Al Harrington Interview (Ep. 802)

al harrington nba and marijuana

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The guys are joined by NBA veteran Al Harrington to discuss his basketball career and his transition into starting his own cannabis company Viola. Al Harrington shares his experiences with marijuana and the NBA, the medicinal side effects of cannabis and his experiences play in the Big 3 basketball league. Plus lock, dog, tease weed edition.

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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling pack has some Shawn stack in the money green was my partner in picks. We’re I real money Kramer. What’s happening creme dog? Everything’s half. I’m not sure how clear how high def this new fancy cameras, but there appears to be a low pressure system moving across the studio maybe teasing ahead to our guests, but our guest well, of course if you’re watching the video slash Words game like podcast you’ll see a photo of the great Al Harrington.

He’s a 16 year NBA vet good dude. Just finished the interview with them. He started his own cannabis company lot of fun some great stories in there and looking forward to for you guys to hear the interview pretty awesome Ryan crowbarred in a lot of hey, I’m also from Jersey references that are fun. Listen. I’m not going to interview a guy from right down the road, S6, New Jersey. Played for st. And I didn’t want to bring this up with same place for one of the saint schools in the state of the great state of New Jersey.

The funny thing is I think he’s lived the exact same life as me other than the pro career other than the fact that he’s six seven. He now lives in cat. Well a lot of similarities athletic good outside game, but he also made the migration from he wears E2 Southern California. I believe he lives. He’s up there with everyone else in the Calabash. This Valley area. So I also get the sense in listening and reading materials about him. He’s not exactly reppin, New Jersey anymore much like me.

Yeah, are you think there’s a right now 15 years removed, which he’s similar age to me. He’s realizing that all the stereotypes are true. No offense to the guineas and the Irish and the happy belated st. Patrick’s Day, by the way, exactly. It’s a baby fucking way. Wheelman if you missed yesterday, we put out a podcast with Boston cap or breaking down the news that Tom Brady was no longer going to be a patriot while we did that we actually had breaking news later on the podcast that he had signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Well, of course Johnny couldn’t sign. Not until tonight. Yeah, not until we’re official tampering period can we talk about this for one? Quit? I know we do this every year but why what’s the point? What is the point of having everything reported before it actually can happen? Yeah, why not just have Signing Day be one day at is the value of these two days is this like how like gives teams the ability to figure out who they’re signing so they can clear the cap space. Like is it one of those? It must be some weird like legal technicality thing.

NG because the other than that, it makes no sense another one. So we just check out that podcast. We’re going to be doing a mega free agency pod breaking out all the moves grading all the moves once everything shakes out. Of course Philip Rivers now on the Colts San Diego superchargers charge. Do we wait to talk about the Eagles and the future the impending doom in the locker room letting Malcolm Jenkins go. Well. Yeah. I think we save all of our big picture.

Ways for a free agency Mega pod. But yeah, I’m disappointed. They were know how to be alone ervis about that one. We know Carson Wentz a documented non leader a documented player who does not have the entire locker room behind him. He does now ride the snakes were driven out Alshon. Jeffery will not be back. The Eagles are rallying around and it’s time the Eagles need to get younger. They need to get faster. I love Malcolm Jenkins great player great on and off the field right up.

Pthere with Dawkins as far as just like epitomize. What a great Philadelphia safety means so it’s a big hole to fill the Eagles have a ton of caps face still. I still think there’s a couple moves up. How are you every rose and sleep will see don’t want to get too deep into it. But as someone who’s watched the Giants at their best and watch them now during some of their worst the biggest Gap The Gap was simply those non on field leaders granted it helps when their starters but Antonio Pierce was value not because he was valuable not because he was a super smart middle linebacker because he was slow you could beat him.

He was he was the weak spot of that defense back, but he was a leader because of what he did with the players they all bought in and I have a feeling that Malcolm Jenkins caused that team too, but when they went on their run, I have a sneaky suspicion. He had a lot to do with the buy-in of the locker room and when guys like that just leave it stuff will see every team goes through this every team needs to get rid of the old guys bringing new guys. So big hole to fill when it comes to leadership role of Malcolm.

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I mean, it’s it’s pretty fun. So check it out. My bookie – AG promo code SGP to play when you get paid Sean. I’m a little ashamed to admit it but I did watch a decent amount of the marble racing. It made me want to go out to a toy store and construct my own track as a kid Sean. No bullshit. Last time my parents came to visit me. They brought they bought a box of shit mainly for the kids. But one of the things in there was a notebook I had when I was a kid probably like six seven eight years old where I Typically timed every Matchbox car.

I had down a track just to gravity-based track and I had pages of data timing these cards Zoom to the zoom to the present. That’s where the were the origin started. But I say all of that to say with all of this time to look at things that aren’t real because there’s nothing happening in the real world. I’ve found myself as I’ve been in the lab as I’ve been To develop a solution for the DJ hands only to give sort of some sort of bracket here because well, he’s not only content to watch not only pulls to join potentially even live gambling action to bet on and of course more excuses to spend time with your boy real money Kramer.

