Bud Foster Interview & Madden Mayhem Squares (Ep. 823)

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The guys welcome on legendary Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster (@coachfostervt) to talk all things Hokie football. Bud explains the origin of the legendary ‘Lunch Pail’, reminisces about some of the amazing Virginia Tech defenses and talks about having a drink named after him. Plus the guys announce the $500 Madden Mayhem squares pool, break down the last dance and share an update on the DeAndre Baker story.

Lunch Pail Defense

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Speaker 0 (1m 56s): Gambling Podcast. I’m Sean stack in the money green with my partner picks Ryan. Real money. Kramer, what’s happening Kramer?

Speaker 1 (2m 5s): Sean, what a fine, fine Tuesday here in the great year of 2020. It was a, uh, not a great day. Joining us in studio, combing to an AK in the database. Call me on the lunch pail. A third, a third, a third party here. Well, of course you’re eluding to the interview, which we’re going to play here in a second with Bud Foster today, right there. Coaches watching Bud Foster defensive coordinator for Virginia Tech for over 30 years.

Legend a wag. Kramer lit up in the interview process. Yeah, I mean, if you’ve heard that, if you’ve listened to some of our interviews, uh, specifically, you know, the ones that I found less interesting, you might, there’s a correlation between my amount of talking and how interested I am. I am the guest. So, uh, needless to say, Sean and Colby don’t speak too much. Cramer just bringing the heat.

Speaker 0 (3m 0s): Sho like a young recruit, tried like a walk on, try to make it a Bud Foster’s a defense average. You need to Tech doing whatever it takes to get out of him. I’m willing to start on special teams. It was a, it was a great interview. A lot of fun. We’ll get to that. And more importantly, Sean. Yes. Well, I’m saying more importantly Sean then Bud Follow we’ve got a big announcement. The free cash Bonanza keeps on coming. We’re talking Madden may have, of course, you can bet on Madden MAYhem over at Sports or MyBookie dad, a Jeep promo code, SGP streaming eight games and nights, five o’clock Pacific, seven o’clock Pacific, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

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Speaker 1 (10m 2s): I thought you were trying to say like the Indian food. Gazy I didn’t know what you were going to meet you get with the Korean barbecue.

Speaker 0 (10m 10s): Let’s go ahead and call me. I don’t know. Stay tuned for the interview. I don’t know if you want to be the one making it. There you go. How to pronounce things, see if you can find that nugget. But of course, make sure you’re the ACE per head.com/sgp ACE per head.com/s G P joining us on the line, legendary defensive coordinator for the Virginia tech Hokies Bud Foster. But, uh, how you take into a retirement so

Speaker 1 (10m 39s): far,

Speaker 4 (10m 40s): I’m enjoying it. You know, this, uh, unfortunately with this pandemic, uh, you know, it’s kind of put it in a, in, in process a little earlier maybe than I wanted to. They had me, I’m an assistant to the athletic director and I was involved in doing some things a with the university and whatnot. Then obviously this thing came on. And, uh, so I’ve been able to transition to that next chapter of my life and I can say this, I’ve been busy busy than in, and, uh, it’s been, I haven’t missed it at all to be honest with you, but, uh, uh, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve transitioned well and uh, uh, but still looking forward to a, uh, this next chapter as we move forward.

Let me say this, I just hope you and your family’s of all, uh, I have a fared well during all this craziness. This is just unprecedented times and you know, my thoughts and burners go out to everybody. That’s a, that’s out there. So, but, uh, appreciate you all have in me on the air.

Speaker 0 (11m 37s): No, and I appreciate you calling in a way where we’re fortunate to be all, I’ll do it well here and, and uh, stay and safe, stay insane.

Speaker 1 (11m 44s): Um, you know, I think a lot,

Speaker 0 (11m 48s): as far as your retirement, you are still still involved in the program. Have you, has your mind kind of moved

Speaker 1 (11m 54s): forward in the fact that assuming you’re a college football plays as scheduled, that first game where you’re going to be sitting on the sidelines, not being able to yell out, you know, calls for the defense, nappy nail of will to yell out changes, not being able to like grab some guy by the face mask and really kind of chew him out or you’ve got to, you’re going to be missing the juice a little bit. Right.

Speaker 4 (12m 16s): You know, I will. And I think because we didn’t have spring practice around here, we usually start spring ball after spring break and that’s kind of when everything hit around here. So I didn’t get a chance to see that. So really, uh, getting a taste of that and really missing it. Uh, you know, I missed that but I do know this, um, I’m going to be invested in for the next few years cause I was really involved with the recruiting. The majority of the defensive kids. We’ve got a young group still here at Virginia tech and, and I’ll be involved in, in their lives in one form or fashion, you know, and a, and I know this on Saturdays, I’ll still be invested with an emotionally, it’ll be, it’ll be a coach Beamer took myself and my wife out for dinner along with our former D line coach only Wiles.

And uh, my wife did ask me to have that same question. Like, are you able to separate yourself emotionally from the game? He said for the first couple of years it was hard these last couple of, because he’s his group of guys that left. But ah, for me, being involved with coach for Olympic Olympians transitioned into Tech and then being heavily involved in recruiting in all of the deep SEP a D I’ll still be emotionally tied in and that’ll be hard. But you ask me to be an interesting, to see how I handled, uh, the game situations when they, when they come back in to play.

Speaker 1 (13m 34s): Yeah. I can tell you, speaking from experience, it’s now been almost 15 years since I’ve retired from being on the campus of Virginia tech. It’s, the emotion is still still range high and these guys can speak to it every year. Uh, I, I, I buy in and I’m super stoked on the team and then, you know, obviously I want to bring it back to the golden years because when I was there, that’s very much when we were, it felt like the, in a way, the peak for Virginia tech football and I wanted to, I wanted to bring you back to that time and I wanted to talk to, to kind of zoom in.

My last game on campus was the, the game against Miami, went to a de Angelo hall, stripped Roscoe Parrish, took it to the house. We rushed the field in. That, to me, that’s the most memorable game I can, I have from my time there. I wanted to ask you, if you had to pick one game to say that that was the game, would it be from that era?

Speaker 4 (14m 31s): You know, uh, that it would be the, the two thousands, obviously we played for the national championship in 1999 but from 2000 really 2010, 2011, we went to a stretch there. And particularly the mid two thousands in particularly defensively, we were as good as anybody in football and probably as good statistically anybody in the history of football. You know, we had a, in 2006 and 2007, we were number one in the country back to back and we gave up like 10 points a game and 211 yards a game.

You know, I know a little bit different era with, you know, the fast tempos and things of that nature. But we really had some really dynamic football player’s on our side of the ball. And you know, you’d go back to the camp chancers, the Brandon Flowers, uh, the dance hall, Xavier DB, who were, you know, first team, all American linebackers and, but just finalists. And then we had a great defensive line that was probably the only, we’re known more for a DBS and back end, but we really consistently good up front and that’s where it always starts.

But, uh, that was a great era of Virginia tech football and particularly defensively we just had, uh, every time we stepped on the field, I had a lot of competence knowing that these guys would go out and execute and perform and not so much for me, but they were, they weren’t done to let their brother down. That’s when you get that, that peer pressure and that dynamic going when guys really give of themselves to their brother, that really was a, you knew that that’s what they were going to do every day. And that was a comforting feeling from a coaching standpoint. You’re going to get the best play and their best effort every time they stepped on the field.

