Sweet $1600 & Earl Thomas Scandal (Ep. 821)

sweet 1600 earl thomas scandal


Podcast Recap

The guys announce the $1600 giveaway for the second chance bracket in Madden Mayhem aka the Sweet $1600! Plus Sean and Ryan break down the Early Thomas scandal and other embarrassing sports stories.

Podcast Transcription

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Speaker 1 (2m 19s):

Speaker 0 (2m 51s): Ooh, welcome everyone to the Sports. Gambling Podcast I’m Sean stacking the money green with my partner and pics. Ryan real money. Kramer, what’s happening? Cream dog. Well, Sean it is. We are on the Eve, I guess, or the day before the Eve of Madden MAYhem Sweet six to Sweet 1600 of course, because we’re giving it away. $1,600 cold, hard cash in our, I mean, a lot of people’s brackets must have been busted.

I know. Mine was when the Eagles lost. That was disappointed. That was a nightmare. That was the huge embarrassment. The only thing that, that kind of saved me was that they weren’t the biggest subset in the first round of Baton. Ma’am. That of course was the Cincinnati bangles defeating the Baltimore Ravens in, in dramatic fashion. If you haven’t checked it out, you got to go to Sports Gambling podcast.com/youtube watched the whole game. It’s worth it. But, uh, if not, check us out on Twitter at Gambling podcast just for that highlight alone or a call our reaction in the moment, like the clock’s going down now the entire time, the entire game, if you, if you missed it, uh, Bengals are up there.

They’re playing really well, but they’re not really putting away the Ravens. It’s in Baltimore. You’re in the back of your head. I mean, I know Kramer you were pounding, you know, Ravens Plus seven and a half Ravens money line cause it was a classic degenerate like go all in chase and the favorite, Oh they’re just gonna win the game obviously. And then they did and then they won the game. They, they drove down, they got horrible clock management but scored with eight seconds left.

Yeah. And if you listened to the highlight over at Gambling podcasts or an Instagram and watch the reactions were freaking out. Cause, uh, and I, you know, I wanted the Bengals to win cause it was kind of exciting storyline and I mean, I had them Plus 16 of us never in doubt the clock’s going down. And they had, the Ravens had timeouts and we’re like, what are they doing? What are they doing? They call a play. They get, I think he hits Willie steam in the back of the end zone touchdown. Then they go for two, they get it. So they’re up 30 to 27 with eight seconds to go.

And then they kick it it off. And we were just on a friend of the show. We just did his podcast where, uh, what’s it called? Remember that game? And we, we remembered the game between the one of the games we were, we did a lot of giants, Eagles games. Uh, and of course we broke down miracle in the Meadowlands 2.0 and really all they had to do with Nat, kick it to Kam Phillips, the bangles returner, and he took it to the house. We hadn’t seen Ben Sean like a return past the 40 yard line, the entire Madden MAYhem and then this one goes to the house, wa has time expires and we’re just lose.

In our minds it was, it was amazing. I didn’t think we would actually see, I didn’t think we’d see it. I didn’t, I didn’t think we see a situation where the kid, I mean we, we’ve not even seen a good return yet. No, we haven’t even seen like, Ooh, he got to the 50. Nothing. So to see that, that was pretty awesome. I mean, now looking back on the first round Sean Joe burrow to, uh, advance only Herbert of the, of the rookie crop.

I mean, not counting, I mean, Jordan Love has advanced, but he wasn’t playing, but only it’s only Herbert who had to go up against Patrick. And the homes of course is going home. And he had one of the best days of any quarterback with 370 yards and four touchdowns. Yeah. And a Herbert did cover the spread. They covered the 10 and a half. And in spite of the fact that the chiefs tried to kick a 61 yard field goal, that they didn’t need a kick as time expired to possibly cover that 10 and a half. And it’s just been a, again, I thought DJ in madness, that was the guy that was, that was the peak of simulation where we were seeing the buzzer beater after buzzer beater and we’re just going nuts.

And then to see a game end like this, I mean, I have seen buzzer beaters obviously watching college in NBA basketball, but I’ve never seen a platelet. I mean, the only thing that would be similar is, uh, maybe the, uh, music city miracle. But even that, that play at least was like drawn out and there was a crazy trick play and walk off kickoff return. I mean, it doesn’t happen too often. It’s pretty insane. And, and Early that earlier that day, not to hone in on the AFC North night, but earlier that day when we were pre uh, previewing the first game, Cleveland at Pittsburgh, we, I told everyone that Pittsburgh, Baltimore is the matchup that everyone would want based on historical significance.

But Cleveland, Cincinnati would be a close second. Of course I was joking. What ends up happening? Well we get my joke. This is the full full blown crammer FML tour. Well anything else? I mean I know we had an Epic that night, that night. Anything else we want to touch on? Obviously the NFCS night went so poorly that we hijacked the third place game. It will now be Eagles giants yet to determine where we’re going to play that I maybe we played in the pro bowl stadium.