I’ve been really noticing how realistic the cheerleader as look in some of these simulations well and and and the dance moves. I mean come on you want to talk about the gameplay looking real? They must have studied some actual hot chicks who can dance well, and why do they put dudes in there too? Because you know, we’re it Progressive. We you’re talking about the virtual cheerleaders and I was watching the same game. We’re figuring out possibly system for a prakit and allegedly definitely, but I cannot give Fire nor deny.

We just want to get all the dots. You know, the eyes eyes eyes dad before we officially announce it it reminded me Ryan of Tecmo Super Bowl where there was certainly when they would if you remember the game, there’s a moment where they throw the cheerleader up and then her little her skirt comes up and you can see like underneath there and then I reminded myself that the game was created by Japanese who are notoriously super horny, especially for women. So it just it just took me back.

But before we get to the alley Harrington interview, which we will get to in just two seconds update on the bites bracket Elite eight. We got shinebox Gus Chasm baby – whale disgusting act San Diego superchargers moved on long walks. There are only two spots left to punch your ticket to the elite eight. And right now today if you’re listening to this on Wednesday, we have mad and penetration squaring off. It’s hot hot hot I think bad penetration.

He’s one of those guys who will get penetration. He’s just going to cruise has hot hot hot. I don’t think this is gonna be the biggest. I mean shinebox 180 220. I was going to say, I think it’s going to be the biggest blow up maybe not but I think it’s a comfortable win for bad and penetration. Yes, but I think I think if we get the video of Randy Marsh out there, okay, that’s gonna add some value. I want to see a nail-biter here Sean. Can we bring it back to the recent Victor the first the first non chalk to make the elite eight.

And that’s Justin Decker San Diego superchargers. They love hearing at mansingh looking at my bracket right now Shawn. I have him. I think he upsets. Mr. That’s Jon Gruden. Wow. I have here already the final four the bracket going to the final four. I am still in second place Sean. This is Unbelievable. This would be so on-brand for the Kramer FML tour un the one prize. You’re not eligible for the bracket.

I finally dominate is worth absolutely zero dollars in my pocket Sean you are tied for 13th. Place yourself. Not bad, perhaps when you’re the committee and when all the chapters 1 through 4 seeds are making it as you predicted. You just send you pat yourself on the back. Now of the people who are actually eligible Mindy Miller. First place 260 points that’s really impressive second place with with your boy ride real money Kramer Robbie higbee.

Hmm. And then quickly fourth place Scott Mickelson Jack. Oh flattery. Nice Irish name there Richard wire, Mark winkelman cashed, you know, we like cashew nice Twitter Community contributor Josh Bank Bixler. Tony rid of something or other car was Steve-O Kevin Bowen. All in fourth place. So a lot of people still in the mix for that actual cash prize $500 show Hard Cash last thing I’ll say about this when we started the bytes bracket we knew it was a genius idea.

Yes we did but we did not know that it was going to grow into the first post. Cancel. What do we call that day? First day that the post end-of-the-world bracket. We have first post couillard. He had the non-sports bracket ready to go and already put out a cash prize. We’re going to add to that in the future coming days. Stay tuned, of course get your votes in at gambling podcast.

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Go to Simply / SG P get free shipping on your order and a 60 day money back guarantee. That’s Siem pli SGP to save on home security today Simply such as g e joining us on the line 16 year NBA vet and co-founder of Viola the Cannabis company a Harrington out. How you doing, man? How y’all doing doing? Great, excellent. Very excited to talk to a fellow lover lover of the the herb also fellow small business owner.

So we’re very excited to have you on thanks. Yeah. No, I mean it’s it’s cool you basically transition from your your career in the NBA to owning and creating co-founding your own cannabis company. Let’s go back a little bit though. When did you first start using marijuana? The first time I ever tried it I was actually in Phoenix Arizona with my team when I was playing on the Warriors. All right, we had got bounced out of the playoffs because the Clippers at these nuggets.

The Cannabis and I’ve been that I’ve been that Sherpa for a lot of people on their first trips and that’s messed up if they went too strong for you because that paranoia I’ve had friends essentially give it up the next day like you’re describing and stick to that based on the extreme paranoia of one bad night. So so Al you were toast to you for keeping it going. Yeah Al you went from saying you’re never going to try weed again to now owning a weed company years later. What what kind of changed your mind?

Along the way it’s funny to like, you know, all the guys like all my teammates that smoke was any other guy I saw in my whole career because believe it or not like the smokers. I’ve never hung out with him.

B11 when my grandmother came to see me play when I play for the Denver Nuggets and when she got to my, you know to my condo she started taking all this medication. So I just asked the like Grandma white taking someone’s medication was going on and she started giving me a list of the things that she was dealing with. One of the things was glaucoma and like amazing for that. I was reading a newspaper article about the benefits of cannabis with a coma patient and I’ll probably tell her about what I was reading it like You know, I didn’t really know a lot.

It was just you know something I read. Like I said, you know and finally exactly what if cannabis was I kept referring for the Cannabis marijuana weed. You know, I’m in so much pain today.

I’ll try anything. So I called a friend of mine who I knew that had a cannabis card. He went to the dispensary. They recommend it did not push we brought it back. We keep project started off Grandma’s Vietnam Kush wanna curse bro, like the conducting. I don’t know. What the hell I’m doing, right? Yeah. So we vaporize it for in the Volcano Bag in the garage all drank or smoked it out the volcano. And I can see just how she started to relax.

