FFPC Round 2 Playoff Challenge: Strategies, Tips, And More

FFPC Round 2 Playoff Challenge: Strategies, Tips, And More

Do you still have a fantasy football itch that you need to scratch? Did your first FFPC lineup not go as planned, and you need a fresh start? Your season doesn’t have to be over! With the FFPC Playoff Challenge, you can still play fantasy football. What is the FFPC Playoff Challenge, you ask? Don’t worry. If you missed the first article, we’ll cover the FFPC Playoff Challenge lineup strategies and more for Round 2!

The FFPC Playoff Challenge is as simple as setting a fantasy football lineup. There is no draft order like in a fantasy football draft. No salary cap like in DFS. You don’t even have to bid on players like in an auction draft. It’s as simple as picking your players with a couple of twists. We’ll get into those in this article as well.

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FFPC Round 2 Playoff Challenge: Lineup Strategies, Tips, And More

Setting Your FFPC Playoff Challenge Lineup

Setting a lineup is easy. First, go here and create an account and make a deposit using promo code SGPN. Second, sign up in the lobby for Round 2. The last thing to do is to set your lineup. Is there anything else? Of course! Let’s get to the twist!

In Round 2 of the FFPC Playoff Challenge, each team consists of eight players. You have one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, and one flex (RB, WR, or TE). Unlike the first FFPC playoff challenge last week, there is no defense or kicker.

If you missed the first article, there is a twist. You can only have one player from each team. Unlike last week, in Round 2 of the FFPC Playoff Challenge, you are picking a player from each team. Each week, a player will advance, and one will go home. When they lose, you get no more points.

Speaking of points, you’ll get four points for every passing touchdown and one point for every 20 yards passing. Other touchdowns are worth six points.

Rushing and receiving yards are one point for every 10 yards. You also get a point per reception unless it’s a tight end, where you’ll get one-and-a-half points per reception. Everything else is pretty standard, aside from the fact that safeties are worth five points.

Round 2 FFPC Playoff Challenge Quarterbacks

The Obvious Choice

Is there an obvious choice for Round 2 of the FFPC Playoff Challenge at quarterback? I guess the obvious choice would be Josh Allen. He finished as the top quarterback in the regular season. On top of that, last week, Allen had 203 passing yards, three passing touchdowns, 74 rushing yards, and a rushing touchdown.

However, if you think the Chiefs beat the Bills, then maybe Allen isn’t your obvious choice. Maybe it’s Patrick Mahomes. Perhaps you want to capitalize on the rushing ability of Lamar Jackson. After throwing for 274 yards and three touchdowns against a good defense, I can’t blame you if you even wanted to pick CJ Stroud.

Is the most obvious choice to go with an AFC quarterback? That still depends on how you figure this week’s matchups turn out. However, I think the AFC quarterback options are better than the NFC options.

The Dark Horse Quarterback

Maybe you don’t want an AFC quarterback, though. Maybe you think the cold weather of Buffalo and Baltimore leads to lower-scoring games, and you want to look to warmer weather or dome football. You could pick Brock Purdy, but there’s likely another player on that team you’re going to want to choose. So, which NFC quarterback do you choose?

Playing in the comfy dome and having one of his best seasons, Jared Goff is a dark horse option. Yes, it is hard to pass up on either of the running backs, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Sam Laporta. However, Goff finished the fantasy football season as the seventh-ranked quarterback.

Last week against his old team, Goff threw 27 times. He completed 22 of those passes for 277 yards and a touchdown. Goff doesn’t have much rushing upside, but he is playing very efficient football. Not to mention, these Lions’ players believe in themselves and believe in Goff.

The Lions now have a matchup against the Bucs that they should win. Then they play the winner of the 49ers and the Packers. The Lions have the Super Bowl in mind.

Round 2 FFPC Playoff Challenge Running Backs

The Obvious Choice

You get two running backs in Round 2 of the FFPC Playoff Challenge. The obvious choice that 99% of lineups will have is Christian McCaffrey. I don’t think there is a lot of reason to debate that.

He finished as the RB1 in the fantasy football season, and the extra week of rest has him healthy. Don’t overthink this one. Whether the 49ers win or lose, CMC will get carries and catches.

The second running back is a little trickier. The options range from Gus Edwards, Devin Singletary, Isiah Pacheco, Aaron Jones, David Montgomery, Jahmyr Gibbs, James Cook, and Rachaad White. Out of playoff teams, the Ravens finished as the top rushing team in the league. However, a lot of that is due to Lamar Jackson.

