Bytes Bracket First Round Odds/Picks Plus Championship Odds

SGPN Bytes Bracket

It is almost time for the Bytes Bracket tournament, and oddsmakers have consulted to come up with these odds! Round one voting is right around the corner, so be sure you’ve got your entry in by February 23rd at midnight to be entered for a chance to win $500! In the words of our beloved editor Ryan McKee, “It’s a nice payday for doing next to nothing!”


East Region (Jason Garrett Region)

(16)Master’s Theme vs. (1)Shine Box (-74%)

“Shine Box” has things made in the first round as they have drawn the easiest match-up, and it’s hard to imagine “Master’s Theme” having much of a shot in this year’s tournament.

Prediction : Shine Box (87%)

(15)Dantabase vs. (2)Baby F’n Whale (-18%)

Even though The Dantabase has a passionate fan-base, it appears as though he has drawn an extremely tall task in the form of the tournament favorite “Baby F’n Whale”.

Prediction : Baby F’n Whale (59%)

(14)Boat Trip Music vs. (3)GusGasm (-46%)

“Boat Trip Music” is a versatile 14 seed, but people love Gus Johnson. The “GusGasm” has shown to be one of the most loved bytes in the Sports Gambling Podcast’s arsenal.

Prediction : GusGasm (73%)

(13)Classic Lock vs. (4)Madden Penetration (-54%)

Who doesn’t love hearing John Madden make sexual innuendos? The lock has brought us plenty of money, but the people’s love of Madden should see the drop through.

Prediction : Madden Penetration (77%)

(12)Jerry Jones’s Glory Hole (-12%) vs. (5)Hot! Hot! Hot!

This is one of the more intriguing contests in the first round. “Hot! Hot! Hot!” is solid, but the voters have got to enjoy Jerry Jones and his need for a glory hole.

Prediction : Jerry Jones’s Glory Hole (56%)

(11)Showtime Mahomes! vs. (6)All In On Trump (-12%)

Bill Burr is a beloved guest of the SGP family, but Trump/Justin Decker supporters should sway the votes towards “All In On Trump” in a match that could come down to the wire.

Prediction : All In On Trump (56%)

(10)We Gotta Get Our Shit Going Mentally (-32%) vs. (7)You Like That??

“You Like That??” had more fans that initially expected in preliminary polling, but people have a love for making fun of Jon Gruden and his drop is under-seeded.

Prediction : We Gotta Get Our Shit Going Mentally (66%)

(9)Mister Jones (-8%) vs. (8)I Can Delete That Right Now

Podcast host Sean Green is a backer of “Mister Jones”, and his influence mixed with the chowderheads’ disgust of anything shaming the Patriots should send “Mister Jones” to the second round.

Prediction : Mister Jones (54%)

West Region (Joe Buck Region)

(16)Neeerrrddd! vs (1)That Is A Disgusting Act (-38%)

Of the two 16 seeds, “Neeerrrddd!” has the better chance to survive, but it will be a tough task going against America’s most-hated announcer Joe Buck and his disgust.

Prediction : That Is A Disgusting Act (69%)

(15)Hubie Brown Jerking Off vs. (2)Long Cox (-48%)

“Long Cox” has seen its name thrown around in the championship talks, and this is by far the strongest of the Jon Gruden drops. Many people see it as a perennial championship contender.

Prediction : Long Cox (74%)

(14)X-Files Theme vs. (3)DMX Dog Bark (-22%)

“X-Files Theme” could certainly pull an upset here due to its versatility, but there’s nothing sweeter than cashing a plus-money underdog, and “DMX Dog Bark” has brought us plenty of these.

Prediction : DMX Dog Bark (61%)

(13)Shakira Sound (-14%) vs. (4)Kramer’s What The Fuck?

“Kramer’s What The Fuck?” is a staple to the SGP rotation, but the voters love “Shakira Sound”. This match could easily come down to the wire but Kramer may possibly lose a drop here.

Prediction : Shakira Sound (57%)

(12)Lock, Dog, Tease! vs. (5)Thank You For Participating (-4%)

Of all the first round contests, this is the biggest toss-up. There isn’t a lot of noise coming from either side so the edge was given to the higher seed between the two.

Prediction : Thank You For Participating (52%)

(11)Oh My God! (-16%) vs (6)San Diego SuperChargers CHARGE!

Chargers superfan and contributor Justin Decker draws a tough match with both of his drops, but especially this one. “Oh My God!” is even seen as going all the way by some voters.

Prediction : Oh My God! (58%)

(10)#DejinsOnly (-44%) vs. (7)Sam Bradford

One of the newest drops, it didn’t take the listeners long to fall in love with “#DejinsOnly”. Although the Sam Bradford drop is certainly a true statement, there’s no way it wins this contest.

Prediction : #DejinsOnly (72%)

(9)I Want A Dick Rubbed On Me Tonight (-34%) vs. (8)How’s The Slot?

Lenny Dykstra is loved by many of the degen nation and is one of our favorite guests, but this Kramer drop has real potential, even if it pains Ryan to see it make a deep run.

Prediction : I Want A Dick Rubbed On Me Tonight (67%)

Bytes Bracket Championship Odds

  • Baby F’n Whale (+300)
  • Long Cox (+300)
  • GusGasm (+350)
  • Madden Penetration (+400)
  • #DejinsOnly (+400)
  • Shine Box (+500)
  • Oh My God! (+600)
  • That Is A Disgusting Act (+1000)
  • I Want A Dick Rubbed On Me Tonight (+1200)
  • Mister Jones (+1200)
  • I Can Delete That Right Now (+1500)
  • Shakira Sound (+1500)
  • All In On Trump (+1600)
  • San Diego SuperChargers CHARGE! (+1800)
  • How’s The Slot (+1800)
  • Dantabase (+1800)
  • Showtime Mahomes! (+1800)
  • Jerry Jones’s Glory Hole (+1900)
  • We Gotta Get Our Shit Going Mentally (+1900)
  • DMX Dog Bark (+2000)
  • Kramer’s What The Fuck? (+2000)
  • Hot! Hot! Hot! (+2300)
  • You Like That?? (+2500)
  • Boat Trip Music (+2800)
  • Sam Bradford (+3000)
  • Neeerrrddd! (+3000)
  • Thank You For Participating (+3500)
  • Lock, Dog, Tease! (+3500)
  • Classic Lock (+4000)
  • Hubie Brown Jerking Off (+4000)
  • X-Files Theme (+4500)
  • Master’s Theme (+5000)
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