Or the my Bible know what three years so she was downstairs read our Bible, you know after she tried cannabis, you know for the first time ever in my life and I tell people all the time like my grandmother like she’s not going to heaven will go to hell for sure. You’re not. Okay. We don’t have a shot. And yeah, so that’s how I started. That’s how that’s what inspired me to start my company that talk about how trippy the Bible could be. If you were to sound especially first time on a cush. She was living that thing so, Oh that I mean that’s an awesome story.

I also I mean it it is super funny that the guy who wasn’t super into weed has become the weed guy and I’m guessing that’s a little bit more to do with the business a Clemente. How did I’m always curious because it does seem I played High School sports with a guy who went went pro and football and and it seems like there’s all sorts of this opportunity out there to gain a understanding of how the business World works. It’s just seems like most athletes don’t take advantage of it. What got you into that world?

You know just me from entrepreneurship. I mean, I’ve always you know, I’ve always liked didn’t just in general right and always always had a passion about getting money, right? I figured starting their right and then, you know, obviously coming into money at such a young age and you’re having advisors and different things like that. You know, I was lucky to get an advisor that for the older gentleman that you know that you know kind of help Along the way we’re trying to figure out you know what I’m saying how to invest in different things like that.

And one of the things he’s always tells me for because obviously you get so many opportunities here always knocking on your door with opportunity different things that you can invest in and stuff like that. And you know, he would always tell me why you don’t do your own research, you know said, but why should you invest you know, why does this make sense to me? Things like that? And then lay the foundation for me so that when I sword deals like that kind of out of metal I’m saying is good realized what was good. And what was it and you know and I was able to take that into can do this just because it was right obviously, you know, this is the industry where you know, it wasn’t a lot of getting that you could do, right, you know a lot of times and cannabis with substance mostly with that you deal with that never really say they are right but that’s also another challenge that you deal with just you know, within the case, you know in general so, you know for me it was just a lot of ups and downs bumps and bruises.

That would be able to do is stick with it. Right? I never gave up and then it was a lot of times, you know in my journey of you know get to where I am. So now it was easy to give up, you know what I mean? But I didn’t and I just realized that you know the same way I was able to you know, lay a foundation to be able to play 60 years in the NBA which was do hard work and dedication. They would do the same thing, you know in this industry and you know, I always that’s the reason why I feel like I’m having a and it’s always good to see a positive someone who produces output as a user because the obviously the biggest stereotype that a stoner has is their lazy.

So I think you know, whether it’s you or any of these other kind of upstart industry starters, it’s cool to kind of start brushing that reputation of someone who uses weed as someone who is just a leech on society and just going to be a lazy dude eating Cheetos and playing video games. So Now that’s a fact that I mean, that’s why I you know, it’s seriously like that’s the reason why I do what I do. You know what I’m saying? That’s why you know, I advocate the way I do because you know, it’s all about humanizing the plant and changing the stigma, right?

You know, I was able to play in the big three two years or a year ago. And I played the first two seasons. I dominated the two seasons and I use cannabis the entire time you heard him saying not only that, you know, I raised my kids dad the whole thing, you know, it’s the whole thing. You real quick to using cannabis and playing basketball. We hear stories of NBA players, you know getting high before games that helps them Focus dial them in I tried using weed before rec league game. Once it was a complete disaster. Did you and it sounds like you did you use before the game or did you use it as pain management?

Where does that come into play of a professional athlete and is it true that guys do use it before games? Yeah, so so when God said before games, you know, I think you got to put it in perspective. Right? So what I mean, so I think that when guys like I use a back bar and you know the same with a very, you know, I know a story, you know, very intimately right when he said before games. He mean right after shoot around he smokes takes his nap. You know what I’m saying? Wake up in drive to the game, you know, it’s a name two hours before workout to pay it in play the game.

That’s when he says mobile phone game. That’s what He means okay. I don’t think any guy sits and you know sit in the car smoke a joint.

Game coming out and saying how you know, I went to a little day party. I actually was spoken with the guide, you know, some other friends that was in Toronto. And by the time I got back to the hotel to go take the shuttle over to the game. I felt like I could 20 I felt good and so that’s the first time that I can say that that I actually you know, consume cannabis before I went and played in a basketball game like, you know within two hours of the game and I’m not gonna lie. I felt great I felt I felt like I was moving a little bit faster.

I wasn’t as hesitant. Like the one thing I can say is like as I played and I always you somewhat hesitant just because I would move make moves not wanting to get hurt but I kind of let it all go and I’ll just play the first time that I ever you know, It doesn’t make sense to go get high and it will try to play against Kevin Durant.

Are you guys doing that? I always say the same thing opponents too much to you know, go and put themselves at a disadvantage by getting high before games. Yeah you were I was listening to the up. The all the smoke podcast that Matt Barnes does Stephen Jackson when you’re a guest and you’re talking about guarding. Yeah making it. Imagine guarding you out Ming while high that would just be I mean, it’s hard enough.

