The Worst Tattoos in MMA History

worst tattoos in mma history

I’m not sure penning this article under my name is such a great idea. Anonymous probably is a better idea. While I might be physically bigger than most of the MMA fighters on this list, I am in no way as tough. Not even close. So making fun of the tattoo choices of these trained killers probably (actually, definitely) isn’t the safest choice. But, as long as no one doxes me online, hopefully I’ll be safe here behind my keyboard.

So (deep breath), here are the worst tattoos in MMA history.

Aleksandar Emielianenko

Aleksandar never quite reached the heights in the sport as his famous brother, Fedor, but in terms of horrible tattoos, he takes the cake. Yes, that is the Grim Reaper holding a baby. Thanks for asking.


Collin Fletcher

I don’t think I can say anything that adds to this visual. Just soak it all in. Nightmare fuel.


Conor McGregor

Where to begin? A tiger belly button? A King Gorilla with wings, eating a heart? When it comes to life choices, Notorious lives up to his nickname.

Alan Belcher

Belcher’s tattoo of Johnny Cash has to be the worst tribute to the Man in Black.

Brock Lesnar

Weird skulls, huge phallic sword, a tramp stamp of Metallica’s first album. You go tell the Beast Incarnate his tattoos are wack.

Shad Smith

Shad Smith never made the UFC, and has lost 25 MMA fights to date, but hopefully he got a nice payout from Tapout.

Adrian Perez

Apparently former MMA fighter Adrian Perez (career record: 2-12) went by the moniker “The Lunatic”. No argument here.


Darren Elkins

Speaking of nicknames, do you want to guess UFC vet Darren Elkins’s? If you didn’t guess “The Damage,” then perhaps your brain has accrued some.

Thiago Silva

Putting a crown tattoo on your throat seems to me like you’re just begging someone to try to knock it off.

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