That’s one of the options you can play in the pro bowl stadium. Well overall Kramer you made a bit of a comeback on me. Uh, I got cold but in Cincinnati bailed me out at the end there of a week too. But you, you made up some ground. I’m still up two units, but I think that’s mostly a carry over from a DJ in madness. And the Pittsburgh Cleveland game was actually really good and it was really bizarre with the wind. Yeah, the wind and Sean like the deciding factor in Pittsburgh was up, uh, what was it like 21 to six and then the brands had 29 unanswered points with some bizarre ponds that really made a difference.

And Ralph Lisberger threw a pick six so that was crazy. And it,

Speaker 2 (9m 9s): you mentioned DJ in madness, but I think the one area I, I’m not sure I was as prepared for all the upsets in the football version because again, I watched a number of Sims and it seemed as though a, we are going to see some blowouts. B, we were probably going to see the better teams win. Uh, and once again we don’t see that only two divisions Sean the NFC West and the NFC South advanced the top two seeds. Every other division, either the one or the two were missing in, in, in one case or two cases, the AFC South and the AFC North.

We saw the three in the four seeds advance. We saw three, four seeds advanced Sean

Speaker 0 (9m 52s): are you going insane? I’m sorry for four seeds. The Washington Redskins being the fourth fucking day.

Speaker 3 (10m 3s): Alrighty. Where are we talking? A little Madden MAYhem we’re down to the sweet 16 but we call it the Sweet 1600 that’s right. We got another bracket. Challenge. If you’re like us and your brackets are completely busted, don’t worry about it. Still another bracket you can enter just picking the final 16 teams left in Madden MAYhem. We’re giving away 1600 hours in MyBookie credits. Of course you have to have a MyBookie daddy G account to go to MyBookie dot.

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A G play win. And most importantly get paid.

Speaker 0 (11m 15s): Remember, we’re going to give out our, all of our, against the spread picks for the sweet 16 around and uh, and, and give out our bracket. Of course you want to get into that sweet 16 bracket, just go towards Gambling podcast.com/madden but before we do, we have to hit on huge story. And that of course is Earl Thomas we’ve kind of talked about it on the streams, but I don’t think we’ve, we’ve given it the full, the full time it deserves. Just pray for us as we go through a storm.

That of course is Earl Thomas um, he tried to get out in front of this story. Now the store there was breaking news that, uh, he had a domestic incident and it was gonna hit the papers. And so he posted on his own social media trying to get out ahead of it. Like, Hey guys, it’s not a big deal for me and the lady going through some stuff. Uh, yeah. Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m on top of it. Just, Hey, you know, all true in the store.

So I be in a, you know, a man of God, much like Earl I, I said a couple prayers, gave him a couple of our fathers, couple of hail Mary’s, kicked him his way, wishing him the best, and then you read the story about what he was involved in and I’m not approved by any means. So the story is he’s hanging out, uh, you know what his wife, wife giving him a lot of grief about drinking too much. We’ve all been there. And then, uh, he goes, you know, I gotta get out of here.

So he, he gets out of there and the wife, you know, being the best, the intelligent wife that she is, she realized something, something’s wrong. So she logs into his, uh, Snapchat sees, uh, sees a girl’s been firing off some hot snaps. It looks like a rendezvous is about to go down. His Snapchat location is enabled. Again, I like to turn off location services on my amateur amateur hour over here, really amateur hour. But again, he’s an athlete. I mean, what these guys can’t figure out a wonder like tests.

You think they can figure out the location settings on Snapchat and apparently he doesn’t care. Not hard. I, yeah, I mean that’s the thing. They just don’t, he just doesn’t care. Oh. And so the wife goes, okay, I got to get two of my baddest bitches. She gets them, she’s got a little crew. She’s like, all right, I’m going to scare Earl. She grabs his gun. Now what she does, she takes the clip out of the gun. She doesn’t realize there is a bullet in the chamber. She was just going to bring the gun to point it at him to scare him. She goes there, she points the gun at his head and while she’s doing that, it turns out his brother was also there in the bedroom naked as well.

Unclear, unclear whether there was a second woman or not. And this is where you hire, hire a publicist, and at least at least you try to spin it as some crazy orgy that, yeah, if you’re going to orgy with another guy, why would it not be your brother in law? In some ways you could argue that’s less what’s more weird? Remember having an orgy with a brother or with a random dude? What’s kind of weird? It certainly would be stranger to me if the news story was about him and the dude he shares a sauna with Dan at the gym.

