Way Too Early NFL Win Totals (Ep. 808)

nfl win totals 2020 podcast

Podcast Recap

The guys get back to some NFL talk doing their annual ‘Way Too Early’ NFL Win Totals podcast for 2020 season. Plus Rex Ryan is not a fan of Amari Cooper and which NFL teams are the guys already very high on. And of course more talk about their March Madness Simulation #DegenMadness.

Podcast Transcription

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Speaker 1 (2m 2s): get your fucking shot.

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Speaker 0 (4m 43s): Now there’s some talk, possibly the draft getting back. Hopefully the draft happens on the date. It’s scheduled to happen just because a dine for some real sports action and we’re either way, we’re going to have a NFL draft props, podcasts. We’re going to be doing uh, NFL mock drafts. So we’re going to give you, we’re going to hit you with a ton of NFL draft content. Has Mel Kiper jr Ben in quarantine with Todd McShay?

That’s the question. It’s, that’s the live stream. I want to watch one of those. I mean as we’re moving on is the society, we’re realizing, Hey there’s a lot of a, what do they call them? Disruptors like the industries are going to change NFL draft experts. I feel like we can probably get rid of one of those two guys and still able to survive as a society is Kuyper the last great television serious but hilarious character.

The guy who’s so serious, he’s not in on the joke cause Steven A. Smith, he’s kind of come full circle in, is now in on the joke a little bit. But he’s also still hilarious. Right. And I think the, the only guy that really comes to mind is skip Bayless it. Skip Bayless. I don’t think is in on the skip Bayless joke perhaps to some degree, but he appears to be completely oblivious. Stephen A. Smith is leaning into the Stephen A. Smith character. Well, he, I mean he’s just, I mean as, as someone who loves content, Sean, you do have to have a little bit of respect for Stephen, a solo performer, a fellow broadcaster and a guy who likes to troll Cowboys fans.

Oh, my hat goes off my 10 gallon hat I T I tip it to Steven A. Smith. If you don’t like him, I get it. I could see why that’s annoying. But as just a fellow man in the entertainment sports world, I just loads of respect for Stephen A. Smith. He is both incredibly annoying, but also someone who’s very EP, most of his emotions hit very close to home. Uh, he’s also a struggling Knicks fan. He’s, you know, he has those, he, he’s, he, he uh, he has allegiance to those teams, but skip the fact that skip Bayless called Troy Aikman out for being a gay guy.

Where was, he wasn’t afraid to break news. Well before we kick things off officially with the NFL wind totals and if this is the first time you listened to our annual way to early NFL win totals this is done with absolutely no research, no preparation before these teams even draft people as a gun, a handicapper. This is where I thrive. It’s just gut instinct. Uh, and so that’s what we’re relying on and we’re going to possibly change our minds as the official over under win totals when we do, we do a division preview podcast for each division.

We kind of break down the schedule a little bit more in depth and then we give our official place. So these are early plays. We what we’re giving ourselves a really qualifying this shown. Well, I just like to look to set things up. You worried about the guy calling you out next December for your, uh, your Cincinnati bang, right? I mean, we really, we enrage the entire state of Tennessee and all the Titan fans with art. You’re welcome. You guys are drafting 29th because of the sports gambling podcast you’re wanting to go.

We got, we inspire that. You both had a great season and your coach didn’t cut off his Dick. This one, we were talking about an announcers we have to hit on Rex Ryan’s quote. Oh boy. He was on get up and he said Amari Cooper is the biggest disappearing act in the national football league. I wouldn’t have paid this turd. How can you, how can you call someone a turd on television? That’s just amazing. So yeah, the same vernacular. My S my nine year old uses turn is just such a great insult because it’s not technically a curse word.

It’s comically demeaning and really you can’t come at a, at a turd. It’s, it’s something that’s not going to get bleeding. It’s an emoji now. Right? Like it’s, I mean that’s what’s going on. We got, we were putting smiley faces on them on shit. Well, yeah, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t Polish a turd. But apparently he can say it on. Uh, ESPN is get up. All right, we’re going to hop right in real quick. Shaun, before you get into that, why is Rex Ryan still being given spots? Just cause like they’re trying to get all the juice before he gets like banned from going on air for saying and actually racist thing he’s going to, he’s definitely gonna cross the line.

They’re probably getting, he’s like that guy, you know, 10 year veteran, you know, there’s not a lot of tread left on the tires. They’re getting everything they can add a Rex rush Limbaugh, you want to come do Monday night football? Oh man, that was horrible. Although arguably better than Dennis Miller.

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Speaker 0 (11m 25s): Okay Kramer, let’s do it. We promise to do this fast, right? Yes. Because we got called me coming over here. We’re going to be doing the uh, degenmadness so rapid fire them. I am. I am. I’m taking the lead. All right, let’s get going. Arizona. Cardinal Sean made some news this off season. They, they sh windled the Houston Texans. They now have Deandre Hopkins. The total is seven and a half minus one 20 on the over. They of course went five, 10, and one last year pushing their wind.

