The Importance Of Multiple Outs In Sports Betting

The Importance Of Multiple Outs In Sports Betting

One of the first things you’ll hear professional bettors talk about is the importance of multiple “outs” when it comes to sports betting. If you’re unfamiliar with what bettors call an “out,” it’s another word for places to bet — whether they be brick and mortar sports books, offshore websites, local accounts, or any other way that lets you get down a bet.

But, why is it important?

The Best Of It

The first is obviously to be able to shop for the best of the number. When you are able to have a full roster of betting shops to place your bet on, you’re able to actually shop around to make sure you’re getting the best number. Why lay -7 at one shop when -6.5 is available for the same price?

In the long term, this obviously will add up and even if it only comes into play 2 out of 50 times, over the course of a season and year, you will have an extra 5-10% of your bankroll in your pocket.

Working The Middle

Bookmakers have long maintained the ultimate apocalypse situation is getting middled, which means the spread of a game landing exactly in-between the two numbers that were available at different times.

As I’ve stated in the past, that’s only applicable and you can only get middled at your own shop. When you’re able to put together multiple betting outlets, you’re able to create middle, hedge, and arbitrage opportunities.

If shop A is offering -7.5 at open and takes a few professional bets, you may be also to bet the other side at +9, meaning you win both bets if the wager falls on 8. You only have to win one out of every 10 of these situations at -110 to turn a profit.

The Niche Markets

The niche markets are some of my favorites as most of you know by now, but there’s a few problems with them. One of them is that they are not offered by every betting shop out there. WWE bets may only be available on two of your ten betting outlets. Strikeout props only available at five out of ten. Total base props at three out of ten. And even whole niche markets available at four out of twenty.

Getting Around The Limits

With niche markets mentioned above, they are some of the most profitable in sports betting, but there’s one big problem. Most books know this, and place very small limits on them.

It’s a huge pain to spend the majority of your time and effort in a specific niche market only to be limited to 20% of your normal sized wager. That being said, with multiple betting outlets you are able to multiply your bet. If a strikeout prop is only offered on five of your books, you’re able to multiply your wager by 5 to make up 100% of your normal size bet.

It always makes sense to have your main sports book you know sets proper lines daily, but no one shop will have everything you need. This is a way to break into new markets and get down the appropriate amount you have calculated your edge on.

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