College Basketball Conference Tournaments Part Four (Ep. 797)

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The guys announce their free March Madness contest giving away $1000 and a chance at a Million! Plus they preview the latest college basketball conference tournaments including the SWAC, MEAC, MAAC & ACC. Plus Vegas trip hype, Sam Bradford statue, Bytes Bracket update and coronavirus talk.

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Speaker 1 (1m 32s): G e–

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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Shawn stack in the money green with my partner and picks right real money Kramer. What’s happening? Crime

Speaker 1 (2m 23s): dog? Good Deshawn.

Speaker 2 (2m 25s): Good day. It is a good day. We’re here in studio in the afternoon cranking out and early afternoon Monday pod with our boy Cole BD aka the tan to base.

Speaker 1 (2m 37s): What’s up Colby? Is there a better time to be alive guys? Well, then march with the Corona virus Just taking out people. I

Speaker 2 (2m 44s): was gonna say 2017 NFL season when I won 200 Grand Eagles won the Super Bowl that comes to mind but for the most part. Yeah, this is awesome. A lot of people are being huge. Pussy’s not going to go to Vegas not going to stop us. We’ll be there

Speaker 1 (2m 58s): imagine that the DJ ends only can take over an entire sports book. Mmm. Call it a private viewing of yeah. There you go. Who’s going to stop us? No one. We’re at the zombies. We

Speaker 2 (3m 9s): cannot be stopped. We can only hope to be contained and watching. Hands isn’t going to stop us so jacked. It is March Madness. We of course will be at the Caesars Sportsbook March 18th that evening during a live broadcast. Just kind of it’s just gonna be super fun to do a

Speaker 1 (3m 25s): will Caesars make us do the live broadcast to know audience because that’s what that’s happening in the like that’s being at least discussed in the college-basketball circles. Yeah. That’s that that’s imagine that they going to let Gus Johnson in the I mean no gonna get people like people still go to a grocery store people still go everywhere. We’re all we’re all going to get it. All right, we’re all going to get it. There’s no avoiding

Speaker 2 (3m 53s): it, you know like HPV in college, you’re gonna get lead into the fact that you’re probably going to get it and just enjoy the ride. Let me if it made it over

Speaker 1 (4m 4s): oceans. You’re not going to avoid this thing. It’s base is having a little bit of a hard time understanding How It reversed oceans. Potential base needs another upgrade the

Speaker 2 (4m 15s): wind, you know, we don’t need an upgrade for when it comes our presenting sponsor. My bookie dot AG you can’t get any better. You can’t upgrade it anymore fastest payouts in the business, of course, highly recommend deposit n withdrawing using that sweet sweet cryptocurrency. Oh my God, literally every sort of college basketball pet you want if you’re listening to podcasts you want all of them head to my book eat at EG they got The Ahmed still one of my favorite things.

They’re custom custom prop maker for player props. That’s always fun. You can do it in the NBA and NCAA. I mean hell even NHL election odds. That’s if you’re if you want to bet on politics head over to my bookie night of the G XF L. NH l– The Players Championship Steve Shermer golf expert already got his picks up over towards giving packets that cup so much content so much action over in my book you Daddy. G3 course can play when I get paid use the promo code SGP for up to a $1,000 deposit bonus latest on the March Madness bracket or sorry the bites bracket the bracket everyone cares about we had her first upset.

That was that was pretty exciting. There was there was close to an upset and then we finally came through had our first upsets all in on Trump barely eking out. No, no Ellen on Trump destroyed. And Showtime a home. That

Speaker 1 (5m 45s): was embarrassing Bill Burr did not even show up

Speaker 2 (5m 48s): San Diego. Superchargers almost lost 208 right didn’t oh my God beat San Diego supercharger. No, sorry sitios. Superchargers beat. Oh my God.

Speaker 1 (5m 60s): I’m disappointed with that was a

Speaker 2 (6m 1s): last-minute winner. Yeah, he made I think Boston Capper went in there and really was juicing the numbers really made that happen. But our official first up said is we got to get her shit going. Italy taking out you like that so our IP to Kirk Cousins classic

Speaker 1 (6m 19s): Kirk Cousins move. It was it was a Primetime

Speaker 2 (6m 22s): spot. He loaded egg. Yeah,

Speaker 1 (6m 25s): and he laid an egg John grew not a good getting some momentum heading into that move to Vegas. This is this

Speaker 2 (6m 33s): ground and Gruden & Decker both both their sound drops both moving on. They are to know I am looking down the barrel of a huge L because I might drop Sam Bradford is not a franchise quarterback is squaring up against new favorite. Somehow a tenth seed hashtagged engines Onan not looking good for

Speaker 1 (6m 54s): me. You don’t have a chair that stuff but I like the bread for one man. I like the the bread for what it’s going against. I know I God that God right now. It’s going against what is what may be the rallying call that we look back on when we’re all sitting in our gold. Owns the fact that this dude accidentally misspoke or mispronounced D Jen’s and just created it is gold. It is gold there Nicole Jerry go.

I feel bad for Shawn. You know who I feel

Speaker 2 (7m 27s): bad for why because they’re giving away so much Cold Hard Cash proud to announce partnered up with good pals over at bet spurts for a March Madness against the spread contest. That’s right. This is no hey, just you and the secretary fill out a bracket best of luck. No, this is what really matters being able to pick winners against the spread. This is pretty insane. We’re giving away $1000 752 first 150 the second third prize $50 and fifty dollars for last place, but of course you have to make 40 pics love that on the bedspread site to qualify and any pics made between March 16th.

And April 7th will count you can do. Bread’s halftime bets totals. So again join the group in bet spurts either download the bets for its app, or if you already or just go to bed join the sports gaming podcast, March Madness contest or if you can’t remember any of this you just go to sports gambling slash contest Sports gambling slash contest the info the rules how to join the group. It’s all there. You’re going to make 40 picks and you have a chance to win a Thousand dollars in our group if you’re the first prize 750 now they’ve even up the ante a little bit over a bet spurts.