That w that would be to me, that would, yeah, but at the same time sh I mean this is the part where, all right, you gave me some details, but now you need to give me all the details because it changes what’s going on in this story. Do we know how many people were there? Sean we don’t as far as I can. Um, what, what if is in some weird shit with this brewery? W w was it just as brother?

Do we know it was just as brother. Hey, as far as we know, when the women, when the women arrived at the house, they discovered Earl and Seth naked in bed, uh, with other women. So it does appear. Maybe there was another, maybe there were two women. Uh, and so then then continue the story. Yeah. Then, uh, she pulled the gun on him. Uh, he was able to wrestle. It got away from, so, uh, having re, uh, spending some time with some ladies and your brother in a nice big bed, uh, is not a crime.

Sean no. Garnishing a weapon murdering tool that she pulled the trigger? No, she never ended up firing the gun. Um, but again, there was one bullet in there and she didn’t realize that. So if she did, I mean he really got lucky that dude honestly could have died. And it’s funny, every one of these articles they point out that though the wife was arrested, Earl was not arrested. Yeah. What would he be arrested for?

That was, and not to like, uh, you know, tiger woods. Here’s the thing with tiger woods, tiger woods was almost murdered. His wife attempted to murder him and tiger woods was cheating on her so egregiously and with like Perkins waitresses that people were just like, ah, you know, what are you going to do? I mean, imagine if, imagine if the roles were reversed and he was like attacking his wife with a baseball or with a golf club while she was trying to get away.

Like he would be in jail. I mean, whatever. That’s not the way it works. Sean no, obviously there’s the double standard. It’s just, it’s just funny, like she tried to kill tiger woods and the story is like, wow, that tiger woods real piece of shit almost got murdered. I mean, they’re just like athletes. I mean horrible husband. But she did try murder. He got in that vehicle. Yeah. In his pill induced haze. I mean, he’s on tryptophan, hydrocodone, whatever sort of alcohol Zanny slam into any bars.

Sean Wolf of wall street that, and he’s, he, he’s writing for his life and people are like that piece of shit. Yeah. I mean, not, not a guy you want to, not a guy you’re looking to settle down with. But if you’re, if you’re quick sidebar, if you’re picking a guy who’s gone through major Scandal Sports support and athlete. Yeah. Are you picking tiger? What do you mean? You got to live that life? You got to live through all of that.

You pick in it. I mean he, it sounds like he was crushing pussy at a, at a rate that we’ll just, we’ll never see again in the world. He was tiger fucking,

Speaker 4 (18m 15s): he was, he was

Speaker 0 (18m 17s): the cool black guy. I mean he wasn’t really a cool black guy, but he was the cool black guy in a rich white guy party. Well, and also there was an aspect of him that was the very kind of dorky and cause he’d never like socialized and he was just golfing all the time. And then he just became this rip dude on HGH. He’s the doing the porn with the giant cock. Really? Like what? I thought you were just good at math. You know who you were in Muncie, that twist come in at the Stanford. He reminds me of the lead dude in revenge of the nerds.

Like when he just gets laid once, he’s like, Oh my God. I’m like, I’m the man. Alright. You know what the tiger woods thing we forget cause it’s been so long. Uh, and, and most people would just be like, yeah, I would sign up for that in a minute. The tons of money, tons of tons of action. We forget after that goes down, he does a press conference with his mom, his mom there. It’s one thing if it happens and it becomes national news, your mom finds out about it, but there’s a way where like you’re there.

All of a sudden you’re, your mom’s got a condo you bought for. You can kind of work through that, but to be in the same room with your mother apologizing for getting pussy on an unprecedented scale. That is something I would think we’re onto something here. Sean I think we’re onto some sort of mini series that we need to deep dive into like an eight part or gang conclude which which life we would like to have. I feel like Pete Rose has to be in there. Yeah, which like tragic to some degree tragic Sports are, I mean I want J Simpson again, OJ, I mean the guy’s living off his NFL pension, which poor Ron Goldman can’t get has.

You could argue around the Goldman Sean OJ has the highest highs and the lowest lows. Both. Well, I don’t know. Tiger had pretty high, high. I mean OJ had a great career and wasn’t loaded gun or whatever, but a lethal weapon or gun, a naked gun. Sorry, I’ve been drinking a lot. Um, finally got out on the golf course today. Kramer is pretty awesome. How we socially distanced on a golf course. Yeah.

And we, they didn’t allow you to go out and golf carts. So he did the handcart push card and I think it did. Uh, it did help a little bit with the game overall. I was hitting just absolute ropes down fairway. It was filthy. Yeah. I mean my score wasn’t great, but I, I felt pretty good with the, some of the rips I was taken. But yeah, I mean I, I don’t know, you would, didn’t have to rake the bunker. That was nice. That was awesome. That was the, one of the great parts. You couldn’t touch a rake because of the Corona. You didn’t have to worry about pulling the pin out, which is, you know, underrated, kind of pay in the ass.

