NBA Playoffs & NBA Lottery

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NBA Playoffs

Alert the Framily parity is back in the NBA, with two rounds under our belts we have seen the most road wins in NBA history to this point in the Playoffs. Not so fast, the net result of these road wins is #1 seeded Spurs taking on the #2 seeded Thunder and the #1 seeded Pacers facing the #2 seeded Heat. Underdogs are fun to route for usually, but in the NBA I want to see LeBron vs Durant, everyone does.
Unfortunately luck just isn’t on Durant’s side and for the 2nd straight year he has lost one of his key teammates (Ibaka) in the playoffs. So if not LeBron vs Durant what is the next best thing to route for? Well for my money give me Spurs vs Pacers and lets watch the NBA squirm as 2 small markets take the grand stage of the NBA Finals.

NBA Lottery

Dan Gilbert loves making post season news, unfortunately its usually surrounding the lottery and not actual basketball. Conspiracy theorists rejoice, a team has over come long odds to be awarded the #1 pick for the 2nd year in a row. Stop It! It’s Cleveland, things are shitty there even when they’re good. Let’s stop acting like Cleveland is NY, LA or Boston. As far as the draft is concerned when are we going to stop worrying about measurable and start worrying about production and skills that are ready now.
For that reason here are my favorite guys in this years draft. Julius Randle, dude has a post game that is more than you can say for like 50% of big men that play in the NBA. Adrian Payne, sure he isn’t the best athlete in the world but 4 years at Mich St., college 3pt range and a very tough defender equals a guy that will contribute right away. Shabazz Napier, leader, handle, great vision. I understand going for the lottery ticket but remember something is better than nothing.

NFL Season Win Totals

Sean and Ryan announce they will have a new episode breaking down the NFL Season Win Totals in the near future. They were just releases by the LVH.

MLB Ear Biting Incident

Miguel Olivo punched and then bit the ear off of teammate Alex Guerrero.

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