Devin Singletary had a great second half of the season. However, the Texans have a lot of work cut out for them against the Ravens. Even if they win that game, then they have the winner of the Bills or Chiefs. If you pick CMC, maybe you want to buy some insurance by taking Aaron Jones.

Jones has a tough matchup against the 49ers. However, he had a tough matchup against the Cowboys too. That didn’t stop him from running the ball 21 times for 118 yards and three touchdowns. He also had one catch for 13 yards.

Jones has been one of the best running backs in the past six weeks. It’s hard to fade that right now, even if you think you’ll only get one game out of him.

The Dark Horse Running Back

I named every starting running back in the section above and can make an argument for and against each one. Therefore dark horse may not be the right term for this.

However, if you decide to not go with Josh Allen as your quarterback, you have to consider James Cook. It feels like Buffalo is leaning on the run more than they have in Josh Allen’s professional career.

Last week against the Steelers, Cook ran the ball 17 times for 78 yards. He also had four receptions for five yards. The Chiefs’ pass defense has been tough to move the ball on. The best way to beat the Chiefs is to keep Patrick Mahomes off the field.

You do that by running the ball and controlling the clock.

Round 2 FFPC Playoff Challenge Wide Receivers

The Obvious Choice

Much like running backs, I’m not sure there is necessarily an obvious choice among wide receivers. When picking a wide receiver in Round 2 of the FFPC playoffs, there are two strategies to follow. You either pick a player you think lasts beyond Round 2 or just pick the best player in Round 2 and not worry about how far they get.

Personally, I like to do a little mix-and-match. Sam LaPorta is tough to pass up as a tight end for the Lions despite not being 100%. He toughed it out and got a touchdown last week.

However, it was another pass-catcher on the field that really showed up on the Lions, and that was Amon-Ra St. Brown. After finishing as WR3 in the fantasy football regular season, he had seven catches for 110 yards.

As much as you want to get Deebo or Aiyuk, I think CMC is who you have to take on the 49ers. Breaking down the teams remaining, there are two other players I would consider as the best receivers in Round 2 of the playoffs. That would be Stefon Diggs of the Bills and Mike Evans of the Bucs.

Evans didn’t have a huge game last week. Diggs didn’t either but had seven catches for 52 yards. You can’t go wrong with either of these players.

The Dark Horse Wide Receiver

There’s one other receiver I am having trouble avoiding after his performance in Round 1. I don’t expect him to continue past Round 2, although I didn’t expect him to get to Round 2.

The Packers came into Dallas and gave them a major beatdown. Yes, they now face a much tougher team in the 49ers. However, I think they’ll have to pass the ball, and that’s why I’m thinking of Romeo Doubs.

Romeo Doubs is an interesting consideration for Round 2 of the FFPC playoff challenge. He isn’t an obvious choice, but will he pay the dividends? Last week against a good Dallas team, he had six catches for 151 yards and a touchdown. Even if they do lose, if he can get close to that performance again, he’ll pay off as your WR2 or flex.

Round 2 FFPC Playoff Challenge Tight Ends

The Obvious Choice

Tight ends are important because it’s a tight-end premium. That means they’ll score 1.5 points per catch rather than just one. Two players seem like the most obvious here. Sam LaPorta is one of them. However, he is still banged up from the injury he suffered in Week 18.

He did play against the Rams in Round 1. He only had three catches for 14 yards and a touchdown. However, he finished as TE1 on the fantasy football season and could have a big game against the Bucs, who gave a touchdown up to Dallas Goedert.

The other obvious choice is Travis Kelce. I know he hasn’t looked the same. I know everybody is tired of seeing Travis Kelce. However, he’s still one of Patrick Mahomes favorite targets.

He’s still who Mahomes is going to trust when the game is on the line. Last week, Kelce had seven catches for 71 yards. Can he elevate his performance and get a touchdown against the Bills?

The Dark Horse Tight End

I don’t think the Bucs can win against the Lions. However, there’s a lot of public money rolling in on the Lions, meaning the books will want the Bucs to win. Don’t forget, there were a lot of people who thought the Bucs didn’t even deserve to be in the playoffs. They’re playing with house money, and Baker has the team fired up.

While the Lions are pretty good against the tight end position, Baker and tight end Cade Otton were really connecting against the Eagles. In fact, Otton finished with eight catches for 89 yards. If the Bucs have a chance, they’ll need to use all their pass catchers, including Otton. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets in the end zone this weekend.

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