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You can go sides totals halftime whatever college basketball game is posted on pets verts get your picks in and then yeah, if you’re a top five for the whole site in college basketball in March from 16th to the 31st top five move on. And then 1200

Speaker 1 (9m 42s): 80s Shawn. Can I throw some props their way? Yes, because while we give out tons of cash. We’ve never put something on that would absolutely bankrupt the company now.

Speaker 2 (9m 56s): I hope they have insurance

Speaker 1 (9m 57s): because I’m getting involved in this one and I’m not going to be like, hey, we’re cool were friends. You can pay me over 20 years. No. No, I’m obviously read the fine print but I want that gold

Speaker 2 (10m 9s): bullion. Give me that sweet sweet. Cryptocurrency. Bullshit US dollar baby.

Speaker 1 (10m 17s): Wow, sweet sweet song coming out firing. Just attacking the USD Jesus. No, I love the US economy. But I’m just do we take a hit today with the Corona virus again.

Speaker 2 (10m 28s): Yeah, they call because we dance base

Speaker 1 (10m 30s): needs to stay and it’s like I didn’t take a

Speaker 2 (10m 32s): hit stay in this Lane. Take a hit when Bradley and Utah State one on the money

Speaker 1 (10m 36s): line. Yeah, if you’re if you’re having a hard time in the market and you want to Advisor you can trust you should check out the college experience. Mmm, but of course is brought to you by the sports gambling podcast Network. What is on its own feed subscribe rate review? Tell a friend and people say wow, how can I find it? It’s hard to find it. Well, you can type college experience podcast into any search bar and it will absolutely find it. Is that is that enough?

No Colby said, no. Our fans still can’t find it. So I said, okay, let’s lower the bar. If you go to college experience boom, it will send you to a page and you can click on whatever app you like to listen on and you are there so and then you listen to my Bradley plus 800. I’m not done talking to the fans if you still can’t find it. That’s cool. We’re good.

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Speaker 1 (13m 14s): Man, if you got I mean it’s got to feel good. If you have a date and ticket in your pocket, do you know what what they open the season and I mean there were certainly some some some hype on them. They want to Maui right? That was that was after the season started. Yeah. I know I didn’t win email. We’re lost in overtime to Kansas. That’s right, but they played well. Yeah, who what were those odds?

Speaker 2 (13m 37s): I mean, I don’t know but I had to be able to head. How do we not be? I mean if San Diego State was 400 to 1 they had to be in a similar price range, right?

Speaker 1 (13m 44s): Actually, the sending State might have been where they were days and top 25. I think Dayton might have been flirting with that. Yeah, regardless. Mmm. Sounds good feels

Speaker 2 (13m 54s): good. All right, let’s do it. Let’s start breaking down some Conference tournament action new sponsors of the program bespoke. That’s right, and they’re box of awesome Kramer. I just got hooked up. We got some sweet duffel bags with black on the outside camo on the inside. Getting ready for our trip to March Madness will be rocking these bespoke bags. If you want a box of awesome coming to you every month.

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Speaker 1 (15m 42s): off your box, you know Shawn, it’s not the first time that someone would have compared the D. Jen’s only to fight club. Hmm. But I’m just picturing some after-hours. Listening of the sports gambling podcast maybe in a closet and a dark closet where people can’t hear them maybe in the soundproof Office of the CEO. I assume it’s the CEO that’s into

Speaker 2 (16m 6s): must be if you’re I mean if your dollars only hashtag djinns only they gotta I mean, it’s pretty cool stuff here. So sweet little knives. Oh, yeah. I mean when I

Speaker 1 (16m 17s): saw I saw multiple weapons, yeah, I mean obviously for hobby purposes

Speaker 2 (16m 22s): only yes, but back Like not causing destruction, but you know, if you’re traveling to Las

Speaker 1 (16m 27s): Vegas during this Corona virus outbreak, you might want to have a way to deal with the

Speaker 2 (16m 32s): zombies. Yeah. I got the duffle bag. I’m going to sign up to make sure I get the hatchet kid as well just in case you never know when you could use a good

Speaker 1 (16m 38s): Hatchet. Did anyone see that video of It’s like a Corona virus like PSA type deal, but it’s some dude sneezes at a at a bus station. Someone pulls out a gun and just shoot some like gangster style real quick. No, I did not and then everyone just sanitizes. Leaves the situation. It’s pretty funny

Speaker 2 (16m 56s): made me laugh. Look out Ryan. There could be ghost games happening in March

Speaker 1 (17m 0s): Madness. Will there be ghosts Vegas? That’s

Speaker 2 (17m 3s): Louis. I’m looking forward to Coast Vegas possibly because the only thing that’s annoying about about enjoying March Madness in Las Vegas. Sometimes it gets a little crowded. I mean the nice thing is everyone has the games on so usually not an issue, but if you told me there’d be 30 percent less people at March Madness, that’s awesome and again as Maybe maybe we find ourselves somehow had a gentlemen’s club. They’re they’re going to be desperate for business because if you’re worried about the coronavirus the last place you go to is Spearmint Rhino, and I mean like, you know, you all of a sudden The Leverage it’s a different

Speaker 1 (17m 39s): situation now I do yeah exactly. I do recall one time. We were sitting at the bar and some people asked us to move ya know. So so with the coronavirus happening, I see plenty of opportunity where they’ll be empty I

Speaker 2 (17m 52s): can cough on command. Which is a rat, you know, I’m a multi talented actor, but I can cough on command. So if there’s someone that says like hey, I’m saving this seat for a friend just a little blend little phlegm rocket coming their way. I’m going to spray it. I’m looking forward to I’m going to spray and I’m looking forward to not giving a shit about the Corona virus again insanely hammered. But again, perfect lead-in to actual March Madness is these conference tournaments Kramer? Let’s talk about the swac.