Speaker 1 (16m 8s): And I’m glad you brought up Xavier a DB coz one of the greatest what if’s and my fandom of Virginia Tech is what if Xavier DB does not tear that bicep and continues the shut down Reggie Bush. And the what, what, what would of been the team playing from the national championship? USC Trojans? Uh, I mean, I guess take me back to those guy like Xavier DB, Vince hall. I feel like, like as a fan that was that you talked about reliability. I felt like every game in game out you could trust those guys on the field against USC.

Did you have a sense of how good Reggie Bush was in that moment? And since it was so early and this year

Speaker 4 (16m 47s): we did well that was, you know, they were coming off of a great year. Uh, you know, and obviously, uh, that Matt liner and a, you know, those guys coming back. But if the savior, he was a red shirt freshman, so he was playing the first time and I started a guy in front of him. Um, Dottie Warren’s son, RC Donnie, he played several years in the NFL with the, with the Redskins. It was a tight in a bad guy, but a Blake was this a, uh, who is a good football player for us. They just had another gear in the speed and uh, I ended up, ah, and so I was going to insert the Xavier in there real early and needed to with the speed.

And I remember they tried to run a wheel route one time with Reggie and uh, you know what I’m saying? Calvary man to man and we were forced to sack and then they hit the same place, a Taurus bikes bicep a little later in the game making a play. And uh, uh, we were, it was nip tuck ballgame. They ended up eating it. There was a close, really close hard fought football game up the FedEx field. But uh, that was a difference in my opinion, was a out of there. He was a guy who could of had this speed and leap player was a very physical and a, you know, it was a guy that was one of the great games, but that was a year of 2004.

Uh, we really didn’t know what we were going to be like. Well, you ended up going into the ACC that year. We had those guys. You’re talking to Vince and say, uh, we’re a red shirt freshmen, uh, who went on to be for a year, stars towards the later on that year we won the ACC and beat Miami down at Miami in the orange ball, you know, and it became, became down to us and then the first year in 2004 and we beat them down there, 16 to 10 with just a, a great defensive performance. But those guys were two of the great football players in my area and they really complemented each other very well as they had speed and great athleticism and when he would on a plate, you know, five years in the NFL and then Fitz hall might’ve been maybe my best football player ever.

Just very instinctive, uh, you know, a coach on the field, uh, a very played great anticipating football as opposed to reactive football and just, it was a dynamic football player. Those guys call him and he said a very, very well or you know, we’re Playmakers force for four years in a row

Speaker 5 (18m 59s): and you guys always seem to have a, you know, I feel like those Miami teams were loaded, but you guys were kind of a thorn in the side of those Miami teams. But one of my favorite wins also was at Columbus. I know that wasn’t traditionally, I don’t think that was in the early two thousands that was like four or five years ago. It was a bit late, but that ruined their national title hopes or a note that they still made the playoffs. I think.

Speaker 4 (19m 19s): Well they wanted that year, but that was a big win for us. You know, Andy and I was hoping that the only bad part about that year, um, we did not capitalize on that game like we needed to, you know, and that was a, that was the only drawback of that year. I think that season we might of, you know, we might of been seven and five, that type of thing. But really, you know, we defensively we were pretty good. We struggled off offensively that year, but, uh, that was a great weekend to go up in a horseshoe in the way we played.

And a, you know, you have moments where when you’re calling plays, whether it’s offensively or defensively, you know, you kind of roll in seven. And that was one of those, we kind of, we put all our, all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak, with this particular scheme. Um, they had, um, and uh, the barricade came and I came in and uh, you know, for, um, Oh I can having a brain lock here. They had their big time quarterback.

Speaker 5 (20m 17s): Uh Oh was that, that was not Terrelle prior. That was afterwards. It was a, uh, w wasn’t Cardel Jones cause cartel Jones was a real pro, right?

Speaker 4 (20m 27s): No, it was a, their athletics.

Speaker 5 (20m 29s): Oh, Braxton Miller. Braxton Miller.

Speaker 4 (20m 31s): All right, thank you. I had a brain lock right there. But, uh, you know, we, we designed the scheme to really get the ball out of the perimeter and you know, and, and really want to keep a quarterback in a phone booth. You know, they were into the power reach stuff and really, and they wanted to spread you out. But, uh, it was really a run oftens mentality and we wanted to keep it in a phone booth and really kind of take it off the perimeter. And even though we were going to keep it in his hands, we felt like we could keep him in a phone booth. And that’s kind of what we did with that game plan.

And then, um, and then, you know, it was a, a good one for us. Uh, it didn’t, you know, they rebounded at a really talented football team. Um, and we ended up doing on and, and win the national championship that year. But, uh, you know, we had a lot of those games over the course of, of my career at Virginia tech. We lost some games in bowl games that I felt like if we had a one those games that would’ve catapulted this to the next level. You know, we lost too. And Robert and Kim when you all on 2004 and we went out lost to Auburn in the sugar bowl 16 to 13, which they had a bunch of really good players and you know, and we would beat, you know, the lost to Georgia in a close ballgame in the Chick-fil-A bowl, Kansas when they were really, really good.

We lost it in 24, 21 in the orange bowl. And, uh, you know, we, we played a really good decent, both of those games. We’ve turned it over and then, but those were the games we felt like needed to catapult this to that next step. You know, a league being a top five, top a elite team, and they’re talking about national championships for the next season. Those were games that were needed to kind of have, in my opinion, we were needed to win a few of those games, you know, so, but, uh, we had some great wins and sent the program to hikes it never been seen before.

And, and I think they’re getting ready to get back to that level of play again under and under coast, go and say, you know, I really liked the group they’ve recruited and the young kids they have, particularly on defense, they have some athletes on all sides, particularly quarterback. And you know, that’s where it starts. And in our time you were talking, obviously we had the, the, the tie rod Taylor, the Mike Vick, um, Brian Randall stretched through there that, you know, that obviously we have that trigger man that helps you to went a lot of football games.

Speaker 1 (22m 49s): Uh, and, and you touched on one of the, the, the proud things that I wear on my cap as a, as a Hokie is the fact that we, we schedule hard. We always have that degree of difficulty, ratchet it up when you’re opening the season against the Ohio state. And against the Alabama against the USC. And you’ve had the privilege both with those games and within your own conference to face some of the most complex difficult and different offices out there, whether it be the triple option, the pro style with the, with the studs all over the field at Miami rich rod speed option.

Um, which style of offense kept you up at night the longest?

Speaker 4 (23m 30s): You know, they all have their own ways of being, you know, a demonic to me too. But I tell you what, the guy that there was a, you know, we had some great battles and that probably gave me the most stomach was Paul Johnson when he was at Georgia tech. And uh, you know, Paul had seen it so many different schemes thrown at him with it, you know, with that office. And it’s really pretty simple. But as we, we kind of really played them very well.

I think we played them 10 years and we were seven and three against them then we were, they were always close games, but um, you know, it was just, it was a chess match. And every year he came to new blocking scheme or a new way to do things and it just made us always work to make adjustments. And I always felt like maybe that was the one thing that we did as well as anybody throughout that stretch in my time where we had just, uh, we had a good staff but we were to make a adjustments during the course of the game. Our kids did a great job of working with a game, um, you know, to do those kinds of things because you’re always, that’s kind of where your, your check and you know is, is making those adjustments and hopefully you have experience enough of those kids can go ahead and do that.

