NFL Brutes You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With

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We’ve put this short piece together to identify some of the scariest guys in the NFL right now, so please read on and enjoy.

Monsters of the League

1. Trent Brown

It doesn’t matter which angle you look at Trent Brown from, he is one sizable man. How sizable? Well, the guys 6ft 8 and around 380lbs – probably not a guy you’d want to mess with, or you may wind up on the wrong side of a man who looks like he could wrestle with a bear quite easily. 

Trent Brown was particularly influential during the New England Patriots’ campaign for the Superbowl in 2018. He protected the main man Tom Brady incredibly well at the time, although one must feel that his size had something quite substantial to do with it. Regardless, we’re pretty sure that Tom Brady will be eternally grateful to be guarded by Trent Brown, even if they didn’t get the win.

2. Zach Banner

Zach Banner is another absolute man-mountain who plays in the NFL right now. He is also 6ft 8 just like Trent Brown, although he is 20 pounds lighter. With that being said, he’s not exactly a featherweight, as Zach Banner is approximately 360lbs. He currently plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he has been solely responsible for dismantling a fair few individuals during his time for this team. 

If you thought his size and stature were intimidating, Banner is also able to knock out 22 reps on the NFL bench press test, which is again rather impressive. Just to put that into perspective, he is able to push 225lbs for a total of 22 reps in a row before failure, showing that he’s packing some muscle.

3. Daniel McCullers

McCullers might not be in the same league in terms of height and weight as the previous two guys in this list, but he’s still a pretty hefty looking guy. Daniel McCullers stands at 6ft 7 inches and weighs in at approximately 352lbs, making him a rather serious force to be reckoned with. Just like the man mentioned before him, Daniel McCullers plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers –  just imagine going up against both of these guys on the same team!

He is even stronger than Zach Banner as well, as McCullers can reportedly push out 27 reps with a 225lbs bench press. It would seem that the Steelers managers and coaches are doing a rather good job with these guys in the gym!

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