And then instead, I’ve seen a couple of different ways, like some people have like a little a contraption tied to the flagpole and then you like use your putter to like lift it up to get your ball out. This course had, uh, like little two inch chunks of cut-up pool noodle that they stuck in the bottom of the hole so that your ball would kind of go in, but not all the way in. And uh, I thought that was, I mean it was easy and it was a great thing to blame. If you lip the putt out, you’re like, Oh, I’d hit the noodle.

It doesn’t count. It was just nice to be outside. Sean that’s awesome. Walk seven miles. Yeah, getting old. That’s an exciting day. Really old Sean but most importantly, I was just stewing over Madden MAYhem I’m still, I’m still pissed the giants blew that game against the Cowboys. Oh yeah. Yeah. And I haven’t done stats since and protests come on in Korea where you got to update the stats. I can’t, I mean, I really went through the same process that happens when I, when the Eagles lose the big game, came home, my wife was like, are you mad about the Madden game?

I’m like, fuck yeah man, you didn’t wear your Jersey. You don’t give a shit about this family. And she’s like, you can’t be depressed about it. Madden gave him like, Oh, just watch as I’m fucking depressed as shit. And then luckily we had that, that Ravens, that Ravens game bangles game was like, God damn it for a minute there. You know, you felt alive. Well I was going to say, I have the games up in front of me and, and if you’re circling like what, what was the game of the first, first round, it has to be the last game because that game was pretty exciting in and of itself.

Just the fact that Joe Burroughs going into Baltimore playing really well and, and you know, like just hanging in there and they were up and you knew they were going to new, the Ravens are gonna come back and kind of close them out. Uh, and they did, but then they kinda, and then they didn’t. And that was really what was just so awesome about it. It was really the icing on the case. I mean, it started with the, on the cake. It started with the Colts and the Jags upsetting, uh, on Thursday and then over time, both Friday and Saturday.

And then the culminating with the kickoff return for a touchdown. All right, so now that we’ve been through the first round. Yep. All right, Kramer, real quick, let’s get a uh,

Speaker 5 (23m 38s):

Speaker 0 (23m 42s): where we start breaking down the Sweet 1600 action for Madden. Mayhem love this new ad. Rave music. The turn it down a little bit. It’s a little hot. Kramer. Well this is for the guys. Listen, listen in their cars. Get those like 12 inch subs blasted. Dude down on the Peloton. Listen to this. Sports Gambling Podcast some bone rattle and base for you. This gets me pumped up.

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Speaker 2 (25m 36s): Stay night, 8:00 PM on the East coast, 5:00 PM on the West coast, and again, get your brackets in before this time we, ah, this is the last time. All right, we did a third day. We did 32 teams.

Speaker 0 (25m 50s): People missed it. They got upset. We said, okay, we’ll see what we can do. We did something.

Speaker 2 (25m 57s): We came through. Now you have to come through on your end of the bargain. Get that bracket in by Thursday. Head over to Sports Gambling podcast.com/madden

Speaker 0 (26m 8s): it’s really easy to figure it out. I think the thing it says, enter here. Sean pretty straight forward, easy. Uh, God bless if he can’t figure it out.

Speaker 2 (26m 17s): Opening game, the NFC South championship, Sean the Atlanta Falcons, led by Maddie ice, who looked pretty dang good. Beaten Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

Speaker 0 (26m 28s): It’s a baby fucking wheel man,

Speaker 2 (26m 31s): which by the way, I’m loving this, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning going at it on the golf course. This is, this is Lee and this and pretty solid content. New Orleans, the saints, they are minus seven and a half minus hundred on the money line. 52 and a half is the total. Sorry. Plus two 75 for the Falcons. Sean last round I had first.

Speaker 0 (26m 55s): Perfect. Okay. Or last weekend. Do you want first pick this weekend? Yep. Give me the new Orleans saints that all offense is, is just unstoppable defense. Solid enough. Atlanta I think is going to be pretty outmatched seven and a half. We’ll see what it ends up closing at. But I love the saints at home. Um, you know, again, our boy Sean paid and completely recovered from Kobe 19 even though he’s elder, even though he’s elderly, high risk, he’s fine.

He’s going to be there. Just plow in the dippers, uh, taste them. Hell, maybe it gets involved. It doesn’t really matter. Jamis Winston, maybe they’ll run, maybe they’ll run and play for Jamis Winston. I mean, Michael Thomas, I think Ken carve up this Falcons offense in the fairest Falcons defense and the fucking defense. They gave up a decent amount of, uh, of a yardage and plays to the box. It was more just about the bucks not being able to stop the Falcons in it. And I think the saints have a better defense.