You know, some guys are learning with the reps guys and we were fortunate enough to have a lot of guys with a good football IQ that were able to make adjustments. But I would say Paul was probably the guy at Georgia tech when he was, when they were in their heyday, has a lot of neighborly, had some really good players, particularly guys at quarterback. They were, they were, they, they gave me a, you know, it was a four hour stomach ache,

Speaker 1 (25m 5s): Hey, and worst week of the is Georgia tech week. Cause you know, some guys that don’t get hurt and you know, they’re going to just, ah, I hated it too, coach. I’m with you.

Speaker 4 (25m 14s): You know, that’s just such a, you know, you can, you can, as far as defending the option, I mean everybody can do that is the hard part about that office and some offices as a scout as is getting your scout team to simulate the speed in the tempo. And, and even with these, you know, the uptempo, you know, widespread, you know, open, you know, air rate office, whatever you want to call it, getting your scout team to simulate the plays and simulate the tempo in the accuracy of the passing game are the blocking schemes and those kinds of things.

That’s the hard part. That’s a challenge. Um, and that’s, that’s kind of what was the hardest part with that office was, was simulating the speed and the cut blocking. We obviously didn’t want to do that and practice to the risk of injury, but you also had to do some things to do to prepare yourself and to prepare your kids for that.

Speaker 1 (26m 7s): And one of my, not to make this all about a Georgia tech Virginia tech podcast, and one of my favorite things that not just with Georgia tech, the brand of, of cornerback play was a very physical, it was a very much, a little ahead of its time, even in the, and the tackling that’s asked of the cornerbacks of Virginia tech. My favorite game plan ever against Georgia tech is when you put Kyle Fuller on the line of scrimmage and he just destroyed, created the massive havoc. And I say all that to say, I think one of the cool things that we’re seeing now in the NFL, we’re seeing a lot of the big three safety stack type lines.

That to me, I don’t want to give you all the credit here, coach, but it feels a lot like the Rover whip situation that you’ve been rolling out in Blacksburg since the late nineties

Speaker 4 (26m 48s): well, yeah and I, and that’s the one thing I always felt like we were able to do is as we’ve always adjusted to, I think the style of offense that was coming around. Obviously you throw Georgia tech out now that was a different animal. But you know, the game has evolved. I think the one thing that we’ve been able to do is we were able to attract and recruit kids that could really run. So we’ve been in a, you know, we’d been a nickel kinda of defense for a long, long time, you know, meaning like a four to five type concept and having our whip linebacker or a Rover or you know, our, besides having two quarters that were, and that’s kind of what we, you know, I’ll battle anybody with DBU.

You know, we, we kinda throw that around. I know Florida and I think LSU and us kind of claim that maybe Ohio state even too. But as far as the number of guys draft in the playroom, the league and that type of thing. But you know, we went through a stretch were all five of our guys to cover and all, and also needed to tackle because we were going to spill the ball. They were going to be a free hitters. So those guys needed to be extremely versatile. And I do think that’s what the NFL liked about our guys is they were, they could cover, they could run, uh, they had a good football IQ.

They knew how to work, they knew how to be team first football players, uh, but then they were very physical and, and that’s a big, a big part of, you know, playing at that next level. And, uh, you know, they were just the complete football player that can keep the complete team player. And I think that’s why the NFL liked our guys is they had that Lunch Pail mentality. But also, uh, you know, they, they, they knew how to work in compete. And, and, and, and go to work every day and be a team player. And I think that was a big part of our success with that back end and, and those guys really, uh, cherry that, that mentality of that DBU mantra, so to speak.

And uh, you know, it’s carried on a great tradition for us.

Speaker 1 (28m 41s): All right. I think another area where the NFL certainly liked the Virginia tech defensive player is because they were often featured on special teams. I got to ask you, I know you coach the special teams, uh, down there in Blacksburg a little bit. Who’s, who was the originator of the starter’s are gonna play on special teams for us because to me that was the greatest edge that we had. We were, we were way ahead of, I mean, I know like this is the legendary stories of other coaches coming to Blacksburg to learn how to do special teams. But really to me it was all about getting the best players on the field, gaining that edge.

Where, where did that come from?

Speaker 4 (29m 16s): You know, that was driven by coach Beamer. You know, and when I was a young coach, he gave me the responsibility of being the special teams coordinator, but he was also a guy when I played, I played a couple of years for him to Murray state. He was my defensive coordinator and Mike Godfrey was our head football coach at the time. And Ron Zook was my position cook. That was a, I had a, we had a pretty, a pretty good and uh, but a coach came in and he really was, he was ahead of his time defensively, you know, as well from a blitz mentality.

But then he was also ahead of the game from a specialty and standpoint. And um, you know, when, and obviously when we came to Virginia tech, we weren’t as deep. We were, we were hit with several years of probation, uh, from the, uh, from the previous staff. And really to compete at the level we’ve needed to compete at, you know, we needed to put our starters on those. We couldn’t get, we couldn’t, we didn’t have enough quality depth to play those guys. And it just, it, that’s just really kind of where it started.

And we really felt like, you know, the special teams you’re talking about such a big field distribution in a change of, of, of field of strength as far as where the ball, you know, the offense is going to take over defense where he to pin people back, whatever, whatnot, you know, the return game blocking kicks, that type of thing. And you know, coach was a big, big part of that and making sure that we were going to, that we had to win that phase at the game. We were going to went on offense defense, but particularly we were in a way and he felt like if we could win defensively and win on special teams and then play opportunistic offerings that we would, we could, we have a chance to win every game right there.

And uh, you know, that led, we were led the country for a years and block kicks and punts and, and field goals and that type of thing. And that was, those were game changers for us. And we were a big part of, you know, our success of Virginia tech and which were created a Beamer ball at Virginia tech.

Speaker 0 (31m 17s): Now you mentioned a Lunch Pail there and I don’t know if everyone realizes that you guys actually have a tradition of, uh, having the Lunch Pail on the sideline. It’s kind of worked into your prep for the week. What was the Genesis of that tradition and is it gonna keep a, an is it going to keep going on even after you’ve retired?

Speaker 4 (31m 35s): No, thank you. The, uh, the Lunch Pail that’s, I started that when I became the coordinator 95 and we just wanted a symbol that what was going to separate Virginia Tech from who we were from our opponents. You know, and really what deluxe, obviously everybody understands the Lunch Pail is about hard work, but really it’s a lot. It’s about that commitment in the Academy bill and loyalty. The truck, uh, you know, the responsibility to do it every day to B, have the discipline to come to work and out prepare your opponent every day.

And it just not was our players. It was our staff. The same way, but we gave our players, we, we evaluate our players every day and we kind of over the years, given it to them, like during the spring practice or fall camp, we would give it to the player’s a day and then we really, our player, the game really was responsible for the Lunch Pail but then let the Lunch Pail inside of it. We, we put mission statements, we put goals, we’ve done a different things over the years. You know, Clemson and Florida state, their known for their turf games every game from, for us, for when we were in the ACC up until here, we were the winningest team on the road.

And that was, we felt like every game was a tough game. So after every game that we won in the road and we would take a piece of sod and put it in the Lunch Pail yeah.

Speaker 5 (32m 50s): Oh nice.

Speaker 4 (32m 52s): That’s a really, you know, our play the game, they were responsible for taking it to practice. Uh, if were on the road, they were responsible for taking it on the road, you know, it had that type of thing. But that if you were the keepers of the Pail, you were kind of the, that was, you know, one of the most audible things you can have at Virginia tech at the time, you know, and, um, so it just became, it became a brand force more and more than him as much as it was a symbol, you know, and a, and you know, everybody across the country, anytime we were all on TV, they would say, show the Lunch Pail are, they want to know who is carrying the Pail, who’s got to bring it out.