Yeah. Yeah, you actually call it this bastard well, and it’s interesting. We’re talking NBA and and kind of the connection to marijuana the NBA The Players Association. They asked the league if they would not drug test for marijuana during this Hiatus. We’re kind of in a weird. Times overall. I mean this whole Hiatus thing but also just the fact that so many teams play in states where it’s completely legalized recreationally. Do you see them eventually like how many years do you think it’s before they just stop testing completely for marijuana in the NBA?

I figure I think it’s going to be very soon. You know, so many people think I think that with the MLB about testing any longer NFL no one gets to spending but you know, I still don’t understand why they still testing. Yeah what that makes sense. Yeah, I’m like, you know why they still testing it normally done is done like, you know saying why go through that but you know, I think that the NBA is definitely on on the past, you know to that to getting there.

I would guess within the next 12 months to be honest. I think it’s going to be moving a little faster. But I think that one thing I will say I think that the whole thing about not testing right now while we only try to leave you on this Hiatus is more about having you know, the Straight As you know other of the kids or whatever coming into players homes, you know. Wow, you know why we had this social distance requirement of stuff like that. Uh, I don’t think it has anything to do with them changing that policy so I wouldn’t get that excited yet.

Well and I mean they have they have to write I think when baseball does something when the other leagues are doing something that baseball isn’t it looks bad but also Sean, you know as I work in the technology space and you know, you can now go work for the government you can work for the NSA you can work for the FBI and smoke weed. So it is it is getting to a place where it feels a little bit old white guy like the NFL still testing for it feel a little old white guy just want like a list of people who smoke weed. Why are you know who’s popping Edibles left?

And right Jim irsay right there the owner of the Colts. He’s definitely get involved in that why not? You know when me and my wife are in the kids are to sleep. We’re going to go watch a movie. There’s Edibles in play. I’m sorry. This is America. Well and especially I mean, it’s a huge issue in the NFL players getting you know tied into opiates. I mean cannabis is a much safer when it comes to pain management and that kind of stuff. So that’s the other side of the coin the science is catching up now and there’s enough information out there and I think to your point like that that’s the angle and I think the the the approach of saying like hey, these are bad things you pointed out earlier alcohol Al but the other side of that coin is the pains man.

That through opiates and I think the League’s would be silly not to open their eyes and accept accept science. Yeah, I mean I’ve been to the day like they always preached that day care about player Safety First and our well-being so, you know and the thing that you know, I’m we’re not saying that cannabis will cure all for always saying that the players have access and at the end of the day if a player can manage his pain who’s smoking a joint or eating Edibles overtaking the opiates and different things like that? Why not allow that why not have that available to them I’m saying if you really quitting, you know their well-being first.

Yeah. Now your company Viola does it do you have specific strains products for pain management? You had a what a do you specialize in a particular angle as far as the Cannabis industry or is it just wide-ranging depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for? Yeah. Yeah. We’re more wide range depending on experience looking for but I also have a CD company as that I you know, I you know, I prayed it is created by athletes for athletes and you know.

We have topical tinctures capsules all THC free it was you know, I use these products that would be reason why I was able to play the two years I was able to play in The Big Three was because of these products. So, you know, those are my first is my first line of products that you know, I’ve made for athletes and you know, that’s what I’m trying to get, you know into the professional locker rooms. If it’s a lot of products now, it does feel like that is the The Gateway right?

I mean that’s essentially how I got my my wife on on the Cannabis lifestyle was hey, you’re dealing with some pain. Why don’t you try this CBD stuff? And then I slowly started introducing the THC. Do you do you think the lie like, I could see a version where the league is totally cool with your CBD only stuff. But like do you think the THC is that close as well? Yeah, yeah it is. I mean, I think that you know, I always felt like Phoebe was kind of the you know, the the first barrier to be broken through.

You know what I’m saying? Just being you know, the fan base comfortable with knowing that places are using some form of to be a part of the When you talk about, you know, treating for information and recovery and different things like that. So, you know, I believe that you know, when they do allow it, they will allow both and like I said, I think it’s sooner than later now that with everyone kind of locked down hanging out in quarantine spending a lot of time with their loved ones getting cabin fever trying to not lose their mind.

Is there is there a particular cannabis product you may recommend or kind of these? Where we going? I got it. Yeah, we’ll look it’s always good to ask or you want to stay awake, California or even Michigan and California? And yes, you can get it. I’ll guarantee you they’ll help you get this Cabin Fever for sure. Yeah. That’s that’s the dream right now. I got to shift gears a little bit as a New York Knick fan. It would be behoove me to ask you you of course were a member of the Pacers kind of at the Tail end of that that legendary era in the NBA.

I believe you played with at least one of the Davis brothers when you watch the league. Okay both. Okay, even better two of two of the hardest. I mean, I was a big fan. So Oakley and Mason versus the Davis brothers. That was As Good As It Gets when you watch the game today, even though you were a dude who would 100% succeed today because you were you were three ball shooter ahead and go ahead of your time. But when Actually game today did does it make you feel good about the progression of the sport or do you miss those clothes lines down the lane?

