KBO Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice: Best DraftKings Hitters, Splitters, Stacks (June 5-7)

KBO Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice: Best DraftKings Hitters, Splitters, Stacks (June 5-7)
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*UPDATE: SATURDAY 6/06, 8:11 PM**

Rolling into another weekend of KBO Daily Fantasy on the heels of a work week actually being back in the office feels like even more of a God-sent reward than that of first ever receiving KBO DFS in the first place!

Speaking of the work week, a time to briefly reflect on the Tuesday through Thursday endeavors that transpired:

Pitching has been a doozie, with favorites getting mopped including Warwick Saupold, Casey Kelly, and Adrian Sampson

-Seven teams in double-digit runs produced

-31 Bargain-tier Batters w/ 13+ DKFP

Without getting too preachy back on the subject of stacking effectiveness, I would recommend to anybody who is new to Daily Fantasy Baseball to not feel obligated to spend as much of your salary as possible like in other sports. And the reason is variance…

The fact of the matter is variance (as previously discussed also) is evident in that bargain bats have higher likelihoods in hitting outlier performances far above value under this umbrella of circumstance, whereas you will witness less of this on a nightly basis in a Daily Fantasy Sport like basketball. 

Let’s enjoy the weekend of KBO DFS and get some variance from the exhausting work week with some relaxation (and cashing in lineups, hopefully)!



Mel Rojas Jr (OF), KT Wiz (vs. LOT)

If there’s any other bullet-point from this week that’s also worth hammering in, it’s that Mel Rojas Jr. is averaging 23 DraftKings Fantasy Points per game over his past four games (and that’s WITH a 7-point dud included from Thursday). And unfortunately for Rojas, unlike Roberto Ramos (who’s still dirt cheap in relation to his productivity), he’s charging top dollar in order to roster him. 

With a string of games like he just had (38, 23, 24 DKFP), the pricing may be considered a gouge. On the other hand, he’s facing the Lotte Giants pitching staff who is just beneath the middle of the pack in WHIP average (1.498 WHIP), while allowing the very same mid-tier of runs all season (143). 

That said, Lotte also has a drooping ERA of 5.27 (3rd worst in KBO) and walks-per-game at an even 4.0 (3rd highest in KBO). All of this aligns with a great tournament play in that ownership should be well away from him given his $6,800 tag on Friday (we shall see about Saturday/Sunday), and the proven ceiling that he’s got no problem knocking spackle off of.


Ho Ryung Kim (OF), Kia Tigers (vs. DOO)

Speaking of a guy on a hitting streak, Ho Ryeong Kim has been absolutely mashing in his past three games (of just four played) since being added to the active roster and opening with a goose egg.

Averaging 19.33 DKFP per game (16, 28, 14) is an amazing stat to possess, but while I’m at it, let’s take note of a few others that stand-out majorly despite the small sample size: a massive 260 wRC+, .667 BABIP, .650 ISO, and 1.50 OPS (holy shit).

Yes, a small sample size is at hand. Yet his career numbers have literally improved season after season for his three years prior leading up through 2017, and he’s clearly on the way to tacking onto the uptick. And priced down in the bargain tier at $3,200 on Friday, the powerful 28-year old right-handed hitter is a gem going into the weekend slates.


Other Hitters I Will Be Rostering This Weekend:

High ($4,500+):

-Jose Fernandez (1B/2B), DOO

-Preston Tucker (OF), KIA

-Baek Ho Kang (1B/OF), KTW

-Eui Ji Yang (C), NCD

-Jamie Romak (OF), SK

-Jared Hoying (HAN), HAN

-Eun Won Jung (2B/3B), HAN

-Aaron Altherr (OF), NCD

-Byung Ho Park (1B), KIW

-Jeong Choi (3B/SS), SK

-Sung Bum Na (OF), NCD


Mid ($3,600-$4,400):