And we ran through the tunnel, that type of thing. But it was a great a symbol for us. Uh, a great, uh, you know, something to put on their goals in their and sign it off on a mission statement. You could hold guys accountable for their work ethic and that type of thing and their commitment and having the discipline to do that. So it was, it was, it ended up being a big time brand for us, but a great symbol of who we were and why we had our success.

Speaker 5 (33m 56s): W well, I’m glad that, Oh, what’s that?

Speaker 4 (33m 58s): Yeah. To build back to a Dell, you know, we’re basically, they’re kind of retiring. That was me, you know, it was all said and done. Now, you know, coach went to a, has been a guy and it’s really, um, and it has understood the tradition at Virginia tech. He is, uh, he’s kept 25. Coach Beamer was number 25 when he played at Virginia tech and they honor a player every week to, to wear a number 25 music, somebody who’s involved in special teams and there they’ve kind of honored the Lunch Pail we have a hard hat mentality right now is kind of what their new approach it is and you know, kind of letting the Lunch Pail uh, you know, it’s going to be, there always will be a part of Virginia tech, but you’re going to see it more in the trophy case.

He and I see him on the sideline, which I’m fine with that. I, I get all of that. And uh, but the Lunch Pail will always be a part of Virginia tech and Virginia tech. Uh, uh, you know, success,

Speaker 5 (34m 48s): new defensive coordinator coming in as Justin Hamilton. You, you not only coach Justin Hamilton, but I mean you’ve also been on the sidelines with Justin. How do you think he will fair and are you excited to see him? Uh, you know, take off as, as defensive?

Speaker 4 (35m 2s): Yeah, I feel real good about Justin. You know, he was an outstanding player for us. He played, he came in as a highly recruited running back, but he played behind Kevin Jones and Lisa hugs and you know, Kevin went on to be a first round draft pick and he was, Justin again was the ultimate team guy. He played running back. He played like slot receiver for us. Then his senior year I got him to come over and play defense for him. He during during a day, we do our early morning workouts and stuff like that in the winter. And he was a guy that was a big kid that had really good feet that could transition well out of what the defensive backs needed to do.

And uh, you know, I felt like he’d be a great fit for us. And he ended up having a great year, got drafted, played a couple of years in the NFL was and got into coaching. And uh, I really, you know, when, when I’ve made my announcement and you know, coach foods said, Hey, let’s, once you think, you know, we don’t obviously don’t have to do anything now, but keep in mind who you may want, you know, could could come in here and do this and be the guy that could, you know, uh, you know, run our defense and whatnot. Then after a while I said, Hey, and I went down to a food and I said, you know, we’ve got the guy who’s right underneath our nose, you know, I think Justin’s, he understands her to the tradition of Virginia Tech under, she understands the, you know, the history of, of the defense and he loves this program.

He was, he was probably one of the most unselfish team first guys we’ve ever had. I think you’ve got a tremendous football IQ and a team and he’s, he’s a great communicator, a great motivator. I think it was just, I think he was a great hire. And when I recommended him to, you know, the Fu, we had Jerry kill, if you guys remember Jared killed, Jerry was the Minnesota Northern Illinois man. We did a great job of Northern, he’s the one that to me, one of the great football coaches, I think he’s a, it’s just a football guy.

Jerry came and there was a consultant with this and I told him, I said the same thing. They hit him. I said, just watch this guy and he thinks if I’m, you know, still you feel the same way I do. And he did. That’s kind of when I went in and talked to Fu about, about Justin and you know, it was right after the season that, uh, after our Virginia game that he, uh, he called me and said he was gonna name Justin the coordinator, which really excited maybe for the program. It really excited me for Justin, but I think he’s going to the, I think the defense is going to be in great hands, you know, under his direction.

Speaker 0 (37m 23s): Now you’re, you were at Virginia tech or still are in, in a different capacity for over 30 years. Pretty unique to kind of see that loyalty to it, to a program. Certainly in college football right now. How close did you ever come to either taking a job in the pros, taking a job as a, as a head coach and college? Did you just hate office and couldn’t imagine yourself coaching offense as well? How close did you come to leaving that role as defensive coach? Don’t say it was Clemson.

Speaker 4 (37m 53s): No. You know what? I will say this, you know, I was a finalist for a couple of jobs. I wanted to power five jobs as a head coach and I was applying this for a couple of jobs. Um, I was very selective. Uh, I, you know, I had some opportunities to go to some, you know, Copperas USA or a Mac or even one AA jobs, but that was in the prime of Virginia tech and, and we were playing on Thursday, but it seemed like we were Thursdays darling for ESPN, but we were playing on new year’s day bowl games and those, you know, would be new year six now.

But you know, we were playing in those games on a regular basis. And, uh, you know, I just didn’t, I felt like I wanted to compete at the highest level of my, the jobs that I really looked into. Um, you know, was the end, had a really good shot at was Virginia and they hired out grow and then was Clemson. It was down to me and Dabo, you know, and they, and they hired, hired Dabo. I had plenty opportunities to go as a coordinator. You know, Kevin, someone offered me a job a couple of times, Steve sprayer off on me a job a couple of times to Mark Rick all for me, a job a couple of times.

And in probably the closest I came maybe was with a cabin, you know, the second time around that, uh, you know, at Texas a and M, but he was just intriguing guy to what he was doing offensively. And I know the history of Texas a and M as well, and, and, and, you know, with their, they’re defensive over the years and it was just a, you know, that was probably the one that I was most intrigued with that and it was all said and done.

Speaker 1 (39m 24s): Well speaking, uh, for all of the alumni, we appreciate you staying all these years because I will say as a fan of a, of a college football team that has never seen the highest level of success in the form of a national championship, it was always cool to just be able to rely on the same system year in, year out. It was a formula that works. It was a formula you could trust. And I gotta be honest, like we w us, me that the, the, the, uh, my friends, uh, I went to college with, we all had kind of convinced ourselves that you just liked Blacksburg, Virginia too much.

You didn’t want to leave. You didn’t look at what was it about Blacksburg or was it purely just you? You never, you never saw the right fit anywhere else.

Speaker 4 (40m 2s): Well, I, you know, that’s a good question. I think this, I think there was a combination of things. Number one, I was working for the best guy in the business. You know, you mentioned we played for a national championship. We did, we got beat by Chris blankie and Peter Warren and that crew and at Florida state people and we were the old big East, but a wee the one, the other one, the national championship just because of who Frank Beamer is and the kind of person he is, how well he’s thought of in the profession that would a catapult at Virginia tech to another level as well as Frank Beamer.

You know, he was just inducted in the college football hall of fame two years ago, 2018. Um, he was a big part of why I stayed at Virginia tech. You know, he, he took care of me financially. I had a five-year rollover contract and you know, that was as good as any head football coach, his contract. That was a big part of this thing. I mean, I wasn’t the highest paid guy, but I probably had the best contract in the business. Um, and coach was always looking out for his assistance. You know, that’s the one thing he made it.

We had a lot of guys that stayed for a number of years, you know, at Virginia tech and, and then I will say this and Blacksburg is a, as you know, it was a great college town. Football is King. Um, and they rebel football coaches for whatever reason. But I was, and I was fortunate on a raised a family here. Uh, we rooted ourselves in and you know, and I’m a guy that, uh, I like my life outside of football too and quality of life for me is, was important.