And uh, yeah, give me new Orleans minus seven and a half. I mean, both Matt Ryan and drew Brees absolutely went off in the first games a breeze at a perfect passer rating. Matt Ryan right behind him at one 51.2. I mean, on one hand this feels like easy peasy.

Speaker 2 (28m 23s): New Orleans is the side. There is so much better. On the other hand, we’ve seen so much volatility in these results. Atlanta at Plus two 75 feels disrespectful. This team can score points and while defense doesn’t necessarily matter, I think it matters more than you can score. So I’ll be intrigued to see if, if new new Orleans is champ being challenged by a much tougher test than they were in that first game.

Yeah, I probably would’ve taken new Orleans at the first page, but,

Speaker 0 (28m 57s): but

Speaker 2 (28m 58s): now that I’m on Atlanta and that piece of

Speaker 0 (29m 2s): piece of shit, Matty ice, I’m with him. I’m going to turn lemons into lemonade. Sean the nightcap. I like it. 10:00 PM on the East coast, 7:00 PM in the West coast. The Los Vegas Raiders and Jon Gruden, they had they head down to Kansas city to take on the CPU chiefs who are laying nine and a half

Speaker 2 (29m 24s): Sean minus seven 50 on the Moneyline Raiders plus 454 and a half is the big dog Kramer.

Speaker 0 (29m 34s): Oh, this is my pick, right? Yep.

Speaker 2 (29m 37s): I, how do I not take the Superbowl champs? They were tested

Speaker 7 (29m 42s): in the first game. I don’t think they were expecting to be tested against the rookie. My homes threw for 385 yards. Aye

Speaker 2 (29m 54s): I J Derek Carr played so well in the first. He’s not playing well again. There’s no way this guy plays well again. Now here’s what worries me. They might be able to run the rock and they might be able to dictate the pace. If they can get our shit going now. If they can get ahead Early now I think my homes and the boys get out too quick.

Speaker 0 (30m 14s): Bleed Raiders look like hot trash car throws a late pick six Raiders lose by 21 all right, I see what you’re doing here Kramer. And I actually, I actually liked the fact that you took a Casey, I was hoping you take Casey minus nine and a half gimme LVR plus nine and a half all day. Las Vegas has the ability to move the ball. And to me this play is just about Kansas city’s defense.

The the CPU world and the Sims are given this chief’s team no credit on the defensive side of the ball and didn’t they lose in the preview game? The chiefs were my crazy. Who did, who did the Packers play and the preview game chiefs. Yeah. Cause the chief’s defense was horrible and the chief Stevens was horrible. We’re, we’re complementing Herbert for this good game. But really it’s all about the no love for the CPU chief’s defense. So I’m, I’m all over CPU CA or a CPU Las Vegas for sure.

Speaker 2 (31m 17s): Well, and if you, and uh, to add insult to injury, Austin Eckler ran for 118 yards on 29 carries. And if you recall, he would left. He would miss a decent chunk of that game. So if, if, if Jake, if Jacobs and the running game can be successful, I think there’s opportunity for four. But then again, they lost, they lost my 10 like the way they did all of that and they still lost by 10, which would be a cover in this situation Friday night Sean the AFC East champion ship with my, my AFCs representatives, the Buffalo bills at home hosting the dolphins, we ran to a, to a plus six plus 200 and the money line bills minus three 25 44 and a half is the total.

I know I’m certain you’re taking to her.

Speaker 0 (32m 14s): Hmm. This one’s tough. Oh, this one’s tough. But I think the line is too high and too, uh, found his rhythm. He looked pretty, pretty dang good. And I mean, we hit on this, I think that was week one already. The weeks are flying by, but that Bill’s team, they, they really should have lost that to the jets at home. And for me, Miami, it felt the, the game against new England, they, they just played a damn good game in the end they showed going on in the road for Earl for, I keep saying in our old Thomas per four tool was not a big deal.

Even as a rookie, I’m very confident in this guy and I don’t know, the Miami defense was, was definitely better than I thought. Or maybe that’s just an indictment on Hoyer and the way the Patriots offense, but they played pretty good and you know, you forget to get like Minkah Fitzpatrick and they really seem to be playing for Florida. So yeah, give me the dolphins Plus six. Well they had Minkah Fitzpatrick, they traded him anyway. I love that when, when does the dolphins trade?

Minkah Fitzpatrick too. The Steelers. Oh, you’re right. I was, I totally had it backwards by the way. Who do they, they bring it on the front and someone in defense,

Speaker 2 (33m 33s): sorry, but I mind I mind fucked you in the taking Miami. They’re giving me my bills. And mr Josh Allen, you gotta ride Josh Allen while the Kramer FML tour is high. It’s a smart decision. The night, the key metric right in the face, the nightcap 10:00 PM on the East coast, 7:00 PM on these, on the West coast. It’s the NFC North. And it wouldn’t be the NFC North championship. It wasn’t if it wasn’t Chicago versus green Bay. The Packers are minus six and a half minus three 50 on the money line.