Total eye to me, initial take is still, is still the worst team in the division is going to win eight games to go over here. Maybe they’re better than the Rams. Maybe they’re better than the Seahawks. Probably not the CEO’s house. I’ll go under for plus 100. Yeah. Um, I’m on the under as well. Anytime a team like this gets the biggest free agent receiver gets the big name. Oh my God. Can you and Drake now paid? I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

They totally won this giant trade that everyone’s talking about. That team never exceeds expectations and I think they exceeded expectations at five 10 and one this feels like a seven and nine team and the overwrite. Now there’s a little juice at minus one 20 I’m gonna. I think there’s maybe one more year of a sub 500 Cardinal season, especially with cliff Kingsbury. All right. Just to keep this going, I’m going to start keeping a watch. We’re, we’re getting a minute per team. That’s the only way we’re getting this done, Shawn. Let’s do it. Atlanta Falcons seven and a half minus one 25 on the over seven and nine last year.

Of course, they’re going all in their building. The super team. What could possibly go wrong here? Matt Ryan close to falling off the cliff. I think you’ve got to go under and you have an older Matt Ryan and then Atlanta Falcons team. They went on a little run late, but don’t be confused that Atlanta Falcons seem was garbage. They basically said, Hey, we’re going to tow. We’re going to draw names out of a hat to the side. Who coaches what area? That’s not a long term winning strategy. That’s a team that’s already over the break. Asked Shawn about Juan Castillo.

Exactly. Baltimore Ravens, 11 and a half. Wu talk about an over adjustment. Our boy, the dynamic Lamar Jackson, he’s working out with Antonio Brown. Sean, what does that mean? I certainly would not want him joining this team of, I’m a Ravens fan. Everybody has, it’s contagious. 14 wins last year kind of felt like they had the season of seasons. Even in a great year. I think 11 wins is going to 11 wins is a great season, a great season in the AFC North the again, I’m going to go under, I feel like I’m being a pessimist because we were thinking about negative things right now, but you’re right, regression 12 wins is a lot in the AFC North and I think the rest of the teams in the AFC North got a little bit better.

Baltimore has maintained, they still could be a very good team. 12 is a lot to ask for and generally if you see these 11 and a half, we just instinctly go under. I mean 11 and a half is the highest on the board tie with the Kansas city chiefs. So I’m going under it and I feel decent about it. Well, and one of the things I wanted to throw out there is I’ve been meaning to say this, the divisions that they’re going to play. Do we want to even go that deep? Cause they, they get the NFC East. No. Okay. You’re right. I’m, I’m my, my watch that whole Buffalo bills eight and a half minus one 50 on the over.

Yeah. This is, it’s being, this is disrespectful. They won 10 games last year. There’s no Tom Brady in the league. A divinity. The rest of the division is not exactly scaring anyone. And you know Andy Dalton, sorry. That’s not scary. They picked up digs. They, they, they have uh, a stud defense direct. Good coach Josh Allen. Listen, they came metric does not impact your ability to be successful in the regular season. Yeah. He, he’ll win some games and the great home field advantage go over.

No one circles the wagons. Carolina Panthers now without the sham. Is he, is he still sham Newton now that he’s on another team? Sean? Well Izzy, he’s not in another team. Ryan you’re just assuming someone is going to hire cam Newton. He could have a maybe moves to the runway, fashion model, career, whatever model, you know, there’s scarf model, whatever his next move is you’re just assuming he’s going to be playing quarterback. Is there a video somewhere of him quarantine modeling his latest scarf attire?

Uh, eight five and a half plus one Oh five on the over minus one 25 on the under Panthers of course when five and 11 last year and kind of felt like a worst case scenario. Why is this not an over bet here? Uh, they even picked up a quarterback. Yeah. Or to PJ Walker, a a, you know, XFL. Superstar Butler, Teddy Bridgewater. You bring in a new coach. This is just a perfect scenario. I think they’re going to get to like seven and nine pretty easily. Christian McCaffrey will win you a couple of games by himself where he has like 250 all purpose yards.

Not to mention. And we’ll get to these teams and a little bit. But Matt Ryan, drew Brees, like these are guys close to falling off a Tom Brady. Like these are the only team that has a young quarterback is this Carolina Panthers team. Chicago bears eight and a half, eight and eight last year. Uh, true. Bisky and mr Nick foals will be in an open competition. Talk about a disrespectful comment to a man. You’re paying $20 million a year and Nick foals trip bisky is trash.

There’s no competition. If falls is healthy, he’s the starter. He you, you look at those lines about who will be the day one starter and and all of them are favoring. I thought I saw a full as in like minus one 50. I think Chicago kinda has some talent if they can get rid of Mitch true. Bisky I think there are nine win team. I’ll go over here cautiously. We’ll see what they do in the draft. Yeah, I mean it’s, he’s the reason they suck. So you bring in a guy who can manage a team. We’ve seen them win some games.