I missed the clothesline down the game now. I just feel like I’m seriously, I just felt like it was just a men’s league and it said I’m not taking a shot of these young guys. I mean they playing within the rules that they sit right and I would say the skill of of these guys are like tremendous, right? And obviously if you played that kind of rough tough kind of basketball, you probably wouldn’t be able to see a lot of these kids skills on display, which I like I said, I magnificent but you know, you know, I was watching Jermaine O’Neal put up with thing on his Instagram.

So I like the 90s files and all laugh like, you know any way you think about like right now like it’s trying to shorten the season and they’re trying to cut back. The back is like it making the Turning basketball basketball one point was a gladiator sport. You know what I’m saying to the tune of like the NFL and all that like it wasn’t as vicious as NFL but you know NFL had to respect the grind, you know what I’m saying? Because God’s play so many back-to-back games and the way they have the physicality and all that kind of stuff and now It’s just turned into like, you know, don’t touch me.

Don’t touch me. Watch me. Watch me. Watch me. It’s fun. It’s fun to watch. I just know I miss I miss that old school physical basketball and I think these guys were in a while. Derailment, you know what I’m saying to you can write ride rides above you know what I’m saying that physicality and still be great.

Yeah in a way it kind of has removed the ability for the sport to self-regulate like back then yeah, you pulled some shit. Someone was putting you on the like Anthony Mason literally had a 10-year career with no shot and it was just because I would put you on the ground. So the basketball goon has gone away. There is you know, there used to be a role for a guy who’s just big maybe get a couple birds and if some stuff went down he was the one they cleared things up. What you would you had a you had a very long career in the NBA.

What do you have a particular team a particular year that stands out where you were on that that 2006/2007 Golden State Warrior team. That was a very fun team like you were on a bunch of teams in the bunch of characters had some success. Is there one particular season that stands out above above the rest or that you really still keep in touch with those guys. Is there one Taylor season that really that you really connect with in your career. Can you help me out with things you know that we believe here when we were in Golden State, you know coming in there.

No, me and Stephen Jackson being traded from the paces to the Warriors and you know and the net 13 year Hiatus from the playoffs and now I’m to get to the playoffs with knocking off and see ya know. You know, we got traded here. I think January early January and between January and May. No, the in the April know the way that we were able to buy me come together as a team and then you know, the success means they would have meaning, you know, beating, you know, beating the best team in the league.

I mean, they have the best record in all the basketball and we were able to handle them in the playoffs. Once a week and the gods that we don’t talk to once a week we talked to at least once a month. So, you know, that’s the one thing that definitely sticks out to me and then obviously my pacer team is really tight to me Jermaine O’Neal Johnson Reggie Miller, you know the guys that I’m still tight with and that’s probably the team, you know, that is my probably at the team.

I had the most success with on the court so, you know those two situations now if the NBA, you know knock on wood here assuming they are Are able to finish the season at some point. Do you have a do you still keep up with the league or you are you following it? Are you up to date? Like do you have any particular teams? You see as kind of winning it all obviously Lakers are in there the East still seems pretty wide open. What are your thoughts overall assuming they’re able to finish the season?

Yeah, I think that you know, I think the rest will be between the two La teams for sure. I don’t think any other Cherry really and on the east side.

Big Silly Billy. Listen, sometimes they miss and Leadership over there. Yeah, I think they’re two best players on readers. They’re not limited to men. They may be leaders, but not Leaders with Miss and there’s a big difference. Right? So and you know, I think that surely will always be on the outside looking in. I’m a big fan and as much as it pains me to hear your assessment of the team. I totally agree and that’s I’ve kind of been against Brett Brown. I was against the whole tank.

Yankee thing and Brent Brown, I think they should have moved on before we cuz you look at him be you. Look at Simmons guys so talented so they have such a high ceiling and still it doesn’t seem like they’re able to get the most out of this roster. Obviously a number of injuries. But if you were the head coach of the 76ers, what would you do to kind of fix this team or what would you say to these guys to change the dynamic? So first, I think you got to go to the organization because I just personally think they both can I don’t think they can co-exist for some reason why he would think they could be like a Shaq and Penny.

Yeah kind of, you know coming down there but it just for some reason is not clicking in. You know, my thing is like if I coach the team like I would literally change the way we play basketball right? Listen, we’re going to change this thing that we’re going to play Old School basketball.

Every time I see him working that pinky is Unstoppable like you can’t stop the kid. Yeah. Yeah have like as he can have like a Shack on a presence on this league on this day and age, but you know, he’s out there shooting three, so that’s where we’re doing great things.

Them at your dispensary. I know you guys are in California Washington Colorado. And if not, if you have a recreational dispenser order yet. Yeah, we’re going to Michigan or gonna miss you. That’s awesome. Man. You really spreading your wings. Do you have any other any other like plans outside of the company any sort of other business ventures going on looking forward to? All right. Now just fold it on the Cannabis space may I mean not enough time in the day now, you know what I’m saying? I wish I could call me cuz I could be even more effective and what I’m doing just in these businesses I have currently but now you know, I just got my cannabis name going though some real estate stuff.

And now I got to ask one. Last question is a fellow native of New Jersey. I believe are you from Union County? I grew up in Union County New Jersey also made the migration. I’m from Essex County. I grew up in New Jersey, but I’m right next door. Would they have a train station? You’ve probably passed through before also made the migration out to California. When you go back East. Does it still blow your mind how far behind the weed the Cannabis culture is on the East Coast?

