Super Bowl 58 Underdog Fantasy Pick ‘Em Flowchart

Super Bowl 58 Underdog Fantasy Pick 'Em Flowchart

We are down to the final game of the NFL season, Super Bowl 58, between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs!  Here is the Super Bowl 58 Underdog Pick ‘Em Entry Flowchart for the big game! Below is everything you need to know to cash in this Sunday in a big way! If you haven’t already signed up with Underdog Fantasy, what are you waiting for? New customers can get a 100% deposit bonus of up to $100! Go here for the latest NFL betting trends.

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Super Bowl 58 Underdog Fantasy Pick ‘Em Flowchart

Super Bowl 58 Underdog Fantasy Pick 'Em Flowchart

Core Plays

The core plays are going to be my favorite plays this week as your base foundation to start your pick-em entry to maximize. This week, there are two projections I love to get the Underdog Fantasy Pick Em entry started.

Patrick Mahomes Higher Than 4.5 Rush Attempts

When it comes down to it, Mahomes is not afraid to utilize his rushing ability. In fact, in the three playoff games this year, Mahomes has at least six rushing attempts in two of the three.

Further, in the first matchup against the 49ers in the Super Bowl, Mahomes rushed six times. Let’s also not forget that kneel-downs also do count as rush attempts.

In the case the Chiefs are in victory formation, those will count as rush attempts! I love this higher for the Super Bowl 58 Underdog Fantasy Pick ‘Em entry!

Travis Kelce Higher Than 74.5 Receiving Yards

When it comes down to it, I believe Mahomes will find his most trustworthy receiver, and that is going to be Travis Kelce. During the playoff run, Kelce has higher than this projection in all three games.

Further, in the three Super Bowl games the Chiefs have played over the last four seasons, Kelce has gone higher than this projection in two of those games.

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In addition, the 49ers allowed Sam LaPorta of the Lions to have a game-high 105 receiving yards on 10 catches. I expect Kelce to be heavily involved in the offense for the Chiefs.

3x Multiplier

Christian McCaffrey Higher Than 18.5 Rush Attempts

In a game where I believe the 49ers will ease Purdy into the game, they’ll rely on McCaffrey early and often in this game. McCaffrey has plenty of success on the ground during the regular season and in the playoffs.

The Chiefs’ pass defense was elite this season, and I do expect McCaffrey to find success on the ground.

Super Bowl 58 Underdog Fantasy Pick 'Em Flowchart

Brock Purdy Higher Than 12.5 Rushing Yards

This seems to be a popular projection for Super Bowl 58, and rightfully so. In the two playoff games this season, Purdy has exceeded this projection in both games.

Furthermore, over the last five games, including the regular season, all five quarterbacks have at least 25 rushing yards against the Chiefs’ defense.

5X Multiplier

Isaiah Pacheco Lower Than 17.5 Receiving Yards

Isaiah Pacheco has had tremendous success on the ground for the Chiefs, and I believe that continues in this game against a struggling 49ers rush defense.

However, I do not believe Pacheco will be heavily involved in the passing game. There is a possibility McKinnon could play in this game, and he has been the receiving running back for the Chiefs.

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George Kittle Higher Than 47.5 Receiving Yards

George Kittle has been waiting to return to the Super Bowl since their defeat against the Chiefs in Super Bowl 54. Moreover, the Chiefs have been stellar defending the wide receivers which leads me to believe Kittle has a big game for the 49ers offensive.

Further, Kittle has gone higher than this projection in four out of the last five games dating back to the regular season. I’ll play the higher on this projection for Kittle.

I love this higher for the Underdog Fantasy Pick ‘Em entry.

10x Multiplier 

Richie James Jr. Lower Than 3.5 Receiving Yards

I surely do not expect Richie James Jr. to be involved in the offensive game plan at all. The Chiefs have plenty of depth at the wide receiver and running back position, and I also do not expect James Jr. to have a lot of snap counts in this game.



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