80+ Funny Fantasy Basketball Names for 2019

 funny fantasy basketball names for 2019

Fantasy basketball may not be as popular as its football cousin, but that doesn’t mean it’s bereft of funny and/or clever team names. If you’re wondering what to name your team this upcoming season (which is creeping up on us – tip off is October 22), here’s a list of 80+ names that’ll make you the envy of your league.

First, some from a league I played in:

Notorious SVG


Cookies & Kareem

Now some from my demented brain (living in the Toronto area, I’ve got Kawhi on that demented brain apparently):

Kawhi Not?

Kawhi Me a (Doc) Rivers (or Kawhi Me a Rivers, Doc)

We also put the question out on the cesspool known as Twitter, and we got a grab bag of results:


Now some humorous ones from Sports Feel Good Stories:

Gettin’ Wiggy With It

Big Girls Don’t Kawhi

Better Call Gasol

Jrue Light Special


Go Harden the paint

Pau right in the kisser

DeAndre DeGiant

The Big Lebronski

I can’t believe it’s not Butler

Every Rose has its thorn

Build the John Wall

Rock Harden

Everybody Loves Draymond

Rondo Rousey

Curry the Team on my Back

Storm Serge

KAT in the Hat

Westbrook Baptist Church

Kyrie On Baggage

Ibaka Flocka Flame

Midnight Kawhiboys

Kawhi of the Tiger

Steph Boy Ardee

Imagine Dragan

Iblockalypse Brow


Double Lebrontondre

Fifty Shades of Klay

Kawhi 5-O

Warriors…come out and play!

How They Play has some choice nuggets as well:

Aminu Acids

Dedmon Don’t Talk

Tacko Bell

Tacko Tuesday

Steph Infection

Bol Movement

Too Good To Be Jrue

Shake and Blake

Out of My Teague

Smokin’ a Bol

Bang Bang Pau Pau

Irritable Bol Syndrome

Curry Up and Shoot

Jrues for Jesus

Kawhi So Serious

Nobody’s Fultz But Mine

Mo Bamba Blues

Bad to the Bojan

Biz Markieff

Do You Believe in Dragic?

All You Need is (Kevin) Love

Jrue Let the Dogs Out?

24 Caris Magic

Dr. Bealgood

Finally, Reddit is always a good source for nonsense – let’s see what they came up with:

LA Klawpers


No Habla Ingles

KAT Scratch Fever 

Rock’em Siakim Robots

System of a Towns

Anal Embiids

What does D Fox say?

Victor Oladeepthroat

Row, Row, Row Your Antetokounmpo

Oklahoma Shitty Bummer

The Kawhilight Zone

Klaws AnGeorgelese Klippers

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