Give us the odds of the swac and tell us what you’re doing. What’s your pick? Maybe you got a DJ ends only Colby. Maybe got a DJ ends. Only play here as well.

Speaker 1 (18m 33s): Is that required? Well,

Speaker 2 (18m 35s): we’re since required one of these for they were breaking down. Yes. Yes. Daddy Jen’s only and if they’ve listened to our previous episodes my DJ and only pick up Bradley plus 700 look any the Missouri

Speaker 1 (18m 47s): Valley look at you call me. But today we will focus on the South Western Athletic Conference. I took against there. Is it the southwestern or Southwest Athletic Conference? I think Southwest I’m gonna go with the southwestern. This is of course being played at campus sites and I’m guessing the Championships in Birmingham. They called that out being played over the dates of 10 the 10 13th and 14th. We have Prairie View A&M plus 130 every time I see that name, I just think about having to take a shit.

That’s all I can think about prairie-dogging and their Prairie View. You am Southern plus 275 Texas Southern plus 450 Jackson State plus 500 Grambling State 1101 Alcorn State the alma mater of the great Steve McNair plus 1700 which we if you haven’t listened to that podcast must listen to

Speaker 2 (19m 41s): yeah, right, but no Matsumoto another podcast Colby Dan on the college experience the boat and it has its own feed subscribe today.

Speaker 1 (19m 50s): Yeah, you should definitely check that out. Then we have Alabama State at the one in Alabama A&M 55 to 1 Wow, this this of course, this is one of the prestigious conferences and all the land. Yes, of course, none of these teams are going to be in the actual tournament, right Colby weight. They even give this

Speaker 2 (20m 11s): Congress that yes, Toby called. He was bragging about hitting Utah State Mountain West. Yeah, which was it was a great final game.

Speaker 1 (20m 19s): I took it on the money line straight up against San Diego State

Speaker 2 (20m 21s): also the SDSU kid that half court shot that thing was going dad. But it was it was a really good game San Diego State up. 16 Utah State came back great win for them you tweeted out. Hey, you know little throw a little tap out my way as you should Tanner our buddy Dan from a 98 V. I think it is in the Boston area. The big Twitter guy also does some gambling pads. He goes no one and I mean no one knows small conferences like Colby dead and that responded Colby’s insulted that you think the mount is a small conference.

I just wait till we start breaking down the swac exactly and look I was gonna say this conference has a lot of

Speaker 1 (20m 59s): parity you could just put all the teams on a dartboard and just throw a dart but Jackson State not only it being Walter Payton’s alma mater. They got a guy named

Speaker 2 (21m 9s): snacks was a team manager snacks. Have you seen this video this video

Speaker 1 (21m 15s): Kramer? I am completely out of touch with most things on the internet, but I am up to speed on this one. It entered my feet on Sunday morning, which is prime consumption of how do

Speaker 2 (21m 25s): you not get a little taste of

Speaker 1 (21m 26s): snacks? Yeah. It was great if you haven’t seen this Check out the sports gambling podcast on Instagram. I put that we put the video up. How deep did you guys go? Did you guys go as far to see the video of him dunking I did I do – I definitely that is not on our Instagram. I need to put that on our Instagram. Have you seen this Sean what you’re a man in touch with the interweb? Yeah, of course. So you’ve seen the dunking video

Speaker 2 (21m 48s): which one is snacks dunking know I have a commercial for

Speaker 1 (21m 51s): his teammates essentially pick him up like a mega

Speaker 2 (21m 53s): wedgie he gets up there though. It looks like set of practice

Speaker 1 (21m 56s): happened to rant is signing. Jerk. I mean who wants a Kevin Durant jersey at this point doesn’t even play basketball anymore. Just anyway, you know, I love that. I love that and I haven’t seen the one but he was swag player of the week last week. So I’m going to take Jackson State to win this conference. Are you

Speaker 2 (22m 14s): wow, that’s crazy Jackson State. I’m going I’m sorry. Yes, a 17-hour of the southern Western Conference. I’m going Southern why not take Southern they’ve won seven in a row and they be Prairie View granted that was at home, but they breed Prairie View in spite of shooting 15% from the three-point line. So if you can get a victory against Prairie View while shooting 15% from behind the arc that to me is a team that can overcome some adversity find different ways to win and +27 sounds like they need snacks from Beyond The Arc snacks.

So yeah, I’ll go Southern and plus to 75 wall.

Speaker 1 (22m 55s): And I also like Southern you can argue that they’re the most balanced team. In the conference, and of course, let me Circle back because this is not only a 16 seed but this is a 16 seed that’s going to be playing in to be a 16 seed. So the second worst conference by a mile according to Ken bomb. Yeah, I’m with you Sean. I think southern is balanced. I think they’re going to play some play some defense and if as here, you know key matchup in that final game when they play Prairie View assuming the chalk gets there.

Free throws hmm if Prairie View shooting a bunch of free throws their winning this game.

Speaker 2 (23m 33s): What are they? What are they shoot from the line? Of

Speaker 1 (23m 35s): course, I’ll be watching all of these games reacting live at Kramer Centric on Twitter. Probably not but you can check me out. Anyway, what’s that

Speaker 2 (23m 43s): Sean? What is a what is Prairie View? Shoot from

Speaker 1 (23m 46s): the line prayer review is is the second best team in the conference from the line in terms of free-throw rate and Southern is the worst team. I’m on defense internally throw rate. So to me that that’s the air if Southern’s going to break down. It’s because someone’s just going to get to the line and they’re not going to have an answer for snacks. I can tell you that right

Speaker 2 (24m 6s): now. Can we talk about is probably driving him with snacks. Let’s get let’s

Speaker 1 (24m 11s): talk about snacks a little bit because it’s not like we need a lot of time for the next conference, which is actually the worst conference and all the land. But as a man who has also gone with the maybe one size too small basketball jersey approach on Like what do you think snacks is thinking going a full four sizes too

