$1000 Free to Enter March Madness Contest from Champs Sports and SGPN

$1000 Free to Enter March Madness Contest from Champs Sports and SGPN

Looking for some fun and excitement during the NCAA Tournament but don’t want to break the bank in entry fees? Then SGPN and Champs Sports Pools have you covered! With a partnership like this, March Madness will be open to Degen Nation, and with this free-to-enter contest. Thanks to Champs and SGPN, all you need to do is register and get your free entry. The winner will walk away with a cool $1,000. So what are you waiting for? Get in on the action today and win big with our free March Madness Bracket Contest.

SGPN has been your home for free picks, podcasts, and more. For more than a decade, they have been waging a battle against Corporate Gambling. Champs Sports Pools is a fun way to enhance your March Madness bracket, and we are excited to partner with them to deliver this free-to-enter contest.

$1000 Free to Enter March Madness Contest from Champs Sports and SGPN

The Rules of the Contest

This pool format gives you an opportunity to participate in one of the most interesting competitions in all sports. Pick the team that will win the tournament. There’s a point breakdown for every round.

For this year’s March Madness, we’ll start at the Sweet 16 stage. You’ll get your entries from the moment you fulfill the requirements; however, you’ll need to wait until March 25th to use your entries. Your last chance to use it is on March 28th at noon EST.

The point configuration is setup like this:

Sweet 16: 9 pts
Elite 8: 12 pts
Final 4: 15 pts
Championship: 18 pts

In the case of a tie, the earliest submissions will be considered as the winner.

The contest is open right now, and you can submit your entries after the second round up until noon before the first match of the Sweet Sixteen on March 28th.

Any questions? Contact Us Here or find us on our social media.

Get ready to dominate the Champs March Madness Pool!

How to Make Your Picks

As with any March Madness contest, the key is finding the right two leverage plays. Given that this free March Madness Contest does not start until the Sweet Sixteen, it will certainly be tougher to find the leverage plays. Usually guessing right on an upset special and a boring favorite. No one likes to cheer for a favorite, and picking a favorite during March Madness feels wrong. Especially for Degen Nation. Y’all cheer for the scrappy independent podcast and website. You march to the beat of your own drum. And you love to make money off of Corporate Gambling.

Unfortunately, March Madness often comes down to which top seed you correctly picked. Just ask that guy Ken Pom. However, the Underdog is just too compelling a story. Your best bet will be to have one underdog team, 10 seed or higher, to make the Final Four and pick a champion who fits the Ken Pom criteria. Of course, you can use whatever strategy you want! It is your bracket and we’re just here to help you win big, so LET IT RIDE!

Even More College Basketball Content

SGPN has you covered with all the best college basketball content. Our team of degens, experts, and handicappers have been diving deep to know all the teams in advance of March Madness.

So, who are you going to roll with as we get into the Conference and NCAA Tournaments? Some Johnny-Come-Lately Corporate Gambling Shill, or the Degens.

We are LIVE every night at midnight Eastern, breaking down EVERY SINGLE GAME. Ride with Degen Nation, and SGPN will not let you down. Find out what’s new after the 2024 Ivy League Tournament Preview, Picks, and Best Bets.




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