Granted, not consistently can’t stay healthy, but are they, uh, are they a nine win team? I think if they don’t have a guy shooting them in the deck, so I’ll say yes. By the way, did you see that April fools where they Oh yeah. Tended the bears drafted patch from good homes and we tweeted that out at gambling and podcast it was, I thought it was cruel in a

Speaker 3 (17m 50s): cruel, wasn’t cruel. Uh, come on. Bears bears fans. They deserve it. Cincinnati bangles. Sean, how many games did they win last year? Two to five and a half. Is the wind total. Ah, that why, why is this so? Hi, Joe burrow. Okay. Joe burrow, transcendent quarterback. Joe burrow is not coming on the right that roster and things are just going to be going. I get it. They have some wide receivers, but they don’t have an offensive line. Uh, this is way too much of an over adjustment.

This is a two season rebuild type of situation.

Speaker 0 (18m 24s): Yeah. I think they could go five and 11 and still be pretty happy with the season six and 10 in that division. No. Yeah, I’m going under as well. I think it’s going to be a long process, but I am optimistic about borough overall, but really the rookie quarterbacks that come in and do well are usually guys that have stuff around them like Lamar Jackson, like a late first round or going to a decent team or, or someone that comes in because they get injured. If you’re the number one pick overall, and I dunno, it’s an uphill climb in a four wind swings a lot.

It’s all go under as well.

Speaker 3 (18m 57s): Uh, next up, another team from the division that means of the worst roster. This is probably the second worst roster. Maybe not new coach Sean Sullivan, who’s the coach win. Why am I blanking on his name? Was was now a ski. It’s hard to pronounce. Stephanie Stefanski. Kevin’s the fancy. Yeah, I, I’m gonna what could possibly go wrong?

Speaker 0 (19m 24s): Does he at eight and a half, I think it’s still an under, I think they’re an eight and 18.

Speaker 3 (19m 29s): They are a regression candidate. They a lot of numbers that pop out as a team that should regress. Two problems. One Baker Mayfield still the quarterback to another coach who doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to manage the personalities in that locker room. Why would you take the over here?

Speaker 0 (19m 45s): You need a super strong coach to handle all these guys. Tom cough win go get Tom coffee. He’ll handle business. Yeah, it worked out great. And Jacksonville. But yeah, I’m also, the only reason I would say over possibly is if everyone in the media decides the Browns are dead, but even the, you can tell like all the Cleveland bandwagon people from last year, we’re like, okay, so where were you were a year ahead with Cleveland big Ben didn’t play the whole year last year. Yeah. I if, if Rothenberger healthy that that makes that division so much. This is Myles Garrett ever play football again too soon?

Dallas, Dallas, Cowboys

Speaker 3 (20m 21s): boys, nine and a half. Sean, what are they doing? We, we finished eight and eight last year. I get it. The clappers not there. He’s moved on to greener pastures in the New York giants. Why is there, why is this nine and a half? It’s,

Speaker 0 (20m 42s): it’s very tight. AFC East. So I think the reason they set this line, the thinking is, and if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, while again, while I don’t know how you made it through this podcast, but the thought is they had a ton of talent. You bring in a competent head coach that’s going to get them up to 10 wins. Here’s the competent head coach, Mike McCarthy I, I’m skeptical of Mike McCarthy, but he held it together in green Bay. I think really what could impact them is the Cowboys, the Redskins and the giants all bringing in new coaches with this, what’s going to be a very short and OTA training camp, whatever ends up happening, I think new coaches in particular are going to be really behind the eight ball implementing their scheme, implementing.

Hey guys. Sometimes when it’s a fourth and two and we’re on the opponent’s 40 we’re not going to punt implementing that into Dallas. Also, Mike McCarthy said he’s learning about analytics now, which that’s to me. To me that’s like a guy who goes to an anger management class. The fact that you need to go to the class means you’re never going to be fixed. Right. The fact that it’s a court ordered anger management class, you’re okay. You’ll be less angry, but you’re still going to be a crazy psychopath, uh, in what the same application applies.

Mike McCarthy in him not being like a razor sharp coach. I’m going under also. It’s a cowboy. Yeah. The Mike McCarthy learning analytics is him eating the numbers.

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Speaker 0 (23m 13s): Sean. Yes, Denver Broncos, seven and nine last year. I almost don’t remember that though, but I do remember you picking them to win a playoff game. Seven and a half is the wind total. Well and

Speaker 4 (23m 26s): yeah,

Speaker 0 (23m 27s): there were, there were moments that you saw this Broncos team had potential, a lot of like close ugly losses. Again, this is a non-research podcasts, but I think they gotta be up there for one score losses. There are a team, I, I’m sorry, I did a little bit of prep only because I, I tabulate this kind stuff, but Denver is definitely

Speaker 3 (23m 46s): a team you circle for positive regression. So the fact that we only need one more win based on last year’s record. That looks good. And honestly, I know that the deal for Melvin Gordon is probably stupid based on who you have on the roster. But he’s going to help you. I I see a, I mean think about Denver, they run the ball. Well they played defense there at altitude. Superbowl hangover. True lags seems, seems competent, right? Well more so that just like the chargers could be bad, right?

