2024 NFL Franchise Tags, Free Agency, the Draft and Fantasy Football Impacts | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 112)

It’s the NFL offseason and one of the most exciting times for fantasy football players. Whether you’re getting ready for your studying for your next season’s draft or tweaking your dynasty lineup – we have you covered. This week, Old-Fashioned Football discusses NFL franchise tags, free agency, the draft, and all the fantasy football impacts they all have.

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2024 NFL Franchise Tags, Free Agency, the Draft and Fantasy Football Impacts

The hosts start by talking about the NFL Franchise tags and how they may impact the world of fantasy football. They go over each of the offensive players. JMark and Mir discuss if they’re buying or selling these players. After that, they talk about the big names on the NFL free agency this year. They go over the main dates, as well as some draft information.

As always, it isn’t all fantasy football on Old-Fashioned Football. The hosts also talk about Castle and Key’s Restoration Rye. Mir gives a full history and background of the distillery and the whiskey. This whiskey is made in a castle that was originally built by Colonel E.H. Taylor.

After they go over the history, the hosts try the whiskey. They both go over the taste profile they get, as well as give a full review. The hosts also talk about how it is in their old-fashioned. For more information on Castle and Key, you can find them on their website here. They are also on Instagram.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Intro
13:26 – Underdog Fantasy
14:53 – Franchise Tags
37:07 – NFL Free Agents
44:13 – NFL Draft
51:17 – Castle And Key History and Review

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