Hard Knocks NFL Win Total Trends


Does Being On ‘Hard Knocks’ Impact A Team’s Win Total Performance?

The NFL Draft has just finished which means the NFL win totals have just been released. Obviously eleven teams is a very small sample size when it comes to developing a trend, but teams who appear on ‘Hard Knocks’ have gone under their NFL win total 58% (7/12). ‘Hard Knocks’ generally likes to focus on teams that have a lot of hype going into their next season and fading teams backed by the public is historically a favorable strategy.

YearTeam NameWin TotalActual WinsResult
2001Baltimore Ravens1110UNDER
2002Dallas Cowboys6.5 (OVER -160)5UNDER
2004Jacksonville Jaguars7.5 (OVER -140)9OVER
2007Kansas City Chiefs7.5 (OVER +100)4UNDER
2008Dallas Cowboys10.5 (OVER -135)9UNDER
2009Cincinnati Bengals7 (OVER -130)10OVER
2010New York Jets9.5 (OVER +125)11OVER
2012Miami Dolphins7.57UNDER
2013Cincinnati Bengals8.5 (OVER +110)11OVER
2014Atlanta Falcons8 (OVER -130)6UNDER
2015Houston Texans8.5 (OVER -120)9OVER
2016Los Angeles Rams7 (OVER -130)4UNDER
2017Tampa Bay Buccaneers8??????

Sources: Sports Odd History, The Logical Approach, CBS Sports
*There was no ‘Hard Nocks’ 2003, 2005 & 2011

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