Like they’re, the Raiders probably going to be bad. I just think there’s an opportunity to win some games and that division in Denver, I think, you know, they still have that home field advantage. So let’s go over here. Detroit lions, six and a half is the number three 12 and one last year. I don’t remember it being that bad. Matt Stafford is coming back, right? Yeah. But what does mad Safford have left in the tank? Seven wins. Is Patricia still the coach on? Yeah, we get an update. They haven’t fired him yet. Breaking news is all, is all Patriots Midwest just not working out great.

Um, yeah, I don’t know. It’s tough to take the over here on this lion’s team. Yeah. I mean the Vikings and the Packers are still there and the bears, I think we’ll be there. They’re the worst team in the division. It’s hard to want to take over here. I thought they could be sneaky numbers low, but I’m going to go under just because of the dynamics and the division. You know what I thought I’ll go over here. Just gut reaction. I think Stafford is a good enough quarterback to get seven wins and the and. That’s probably the argument. Greenbay nine and a half. Aaron Rodgers, again, it’s under 10.

You take the over on Aaron Rodgers in my opinion. I know it’s getting near the end, but things went well last year and it wasn’t because Aaron Rodgers was carrying the team. I gotta I gotta believe they progress the offense. I gotta believe they’re able to progress the offense a little bit over. Yeah. It’s tough to take, uh, an under here. Greenbay nine and a half. I’ll go cha go over as well. Surprised. It’s only minus one 10. You really hated his coach, but they still figured out a way to win a bunch of games.

I mean, here’s the Texas, they’re not going to fall off that much. Houston Texans eight wins here 10 and six last year, they give away Deandre Hopkins. Uh, at some point below, Brian has to be punished for the way that he manages the Sean Watson for the way that he manages that roster and the owner has to be punished for letting bill O’Brien be in charge of that roster. As much as I love to, Sean Watson, one of my favorite players in the league to watch, they go under next year because he gets hurt and this roster is getting thinner and thinner.

I’m going to go over, no, bill Ryan just gets you to nine and seven next year. That division, those, speaking of which Indianapolis Colts, also eight wins. Give me this over all day. That’s a ridiculous line. Shawn, who’s their quarterback

Speaker 0 (26m 44s): now? Philip Rivers, my goodness, are you kidding me? Superchargers. Jimmy got a deforest Buckner. That defense was pretty strong before. They have a strong offensive line. It was just really a preset, kind of let them down second half of the season, possibly due to injury, whatever. What happened to everyone who was saying how stack this roster is? How has this number only eight. Yeah, I, I’m, I’m always kind of riding the Colton, especially this year, the ass of the NFL and the country, Jacksonville Jaguars, five-and-a-half Sean minus one 25 on the under six and 10 last year.

And they had some moments. Blaine Gabbert will be the blame a different Blaine. I just called him Blaine Gabbert. Shawn Gardner mentioned I just called Gardner Minshew, Blaine Gabbert, apologies the Gardner Minshew Gardner Minshew is the starting quarterback. I don’t think he’s a guy that’s gonna win you six games in the national. Well, I hate going against our boy. Minshew and I, and I still got a little Minshew mania going on in my heart and my soul. But this, this, uh, this Jags, this Jaguar team is clearly tanking or clearly just emptying out the cupboard and trying to do a hard reset, especially once they get rid of Yannick it.

So you can’t, you can’t take a team like Jacksonville. That’s clearly just a, they remind me of Cincinnati last year. So yeah, give me Jacksonville under even more like Miami Riley, they’re not, they’re going to wait for Trevor Lawrence period. But in that same way, comparing them to Miami, maybe Fitzpatrick muster like mint chew, they don’t know how to lose and they ended up pulling what Minshew the shoe Ryan Fitzpatrick comparison is ER is really on-point. Like hopefully he is like Fitzpatrick grade just hangs around the league for 15 years.

Just an absolute maniac who’s not gonna he’s not gonna sustain greatness long enough to when you enough games to take you to the playoffs. But God damn is he going to be fun covering, covering spreads? Well, Kansas city, it show we’re behind time. Kansas city 12 and four last year, the numbers 11 and a half. Uh, I, you know, the Superbowl hangover I think is real and especially for a guy like Andy Reed, like this was it. This was it. They all did. Like, I don’t believe that this team is going to be equipped to bounce back now.