And uh, we were, like you said, we were winning at the highest level. We were competed at the highest level. We were a top 10 football program for about 20 straight years. And you know, we were in a position to the way we were playing it at the highest level, but also had a good quality of life then. That to me was important. I didn’t feel like if I felt like, and I got into this business, if I didn’t, if I was going to be a nomad, I didn’t think, I don’t know if I would be able to laugh like some guys do. You know? And I was just very fortunate and blessed to work for a great guy.

And then I had a great quality of life outside of football and that, that, that combination, you know, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, I guess was what I’m saying. So that made it, that made it a pretty special here.

Speaker 0 (42m 17s): Well, you’re talking about a special place, Blacksburg, Virginia. I’m really jealous when I, I looked this up about you, that you actually have a drink named after you, the Bud Foster you can get it at the Hyatt place in Blacksburg. How many, how many drinks do you have to order before they named it? After you,

Speaker 4 (42m 34s): you know, I don’t know. I, I should, I, I don’t know if I can say it. I mean, I’m such a fan of DDoS. I’ve had people say that I should be somehow get, get some royalties.

Speaker 0 (42m 47s): Okay.

Speaker 4 (42m 47s): Yeah, I mean, you know, that’s some of the things that I’ve been able to do. Obviously I’ve been, I’ve done some commercials around the area, uh, the people at the Hyatt place there. Um, they have, they’ve done several things within the community and some businesses and I’ve been a part of, you know, doing some things for them as a spokesperson. And so it was kind of neat. One of the bartenders there that, uh, kind of created this concoction for me and, and that’s, I said, what are you gonna name is and what’s the name of the Bud? Foster so now it’s become, become a popular drink.

So you know, with, with coach Beamer, they named a street after him. For me, they didn’t, I guess that goes to, you know, that’s kind of what the people that you guys are kinda like, maybe it’s the rugged kind of those kind of guys. And maybe that’s what makes, that’s an honorable way to, to recognize me with that that way. So that’s pretty cool.

Speaker 5 (43m 36s): Now a coach, I know Beamers in the college football hall of fame, there’s never been an assistant coach. And the college football hall of fame, he’s lobbied for you to get there. And we all believe that you should be there as that we, we know you as the best defensive coordinator and football in the past 30 years. So let’s get you in this hall of fame, man.

Speaker 4 (43m 55s): Well, I appreciate that. I, you know, I do think I’m me know not, and you guys were recognizing me and there’s so many guys that I looked up to that are deserving as well, having to have Cree, you know, assistant in this game for years. You know, the head coach is probably get, uh, too much of the credit and, and get to much of the, the, the, you know, the, the blame, you know, when it’s all said and done because the guys to do a lot of the, the, the work are the assistant coaches and, and in particularly coordinators, you know, and, and, uh, you know, there was a guy who had to stay up late designing a game plan and doing those things and making the calls.

And every, I know for me, I lived every play through those guys. Every call I made and that, you know, that that took it to emotional and physical toll on me over time, you know, and, uh, but, uh, uh, I think there’s, I think assistant coaches deserve to be recognized as they, as, as well as the, uh, besides the head coaches in this thing. And, uh, they, you know, they make as big an impact of not more of an impact on because there on a day to day for that so to speak.

And then some of these, some of the head coaches, so many, the head coaches are CEOs and that type of thing now. And then you’ve got your, you know, your, your frontline guy, so to speak. All your assistant coaches and the guys that are career assistant coaches, you know, they, they’ve make a tremendous impact on the game and make a tremendous impact on, on young people’s lives. And I think they deserve to be recognized in some form of fashion.

Speaker 0 (45m 23s): Well, a awesome, awesome, awesome catching up with you Bud and, and appreciate you calling in. Make sure you check out Bud Foster on Twitter at coach Foster VT. And, uh, enjoy your retirement and your continued to work with a Virginia tech. Go Hokies.

Speaker 4 (45m 38s): Got it. Well guys, thank you so much. I appreciate you having me on and it’s fun to be a MI hurt out and in, in the Calgary area and LA. I know, uh, I’m excited about the charger’s going up to LA cause I’m looking forward to uh, my man tie rod Taylor. He’s a really a talent football player and I hope, I know they sat and they drafted the number one quarterback out of a, you know, a number one pick out of Oregon and I hope they give Tyrone rod a shot because he is a dynamic athlete and then we have Brandon facing who’s playing a corner there for the charges as well.

I think the, you had a great year for him last year and this is going to be a breakout year for him until I’m excited for those guys and the LA family to see those guys play in that area. So, um, my shout out to those guys but thank you guys so much for having me on the air.

Speaker 0 (46m 26s): When you, when you, when you come out for that game to see Tyra, you let me know drinks on me.

Speaker 4 (46m 32s): I’ll do it. I’m going to do that. So Kat on that to be careful with you. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (46m 38s): Tito’s on the house. Thanks again a coach Foster and uh yeah I have a great week. Awesome time talking to a new friend of the program. Bud Foster Kramer, you know what else is awesome Nick, another new friend. Cushy dreams thrive. They’re a new bull lineup. A premium smokable CBD. I hit one of their uh, they do some pre-rolls and they are the different types of sea CBD for different types of stuff you’re going for.

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There you go. 47 yard field goal of Sean. I know the under is looking great on that. And of course,

Speaker 1 (48m 31s): uh, what can I, can I say my favorite shirt though? A quality pre-roll. Now, one of the things with pre-rolls, if you’re not familiar with them, is you know, just like anything else, there’s a little quality stuff. The kind where like you turn it upside down and a bunch of shake falls out. This was a nice, a nice roll. And Shanghai also sampled the, the uh, the, the flower itself, not pre roll. I took out, you know what I did Shaun, I took out the grinder old school, I had a bit of a throwback moment and I, and I even filled up the water piece.

And again, CBD water pipe. I will say this too, for folks who just like that feeling, that little bit of that burn in the throat, it gives you that same thing. And in this, as far as the CBD, I, I’ve often found that taking the CBD without THC isn’t as effective. But with this stuff, it was awesome. I would say like 10 on it. And guess what, guess what kids unlike Advil or Aleve or these, these a nonsteroidal pain relief medicines, this stuff will not tear up your stomach exactly what to listen to.

A big pharma bro. Yeah. And of course if you go to cushy dreams.com he’s a promo code SGP, get 15% off, K, U S H Y dreams.com promo code S, G P. Although in the copy they say spell it out just in case, but I feel like hashtag Deakins only are very familiar with how to spell Kush, but just in case, there you go. Cause she dreams.com they know how to spell Kush, they know how to organize the numbers for to zero and six and nine and that’s, that’s can tell by our Madden MAYhem Chad, a lot of guys, a lot of times I have to do for 269 and then like three 69 because someone else already has 40 to 69 lockdown.

We’re a, we’re coming to the end of Madden. Mayhem it’s an emotional time. We got a eight games left

Speaker 0 (50m 28s): a week and it’s been, it’s been a pretty exciting tournament before we get to that and give out our picks. Breaking news on the, uh, on the Sports wire courtesy are the New York post.com. Of course. Deandre Baker, a giant cornerback, he’s gotten into some trouble, was accused of an armed robbery. Are the charges dropped? Yup. The charges have not been dropped yet. And wait, who’s the other guy who was with the Seahawks play, right? Yeah. Dunbar. There you go.