Yeah, it is crazy but is opportunity opportunity. Yeah, it seems like Bob Jersey Maryland look at it. Yeah. Well, not only that. It just seems like for a place that is you know, the South has its reputations for not so positive things all the time and the Northeast doesn’t catch a lot of that stuff but there’s a lot of closet anger in the Northeast. Yeah, and a lot of people who are very into relax a little bit very one serve it liberal conservatives, you know, and I think the idea of Marijuana is still taboo for a lot of people on the East Coast strangely enough, which is why I’m very excited because we need more companies like like Viola more ambassadors like Al Harrington to represent not only we’d Sean but the great state of New Jersey kind of there you go coming full circle.

Make sure you check out Viola for your cannabis needs and give out a follow on Twitter as well at cheddar cheese 7 To the gentleman at cheddar cheese 7 and yeah Viola Al appreciate your time and best of luck dude. Yeah best of luck. And thanks for calling him and appreciate it. Thanks, buddy. I appreciate you guys. You guys have a fun quarantine. Awesome time hanging out with our boy Al Harrington friend of the program.

Now, I just looked up while we’re talking. My local dispenser does have Viola products for Ian. So I’m going to be going there. And before I before I enjoy the viola products, I’m getting nice and clean taking a shower smelling good never been more important. If you’re hanging out with your wife contained lockdown 24 hours your kids, whatever it is. You want to smell good? Okay, do your wife your partner, whatever it is. Do them a favor. Don’t smell horrible in quarantine.

You still want to get that quarantine action shower use body wash customized cologne best part about it. You don’t have to go to the store. You don’t have to go to Walgreens. We get your cologne your body wash your shampoo Hawthorne. Dad. CEO will deliver them right to your house and take a fun to mini-quiz author and gives you customize colognes. Do you really want to go to Walgreens? If you don’t have to right now, of course not I was pumping gas and I saw a guy leaving Walgreens just the essentials Ryan two giant cases of Monster Energy Drink stacked up on each other that guy.

He probably smells didn’t get anybody watch. Maybe he has Hawthorne already delivered to his house custom clones never smelled better and check him out Hawthorne. Dad Co he’s our promo code s you peek 10% off your first purchase H. Awt hor any dot CEO and user code SGP to get 10% off your purchase a thorn dot CEO. Well that stomach bile they put in that crap definitely makes you think wiring or whatever it is.

Yeah, there’s a lot of I mean, it’s the reason that most your average run-of-the-mill computer nerd smells like shit is it isn’t the energy drink? I’ve been learning a lot about what’s in code red. Now that I’m at Esports. I cash my first are there like legal limits of Code Red. All right. Do we have a Tracker? Like they put the tracker on the the soccer and NBA players. They do that on the Esports players to measure sugar consumption. I just imagine a Chip Kelly of Esports. The coach is like measuring their urine making them drink healthy shakes out.

Oh green coffee. I I forget what it was. It was like a friend of a friend. This is like a classical a story his job was to manage one of these Esports teams. Wow. He says they have them in a Min like a mansion. They’re all living together. And he says you think I’m joking but nutrition and sleep are a big part of their thing. They haven’t David sheff like making them eat healthy meals and they’re just so addicted to Mountain Dew and just eating horrible. I mean you kind of do that. Anyway when you’re when you’re in your 20s, but when you’re like a gaming addict as well, they just get but I mean, these are sports franchises Sean.

They gotta, you know, you gotta spend the money they got to get the edge, you know, that’s not part of the salary cap you man. All right, Ryan we owe it again while we’re locked down. We’re going to be doing our Degen Wellness checks. X and then we’re going to close things out with a loc Dog Tease weed experiences Edition. So stay tuned for that. But yeah, let’s hear let’s check in on the Degen Wellness hotline, of course, if you guys want to give us a ring at any point, you’re feeling you’re feeling tempted to maybe read a book or spent going to hike spend quality time with the level and you’re like no.

I need to call the DJ and wellness line. I’m a Degen. I’m not a I’m not a guy who experiences the outdoors or eat healthier. I need action I need Talks to someone if you feel tempted give us a call 3 2 3 2 5 0 5 0 0 5 7 3 3 2 3 2 5 0 0 5 7 3 the DJ and wellness hotline also available for texts. So if you’re feeling a little shy about here and your your name on the you know hearing your name on the podcast, you don’t want it there.

That’s fine. But yeah, also if you just are really pissed off and need to scream at someone if you want to 4:30 to 60 seconds, which we can’t stress that enough. Sometimes people get drunk and ramble. We appreciate that just cut the rambling off and one minute. It makes our job a little bit easier. Just nice concise Point. Here we go. Hey, Sean Ryan called couple times. for a tough time my local casino Place page three to closer two weeks.

That’s when you know, you’re in tough times in the casino closes. Welcome last straw Casino gloves and sports Dawn. Me all you have to do is graph all you have to focus on his craft trades. No action police. We got the bites bracket. past time stay strong Try to stay positive but tough time stay strong boys rough my figure.