Speaker 2 (24m 30s): small? Well again, there are small school. They probably don’t have I mean, I don’t know what the aerodynamics perhaps I just think it’s a sizing issue. Sometimes fans will hit us up and we give away free t-shirts or sweatshirts. They’ll say largest you got a lot of times it Taps out a to excel 3XL depending on the type of I don’t think they have a quad Excel for a boy’s neck. That’s

Speaker 1 (24m 56s): when you know You’re a big dude when you just say

Speaker 2 (24m 58s): largest. Yeah largest you guys

Speaker 1 (25m 1s): is and honestly, this is a problem. We face in the youth soccer rank Sean. They even give us they give us the sizes. They give us so sometimes you got a large girl with a small Jersey and sometimes you got to smog. Anyway,

Speaker 2 (25m 13s): I yeah, I think it’s just a the problem with the small school. There’s not there’s not a huge booster Network there. Is it Adidas isn’t dropping bags of cash over at the Jackson State program, but they

Speaker 1 (25m 24s): do have his size and White tights somehow

Speaker 2 (25m 29s): why you gotta get you gonna get the leg warmers gone. I think it’s like the fat chick think the tights are very forgiving where the basketball jersey at a certain point. It becomes a free given. How

Speaker 1 (25m 38s): much does every fat chick love yoga to where they’re not the weird chick trying to squeeze it all in now, everyone just throws the ogre. There’s I mean, it used to be a fat chick had to throw those tight pants on the hold everything

Speaker 2 (25m 50s): in yoga. Yoga pants are just the white out of having a horrible body because it just any any ass looks great. In yoga pants

Speaker 1 (25m 57s): amazing some enemies within

Speaker 2 (25m 59s): Reese. Where are we riding? Sweet slide over to the meac slide over everyone’s dying to talk me act. This is Conference tournament Edition all these lines. Of course courtesy

Speaker 1 (26m 11s): of our presenting sponsor. My bookie. Dad AG. Give me a

Speaker 2 (26m 13s): shout out perfect time to load up for Conference tournament. Get ready for March

Speaker 1 (26m 18s): Madness Sean. Can I ask you for this one? What shows meac stand for

Speaker 2 (26m 24s): we do this every year and you think some of these will Stick in my brain you’re wrong. But I’m gonna go Mideast Athletic

Speaker 1 (26m 31s): Conference mid-eastern Athletic Conference. Of course, the home of the seven five seven Zone Norfolk State who although are the three seed are the favorites of plus 1 70 North Carolina Central plus 270, North Carolina A&T plus 350 Norfolk State has won a tournament game in the past 20 years. They’re a good team the fume cookman. Did I get that right Colby but survived, huh? Under Morgan State 12 to 1 Coppin choppin State Coppin State 22:1, South Carolina state 32 1 Delaware State 72 one Maryland Eastern Shore as we’ve seen them before 82 1 and Howard 90210 Coppin State comments.

I got it for I trust the gonna Juan Dixon back at Maryland back in the day. When an associate ran head coach. He’s their head coach now. Yeah college that. I like that. He was part of a pretty filthy backcourt won a national championship in Maryland played for the Wizards.

Speaker 2 (27m 27s): I

Speaker 1 (27m 27s): think the Trail Blazers in the NBA have a shot have a jump shot. It was good didn’t need to sling that undersized but a little good. Look. I’m going North Carolina Central here. Oh good value you’re saying I’m the one saying and they’ve been coming out of this conference for the past couple years. They’ve

Speaker 2 (27m 41s): won three years in a row and yet there a plus 270 dog. What

Speaker 1 (27m 44s): color are their uniforms red. Are they asking Shawn? I figured you ran that. Yeah, that’s gonna give blue and yellow. So I was

Speaker 2 (27m 53s): wrong. What about my boy debris blunt I was Going 19.2 points per game almost ten boards what really is enjoyable or what’s making me even lean more besides their history of winning this tournament three years in a row, they’re 13 and 3 in conference. I think it’s crazy to give the number one regular season team with this with this pedigree. If you will the meac pedigree to make him a plus 270 dog, they’ve also found a way to win in tight games. There are three, you know and over time when I see a team that’s three and over time the regression to the mean heads, though.

Well, the your over time they’re due for a loss Timmy. This is a team that just figures out ways to win keep them all in on Yak in North Central State North Carolina Central Central North Carolina

Speaker 1 (28m 38s): state, I’m gonna back you up another thing to pay

Speaker 2 (28m 42s): attention or essential Carolina

Speaker 1 (28m 44s): State. Obviously you’ve mentioned there’s no State. There’s no state.

Speaker 2 (28m 49s): You mentioned there were two Carolina tnm.

Speaker 1 (28m 52s): You mentioned their leading scorer blunt, but another guy to keep an eye on his Randy Miller jr. I know it sounds like a NASCAR driver. But Randy Miller jr. Is shooting 38% from the three-point line. That sounds very mediocre. That’s pretty / College. That’s good. Oh,

Speaker 2 (29m 7s): yeah, I could shoot 38% from three. You also think you could kick in the NFL, right?

Speaker 1 (29m 12s): Yeah. No, I did not see I could kick in the NFL. You can kick a 45-year. I said I can hit a 45 47.

Speaker 2 (29m 19s): I don’t want

Speaker 1 (29m 20s): to shortchange you somebody please give us this opportunity.

Speaker 2 (29m 23s): It’s coming will grandma. What’s your pick

Speaker 1 (29m 25s): we’ll get there. Well, I think one of the things that really stands out to me when you when you look at these teams because of course Shawn, I like to look at that profile and one of the things I like to look at his turnover percentage both for and against and what I picked up with this conference is they all turn the ball over like crazy and some of them are pretty good. It’s all Mark of me a cane. Well because what you when you first when you start going down you’re like wow Norfolk that it’d be a problem. They turn the other team over but they also turn the ball over you pop down North Carolina Central Saint David and it just keeps happening down the down the line.

