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Game Of Throws: The Best Streaming QB Option For Week Six

Game Of Throws: The Best Streaming QB Option For Week Six

The Rules:

This is a win/loss format column with the goal of 250 yards passing + rushing and two touchdowns. Every time a quarterback selected finishes the NFL fantasy week in the top twelve or accumulates 250 yards passing/rushing and two touchdowns, it will be graded as a win. Anything short of that, you guessed it-a loss. 

Using ESPN standard scoring / PPR leagues, the quarterback of the week must be 30% or less owned.

Week Two Game Of Throws Selection

Jameis Winston, QB, Tampa Bay Bucs,  $5,00 Draft Kings, 25 % owned in ESPN fantasy leagues

Ryan Tannehill let us down with our second loss on the Game Of Throws season last week, but we’re going right back to the well going against this Atlanta defense that actually did hold Ben Roethlisberger under 300 yards passing, and is even more impressive considering they were at home. That being said, Pittsburgh clearly had a mentality that they wanted to run the ball a ton, and Tampa, to be frank, doesn’t have much of a running game to speak of.

Atlanta’s defense is a MASH unit, and while Winston may not be anything special long term, he is playing for his job, his pride, and his next long term contract-be that in Tampa or somewhere else. Winston is in something of a must-succeed for this season if he wants to cash in an get paid to try to shed the “bust” table, and there is no better team to cure what ails you or get on track than the Atlanta defense who has allowed a top ten QB every single week this season from Big Ben, Andy Dalton, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton. They only time they actually didn’t allow a top ten quarterback is week one with Nick Foles, when they actually had a working healthy defensive unit. Stream away.

Game Of Throw’s Season Record:


Week One: Andy Dalton 

Week Two: Alex Smith

Week Three: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Week Four: Joe Flacco

Week Five: Ryan Tannehill

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