And I, it’s a perfect, it’s a perfect time to bring this up. So his uh, his attorney is saying that he went over there to the party and he brought his Madden uh, controllers and his Madden console. Yup. And just sat in another room, didn’t take place in the party and it was just hanging out there, um, playing Madden and that, you know, there was a, although they also said, uh, he was wagering on the outcome of the Madden contest. Wait a second,

Speaker 1 (51m 27s): calling it Madden MAYhem and then there’s no, I’d have a problem, but you know what, Sean, are you going to take the word of those felons, those thugs, those hood rats over the upstanding first round pick out of the great university of Georgia. Deandre Baker I didn’t think so. Don’t be reckless here with your reporting. Sean dropped this just like the charges and we can move on with our lives

Speaker 0 (51m 55s): now. There were accusations, I think a lot of $70,000 Gambling Oh and Matt and was playing dice. But now he says his attorney says that’s not true, although he did withdraw $1,500 in cash and a half. So we’ll see how this shakes out. But there, what’s going to happen is the attorney is trying to get a basically proof that he was logged in playing his Madden games while this incident occurred, providing an airtight alibi for a Deandre Baker and I just want to throw this out to the people.

If you’re watching Madden MAYhem and you’re involved in the Madden MAYhem chatroom, you are providing yourself with an alibi. So again, if you’re looking, if you’re looking to a, if you, if you need to prove your whereabouts, what did we learn? Uh, keep your cell phone at home and watch Madden MAYhem to establish an alibi. There you go. Yes. Time and a place that went a different place. I thought you were going to come after him, but yeah, no, I mean it’s, I mean by the way, if you’ve actually read about it, it does it, it does sound like there is some, uh, there is some extortion going on with, with some of the characters here and it’s pretty funny.

And they were talking about it a, I forget what podcasts I was listened to, but the police report, it was like $60,000 watch missing $60,000 watch a movie. And then one guy, I had a knockoff watch a $600 value. Those got to be pretty embarrassing. Everyone’s like, Oh didn’t you? You lost your Rolex. It’s a no, that’s actually a, that’s the worst way to found out Joan. Exactly. Snatching change. Really. Probably what happened, there was some Gambling an incident, someone robbed someone. We’ll see what, see what Baker’s involvement is.

Kramer, it’s not looking great. What are the first round pick? But again, and I had a problem when Jordan was telling people to fuck off. Good luck collecting. No, I think a lot of people did. And that’s including the Russian mafia. Um, allegedly. But again, uh, you know, he’s, he’s already, he’s gonna eat one way or the other. He’s going to have experienced, let me just redo my joke of he’s gonna be experienced one way or the other, uh, appearing in front of a judge. I’m like, Joe, judge the heck,

Speaker 1 (54m 6s): I’ll tell you that. I’d much rather watch a 10 part documentary of what went on in that household than then the last day.

Speaker 0 (54m 12s): Okay, Colby, we need to do a quick call. Me. The documentary was awesome. Garbage. Wow. I think you’re in the minority smear campaign. Well, a smear campaign for what? And I treated him, looked like God, I tweeted it out and I don’t know if you clicked on it because it, it kind of, it goes, applies in the face of your, of your theory that Jordan should of been called for that offensive foul at the end of, let’s was about it all this morning. Did you watch in that same exact play off the, the shove off the bat Reggie Miller had on Michael Jordan.

That was not called at all. And that was the one of the best moments ever for us, for us Jordan haters, that that cause he did a Jordan play to Jordan and he didn’t get called for it. What I’m saying is that shows that the refs in the 1998 playoffs weren’t calling offensive fouls at the end of the game.

Speaker 1 (55m 1s): Can I guess, I guess here’s my problem though, is that Reggie Miller goes vocal, goes to to the media saying that, Hey, I pushed off him. Right? And then Jordan to this day still says, I don’t, I didn’t push off Brian Russell. Well and can I say something controversial? Sure. Get in there. I don’t think he pushed him off them and that was it. That was if I have a kid and they asked me, what’s an offensive foul? That is the perfect definition of it.

Speaker 0 (55m 24s): Did you watch the reverse angle and did you see Bob Costas, one of the greatest sports broadcasters? Don’t even start with me on cost to us. You don’t like handyman say Redskins. Good God. Hold on. Hold on. The biggest Jordan Dick rider ever. No, that would be a month. And here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. I don’t know him in cost to us,

Speaker 1 (55m 44s): a modern Rashad like only has a career because he was like, he was pulling me a wide receiver in the NFL. He’s pulling, but he only establishes that height of being a broadcaster because he’s inside of Michael Jordan and this is a former athlete. Yeah, Bob Costas. This isn’t a little snot. Okay. Oh, I mean, arguably the greatest baseball. Oh, you guys are, no, no, I’m not even a cost. This guy, I’m not even a Jordan Guy, but he didn’t push off their Colby.

Get off that horse. It’s the fuck outta here right now. That is a push off the bat. Is it the definition of a bushel? That’s my number one player all the time. You can’t tell that is an offensive found to the highest degree. You can’t both be angry that the league is soft today and then want a soft call back when the league was hard. No, I can do this. Jordan played by a different set of rules than almost everybody. But regardless of whatever you want to talk about the, the fact that he did what he did, and I’ll be the first to tell you whether it was convenience, whether he got his father killed, whether he was suspended in the rest, that that, I mean to laugh at those 18 months off from the court definitely helped him.

But if you just look at going through the run that he went through as a human being and not being tired, like not being tired to the point of not doing it. I think whatever you think of Jordan, the athlete, whatever you think of where he is still my number one basketball player, it never, and I think that documentary shows you one thing. If you work hard, good shit will happen. And then I did about the flu. Well let’s get into that. You guys know, but it seems like Colby is trying to cherry pick these things as to why, why Jordan was getting preferential treatment.

Well, David stern, just David Stern’s, the worst commissioner ever and that’s, that’s he just but, but hilt this whole thing. Let’s talk, let’s break down. Let’s unpack this onion. That is your hate of things that are successful. If Jordan is not given preference, Jordan’s the best player and Jordan doesn’t. It’s a much more fair. Jordan doesn’t rise. The level that he rises to the game doesn’t turn into a global game. And I’m okay with it not being a global cause it’s gotten worse being global. But that’s what I’m talking about.

You’re the guy who liked family guy before it was popular and now you hate family guy because it’s possibly like when the band gets packed. In the case of Jordan to say this documentary was a little, a shallow at points is very fair to say. It was a, it was a shit documentary. Come on man. Explain with some light years ahead of their time. Let me explain. We’re doing stuff that, that it took decades to have that kind of access behind the scenes.

And if you want to talk about the reason that Jordan, what however you want to feel about him. The reason Jordan Jordan’s greatness is beyond, beyond that we’ll ever see again is because he had the foresight to see that, to know that he has control. You know why it helps. You know why this documentary didn’t go into the Gambling thing too far because he, he had control, which is why you should never take the documentary that seriously because you know his ego’s on the moon. You can already tell that by him lying about the flu game and everything else.

But hold on. Look, my main point here is this. Look, I’d know he’s the best basketball player ever. I argued that all the time. He’s better and LeBron, right? It’s just he shit on my team year to year, the next year after a year. And then to me the fatal blow is that I’m Sports deprived and then they got to release a 10 part series to, to fucking make me go through the misery and for 10 hours again, it was so fun.

Speaker 0 (59m 39s): A quick to Jordan’s greatness. That little trivia that they had in the, in the doc, he eliminated 20 hall of Famers it over his course in the playoffs, 20 different times. The per the person, the hall of Famer, he eliminated

Speaker 1 (59m 51s): the most Patrick Ewing four separate times. And what’s funny is I also grew up in a Knicks fan and I would argue based on my age and really not like I kind of became of age to start remembering stuff as the giants won their second of those Superbowls, they went into the Ray Handley days of sucking Bella check. The Yankees Jeter in the boys hadn’t shown up yet. So really not only the Rangers, I was a devils fan.