Bears Plus two 25 47 and a half is the total. Oh, I get my pick. I got to take the Packers. I gotta take the Packers. Uh, I was forced to painfully watch Mitchell . Fortunately he was taking on Kurt cousin’s in prime time. Look, green Bay will face a test and probably not, uh, get all the way through this thing unscathed. I don’t think it’s going to be against Mitchell Trebatowsky

Speaker 0 (34m 38s): period. No. And, yeah, I mean I’m all over the green Bay in this one normally, but I can talk to myself in Chicago. Plus 6.9 inch. Vic, he, I mean he tucked the ball away and Ryan they did some fun stuff with Taree Cohen, Alan Robinson look defense decent. Um, they have weapons. I mean he certainly Cleo Mack had had an impact. I mean again, maybe, maybe green Bay, a lot of it and you know, Rogers that Devante Adams is unsolvable, but I think a decent portion of that was this Kansas city defense and, and how bad it is in poorest it is.

So I can talk myself into a late late field goal cover, uh, by the, by the bears, you know, down down 13 get a garbage touchdown

Speaker 2 (35m 30s): Saturday night, 8:00 PM on the East coast, 5:00 PM on the West, the AFC championship, which Sean I’ll be honest, one of the ups I’m looking forward to the most, the Jags head, the Indy were the culture minus seven minus 400 on the money line. Jags plus two 50, 46 and a half is the total. I have no idea what team you’re going to select here.

Speaker 0 (35m 58s): And uh, I was going back and forth, but I’ll, I’ll go, uh, I’ll go into here. I mean I love the Colts overall. Frank Reich, Phillip rivers filtered through a couple pics. I still don’t know how Jacksonville one, I still don’t know how, I mean Houston that was abomination and I think India at home, men, Chu mania Bay, we, I’ll tell you how he, they won Colts left a lot of points on the board there.

I think they cash in this time. So give me, give me indie minus seven at home. Yeah, that’s a good pick there. I think

Speaker 2 (36m 37s): Andy looks to be an absolute juggernaut in Sean. I don’t want to give away too much, but in the sweet 16 Brack in a may have picked indie to win at all. I mean if you go back in the first round, we didn’t really answer this question perhaps because no one asked, but I like the Colts are, were the Colts like give me your most impressive team from the first round.

Speaker 0 (37m 6s): Yeah, I, I I think it just flat out, I think it’s green Bay and new Orleans, but I think I’m still just going to go new Orleans because uh, green Bay, I don’t know, there’s something that seems a hair off with them, but I would still stick on stick

Speaker 2 (37m 23s): or we sleep. Miami did blow out new England 38 to 16

Speaker 0 (37m 29s): yeah. And again, I got the moving on. I think that’s more about their opponent than them, but yeah, I’ll go with it and they’ll probably have some, the home field, so yeah,

Speaker 2 (37m 40s): sticking with it. I’m sick of what the saints, I’m fine with taking Jacksonville here. I think they will say they got to do the same formula, run the rock and let men shoe be be a God. Although Sean he broke, he broke any sort of metric when when he, I want to say he passed four, let me pull up the number. He passed for a grand

Speaker 0 (38m 3s): total of

Speaker 2 (38m 5s): 180 yards in the victory. 180 yards in the victory by far the least amount of yard. So he’s going to need four net to get around the corner and run for 75 yards again in a touchdown in the nightcap 10:00 PM on the East coast, 7:00 PM and the West coast

Speaker 0 (38m 20s): on Saturday. Russell and the Sweet Kramer real quick before, uh, we break down on the rest of these, but th the futures are up for Madden MAYhem and you’re throwing out, uh, Colts right now. Plus 1000. That’s an interesting one. I uh, I mean I think uh, we’ll, we’ll reveal our bracket but I actually went, I know I kind of said saints, but, Hmm. I don’t know. I could make a case.

You know what? Yeah, I’ll go. I’ll actually go. I will go green Bay. Plus cause green Bay is Plus 1200. It’s a little more fun. At the bottom is skin red skin 60 to one woo. And the dolphins at 40 to one. You could, you could have a crazier bet. And your Bill’s Cramer right now. 25 to one. Why are they, why are they getting no respect? It is crazy cause you can bet the dolphins and the bills and have someone at minimum at 25 to one with eight teams left.

Yeah. Crazy value. What am I, what am I missing here? I don’t know. Maybe I’m not smart myself. Sean Whoa. Oh you interrupted me while I was in the middle of saying see at Russell Wilson in Seattle, head to San Francisco to take on the 40 Niners on Saturday night, 10:00 PM on the East 7:00 PM and the West Niners are minus five and a half minus two 75 in the Moneyline in Seattle. Plus one 75 or 50 and a half is your total. Yeah, dude, I’m going to take the Seahawks.

