s your consistent point about the lack of an off season preparation? I think Aaron Rogers is probably texting the floor on a daily basis. Like, dude, let’s just throw some of this shit like me and him got good rapport. How about we just call alpha? And every time I say alpha, I’m just gonna throw him a back shoulder. Like, cause that’s the way he, there were games where all of a sudden it looked like Aaron Rogers like stopped listening to the radio in his house.

Speaker 0 (46m 5s): Yeah. And that’s, and that’s why I’m hiring him again this year. It seems like that that switch of like, I’m going to do my own thing. That to me, leads to Aaron Rogers, getting a lot more balls to Devonta Adams. It’s just that simple Kramer in our tradition here of a shocking number one fantasy football deceivers. No, I already, Michael Thomas was number two, number one on my list. Penn state grad, Chris Godwin.

Speaker 4 (46m 33s): Wow. Wow.

Speaker 0 (46m 36s): I’m just letting that, letting that sink in Godwin. He, to me, it’s just, it’s going to be game on with him and pray to you. The more I thought about it and you know, I kind of squeeze Gronk into, into the tight end episode, but that’s, that’s cause he’s a close personal friend, but Godwin’s just, he has the makeup of being a guy that Tom is really going to like, and I was trying to, I was trying to like do a little more like digging around for any sort of, you know, as a gut handicapper. I like to kind of find the emotional angles, the stuff behind the scenes that isn’t just numbers.

And I came across the news story, you know, who had number 12 before Tom Brady came to Tampa Bay. That’s right. Chris Godwin, you know, who was hesitant to give it up at first, but then he realized Tom Brady, he’s the goat. You got to give it up to him. And he told him, he’s like, Hey, I’m going to give this to you. You got to get me a ring back. And he’s like, yeah, let’s do it. So I think there’s already a connection with Godwin, a brew in there with Brady and Matt also like Ariens loves him and he’s coming off. Like he’s had a nice transition in his career.

34 catches 59, 86, but really the touchdowns one to seven to nine, like, and coming back to this Tampa Bay defense still sucks to me. I think, I think we’re gonna see a similar offense that we saw in is, Oh, when Jamison Winston was there and that it’s like, they just throw it all the time because they have to, because they’re going to be down. And can you imagine a better quarterback to have going against like lacks prevent coverage and Tom Brady and an awesome route runner and Chris Godwin.

Like I just think the ceiling’s way too high, not to roll the dice and put him number one. And he’s a guy what’s his ADP. It’s probably like what? Nine or 10? 11. I think, I think a little bit the secrets out of me, he went right after Mike Evans, number six, number seven in our mock draft. According to you, can you get him in the third round fantasy pros, consensus number six. Okay. So maybe people aren’t as down on him. As I thought, I would say this to add to your pile on Bruce Ariens quote about him before last season.

I think Chris Godwin is going to be close to a hundred catch guy. That’s not important, especially because I think he can play in the slot. He’s never going to come off the field slot. How’s a slot. I, I mean, again, when your coach is saying that about you and Aaron seems like a pretty straight shooter, like he’s the guy who just tells it like it is and probably do his own detriment. And you know, clearly wasn’t happy with Jamison Winston there for a little while. I just can’t imagine they’re not going to be, they’re not going to go out of their way to really feature Chris Godwin this year.

And I think he’s going to take advantage of it. And to your point, just coming back to the route, Ronnie, the guys who were awesome, route runners, those are the guys that are really going to benefit from this shortened off season where you can do less stuff with scheme. And you’ve got to rely on just being able to run a great nine, a great zero, whatever the route is a guy who just can plan his foot, get open and make an easy pitch. And again, it’s always odd to me, the guys who Tom Brady finds the have like a rapport with, it’s never the guys you would expect, like the fact that him and Randy Moss knocked it off, just shows you the kind of player Randy Moss really was.

Cause there’s been a lot of talented wide receiver bust out a new way. And you could make an argument there. Chris Godwin, who is, who has been a better receiver for Tom Brady since Randy Moss and Chris Godwin. Oh, you mean like from pure physical ability? Yeah. Cl Harris. I mean, it’s probably Larry Nikila Harriet. What’d I say Harris, they kill Harry. The first round or last year was probably the most physically gifted receiver. He’s yeah. Other than Gronk, but he just couldn’t figure it out. I dare say Aaron Hernandez from a talent perspective.

Yeah. But I hear, I think, I think,

Speaker 3 (50m 28s): I mean, I think Brady in general is getting some toys that he hasn’t necessarily gotten to play with before he has like legit athletic ability and size like Godwin and Evans and Howard and Gronk. That’s the other thing they’re all big fucking dudes. The real catchier is like figure out which guy is going to be the James White, who can play in the slot, who can play out of the backfield. Is that going to be Darai Abagale or whatever his name is. I mean, someone is going to fill the role of the slot safety Val running back.

Yeah. And it might not be Gronk or Howard or Evans.

Speaker 0 (51m 5s): It could be a running back and we could see a Tampa Bay buck running back in the top 10, although I dunno the Erin’s offense, offense just doesn’t lend itself to that. Anyway, we’ve got to get to some, some business shows where you got to do the play by play for the college football final final nights here and more Sims on the way of course go to sports gambling sign up for the football tournament. We’re calling it as generic as it sounds. Just dudes talking football, hashtag T F T get involved.

And again, those are of course, 20, 20 lineups and we’re giving away $10,000 in my bookie credits. One more shout out to cushy dreams, head over to cushy promo code as GP smokable CBD, legal to ship in all 50 States, 15% off with that promo code Kramer looking forward to just keep talking football here. Is that what we get to do? That’s what we get to do here, man. It’s okay. And for this 14 week pack ass, I’m Sean stacking the money green and he is Ryan.

Good luck to your Chris Godwin prediction. Sean Kramer let it

Speaker 2 (52m 16s): .

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