Is there anyone in that division that can really make a push here? I think that’s probably Denver. Maybe Jon Gruden shocks the world. The NFL certainly would like that story in Las Vegas. But for me, I’m going to go Superbowl hangover. I’m going to take the under. They only have to win one last game. One less game to go under Sean. Yeah. I’m also on the uh, under there. It’s just, it’s 11 and a half. Wait in total, I probably wouldn’t bet this, but come to my head, I would take the under, it feels like they could lose five games.

I mean they just, they have a couple of games where they don’t look amazing. And again, yeah, it’s Patrick moms is pretty young to when that first Superbowl, it’s going to be tough to come back and really get up for the regular season. 16 games. I just helped hope that Tyreek Hill is spending this quarantine time doing something productive. Well, he is, he’s dominating in Madden except uh, he, I think he ended up losing, but he hadn’t, he had a little bit around there. Sean, the only team we’ve disagreed on so far. Two teams, the Houston, Texas and Detroit lions.

There you go. Los Vegas Raiders seven and nine last year, seven and a half is the total. You know Jon Gruden is still the coach, right? We gotta get our shit going. Matt, will he have a competent quarterback? That’s interesting. Marcus. Mario. They brought in the transition to Vegas. We’ll the stadium be open. So many weird things around this Raiders team. I say I’m riding the under one more time. Give me under seven and a half.

I think there’s just too much for them to figure out. I think maniac makes the roster good nuts and it says here that between Las Vegas and the Denver Broncos, the chiefs have real competition. I’ll take the over here and laugh about it later. When I started doing my phone, I could see myself changing depending on the draft class and just you get a sense for where the team’s at. And camp and LA chargers five and 11 last year, the number seven and a half. They probably won’t have a crowd, but you know what? They will have mr.

Tie rod Taylor tie. God, I look they had, if you evaluate rosters every year, what do we say about the chargers? Goddamn. What a nice so much talent. So much talent. What if all they needed was a quarterback that can move around a little. They have the weapons everywhere. Think about the running backs. Right? Okay. Melvin Gordon gone. They still have Eckler and they still have our boy from North Western, Justin Jackson, the coach. They have a tight end.

Anthony Lynn is the code for Henry. I liked, but injuries versus, Oh I’ve gone over on everyone but the chiefs and that division, I’m going under a charge. That’s probably a bad bet. Los Angeles Rams, although I did, I went under an everyone except the Broncos. We’ll see how that works. LA Rams.

Speaker 5 (31m 57s): Oh nine

Speaker 0 (31m 60s): where are you getting this? Nine

Speaker 5 (32m 2s): nine

Speaker 0 (32m 4s): and Kramer. You had their 2016 and 19 record. That’s obviously wrong. There are nine wins last year and then there it looks like cooks is going out the door. They’re losing a bunch of talent cause they just, they were hit so hard by the cap loss. Wade Philips, I think this is another down year for the Rams. If you like the Cardinals over especially, I think you’re pounding this under, I think I’m okay taking this under anyway. They’re clearly the third team in the division now to me after San Francisco in Seattle.

Uh, so let’s go G Jared Goff, that’s all you gotta say? Miami dolphins. This win total is six.

Speaker 3 (32m 41s): You know, I know Fitz magic brought them some wins last year. Yeah. But this team played well and they got rid of, they lost Brian Flores. There are now rebuilding this guys. He’s a coach. He at least appeared to be a coach on a losing team. We can see if he can turn turn that corner. Can they get to seven Tom Brady gone? Why not?

Speaker 2 (33m 4s): Yeah, I’m, I’m on the dolphins over six. I think they really rallied around Flores. You saw it late. I mean in Miami is that, especially if conditioning is an issue here, coming into the season, Miami always a tough place to play because of the heat and humidity. So I’ll really like this if they have like three home September games that that them and Denver, those early home games, look out propswap.com baby government working on that stimulus check. Create your own stimulus by depositing $100 over our propswap.com you get $100 added onto your account, no rollover bonus, no nothing.

You just have $200 to buy a future prop off propswap.com and the cool thing about PropSwap is you’re buying real Vegas bets, but you don’t have to live in Los Vegas. Restrictions do apply, but a lot of States that don’t have real sports betting still allow you to buy these live sports tickets. So go to propswap.com use the promo code SGP before this offer is gone. Load up that account so when sports can sports return, you can cash in big over propswap.com promo code S G P,

Speaker 3 (34m 17s): Minnesota Vikings nine is the number. Did they win last year? 10 now I’m questioning all my numbers. 10 they won last year. Um, Shauna, this just feels like another team that’s going to be successful in the regular season. They won’t have as many primetime games as they did this year. They had like five or six great point. Kramer and I just made a mental note to remember like there’s no way they’re getting that many primetime spots for Kirk cousins. Shit, the bed. So this roster remains good.

Kirk cousins remains good enough

Speaker 2 (34m 50s): to win 10 games in the regular season. Give me the over. Yeah, I’ll go over here. Uh, I think not having digs will hurt because the and seems like a guy who benefited a lot from having Stefan Diggs.