-Jin Sung Kang (1B/OF), NCD

-Roberto Ramos (1B), LG

-Jun Woo Jeon (OF), LOT

-Kyung Soo Park (2B), KTW

-Jin Gi Jeong (OF), SK

-Jai Il Oh (1B), DOO

-Ah Seop Son (OF), LOT

-Sung Yeol Lee (OF), HAN


Bargain ($2,100-$3,500):

-Woo Jun Sim (SS), KTW

-Soo Kwang Noh (OF), SK

-Dong Yeop Kim (OF), SAM

-Chi Hong An (2B), LOT

-Myung Gi Lee (OF), NCD

-Yong Ho Jo (OF), KTW

-Sang Cheol Moon (3B), KTW

-Yong Ho Jo (OF), KTW

-Soo Bin Jung (OF), DOO

-Joo Hwan Choi (1B/2B), DOO



Mike Wright, NC Dinos (vs. HAN)

C’mon, I talk up chalk too! Mike Wright takes the mound once again in hopes of ushering in a winning weekend for the KBO-leading NC Dinos (What’s good, Kang?!). And being that this start comes against the opposite end of the spectrum of teams in Hanwha Eagles, I’m not so certain that a hope bestowed is going to be necessary for Mike to get the W here.

Lacing a solid 1.21 WHIP in stride with a 16.3 DKFP per game average (which includes his poor start recently against Samsung), Mike Wright may have been the pay-up-to-be-contrarian option had this start come against any team BUT lowly Hanwha…but not the case. I would anticipate this to be as chalky as it gets on the pitching side of KBO DFS Friday morning, and I have absolutely no qualms or queries about it.

With a strikeout percentage over 20%, and facing a Hanwha team whose offense is the only team in the league under 100 runs scored (and only 18 home runs, which I think Roberto Ramos scored in one game last week), Mike Wright is beyond worthy of Cash Game and Guaranteed Prize Pool consideration. Not to mention (but I am) that Hanwha Eagles have struck out the second-most times in the season of all teams (186 SO).


Jong Hoon Park, SK Wyverns (vs. SAM)

Now this dude, I would assume a day or two before his presumed start at the time of writing this, may walk a fine path between chalk and contrarian ownership, and I believe will be partially contingent on which Samsung offense shows up on Friday. But either way, I most definitely will be getting to Jong Hoon Park in several of my lineups.

Floating in the Mike Wright territory with a 1.29 WHIP, Jong Hoon Park is cooking bats off the plate with a stellar 24.1% strikeout rate and nine Ks/9, while keeping the earned run average at a ho-hum 3.54 ERA. Pitching as a strikeout chaser, however, has ballistically led to allowing three home runs thus far in 2020, along with 26 hits allowed. 

Against a Samsung team who has been gradually getting it together by means of inconsistent production, the Lions are still represented by the fourth-fewest runs produced in the KBO (138 R) along with fourth-fewest home runs (24 HR). Unless he’s dirt-cheap coming into this, which I doubt ($7,500 last game against HAN), Jong Hoon Park should coast under some radars while standing a very feasible chance of being a top pitcher on whichever day he takes the mound this weekend. 


Other Pitchers I Will Roster This Weekend:


-Min Woo Lee, KIA



-Chan Gyu Lim, LG

-Ricardo Pinto, SK



-Chang Mo Koo, NCD

-Je Seong Bae, KTW

-Chae Heung Choi, SAM (CONTRARIAN)

-Dan Straily, LOT

-Chris Flexen, DOO

-Tyler Wilson, LG (CONTRARIAN)


-Odrisamer Despaigne, KTW

-Jae Hak Lee, NCD


-David Buchanan, SAM

-Woo Chan Cha, LG

-Seung Won Moon, SK



While I will be getting to just about stacks from every team in the next three days, the following are going to be favorites that I’ll be chasing for a variety of reasons rolled into one ranking (in numerical order):


1) NC Dinos

2) LG Twins

3) KT Wiz 

4) Kiwoom Heroes

5) Samsung Lions (CONTRARIAN)

6) Doosan Bears



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