I don’t think we saw a great game from Russ. He still got it done and over time now they’re catching five and a half point completely different story. Boy, San Francisco look good. Yeah. And we left them off there as far as like teams that impressed because it was such a weird game, but that was a, that was just a, a pretty legit blowout. They just destroyed Arizona in the snow. That was a weird snow game in San Francisco. Blocked a punt, a Kittle on staff.

It was over from the meek. The gecko, like this is a diff, uh, and I feel, I mean, I don’t think I would have taken Seattle here even if I had first choice. I’m kind of happy you left me with the 40 Niners lay in five and a half at home. That’s the adult team. I mean, they should’ve lost the Rams, but yeah, I think once golf got knocked out, uh, their defense or their office just wasn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t get a couple of first downs there to close that game out. So I think Seattle is fortunate to be here and I think San Francisco takes care of business and home.

Oh, I hope not. I certainly hope not. Washington, Oh, sorry. Sunday 8:00 PM and the East 5:00 PM and the West Washington, the team, that house that has no name Sean the head’s the big D to take on the Cowboys. Cowboys now suddenly one point less of a favorite against the Washington Redskins and they were of the New York giants at 10 and a half minus 900 and the money line plus four 54 the Redskins 48 and a half is the total Cramer.

You get the first pay. Yeah, and obviously taking the Redskins here, even an unbiased opinion or Redskins look really good and you’re giving them 10 and a half points. This is that. I mean I’m not wanting to tell them MyBookie out and run their business, but Dallas Cowboys Plus five 50 to win it all. Are you kidding me? They were down. They were down by a decent amount of this giant steam that wasn’t anomaly. I feel like it’s skewing the number. The numbers should be 14 I’m happy to take the Cowboys here, shall I call them and get your fucking shine box clap, clap, clap or still is.

We have updated the rosters but the CPU still loads in the old coach, so it’s true. Is his stink sticks to that team. Kramer, 10:00 PM on the 7:00 PM and the West. The last game of the Sweet 16, Sean, the Cincinnati bangles, head to Cleveland who never thought they would have a home game. They’re minus four or I’m sorry, minus six and a half against the Cincinnati bangles bangles plus two 25 Browns minus three 50, 50 and a half is the total.

Cleveland’s really good. Uh, Cleveland’s really good in this game and we saw them be really good as they defeated Pittsburgh using in spite of the wind, they still beat a very good Pittsburgh team. But I am not laying six and a half. Dacher Mayfield, I want to stay on this Cincinnati bandwagon. No, that first game was fun. I’m with Joe burrow.

Stokey Joe Stokey Joe, give me the points. I got to take the Brads, you said they one in spite of the way and they won because of that. When like they, I don’t know what, but they, they had to play in the same way and they scored going in to the wind because I mean mostly on D I’m making excuses, but like that, that game was just freaking weird and Odell didn’t do anything. I mean if they just keep pounding Chubb maybe they do too. Joe burrow looks legitimately good.

And what is this rating Kramer? Wasn’t it only like a 76 76 and do you know any other like ratings off the top of your head? Like I mean in comparison? Uh, I mean Tula was a 74 75 I think. Uh, I think Philip Rivers is like an 88, you know, I, I think that like, who was a Ryan Tannehill was an 82 Tanny Hill as a call. The would call Tanny Hill. So now, now that we’ve gone through the game show, and it was just real quick back to the futures because we know who’s going to be

Speaker 2 (44m 32s): playing each other. Obviously it’s a tournament. And in the elite eight we will have the winter of the AFC East in the winter of the AFC West, the winner of the NFC North in the NFC South, the winner of the NFCS play’s the NFC West and the winner of the AFC North play’s the AFC South. So this, this is where I think you can totally just look to target kind of a quadrant. We talk about this in college basketball.

You target that quadrant and you and you see where there the collection of odds doesn’t add up and now you’re going to be guaranteed one of those coming out. So what do I mean Sean let, let’s take a look. Let’s take a look at the video tape. Do you have the bracket in front of you? I have my bracket in front of me to just give out our brackets real quick. Do I have mine too? All right. Yeah, here we go. Yeah, so for example, the Sean if you were to like, I really like the fact that the, the upset divisions are all in the same bracket together.

So if you look at the Colts, the Jags, the Browns and the bangles. Yeah, the Browns are 10 to one where the culture, the culture tend to one plus 1000 the bangles are 50 to one and the Jags are 50 to one. I mean, I’m going to throw some, if you spread out, if you spread however you want to spread a unit or two units across those four bets, you will end up with one of those.