Speaker 3 (35m 2s): I don’t know though, cause you don’t, I mean dig seemed to be the problem in the locker room, so and well no, I don’t think it’s a surprise. Diggs was the one that’s gone and not dealing. Right. What is the surprise is that they extended Kirk cousins? That to me is a surprise. Again, it’s that weird Kirk. I mean we, I think we almost have to call it the Kirk cousins effect, which is you’re probably not going to do that much better. He’s a weird anchors for is quite high. The ceiling is incredibly low.

So I mean it, you know, he’s 10 and is kind of that,

Speaker 0 (35m 38s): that ceiling and I feel like his is like seven and nine, eight, eight. So yeah, that makes sense. But I’ll go over with you, but I still want to make fun of Kirk cousins. They have such a nice home field advantage to new England Patriots. Nine and a half is the total. Wow. It’s a baby fucking wheel was massive respect for bill bell. Massive. Who is the starting quarterback? They’re assuming they’re going to get a starting quarterback somewhere. Do you know what Jay, you know their starter is Jared sit him.

You know where he played college ball, Sean? No, I don’t. Auburn. He’s I I to be factory it QB factory, right? Shit. Producer of sham noon. I don’t know. I don’t know how you can make this number so high. Yeah, I’m going to go under for the first time. Taking the Patriots under money or wind total may pay on me. Ask you this. If the Patriots had Kirk cousins, are you taking over nine and a half? Yeah. Well I think you have to take under right now until you know who their quarterback is.

Belicheck God bless him. Uh, really is good at, at rallying the team around. He’s going to be hyper motivated. And you know what I’m talking myself into it. Give me over because I’m making the case right there. Whoever it is. This team is going to be in fear, bill Belichick down this year. No quarterbacks matters. I mean, again, this is why it’s way too early. It’s, it’s reckless. It’s irrational. But I’m going over. If they get Andy Dalton, I will take this over. Well, you can’t do that.

New Orleans saints, this number is 10 minus one 40 on the over feels a little bit like this could be the last hurrah, uh, assuming nothing changes. They did lose the Butler who was pretty critical to their success this year. They’re leaning into the idea that tastes him a man named tastes can be a starting quarterback. Well and they, and they brought in, brought back Malcolm Jenkins could round things. You know what though? I’ll go plus one 20 and take the under because drew Brees, we see the quarterbacks fall off the cliffs.

Oh, I’ll go over here. Uh, they were having a great off season. There were some red flags. Yeah. He’s days dealing with the covid. So thoughts and prayers to uh, uh, Sean Payton, there again worried that uh, chewing dip may lead to it, but I, I’m going to go over, they got a great home field advantage that you bring in some leadership like Malcolm Jenkins, I can think they can rally around two 11 wins. This is, it’s a bit of a cop out, but this 10 wins is probably exactly where they are. Like my bet on the under is mostly about the fact that drew Brees, I think this is it.

We’re going to see him fall off the cliff giants, my New York giants, the total six and a half, Sean, that’s awfully low for a team that’s going to compete. It going to be competing for a playoff spot. And potentially, uh, I’m, I, I’m all on, on, on, all right. You can’t even sell yourself on it. Ryan I’m going under in the New York giants. Stop it. What are horrible last year and they won four games. Yeah. They can be horrible and win six games.

I, I again, I think not having any sort of OTAs off season. What’s good thing Mike, judge Aaron, judge, whatever it is, the creator of Beavis and Butthead. Oh, someone’s got to do a Photoshop of, uh, Eli Manning and uh, and Mr. Jones Beavis and Butthead and then created by Joe judge. I just don’t see it with this giant seem, I’m going to keep feeding them until they really scare me.

Speaker 3 (39m 16s): Hi. I’m starting to buy in Sean a lot. You know, nothing’s happened, but I’m really starting to, during this quarantine, I’ve really just

Speaker 0 (39m 23s): gotten myself behind. This giant team is going to be good jets. Totals the wind totals seven minus one 30 on the under.

Speaker 3 (39m 31s): Um, they won seven last year. This is another interesting example of, I almost think like everyone else in the AFC is, you have to go over.

Speaker 0 (39m 41s): Um, I’m going under here

Speaker 3 (39m 44s): to you think this team is, is, is intriguing is for the same reasons the dolphins are intriguing.

Speaker 0 (39m 50s): Yeah, but I think the difference is the coach and I think Adam, Oh shit I forgot under, I liked their quarterback. I know Colby hates him, but I like Sam Darnold it has potential. He just needs to have the right quarterback. Uh, and head coach. I just think, yeah, I’m going under here. I think they’re just not going to maximize the talent that they have, which is pretty decent. Even though they lost Robby Anderson, he’s going to go down to Carolina and possibly busloads and cops, uh, mu they don’t, the Carolinas Carolina aren’t going to be quite as cool with that as they are up North.

