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Tiger King Gambling: Real Bets You Can Make On Joe Exotic and Crew

Tiger King Gambling: Real Bets You Can Make On Joe Exotic and Crew

It is the viral sensation that is sweeping the nation. That is right ladies and gentlemen, we got gambling odds for the Tiger King on Netflix. Thank all the streaming gods for bringing Joe Exotic, Carole Baskins, Doc Antle, and the rest of their motley cult … I mean crews, into our lives!

For those that have not watched it yet, you need to hunker down on your couch and pop some popcorn. Get ready to be entranced by the world of big cats and exotic animal ownership in America. MyBookie is presently offering odds on several outcomes related to the Netflix sensation.

All of these bets must be placed by April 5 at 6:00 pm.


Yes (By Jan. 20, 2021) +850, No (By Jan. 20, 2021) -1600

This has to be the one you are going to make money on. Joe has already begun the process of seeking a presidential pardon to release him from a 22-year sentence. This one has some of the best odds and the highest probability of success.

Given a past history of being influenced by celebrity influencers, Trump is likely to follow the winds on this one. After past high-profile pardons, Trump has shown a willingness to grant pardons regardless of public opinion. Exotic would be high-profile, goodwill-generating pardon with little controversy. This is your best bet for “Tiger King” action.


Yes (By Dec. 31, 2020) +850, No (By Dec. 31, 2020) -1600

Doc Antle and his crew were some of the more under-the-radar characters in “Tiger King.” That is until the sex-cult accusations started flying. Then we were all in on Doc and the gals!

Doc has already been raided by federal authorities, but supposedly not because of anything he did. That being said, with so much public scrutiny being directed his way this could lead to more investigations and an eventual charge. This one also has some stellar odds and stellar chance to happen. All this takes is someone to find enough evidence to bring charges against Doc.

Based on the footage we saw, there is a strong possibility there are witnesses out there who would gladly testify to this. Get in on this action early.


Yes (By Dec. 31, 2020) +1000, No (By Dec. 31, 2020) -2000

This is a massive longshot that is becoming longer each day we stay in quarantine. Getting from a closed investigation to a trial to a conviction would be a massive undertaking in normal times. During quarantine, good luck.

The odds are that Carole definitely had something to do with her husband’s disappearance, but it is highly unlikely that a trial could resolve before the end of 2020. If she did it, she probably fed him to her tigers which leads us to our last prop bet.


Yes (By Dec. 31, 2020) +1000, No (By Dec. 31, 2020) -2000

As stated above, he was most likely fed to the tigers. If a body that is Jack Lewis’ turns up we should all be shocked. Especially after Carole gave us this stunning revelation about how you would get a tiger to eat someone.

carole baskins

Yeah, she definitely did it.

She fed that dude to the tigers. No doubt.

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