So they were actually charging for trash. They were a good, the next were the team. And I, and when I tell people like the Knicks were the team of the town by a mile. It wasn’t even close. Even when the giants were winning Superbowls. I don’t, but I don’t have that hatred. Like I grew up not hating Jordan. I grew up hating Reggie Miller of like the Pacers where the team I hated. That’s weird. Not, not the boy. I hated the Pacers too, but I, and I ended up gaining, I mean, my thing is this, like Jordan is a lot of, a lot, let’s do six hours, guys let a lot of calls and it made me and, and, and just the way stern catered to him just was so annoying to me.

But more than any, more than any athlete I’ve ever recalled in Sports and uh, a commissioner going out of his way to really butter up a player, but it was the right move. No, he’s a piece of shit. Not Jordan, but stern. But Jordan probably to the Colby, you would be the only person to say that the David stern left the NBA worse off than he found him. There’s lots true basketball fans out there. Know that. All right, so now we’re stopping this conversation

Speaker 0 (1h 1m 25s): because that’s silly. Let’s move on to the one in one quick note about the flu game. The game.

Speaker 1 (1h 1m 31s): The league would a folded if David stern didn’t show up. Now period cable television was happening. It was a perfect storm.

Speaker 0 (1h 1m 37s): The part that really, that really got to me or just made no sense was he orders a pizza. It’s a whole pizza. That’s the shot of his best friend. That character, those guys not not having a slice of pizza. If you’re on the road and you’re in a hotel room, there’s five dudes in a hotel room, not one other dude, not that like overweight security guard that he’s best friends with. Supposedly you’re telling me that guy doesn’t have one slice

Speaker 1 (1h 2m 6s): buying it. I’m not buying it, man. I’ll tell you why. You know the, with the kids, the number one way you can tell they’re lying is when there’s too much detail and when you don’t, when you tell me a story out of your way to say, and I ate the whole pizza by myself. You know what I say when I eat a lot of pizza at the same way to much pizza. Yeah, yeah, exactly. You know what happens when I order a pizza at the whole thing by myself. I had a lot of pizza night and I ate the whole thing by myself.

No one had the other pizza. It’s like I will say this though, it’s probably a good thing Jordan beat those uh, those Utah teams cause I cannot stand a car. And what’s funny is that I not staying calm and you want to talk about a year? I mean if you’re really go digging, I think possibly weirdly more dirt on Karl Malone. Yes, I think so. I think definitely depending on what your definition of dirt is. I mean, yeah. What on a dirty deeds did him, did he do to be accepted in Utah? You look, I mean you want to talk about the reason that Jordan kept his kids, his home that was a hostile like that felt like there was about to be some shit going down.

Like the Chappelle joke, right? Like nine one one. I mean look up a Carl Malone, I don’t know the entire story, but Carl Malone, a 13 year old girl. Do yourself a favor, Google and find a child that becomes, he becomes an NFL player. Wild. Well, not just that. I mean he also has some interesting takes on homosexuality and other and other areas of the world was a very old school. Again, look at those Utah crowds. Look at that Utah team somehow. They were really stoked on caramel alone.

There’s a lot of weird shit with the NBA back. This is one of the good ones according to the Utah jazz fans. All right, let’s get to it. All right, well let’s, uh, let’s start ripping through these Madden MAYhem picks. Kramer, get us to the line. So of course we are looking at the elite eight. We are talking about a situation. Yeah. Where it’s no longer about your seating. We’re outside of the division. So these are all division champs point differential is the indicator first game up Thursday, this Thursday, May 21st 8:00 PM on the East coast, 5:00 PM on the West coast.

The Kansas city chiefs, they’re at home. They have the point differential. I didn’t actually write it down, Sean. I apologize. It’s fine. They’re hosting the bills. Where they will be at eight point favorite minus four 50 on the money line. Plus to 50 for the bills. 48 and a half is the total. One other thing to note here, the futures, Sean chief’s Plus 200 only a massive favorite. Ah, the bills still 10 to one and all along the way Sean, I feel like we’ve pointed out that this team has had value.

They have the formula, right? They have good skill positions, they play good defense and they have the quarterback that’s willing to run almost to a fault they’ve, they’ve kind of had to work some miracle. I know you haven’t been the super bowl. I understand what you’re doing to us to a game without the scoring of an offensive touchdown. The shuttle’s both games probably truly Mayhem Kramer will give you a, I’ll give you a first pick on this one. Which way you got. I mean, I, I’m, I, I’ve got to take, I’ve got to, I mean I almost want to sit, sit at the bargaining.

I’ll take the bills. Yeah. I mean,

Speaker 0 (1h 5m 24s): all right. I’m fine. I’m fine with the chiefs minus Sates. The chiefs defense actually played pretty good against the Raiders. Uh, they played bad the first game they showed up against the Raiders. Maybe that’s more just about how it was about to say how bad Derek Carr is. But I’ll think of the chief’s mind to say this Buffalo Bill’s team has been getting by the skin of their teeth, so I think they’re due for some regression and they’re going to fall apart. Chief’s role,

Speaker 1 (1h 5m 48s): I think Bud philosophy would tell you anybody of any defense will look good if your quarterback’s missing your what? Your, your target by 10 yards. But isn’t that the other side of the coin? They haven’t really played their best game and they’ve won. No. Granted they haven’t really, I mean they’ve played the dolphins in the jet so we will see a slight uptick in competition, but the Raiders aren’t exactly a good thing. The eight, I’ll take the eight points. I think. Of course you’re going to take the eight points. I have the chiefs in the super bowl so, but I was going to say I’ll go. I think either way you slice it, the team coming out of this game to me is the team.

I’m looking to represent the AFC in the super bowl. Really? It’s a bold claim. Kramer. Well I mean there’s only two, only two AFC games left. But yeah I do. And I would go as far. I wish I had ’em like a yards against, but I if I had to get the bills passing by the fences, the strength, I feel like we saw them struggle a little bit with ah, the running attack of Miami. So we’ll, we’ll see what happens. But yeah, I think the bill shock the world here is showing no one circles the wagons quite like him.

Uh, or so I’ve been told, man, that’d be great. We need to get Chris Berman to do a high D w what would it cost to get him to do a highlight package to know? Is he on cameo? I feel like he probably is the nightcap Thursday May 21st 10:00 PM in the East coast, 7:00 PM on the West coast. The Chicago bears had to new Orleans to take on the saints. Where the saints are minus six minus three to 25 in the money line bears plus 247 and a half is the total.

The bears have kind of been slowly gaining respect on the back of that defense. Of course, Khalil Mack absolutely shredding last game with a pick six multiple sacks tackles for loss, but the saints have just kind of done their thing. If you look at the futures, the saints in the chief’s odds on favorites to be representing their conferences at Plus 200 for the chiefs and Plus to 40 for the saints, not going to happen bears for the same reason that the Bill’s a bit of value, perhaps some value here with the bears as well.

Although if you’re looking at the bears Plus 800 you’re almost better just with a mechanical parlay. A taking the Plus 200 here as they have three games left. Who’s the best player in the game? Mitch Vick and Mitch Vick fading Mitch Vick when they have Khalil Mack and all of those other great defenders. Fuller had to pick six.