Sean, the Philadelphia Eagles,

Speaker 3 (40m 25s): nine and a half minus one 35 on the over. What am I missing here? We’re not having, how many wins is Malcolm Jenkins worth to that locker room? Carson Wentz, a noted non leader of men

Speaker 0 (40m 41s): under, I’m going over. I love what they’re doing with the defensive line. They’ve had horrific injury look the past few years. If they can just straight eh, well they hadn’t, no one, uh, at receiver should be getting to stud in the first round is, especially if they get Yonic look out for this defensive line. The events of line already really strong and that’s how you, I think they tooled up the defense to play to gym shorts, his strength Derrius sleigh. Great addition. I am worried about losing Jenkins, but you bring in Hargrave I think that helps that Hargrave Maleek Jackson Fletcher, Cox nasty.

They’re defensive line and offensive line are still really strong. So and you look at the offensive side of the ball, you saw what we got out of miles Sanders in the second half of the season. That guy, um, better than say Quan Barkley. So again, I like the over there for nine and a half wins. Yeah, I mean, look, if you’re an Eagles, you just, you need some receivers. You need someone on the outside. And I will see what we get a this Sean Jackson, I do like Greg Gordon the slot. Um, and I do like some of like the coaches they brought in.

All right. Buzzers. My, my wrist is vibrating, Sean. That’s enough Eagles talk. Pittsburgh Steelers, nine and a half big Ben as he told us from his cave said he will be back. Ah, I liked the look. He looked like a better version of me. Shawn, I’m going over on this Pittsburgh Steelers team. Really?

Speaker 6 (42m 6s): Yeah.

Speaker 0 (42m 8s): Yeah. I mean they were holding it together with like who are their quarterbacks again from Sanford. Oh, the duck. But don’t you think like at some point we have to give Tom Lynn a little bit of credit. Yeah. And and Thailand, now that we’ve seen Antonio Brown and we’ve seen levion bell outside of the confines of Pittsburgh. We have to give them a little bit of credit. Big Ben. He’s still, I think he still has a little bit in it. He kind of reminds me, love Pete Carroll. Just kind of a rock of a head coach. Make some boneheaded play calling, but reliable as far as getting you to a, a winning record, uh, or close to it.

They were eight and eight, but he, I don’t think he’s ever had a losing record in the NFL. I, I’m with you on the, how many other coaches are still going 500 after losing their starting quarterback that aren’t real Bella to string? That’s the point. It’s, it’s, it’s clear is that whole melee they dealt with. Like he, they had a pretty wild season. Pretty impressive. San Francisco, 40 Niners coming off a thrilling defeat in the Superbowl to the hands of the Kansas city chiefs. 10 and a half minus one 15 on the owner minus one Oh five on the over.

Speaker 6 (43m 15s): Ah,

Speaker 0 (43m 16s): I mean again with Jimmy G and it’s like, just ridiculous. Look, they, they, they didn’t sustain the front seven. Um, John Lynch again, he’s just can’t I, I don’t believe he’s a smart man. I don’t believe he can sustain a, for a front office. Maybe shake hands, pulling the strings. He’s a smart guy. I just don’t believe in Jimmy G. but this team should be good. Right? Yeah, it’s, and that’s, I think we’re wrong. We are right in the fact that we said Jimmy G wasn’t a guy who was going to come up big and we were naive to think that San Francisco could win the NFC championship game only throwing eight times.

But they figured it out and, and I think Shanahan deserves a lot of credit. Um, so I’m actually gonna go over here even though they lost Buckner. I think. I think there’s enough talent on the roster and Shanahan, good enough head coach. I, I’ve been skeptical at times, but yeah, give me the over hangovers real. I think we saw the perfect season for that defense. I’ll take the under. Well, and they’re not going to have Buckner, so yeah, that should, I mean, Superbowl hangover. I’m taking both vendors for the Superbowl teams.

Seattle Seahawks nine is the wind total. Once again, Russell just being disrespected. He get was heading every, I mean, just come on. He just wins double digit games every year. I was all over that last year. It was, it was nine or eight and a half. And you know, they know, look great. I was listening to, um, I’m blanking on his name, but I was listening to some other bullshit podcasts. Guy made a solid point though. He was bringing up, uh, talking about one score regression candidates and you know, we always, we always mentioned that Seattle box, that trend.

Seattle always since the Russell Wilson era has been great and one score games and they, it’s not something that seems to like go up and down with luck or a year to year and it’s because of Russell Wilson and whatever Pete Carroll does as well. And now he has the perfect Russell Wilson receiving target in LA or in Metcalf and that’s, yeah, that’s going to be a really hard tandem to sob. Surprise. It’s nine now. I really am. I mean, I think the division everyone in the division is pretty solid. So that’s probably where that’s coming from.

I, I of course I’m going to take the over here slightly juiced on the over minus one 20 Tampa Bay Bucs nine also minus one 25 plus one Oh five on the under this, this roster’s loaded. And if Tom Brady has it, I’ve been kind of betting against some of these, some of the other quarterbacks I’ve been betting against them doing it this year top. Maybe Tom Brady can do it down in Florida and if he can that roster’s good. That roster is better than what he hadn’t in new England by a mile.