No, I’m going to it wouldn’t be me. If I didn’t go with some chalk here going Norfolk State of course wrapping the seven five seven. Hmm Blacksburg. What’s up? Mmm Yeah, Norfolk State plus one stores or add first. So this will be a so we’ll be seeing Southern verse Norfolk State in a plan 16 games in Dayton, Ohio and day. Ohio first for sign me up for that one first half

Speaker 2 (30m 23s): under Kramer of course going to be nailing all those first half on ders in the real March Madness Tournament just around the corner. I can’t wait for March Madness and the tournament to officially get started but there’s some yeah, I can’t wait for March Madness and there’s other things you don’t want to wait for and that’s the see a doctor. If you’re if you’re a guy you got some health issues. Maybe you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction. What are you waiting for on you don’t need me telling you you have a sense of urgency having a Chin is amazing.

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Come on ladies. I’m right. I’m open for business, but maybe you want to be a little bit more discreet and get Roman understands that all you got to do get real mad at cam such as GP for the free online visit and free two day shipping. Premier let’s do

Speaker 1 (32m 12s): it. I mean also people would definitely steel boxes on your doorstep if they said Boehner bill because no one wants to buy a boner pill seat on the credit card bill, but they would happily try everyone wants to see what happens. Right? Everyone’s like well if I’m at this point now what happened to write, you know, the distance, you know, it’s the argument of

Speaker 2 (32m 35s): what

Speaker 1 (32m 37s): Barry Bonds was a Hall of Famer without Peds. He still took them. He said he’ll took a wanted to see what was going on with a little extra juice get Roman. There you go

Speaker 2 (32m 50s): Kramer. Let’s do it. Let’s head over and double

Speaker 1 (32m 52s): AC. Well, I would ask I’m going to Let’s Ask the dancer basic. We know the database has been going through a series of upgrades. Will this is of course played in Atlantic City over the dates of March 10th to the 14th. What does MAAC stand for Min American Athletic Conference? Wait Why are you saying this was some level of concern? MAAC is the dancer base not upgraded minam are no. Well, that’s the Mac middle-american, right?

Speaker 2 (33m 23s): Oh my God that tro

Speaker 1 (33m 24s): Atlantic know that I didn’t know that new rule. You can’t name yourself the same as the Mac. Okay. This is actually the minute. I understand you have another a in there, but I don’t like it. Let’s talk about the English language. Should Colby the two A’s in sequence. I believe makes it a long a right Sean. Correct me. You’re more of a Mac. Would it be the make

Speaker 2 (33m 50s): I’ve no idea how it would be to make or the Maisie? I like the

Speaker 1 (33m 53s): mwc. Okay,

Speaker 2 (33m 55s): MJ AC rolls off the tongue. It sounds pretty cool a tepee and caac m double AC p– and in double-a

Speaker 1 (34m 4s): is a good one. Double A is a good

Speaker 2 (34m 6s): solid battery top header. It sound

Speaker 1 (34m 9s): Sienna as the 1 seed plus 180 Rider Plus 280 st. Peter’s + 3 9 Monmouth +500 Quinnipiac 15 to 1 with Iona Kinesis 32 1 I’m pretty sure that’s wrong Manhattan 35 to 1 Fairfield 42 to 1 Niagara 45 to 1 and Marist 62 162. What – Rik Smits is alma mater. I put this shit together last night and I had to do the the only conference I had to severely update the odds on was the Mets.

Let’s go with mace I’m going with Nice conference Sean. Yes. Tell me you’re riding on the my Monmouth. What’s their team name? That was the team with the wacky

Speaker 2 (34m 56s): bench, right? I remember I was considering going with Monmouth. There were my original choice, but instead I switched it to st. Peter’s +39. Here’s my ears my case for St. Peter’s first off seven and one in their last day to close it out love a team coming in hot. They’re called themselves the peacocks. I like That’s pretty badass for basketball team were peacocking again. We’ve all read the game on however, they come out with real

Speaker 1 (35m 24s): nice sequences and feathers that can go to death. Very different

Speaker 2 (35m 28s): ways this St. Peter’s peacocks, which just rolls right off the tongue. They beat Sienna Rider Monmouth twice and Sienna and Rider they beat at home, but I think the neutral Court helps st. Peter’s because they’re neutral court. It’s in Atlantic City not too far from st. Peters. So the

Speaker 1 (35m 46s): Haitian Temptation get it. I’ve been planning City. There’s there’s been the

Speaker 2 (35m 50s): only Temptation Atlantic City is to leave Atlantic City as soon as you get there the peacocks their Jersey natives some know what’s up

Speaker 1 (35m 57s): some of those prostitutes that just, you know, maybe not have all their teeth, but they at at at the, you know, drop of a hat my just offer a blowjob. Can I give a quick Atlantic City aside? Sure last time I was in Atlantic City in a McDonald’s the morning after kind of leaving town, Atlantic City. That point very depressing. You were either in the Borgata or you were you know on the Mean Streets of Atlantic City

Speaker 2 (36m 20s): Sports books have helped it. I

Speaker 1 (36m 22s): think it’s gotten much nicer. I’m sure I’ve so I’ve been told but what happened a lady came in straight out of almost like a South Central don’t be a menace from said Don’t Be a Menace to South Central movie, but she comes in and she literally does the move where she’s offering people a Monopoly board first sale Monopoly game for $5. When people say no thank you. She precedes to offer to suck their dick for $5.