Whoa. You will have a ticket in the final four at which point, yes, you may have to do some hedging if you want to guarantee that Evy. But that would be a fun opportunity. And the fact that the favorite to come out of that is 10 to one certainly gives you something to come away with.

Speaker 0 (46m 38s): Yeah. So why don’t we, I’ll walk you through my bracket real quick here at Kramer. Uh, on the AFC side, I had the bangles beading the Browns outright. I had the Colts beat and the Jags and then I have the bangles beat in the Colts. Uh, I don’t have them. So the, the bangles actually make it to the final for on the other side of the AFC of the chiefs beat in the Raiders, I had the bills beat in the dolphins. I had the chiefs meeting the bills. I had the chiefs beading the bangles and the chiefs moving on to the super bowl on the NFC side out of the skin’s meeting.

The Cowboys Seahawks. Wait, why did I pick the Seahawks? Ah, fuck the dry all. Alright. I picked the Seahawks, but you know what?

Speaker 2 (47m 20s): Aye

Speaker 0 (47m 23s): in my bracket I earlier I picked the Seahawks so I’ll ride them. I actually know it. I’ll have the 40 beat the Seahawks and then the 40 Niners beet the Redskins. And then uh, I have green Bay beating Chicago. I had the same speed in Falcons, green Bay. Beading the saints, green Bay BD in San Francisco, green Bay. Beading the chiefs. It seems painful for you to get through that. Well just because Eagles aren’t there in the fucking skins are there. It’s bullshit.

What do you got?

Speaker 2 (47m 54s): Um, well I’ll start with the NFC. I over the Cowboys winning the NFC East, the West one by San Francisco, the North by green Bay, the South by the saints. The saints

Speaker 0 (48m 6s): take

Speaker 2 (48m 7s): down the Packers to advance the Niners, take down the Cowboys to advance the saints. Take down the Niners represent the NFC and the super bowl on the other side. I have the bills advancing out of the AFC East. The chiefs out of the West, the North is won by the Brown’s and the Colts win the South. The Colts advance over the Browns. The chief’s advance over the bills and the Colts advance over the chiefs to represent the AFC were the Colts beet, the Saint’s the ultimate Decker downer as he watches Phillip rivers super res, the Lombardi trophy.

We can actually play it in SU like as if it’s the Superbowl. So hopefully we, if that happens, we can see an animation of Philip Rivers raising the Lombardi trophy for Mr. Justin Tucker. I will say Sean in full disclosure, although I am not eligible to receive any

Speaker 0 (49m 6s): yes. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (49m 7s): I did play this as if I was in the game and I was being contrarion to my already entered 32 team bracket. Uh, so just for those wondering like, Hey man, how come you didn’t have the Seahawks and the bills again? That’s why fucker Kramer, what do, uh, do we have the latest leaderboard? I think now that round one completely finished. We’re down to Sweet 16. We can talk about it. Maybe it’s worth taking a look at the Madden MAYhem leaderboard.

Speaker 3 (49m 38s): You know it’s fun. Sean you a Google Madden MAYhem nothing but our shit. Yup. Beautiful. Let the people know what’s going on here. Kramer. Alright. Aye. Aye. Let’s see. What are we going to, Oh, we got way too many people tied per six. We’re not getting through that list. I’ll give you the top five people cause they’re all tied in. They’re all in first place. 130 out of 160 points collected in first place.

We have a tie. Brett Polian I gotta I gotta zoom in. Sean I’m getting old. It’s late. I can’t see Brett Polin, Andy O’Neill, Sean Navy cold Dane. Hey and Brenda. Ooh. Do we think that’s lady Brenda

Speaker 0 (50m 28s): Blaton Blayton Blanton, man. We’ve had a couple drinks tonight. Sean Hey man, pray for us. We’ve had a go to the store. I’ve had some. Angie, look a, how are you doing? Let’s, let’s type, uh, let’s type Mr. Green in the old, probably not great. You have 80 points. Sean you’re tired for 648th place. I am in the same place.

So we’re tied. We’re tied. All right, well the points devil in this next round. So things are about to get interesting. Thank you for participating in the Sports Gambling Podcast fun little pod. And we got another uh, another coach. It’s a, you know, we’re hitting all these coaches. It’s the off season right now. So getting them, and we’ve had a, we had a lot of the fun run of interviews, Joe Theismann, Nick roll of itch, Jeff Blake, check all those out. And of course a throws that there was an iTunes review.

You’re bored, you’re in quarantine, you know, help your fellow man give us that five star rating. That’s key. But the review, the review is what really moves the needle. So make sure you do that. And of course get into that sweet 1602nd chance bracket. Just go to Sports Gambling podcast.com/madden and for the Sports Gambling Podcast. I’m Sean stack and the money green and he has Ryan. Oh, Holly, we’ll see you on Thursday night at 5:00 PM on the West coast.

Sean Kramer, let it ride.

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