Get to Know the Pegasus World Cup Early Favorite: National Treasure

Pegasus Horse Racing Get to Know the Pegasus World Cup Early Favorite: National Treasure

In horse racing, there’s always that one star everyone can’t stop talking about. As we gear up for the Pegasus World Cup this year, all eyes are on National Treasure. He’s the one who’s quickly become the favorite to win one of the most prestigious races in the sport. 


With a name that sparks curiosity and a track record that impresses, National Treasure is unfolding right before our eyes. So, let’s get to know this star as he prepares to take on the challenge of the Pegasus World Cup.

National Treasure at Four Years

Four is a magic number in thoroughbred racing. It’s the age when horses are no longer green but haven’t yet reached the point where age slows them down. National Treasure, in his four-year-old glory, is a perfect example of this. He’s got the zest and zeal of his younger self, but he races smarter, not harder. He’s learned when to push, when to pace, and how to read the race around him.


When you watch National Treasure now, there’s a sense of maturity in his gait, a calculated power in his sprints. But don’t be fooled—there’s still that spark of youthful enthusiasm, that flare that says, “I’m here to win.” This balance makes him a contender and a crowd favorite for the upcoming Pegasus World Cup.


And let’s not forget about the mental game. The buzz, the noise, the pressure of big races can unnerve even the most seasoned horses. But National Treasure? He’s cool as a cucumber. It’s as if he understands the stakes and embraces the challenge. That’s the kind of mental strength that sets champions apart.


As the Pegasus World Cup looms, National Treasure isn’t just hitting its peak; he’s redefining it. At four years old, he’s not just ready to race; he’s ready to make history. 

Unpacking National Treasure’s Pedigree

National Treasure is akin to horse racing royalty. His pedigree is a tapestry woven with some of the most illustrious names in the sport, a lineage that almost predestined him for greatness on the track.


Let’s start with his dad, Quality Road. He wasn’t just fast; he was a record-setter, the kind of horse racing fans talk about for years. Then there’s National Treasure’s mom, Treasure, a daughter of the famous Medaglia d’Oro. 


Here’s where our star gets his stamina. Medaglia d’Oro’s line is known for horses who don’t just start strong but have the grit to endure, to keep pushing when the track gets tough. That’s a trait Treasure passed down to National Treasure – the heart of a horse that doesn’t know the word quit.

The Mastermind Trainer: Bob Baffert’s Role

Baffert’s track record in horse racing is the stuff of dreams. He doesn’t just train horses; he creates champions. It’s like he has a sixth sense of unlocking the hidden potential in these majestic creatures. With National Treasure, he saw a spark, a hint of greatness, and he’s been fanning that flame ever since.


National Treasure’s journey under Baffert’s wing has been about fine-tuning. Every workout and every practice run has been tailored to National Treasure’s unique strengths and needs. Baffert has been teaching him the art of the race, from pacing himself to understanding the track’s rhythm.


But Baffert’s magic isn’t just in the rigorous training routines. It’s in the small things – how he understands each horse’s needs and ensures they’re mentally and physically prepared. For National Treasure, this has meant creating a training environment that’s as much about nurturing as pushing limits.

A Notable Victory: The 2023 Preakness Stakes

Last year, the Pimlico Race Course was the stage for an unforgettable display of equine athleticism and strategy, as National Treasure, entering at 5-2 odds, clinched a victory that left the horse racing world in awe. It wasn’t just any win; it was a triumph over Mage, the celebrated Kentucky Derby winner and the favorite going into the race.

National Treasure took the lead early in the race and held onto it gracefully and tenacity, showing the world what he was truly made of. The race’s climax turned into an intense duel between National Treasure and Blazing Sevens, with each stride fueling the growing excitement among the spectators.


In a thrilling conclusion, National Treasure edged out Blazing Sevens by just a head, while Mage, trying his signature late surge from the outside, could only manage a third-place finish. Completing the race in 1:55.12, National Treasure didn’t just win; he etched his name into the hearts of racing fans and affirmed his rising stature in the horse racing community.

The Road to the Pegasus: Analyzing the Odds

National Treasure is a clear favorite, with odds at 9-5 for the Pegasus 2024 Invitational. These Pegasus 2024 betting odds reflect not just his past achievements but also the confidence of the racing community in his capabilities. National Treasure is highly regarded among experts and enthusiasts alike.


Fans and experts eagerly await the culmination of National Treasure’s journey, anticipating not just a race but a potential turning point in the history of horse racing. His presence at the Pegasus World Cup promises an exciting spectacle and a chance for this rising star to etch his name among the sport’s legends.

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