There’s a good chance this this my brother had a bachelor party there and yeah randomly a horrible stripper was just like who wants blow jobs all of us were just

Speaker 2 (37m 1s): like that our we’re good. We’re good. Are

Speaker 1 (37m 2s): you doing here? Anyway? All right, maybe not you called out Shawn. That’s Saint Peters is a New Jersey school. Yes, so is Monmouth I know and they are familiar with the but mama got beeped

Speaker 2 (37m 14s): twice by steep. Is end to me the plus 500 at Monmouth isn’t enough to sway me off the plus 390 st. Peter’s

Speaker 1 (37m 21s): where is St. Peters location? Because Mom is right down the street from Atlantic City see that hole boys. They are aware of what to do and what not to Jersey City. That’s not far. That’s that’s not a great place either but it’s

Speaker 2 (37m 35s): far enough of anything. They’re very familiar with the Atlantic City. I think

Speaker 1 (37m 39s): surround taking this a step further Monmouth the only team out of those top five out of the big four. That doesn’t Turn the ball over like crazy. I think they also can turn you over. I like them at the the five to one juice that’s some nice value and I’ll go as far to say don’t be surprised. So we’re she’s close to the situation. Tell me that they’re going to take a play out of Lawrence. Taylor’s book. What’s that do something? So send whores all the other players lots of Horrors will be going into the Sienna Rider and St.

Peters hotels. So look out for that. They’re going to be tired. They’re going to Dragging weep leg be operating on full tanks. If you know what I mean Monmouth gets it done five to what have you ever heard the quote Rider till she bucks you or don’t ride her at all. That sounds good. Database is going with Ryder. All right, look, I support the moving truck the moving company. They’re great. They’ve moved my shit before. So I think the Bronx that’s where the why call me. Yeah, it does seem different. It’s okay started you’re going with phonetic Association.

Look this team has four guys who averages in double digits spread the ball out. Yep. No one could stop in this conference. Yep. I know you think I’ve seen Peters or Mama. I will say Sienna. I’m a big fan of this. Their mascot is the Saint Bernards. That’s that’s unique like your dog that’s called pretty quality. There’s a big-ass dog on their court. So I dig that but since this has been playing a Linux and I gotta go Rider his it right over in Jersey to yeah their own. I mean this this conference. Yeah clearly, they’re not flying places. This is more of a bus conference.


Speaker 2 (39m 14s): me. As far as Ken Palm Sienna number 1 St. Peters second, according to the Ken Palm rankings Rider Number Three Monmouth a distant

Speaker 1 (39m 26s): fourth Rider, of course in beautiful, Lawrenceville, New Jersey. How is Lawrenceville, you know, it’s beautiful. I had some friends from the College Years from out there. It’s been a farm country beautiful part of Jersey sir.

Speaker 2 (39m 40s): Peter is also leading the leading the conference in defensive efficiency. And field goal percentage against

Speaker 1 (39m 47s): enough of this. We’ve all made our pics. Let’s move on to a real conference the Atlantic Coast Conference. I didn’t ask. Of course you sure you’re right about that. I’m positive. I’m right being played in beautiful, Greensboro, North Carolina. Oh my God. This is looking at these

Speaker 2 (40m 3s): knobs right and I just scroll down to see your Hokies

Speaker 1 (40m 6s): playing played between March 10th in the 14th. We have Duke is the favorite at plus 115 Louisville plus 260, Florida State plus 50 as the 1 seed UVA 9 to 1 as the two shoes Notre Dame 22:1 Syracuse 24 to 1 North Carolina State 32 to 1 Clemson 45 to 1 North Carolina 55 to one Miami 75211. My Virginia Tech Hokies 82 one. Do you believe Shawn with Wake Forest?

Also 82 1 Pittsburgh. 90210 Georgia Tech whose son is not in there ineligible somehow. Um how we’re listed as a hundred-to-one. Meanwhile Boston

Speaker 2 (40m 48s): College

Speaker 1 (40m 49s): actually playing in the ACC

Speaker 2 (40m 51s): tournament where side are works at a

Speaker 1 (40m 53s): hundred fifty to one not sure about this one. I thought it was funny. So I kept it in.

Speaker 2 (40m 59s): Yeah, that’s

Speaker 1 (41m 0s): great. All right. I mean the ACC is comical this year, right? Yeah, just like football. What will they shock people Allah the Pac-12 in down seasons for the Pac-12 come out know how to play in these tournament games and get it. And they are still the fifth-ranked conference according to Ken bomb, which surprised me when I looked at the rankings. Hmm the ranked above the SEC.

Speaker 2 (41m 23s): It seems like the move is and I’m taking this from NC Nick’s ACC

Speaker 1 (41m 27s): preview. They can get over it Sports gambling

Speaker 2 (41m 30s): It seems like the move is to take a chalk play. I’ll go duke take that chalk and then roll the dice at another team in this 22 like 45 range. I’m going to I’m going to ride and see next. X so he’s got a Duke lock that in and then for the djinns only play North Carolina State 32 to 1 they beat Duke earlier in the in the regular season 22

Speaker 1 (41m 56s): points. You just you’re taking Duke.

Speaker 2 (41m 60s): Yeah, I think this is a great year for Duke to win the ACC and then get knocked out by a like a 15 or a 14 seed first round in the tournament because that’s that just feels like what’s going to happen this year is we’ll get some of the bluebloods maybe one in some of these. Tournaments and then things really get you know, really shake up when the actual tournament runs around comes around but maybe maybe Duke isn’t I feel like this year Dukes going to be motivated to

Speaker 1 (42m 26s): win the ACC tournament.

Speaker 2 (42m 27s): I know some years they haven’t been but I think this year they will be and I think they have the best team out of these they’ve had a couple losses so far and Coach K really has his foot up his ass when it comes to the team. I think they’ll get motivated. They’ll make a run here in the in the ACC tournament and then we run into some drama in the March Madness Tournament Colby. How do you see shaking

Speaker 1 (42m 49s): out? I think I’m going to ride Louisville as the I think kind of the most talented team in the ACC. They also have the easiest path. I mean they they’re going to take on Syracuse and the winner or the winner of Syracuse First Virginia Tech or North Carolina. So look out there. Well, my DJing only play is going to be the Tar Heels. Hmm because I do think they’re actually one of the four five best teams at this conference. What? Happened. I mean they were injured they were severely injured a lot of the year.