Well, and they went uh, seven and nine and they lost some close games. I mean Jamis Winston throwing 30, 30 or 31 interception third. A lot of those were pick sixes. Like not only was he turned the ball over, he was giving them scoring opportunities. I like the over here. They missed that kick with the giants. Win the game. This was, this is a regression team and they brought in the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. She allegedly, Tennessee Titans nine is now the wind total. Oh man.

Now we’re getting Ryan. All right, I get it. You guys had a great season last year. You’re really excited. Everyone’s coming back. You, you gave Ryan Tannehill a shitload of money. You know what? You know what that dude’s from? He’s from Florida. You know what, he’s spending his money on suggestions. It’s like that. A GIF of, uh, the guy from tiger King, the fat dude, this is awesome. Is awesome. Scene of him on the jet-ski. Ah, you know, as much as fun as tighten up was last year, you’re out of your mind.

If you’re taking over on this going under and under is the play I like. I like this team. I liked what they did, but they, they had a perfect season. That wasn’t really, if you were in that season a hundred times, that was the perfect simulation. Now people have tape on Tannahill Derrick Henry Montana though. That’s the problem. Well, I mean as far as like what they were doing and Hill or sorry, and Derrick Henry. Awesome year. But like how, how much can this go on? It just feels like there’s going to a drop off. So I like a under on Tennessee Titans yet seems obvious.

Redskins five and a half. I mean, what’s going to change on, well, I actually think Ron Rivera coming in here, uh, is he straightened the team out. Who’s Quarterville? Well and that’s, that’s the big cam Newton, well the fact that they didn’t make a move for him early I think says all you need to know about where it came to and and that I think what they’re going to do is, I think they’re gonna give Haskins this year to really see where he goes. But I think Ron Rivera is a solid enough head coach.

He can get this team to six wins. Six wins isn’t that much. Um, so I’ll, I’ll take the over here. Actually, I plus 100 cam Newton’s going to the Patriots. Well and maybe it’s, maybe they’re just sitting waiting it out and maybe it’s a money thing, but yeah, I don’t know. I think the Redskins, I think you’re right. I think Rhonda didn’t they, who did they, who’s their backup that they signed or, or or that they’re like, cause they brought in another quarterback. Um, was it keen again or no? No. Where’s case?

Keenum what hat do we, we lose case Keenan. Did he fall off the earth? Ah, I thought they’re going to bring in another, a quarter of Allen. They sound, there you go. Kyle Allen Smith. I’m the roster. Yeah, maybe Alex Smith where he grows his leg. Um, we’ll see. But I, I’m, I’m over on Redskins and more so it’s cause I’m down on the giants and the Cowboys. Sure. I’ll take the over. Really talk to you. You know where case do you know where case Keenum is? Oh, did he go to a no, I completely the Browns.

Oh look out case Keenan is going to be fighting for that job. Johnny Manzell you don’t want to crap now. So wait, they have two quarters or years. 18 million. 8 million. Fully guaranteed. That’s not bad. I mean that’s not, that’s that chase. Daniel, Robin the league, but case Keenum so now the Browns are just locking down quarterbacks with horrific mechanics. Johnny Manziel. We need someone who can, who can, uh, you know, mimic Johnny Manzell poor mechanics up case Keenum get him on the line.

He holds the clipboard while though that he does Ryan that he does. All right guys, that was fun. Got me thinking about football. Got the football juices flowing by you for participating in the sportsgamblingpodcast. Sean, you got to give a lock. Oh, you’re right. We got to give out a best bet on lock I think. I think we’re probably going to agree here, but to me the two that stood out the most are a the Buffalo bills. Yup. I’m going to go over, I’m going to give you two hours here and then just actually I’ll give you a three.

Seattle over nine in Tennessee under nine. They, they just, okay, I’ll go. I’ll go. Um, I liked those too as well. I’ll give you, I’ll give you two different ones. I’ll give you over Colts means yeah, feel great about that one. And under, on the rooms. Yeah. I’ll go under on the Rams. Nine is way too high. Thank you guys. Again, getting some football talk. Go and draft right around the corner of draft props, mock mock draft podcast.

We’ve got it all. And of course Degen madness alive and well. Uh, see where you’re at. sportsgamblingpodcast.com/contest check, check. Uh, check your leaderboard. We actually still have one perfect bracket somehow. Oh yeah. Which is pretty insane. May as well give that guy the money now. I mean, we have a 12 seat at 13 seat, a 15 seat advancing into the sweet 16 so over the place and tune in where a Thursday to Sunday night, nine o’clock on the East, six o’clock in the West will be streaming Degen madness for the sports gambling podcast.

I’m Sean stacking them on the green and he has Ryan Oh

Speaker 1 (51m 20s): Kramer.

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