Oh hell. Yeah, I don’t mean to laugh but that did sound like a message that would have been like received in a zombie movie where it stays strong. It’s day 35. We’re eating Twinkies. Wait, what is that with John Goodman is it or what’s the what’s the movie about? The Invasion movie 18 Cloverfield or 10 Cloverfield lane or something like that Cloverfield Lane definitely a good movie to watch I don’t want to explain too much because I feel like GB Sean people literally have nothing to do just no tell ya it’s 10 Cloverfield Lane don’t want to say anything about it.

But Perfect movie to watch right now in these times that’s actually something we need to start every episode. We need to start giving some sort of recommendation. Well, and I’m only in episode 1 but game Game of Thrones just watch the first episode enjoyable. I still have not watched Breaking Bad. This might be the timing right? What are you doing Breaking Bad is awesome. Your you haven’t you haven’t even watched. I don’t watch the Irishman. I’ve watched more movies in the past couple days and I have in the past two years.

Watch the Irish. Okay. It’s fucking ridiculous your embarrassing. I was going to watch for adverse Ferrari next know I go home and get your fucking shine box. That’s it for Using four verses Ferrari over the Irishman. Are you kidding me? Just watch knives out. That was pretty solid. Yeah. Well close things out of their lack Dog Tease. We’d experiences couple more people who got to give a shout-out to get to give a shout out to a Spur head. That’s right tweeted out a spread perfect time to start your online sports book Someone joke like elal, but really it is because you want to have that book ready to go once Sports comes back on.

Okay. Because there’s going to be a day it’ll probably come out of nowhere where there’s a light switch and goes. Hey guys sports are back. We have 19 different games going on MLB NBA and NFL preseason games. Hopefully not that long but whatever it is, there’s going to be a switch. Everything’s going to be happening. You want to have your Sportsbook ready to go? And again, they do have an online casino Blackjack excetera a / SG P. They get you set up. It’s very easy. You get up to six weeks free.

And yeah, you don’t have to know how to set up a sports book. You don’t have to know how to even play Blackjack. They’ll set you completely up a such SGP up to six weeks free prop swap props use that promo code SGP again. They’re running this limited offer load up that props off account Futures will be turned on in the future coming weeks here and perhaps best place to buy and sell futures.

They had that issue where everyone who bought Futures That Couldn’t cash it out. They did the Good Karma thing and return the money that just shows kind of what an awesome Community prop has going and just the a lot of times they say there’s no honor among Thieves, but apparently there’s honor among DJ because big-time everyone did the right thing return the ticket. They are getting some sweet Karma. And again, you’re gonna have a chance to buy a ticket at a greatly reduced price. You could be getting a free. from the government why not invested over a prop hundred dollars turns into two hundred dollars when he’s our promo code SGP prop promo code s g p– loc dog and T’s Ryan of weed experiences.

Wow, and of course this is too if you didn’t hear the previous episode where we’ve done this like dog tease to non-sports related things lock is of course something that you definitely know. Nothing’s going to go wrong dog is a little bit of risk, but there’s there’s some reward you have a pretty good chance of hitting it not completely off the reservation. He’s is something you’re really stretching for but most certainly something along the line is gonna fail and you’re going to get screwed.

Grandma, would you like to start? Oh, I’m batting cleanup on this one. Okay. This is my fuck. This is your wheelhouse for my lock pre-rolled joints. Mmm pre-roll joint. It’s always it’s always simple again right now. You can if you’re worried about sharing up a weed piece with someone you can just smoke your own pre-roll. They actually make mini pre-rolls which are perfect like half the size of a regular joint. You can pick them up at the stores. They come in a cool little tiny pack file and make some grab some of those. I know they A ton of pre-rolls.

So check them out. Once they figured out how to have robots roll joints. The tiny joint is perfect because you never feel like there’s no here’s my present. If you’re an if you’re just one person. I’m the guy who you know, I’m going to Jersey Mike’s I’m getting the jumbo sandwich. I eat I ate three quarters and I’m like, well, it’s not going to be as good left over I might as well eat it. Now. I apply that same logic to the Joint that can be dangerous Sean my lock. I assumed you were. Done talking about the pre-roll.

Yep. It’s also very organic of you. I think I took a different approach with this exercise because I did activities. Okay. Well that were like kind of full encompassing things and and so things to do while you’re high slight variation, but also how to get there. So what I’m gonna do get classic stunner so with a this is more of a late afternoon so dinner happens, You maybe go a little lighter on the dinner.

I’m going to recommend a salad with some form of starch veggie combo. Light on the starch though, but maybe like a little pasta with some marinara a little sides, maybe a good-sized salad and then I’m going to recommend 40 to 50 milligrams taken in the form of chocolate covered coffee beans. Hmm little, you know, I’d already milligrams ESET 40 to 50 and it’s an amateur will go to hold on if you’re an amateur.

Let’s call that around 10:00, okay. And then what you’re going to do because you don’t want to have that post-dinner espresso you pop the beans and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to go watch the movie trolls with your kids guaranteed enjoyment by everyone. If you’re an adult and you want something a little bit more adult to watch don’t be ashamed to watch Avatar the right amount will just unlock you will be flying through space.