They’re certainly a fun play. What were this is

Speaker 2 (43m 22s): Williams first team under

Speaker 1 (43m 24s): 500. If you look though, it’s it’s how they lost they kept losing by like one point. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (43m 31s): Yeah. I mean they were in that I had them plus ten and a half against Duke they ended up losing by 13, but they had an open look for Three As Time expired. I’m severely hit the shot and they’re in that game the whole time and then headed to just kind of pulled away. A I mean it’s 55 to one for a reason but certainly make a good case as far as talent and it’s in Greensboro. Yeah, I mean they should and also this is there Super Bowl right where Duke Louisville Florida already? Yeah, UNC really has something to play for here.

And I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a run sprinkle that spray a little on the money line only need three

Speaker 1 (44m 7s): wins from him, right? Yeah. One two, three. There you go. You got Hokies.

Speaker 2 (44m 14s): Brian what happened? I thought Hokies are going to be good this year. Is it just a part of that hot? You got that Michigan State so part of the Kramer FML tour it obviously but of

Speaker 1 (44m 22s): course that is on hold. Thank you. Thanks to roughneck fever. It’s the outbreak is just at this point. It’s full pandemic. I think a couple things when I saw the odds, I thought Florida state was being disrespected because this is the total Florida State thing to do they win. They look good winning the the conference. Tournament they go in the what everything you said about Duke Sean is Florida State to me. Yeah for State one that may be outright a see the first time ever in the ACC the one the outright title

Speaker 2 (44m 53s): and maybe they’re the better player because they are the number one seed.

Speaker 1 (44m 56s): That’s the year for them plus 350. This is a you know, what re talking on

Speaker 2 (45m 0s): year. What am I doing picking do give me a Florida State plus three Fates

Speaker 1 (45m 3s): a real down here and what if what I’m seeing if I’m Florida State if I’m this team of I’m Hamilton like this is our opportunity to get a one take that double ghetto. One seed and give ourselves a better path because I know if I’m handled I know that I’m not a great horny coach and I Stumble when it comes time to have those quick turn around and play a superior coach. So give me give me a woman see better path. I think Florida State takes care of business here. I think the winner of that Duke Florida State game is probably going to get it done.

You stole a little my thunder with throwing North Carolina out there because as far as a roster, like why not? It’s a single-elimination tournament. But if I’m looking a little bit down the board it is going to be NC State So you you’re going you’re

Speaker 2 (45m 50s): taking my pics of Florida State and NC State. I will yeah, I changed I changed I didn’t I didn’t have Florida State early, but I did lock Florida State in so kind of another ride my coattails.

Speaker 1 (46m 3s): No love for Duke after the Daniel Jones draft pick. No not today of a statue of Daniel Jones

Speaker 2 (46m 11s): outside of Duke Stadium. No, They need one Colby. We were just talking statues because Colby saw the Tweet about Baker Mayfield and how everyone from Oklahoma who wins a Heisman Trophy gets a statue and we did the math or like, oh my God, that means Sam Bradford has a statue. So we of course went over and yeah tweeted out the photo of Sam Bradford statue and really of all the statues are taken down the South you got to take down the Sam Bradford statute. What is hashtag take down Sam Bradford

Speaker 1 (46m 41s): best part is he doesn’t have the Helmet on no

Speaker 2 (46m 43s): because that’s untrue same brand for fashion. He doesn’t wear a helmet very often because that would imply you’re in a game you’re doing something to help your team win and it’s just it’s just not something. So in honor of him of us realizing he has a statue Sam Bradford is not a fucking franchise quarterback. So best of luck to you Sam,

Speaker 1 (47m 5s): even though it’s not going

Speaker 2 (47m 7s): about to be eliminated in The bites bracket contest any other thoughts on the

Speaker 1 (47m 11s): ACC. Well, I was I want to talk to Kobe a little bit because it doesn’t like the ACC. I’m here as well. I do you know I have had it has been fun watching the new Sean and the new line a little show-and-tell lots of sports Sean. Yep, keeping up with all like he’s not even gonna have to cram for college basketball. This year has been paying attention. It does feel like this is going to be a year where the acc’s going to have a couple of those eleven or twelve playing seeds. Hmm and

Speaker 2 (47m 40s): you know Hughes. Well, what a Syracuse have to do to get a play and say because I love them and that 11 first Force eat

Speaker 1 (47m 48s): well and don’t forget like a team to win the ACC tournament

Speaker 2 (47m 51s): to get to even get the play an 11 seed. Okay, so that’s probably not gonna happen

Speaker 1 (47m 56s): Clemson is another fun one. There’s all sorts of like comaraderie stories around them. This is an international way from yeah, there’s home stadium though, but if one of these teams, Like just one of these teams have that opportunity to get randomly get to the Sweet 16 it because the field is so all over the place. Yeah. Okay, really I would say as he state was the one I was going to throw out there. They’ve done it before it just feels like this is gonna be one of those year Wolfpack. Let us know bit of a pedigree and there’s gonna be a lot of that acc’s down storyline.

Anyway. Yeah. Now you guys do realize that not to switch topics. But back to our first one I hit the my lock of Colgate and a my dog if you thought they were amazing. You guys didn’t hit anything. What

Speaker 2 (48m 39s): do you got hit American we were seen Diego State we the

Speaker 1 (48m 42s): team and I was on Colgate whores with you. Just so good. I was a little surprised the horrors of King but who ended up winning that conference Winthrop Winthrop? Okay, perhaps Winthrop, they must have some sort of Defense. Has you Northern Iowa play looking. Oh, oh my dog hit dude. Wow! You can’t talk shit with my dog of Bradley hit for 700. Run away with actually plus 800 you can see right. Now we go shoot her shoot. No, I in team with Cole me.

