Skills That Poker Can Teach Us


The classic casino game of poker is one of the most popular games around, with many people using online casinos to play on their mobiles, tablets, and laptops. With so many game variants to choose from, players are discovering they have lots of choice when it comes to finding a game that suits them.

For many, playing poker is a great way to relax, spend time with friends, and even win some money. However, the game of poker has many more benefits to offer players.

From problem solving, patience, financial management, stress relief, and more, playing poker can provide players with many invaluable life skills. Here’s a round up of some of the skills that poker provides.

  1. Patience

Most people have heard the phrase, “Patience is a virtue,” and anybody who has played poker will understand that to be successful, players need patience. Poker players can often spend their time waiting for other players to take their turn, or even for some good cards to finally come their way.

That’s why the best players learn to accept this reality and not get impatient and let their emotions effect their judgement during the game. In a modern-day world of instant gratification, patience is perhaps more important than ever, and can help support mental health and relationships. 

Benefits of patience:

  • Improves self-control and self-compassion
  • Supports long-term goal achievement
  • Enhances physical health
  • Improves problem-solving
  • Enhances satisfaction and happiness
  • Boosts resilience and compassion 
  1. Concentration

The modern world with all its distractions has shortened many people’s attention spans. However, if you want to be successful in poker it’s important to maintain your focus throughout.

Not only do you need to stay abreast of all the different poker rules for the many varieties of poker on offer, but paying attention to the cards in your hand and the players around you are key.

A loss of concentration can prove costly so the most successful players learn to maximise their focus and glean every bit of information they can from the situation around them. Whether that’s the cards in their hand, or the playing traits of the other people around the table.

It takes time and practice, but through playing poker you can improve your concentration skills and enhance both your poker game and day to day life.

Benefits of improved concentration:

  • Helps overcome stress and anxiety
  • Use time more efficiently
  • Improve work performance
  • Enhanced skill learning
  • Improve relationships
  • Ignore distractions
  1. Financial management

Perhaps the most obvious skill that poker can endow on players, is that of financial management. Without a bankroll, gamers cannot get a seat at the table, so learning to manage a budget while playing is an important skill.

Poker teaches players how best to manage their money and how to make the most of the budget they have. That means maximising their cash to make sure they get the most out of their resources and knowing when to take risks and when to fold.

Benefits of financial management:

  • Improves cash flow
  • Helps in the setting and reaching of financial goals
  • More informed financial decisions
  • Improved spending habits
  • Track spending better
  1. Decision Making

Poker players are under constant pressure as every decision they make can have significant consequences, especially when their own money is on the line. There’s no asking for advice or taking a time out in poker, it’s you against the rest, so the decision making (and blame) begins and ends with you. 

Poker is a casino game that constantly pushes you to make difficult decisions, but with practice the best poker players learn to deal with these high-pressure in game situations. This allows them to make the best decision possible based on the information they have.

The best poker players are able to make better decisions under pressure and look at situations from multiple viewpoints, assessing the potential pros and cons of each outcome.

Benefits of improved decision making:

  • Saves time
  • Make fewer mistakes
  • Reduces procrastination
  • Better use of your resources
  • Reduces stress
  1. Observation Skills

One often overlooked skill required for a successful poker player is the skill of observing other people. Body language, tics, expressions, and more, all add up to signals that another player is giving out about their hand, all you have to do is learn to “listen” to them. Learning this skill will increase one player’s edge over another during the game. Observation skills are also an important life skill, whether that’s for work or relationships.

Benefits of observation skills:

  • Improves problem solving
  • Helps detect problems opportunities, and challenges
  • Help build better relationships
  • Helps you make more informed decisions

Poker Success

Poker is often regarded as a game of luck, but the best players know that it is in fact a game of skill. These skills have numerous life benefits, from better reasoning, maths and analytical skills, to improved mental and emotional health.  Throw in the fact that poker players also have the chance to win some money, and you can understand why the game has never been more popular.

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