So my lock Actually, if you weren’t a family if you’ve never seen the movie trolls sober, it’s one of the worst movies you can watch but extremely stoned like Justin Timberlake is fantastic. The visuals are awesome. So that is going to be my lock. Okay for my dog, I went with the 25 milligram and other people because oh I take I want to be there for that Sean to me.

Honestly the lock is there’s these like five milligram gummies half of that one knows half before I go to sleep. That’s perfect. That’s that that’s it’s a perfect. I’m not insane cannabis consumer ride 25 milligram. That’s like that’s my Vegas dose where I’m really pushing the limits of where things start getting a little slippery like reality starts getting a little slippery right on the edge. I’m not going to pull like a Decker and be like, all right. I’m going to the room and lose my mind, but I’m Get close.

I might lose my mind and it becomes a negative experience 25 milligrams for me again lightweight compared to probably a lot of our listeners and you ride but that’s that’s the dog dosage for me. What was your dog activity? My dog activity was to make your own oil or butter and then use that to make brownies. Hmm the reward here as you have delicious homemade. Aid oil that you turned into brownies the risk here is that your kids hmm grab one of the brownies when you’re not paying attention.

I don’t know what this would be. Like, what could you imagine a 12 year old who ate a weed brownie for the first time I wouldn’t recommend this, but if you wanted to have fun with a dog, no don’t. Don’t feed your dog. Not saying stealing kids. I’m saying making brownies you like. Have fun with your dog. Okay, I guess the dog activity. Last for me, no don’t feed the dog Edibles. If you if you want to give your dog a little reprieve they make a lot of CBD stuff for dogs my dog shit up that just a little if you do have Sean’s lock and you’re enjoying a pre-roll just a you know, a little you know, regurgitate some of that smoke and your dogs here completely unproven, but they seem to like it.

All right. I give my dog a little bit of beer. But again if you’re SPC, I don’t know. Your dogs into killing its liver ice, you know might he’s right my T’s this is something that sounds good on paper. But what could go wrong and something always does for me that is doing a dab with a guy named hippie man. There’s a comedian in Colorado. He’s a funny. He’s a funny comedian. He’s like an older guy and this whole thing is like that. He’s a hippie also into dabbing. So dabbing with a guy like that seems like a fun experience, but you’re just there’s just too many variables.

Tables and something could go wrong AKA probably going to freak out Dad too intense for me. We are on the same page here because my T’s is also the dab. Oh, I know a lot of people like this is the time maybe we experiment when something a little harder you go to the store. You get the kit you get the blowtorch you get the nice little dab machine. Here’s the problem with the dab. If you don’t know what you’re doing, if you’re not a medical professional or know how to use an acetylene blood.

Torch, it’s well. Hey, yeah, that’s dangerous. But you can vet overprescribed this the first time I did a dab was with a guy who basically hippie man local Allah friend of the show. Jacob’s. Yeah, and I coughed for six hours. So I felt really good the entire time but how do you explain to the kids? Just coughing for six hours? They’re going to think I got the Corona virus Zach don’t want that quarantine daddy died.

Having is definitely going to bite you in the ass. It might be like well, this is super easy. Like I feel like a pro. I got this cool little nerdy case that I hold carry it out. Everyone’s putting my fanny pack Sean. By the way, we have not talked about this on the sports gambling podger. Do you want a fanny pack yet? Yes. Oh my goodness. Why? I thought I thought we could have a safe conversation about this fanny pack Trend. Well, here’s the thing. I’ll say I don’t I own a fanny pack because I got it as a gift from a TV show.

I was working on they gave out fanny packs. And for me what I do is I use it when I walk the dog. I keep dog treats and dog shit bags in there. So it’s not something I’m walking around town with a stylish fanny pack. It’s just easier. Then putting poop bags and you got two dogs. Maybe they’re doing to to Forsch like sometimes they should be going along walk your dog my shit a ton. It’s just it’s a convenient carrying thing, but I don’t wear it. Like I put my wallet my back pocket.

All right, Ryan. Well, I’m talking to Old School Billy Shawn Green here. I’m not yeah the it’s an easy way to keep dog treats and because I don’t care if it’s dog treat crumbs all over and stuff like that. It’s kind of the perfect throw away, you know, one of the things The things I think I’ve been a little out of touch with Society on his side and I you know more time on the internet. I’m seeing all these companies selling fanny packs can’t believe it who know look out for the customer can 80s all over again custom SGP fanny pack. Thank you for participating in these Sports gambling podcast.

Thank you guys, as always let’s get some five-star reviews your quarantine go grab a little merch Sports gaming slash merch throws a bone for the Al Harrington interview. We had a guy talking about how he was high playing the playing in the Three. What more do you want listeners? We’re here cranking out the content because that’s how much we care about you guys and we should also tell you to keep an eye out for the various feeds. We may be we may be coming to your home and some different ways over the next couple days.

So she if you want to check it out. Just keep an eye out stay subscribed stay active and keep living that hashtag dead Jin’s only lifestyle that everyone hashtag date. And suddenly he’s on board with for the sports gambling pack has sent Shawn stack in the money green and he is Ryan. Just want to give a shout out a shout out. I’m predicting a victory here, but shout out to my man. Justin Decker. I’ll be joining you in the Elite 8 Kramer, let it Brad.

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