Oh, no, I in team deep neck fever didn’t treat you with didn’t cover either 12 and a half is too big. I am holding a nine to one roughneck in the chill. I got the Defenders take so it 2-1 at this point. Just let’s hope they get to a championship. Let’s let’s hope it’s the first place they did pay their players this week. It’s

Speaker 2 (49m 36s): close things out with a loc dog and dead Jin’s only play. Maybe we should get that sound bite worked up as well. Colby kick things off of these for conferences. What is your lock?

Speaker 1 (49m 50s): I’m going to the ACC my friends. I am taking my lock of Louisville Louisville. Okay in this conference and who’s your dawg then my dog is going to be let’s go to men. I guess Riders not even a dog. Really let’s yeah, I mean Roger is a plus 280 will give you will get the committee waiting committee approves. Finally. I’m just trying to see if I get you know, what snacks that’s 500 snacks baby. Come on Jax.

State it’s both super cool. But also like we’re just making fun of him because he’s fat and his name and he was ball any bus that three from like for

Speaker 2 (50m 27s): the shots. I think if he doesn’t hit those shots out of fun story. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (50m 31s): Why you why you making fun of because he’s fat I’m not I’m just calling out that everyone’s just just cashing in on making fun of a fat guy with a three-pointer like yeah happens at the YMCA every day. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (50m 41s): and when it does people go oh shit special In your night.

Speaker 1 (50m 46s): Yeah Wasn’t Me Like a Man and he’s put the work in for four years as a walk-on happy for him. I’m not the guy making fun of him because he’s fat. I’m just calling out its fighting got everyone else is making fun of them because

Speaker 2 (50m 58s): he’s fat. Yeah, obviously if he was an average-sized individual, it’s not a fun my locker. I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to trigger. You told me who’s the what’s the dead genes only play for you. You didn’t go.

Speaker 1 (51m 9s): Let’s go. Let’s go deep. Let’s go. It’s North Carolina Tar Heels. 5,500. Okay. Well, what’s the limit on the djinns? That counts right do I gotta go deeper? No. No, that’s what is the what’s the minimum right for it?

Speaker 2 (51m 25s): I think it’s got to be like like eight or nine.

Speaker 1 (51m 28s): Okay are higher. Are you ready? If not, I’m ready to fire.

Speaker 2 (51m 32s): I’ll go for my lock. Give me NC Central plus 270 for my dog. Give me Florida state was all over them in the ACC preview and for my hash. Tagged engines only the peacocks whoo, the Saint Peter’s peacocks only plus 390. I’ll go I’ll go NC State for my dad jeans only. You know what and I’ll make I’ll make the st. Peter’s my dog actually so slight he’s like

Speaker 1 (52m 1s): and take notes Shawn’s moving pieces around the board Next Level chess my lock unlike these two fine gentlemen. I’m coming to you with some Stone Cold Cash Plus 350. Florida State are you kidding me lock that up. No need to make it a dog for my dog. I’m going even further five to one Monmouth. Okay, let’s go and for my Legends only play.

My Deadman’s only play while we sound like robot for my dungeons only play. We will be going and copying the database because I do think that at 55 to one. Look this was one of the most this was a grand moment. If you’re an ACC basketball fan because F, North Carolina, I don’t even know I was there last place. They’re not even good enough for me to finish the word the UC k f, North Carolina. But yeah, 55 to one.

That’s way too big of a dog. Yeah, I mean you could hedge out pretty quickly if they get a win. Yeah, I think anyway, yeah, let’s go with I don’t want to copy Sean since he key. Obviously he mocks me but he did. I think I heard Florida State as his dog. So I’ll copy the dancer

Speaker 2 (53m 19s): base. Of course this loc dog and T’s brought to you by Ace per head. That’s right thing to start your own sports book perfect time to do so over at a Ace / head, you’ve got a spare / as GP get up to six weeks free. That’s right. You could be starting your own sports book today a such up man, all inclusive professional bedding set all the lines updated to the second Wagers graded immediately.

He’s forehead here to help you start your own sports book and you don’t know how you don’t really have to know how to do much on a computer to get set up with your own sports gambling websites. Eight is forehead dash cam shows GP makes it super easy top-notch customer support 24/7 some of the sharpest lines in the industry. Stop trying to just beat the bookie and become a bookie over at a / sgpa. /s G p– We’ve done it we’ve done it.

We’ve come to the end. We’ve said it all broke down for conferences. What’s what are some of the other conference is coming up. We got Pac-12 big 10/10

Speaker 1 (54m 33s): lots of real conferences American Conference the ATAC the Big East the big he’s my favorite Big 12 Big 10, PAC 12. What don’t forget about the big West Don’t forget about the wac. Not what we will not get about the Conference USA. We have a lot of conferences left. How are we possibly going to find the time to cover all

Speaker 2 (54m 54s): this by cranking out a shitload of content for free over at sports gambling keep the podcast alive the content train needs some Kohl and your Kohl is supporting the sponsors, but really supporting the podcast by rating reviewing and subscribing the rate and review couldn’t make it It more important if you see someone in there that has a shitty review say no this was not helpful. Take it over with a sweet sweet five star review and I’ll make sure you check out Colby dance on the college experience.

Its own separate feed check out the dancer based Patty. See

Speaker 1 (55m 31s): we’re going to be Jen. We’re going to be not

Speaker 2 (55m 33s): going to see Nick making some appearances. They’re going even deeper into the college basketball world or

Speaker 1 (55m 40s): also, a lot of editorial content on conference previews will be up in the next couple of

Speaker 2 (55m 44s): Is and today. Yep and see Nick not until three conferences towards gaming for all your content needs. And for this 40 million packets. I’m Shawn stack in the money green. Thank you for participating in these personnel and

Speaker 1 (55m 56s): podcast and he is Ryan in the spirit of our partner a spearhead. I will offer to take any action if someone wants to take the Wahoo’s at 45 to 1 to win the national

Speaker 2 (56m 8s): championship Kramer, let it ride.

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