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Printable NFL Draft 2020 Party Props Sheet Part 2 for Friday and Saturday

Printable NFL Draft 2020 Party Props Sheet Part 2 for Friday and Saturday

All right, everyone seemed to have such a good time with the first round version of our NFL Draft 2020 Party Props Sheet, I’ve created another to last you through the rest of the draft. While the first version included more silly props like how many cats are seen and do we catch a draftee drinking a beer, those were tough to grade. This version is still fun, but it will be more straight-forward to grade … which means, you should be able to grade it yourselves. However, we will post a graded screenshot of the sheet on our Twitter page, just like we did this morning with Round 1.

Printable NFL Draft 2020 Party Props Sheet for Friday and Saturday

Download the printer-friendly PDF version here:

How to Run a NFL Draft Props Pool

  1. Send the PDF to all your friends.
  2. Set an entry fee per submission and collect the money via Venmo or Cash app or Paypal or Bitcoin or whatever.
  3. Make sure everyone understands they have to circle one choice for each answer, plus add the tiebreaker guess at the bottom.
  4. Cut off the submissions BEFORE the first draft pick of Round 2 is named.
  5. Follow @GamblingPodcast on Twitter for live updates during the game for results. That way, you can get drunk and not worry about paying attention to every moment of the draft.
  6. After Round 7 ends, add up the correct answers and award the winners.

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