Speaker 0 (1h 8m 10s): They’re, they’re great at getting turnovers. I’m taking the bears Plus six give me them all day. If they end up losing

Speaker 1 (1h 8m 16s): it, I still think it’s a close game, but they went in to green Bay and took it down the Packers and that wasn’t even close. So I think this is a bear’s team is perfect for Madden. So give me, give me Chicago plus six and candidly, fortunately for the saints they got to take on the worst team and Madden in the Carolina Panthers cause that’s all that got them over the point. Differential edge. It’s a different game. This is outside of Chicago. I’m moving on to Friday Shawn. The second half kinda of the more interesting have to me of the elite eight Friday APM in the East coast, 5:00 PM on the West coast.

Of course the Washington Redskins eat out the home field as the for seed. Uh, taking what? I mean, Seattle had a Plus 24 if I’m not mistaken. So Washington rules, they had a score there at the end of that game. I think they got the turnover around the points. Redskins 90 and a half a point home dogs. That’s a huge number three Hunter on the money line. Four the Redskins Seahawks minus five 50 46 is the total. Do I get a little bit of love for still having my championship game intact when I certainly way a way ahead of me.

I’m still a good, you’re still good too. I have the Seahawks chiefs, so were in a similar boat. Colby and a Sean, do you want to take this? Do you want to take this is all you Kramer. You want to

Speaker 5 (1h 9m 43s): one team that’s the most control the team so far and Madden MAYhem Mitch Vic’s been the best player whose been the most complete team we’ve seen. The red saw are the red Sox, the red skins. Uh, this has to come to an end

Speaker 1 (1h 9m 56s): and I think it comes to an end in a big way. Gimme gimme Seattle laying the big points. Love the skins, add a home. The home dog. Nobody believes in all the Redskins.

Speaker 5 (1h 10m 7s): The Redskins would. That would look, I have the chiefs are the chiefs. I have the Seahawks winning. But the Redskins, it’s too many points for a team that looks at that T two one the run game has been good. Bingo. The defense has been playing and I came up with the nickname the Gandy man.

Speaker 1 (1h 10m 20s): Come on. You know him on the skins here. The Candyman can at a Liberty. Yeah. I mean, good luck I guess. I think Russ, we finally see the best of the us and maybe this, uh, this, I dunno, this risk. His teams were playing the harp fan too. So Russ was an interesting, dangerous revenge spot. Friday the nightcap the last game. Cleveland has been involved in some last games. Friday the 22nd 10:00 PM on the East coast, 7:00 PM on the West coast.

The Colts, Phillip rivers and his, uh, his illegitimate new children in Indianapolis had to Cleveland to take on the Browns. Browns minus three minus one 16 on the Moneyline Colts plus one 20, 49 and a half is the total. I mean, Sean, unfortunately you have the pick here. I’m certain I’m going to be stuck with the Browns. I do think they have a good with this, this uh, this Colts team is electric. I have them winning my sweet 1600 bracket and you know, the odds are finally starting to, to change a little bit.

Still eight to one though Sean. And I think if you’re looking at a future where it makes it a little bit more sense to maybe not go make mechanical par lane, just take the future. I mean, there is a version of this where, and I’ll, I’ll look at the point differential while you’re talking, but I think there’s a version of this with the Colts win and the bills win. The Colts could be at home. Yeah. In the country.

Speaker 0 (1h 11m 44s): In the AFC chat. I liked this cold team a lot. Well-rounded team could offensive line rivers seems to be playing well. Well coached squad Cleveland, they played well, but I, I still think they have some holes and a indie getting three points. I’m all of them.

Speaker 1 (1h 12m 0s): I’m on the Colts all day. Are you kidding me? I’m not kidding you, Sean. I’m going to back up the culture on this man. I mean look, getting to rivers looks like they’re like the best player since a, besides Mitch Vick in this game. And uh, you know that offensive line has been dominating the, they’ve looked great both games and I think Derrius Leonard can really rattle Baker Mayfield and I, and I, I don’t think of on the back of a junior is going to have a huge game. Like you can take down the dog pound. All right and don’t look now you want to talk about a future that is kind of sneaky.

Sneaky. The only team that can really catch the Kansas city chiefs in terms of homefield in the AFC is the Cleveland Browns. Oh. So again, if if they win and convincing fashion that future of eight to one for them is very realistic. Cause remember they have a Plus 22 right now on the point differential. So they could in theory catch the chiefs and they would, they would certainly obviously pass the bills or on the NFC side. Sean.

Yes. I think a Seattle at five to one when they basically have a BI in the next round walking into the semi

Speaker 0 (1h 13m 12s): fives are the ones that bad. I’m still, I’m still going Colts at 800. I gave it out at Plus 1000. I still think at 800. It’s, it’s still a really good price. Kramer, do you mean you want to give out our a Superbowl champ, AFC. NFC.

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 27s): The last thing I was going to say was just that if Seattle wins and for whatever reason the new Orleans saints don’t win, we’re going to be probably looking at a conference championship in Seattle. So from an odds perspective, that could be some value there. Who’s your, who’s your pick?

Speaker 0 (1h 13m 43s): I’ll go, uh, I’ve Colts and Seattle even though I took the skins Plus nine and a half. The number is too big, but I think I wouldn’t be surprised. Seattle moves on. Gimme Colts in Seattle and the Colts pull it out as eight to one dog’s winning. Madden MAYhem

Speaker 1 (1h 13m 59s): Colby adjusted a Superbowl champion. Just sticking to what I did initially because I’m that much of a profit. Uh, look, uh, I got the, I got the Seahawks beat in the chiefs in the super bowl, so I kind of want to stick to the same thing where I was before and that that’s, I’m with Colby. I’m going with my original pick two. You’re a prophet too, right? Well, I’m a, I’m the kind of prophet who has big old balls because I didn’t take the Kansas city chiefs.

I went straight gimme, Seattle, gimme Buffalo and our boy, the, the, the author of the, the man who’s, who’s building all those awesome. A bracket viewers, Tyler, he put together some numbers, Sean, for what people have left in Madden MAYhem. And if you look at the 32 team contest, only 40 people have the Bill’s in the final for only 40. Damn. So, uh, I am special.

Let more people have the Browns then the bills. That’s crazy. That’s the most impressive thing is I saw two people pick the Redskins, the one at all. Wow. So they went to us to them. Yeah. They’re getting a big chunk of that 10,000 MyBookie credit prize pool. That’s a ballsy play. And the breakdown though, chief’s 30% of the pool has the chiefs winning next saints, 17% after that Ravens at 16.9% but of the teams remaining after the 17% of the people that are on the saints, it goes down to 2% on Seattle.

So a definitely a long shot. My bracket is a long shot and it might just come true. My pick Seattle over Buffalo 29 26 and that’s all it says. Score Buffalo. Even throwing out the score. Well, I’m not, I’m not a little bitch like you guys.

Speaker 0 (1h 15m 53s): All right, I have Colts beating. Who did I say? Seattle? 28 to 21 so look for that eight one square. Try to get that and of course sign up for the Squares. It’s Sports Gambling podcast.com/squares we’re giving away and another $500 this is cash cold, hard pay, palled cash. And all you’ve got to do is give a five star review. Sports Gambling, podcast.com/squares for all the info. They’re, of course a kid in your Madden MAYhem pixie, MyBookie dad, a promo code SGP play.

You want to get paid. Kicking things off again, elite eight to the championship game. Thursday 8:00 PM on the East five o’clock Pacific. Thank you for participating in the Sports Gambling Podcast before Sports Gambling Podcast. I’m Shawn stag in the money green and he is Ryan proud to be an honorary member of the LPD Kramer. Let it ride.

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