Best Values for Playoff Fantasy Football Challenges

The NFL Regular Season is over, but that does not mean fantasy football is over. The FFPC Playoff Challenge is an amazing tournament that you can join. Underdog has massive playoff tournaments that you can join. Both have varying entry fee level tournaments, and both are giving away huge cash prizes. In this article, we will discuss these playoff fantasy football tournaments and our favorite values.


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Best Values for Underdog Playoff Fantasy Football Challenges

The number one rule before joining these events or anything like them is to KNOW THE RULES! Taking just 5-10 minutes to get familiar with the rules, settings, and scoring systems will keep you from wasting your money. Before we get into the players, let’s set the table a little bit.

What is the FFPC NFL Playoff Challenge?

They have two options: the main event for $200 a team or a $35 entry. You can review the rules, prizes, and schedule right here. It runs from this weekend through the Super Bowl.

Rosters lock at 4:30 PM EST. on January 13th. You can pick ONLY 1 player per team, and there is no salary cap. It’s a big tournament with big prizes, you can see the prizes here.

2022 FFPC Playoff Challenge Winner- $200 Entry:

  • QB – Jalen Hurts
  • RB – Austin Ekeler
  • RB – Christian McCaffrey
  • WR – Justin Jefferson
  • WR – Ja’Marr Chase
  • TE – Travis Kelce
  • Flex – Saquan Barkley
  • Flex – CeeDee Lamb
  • Flex – Christian Kirk
  • Flex – Stefon Diggs
  • K – Justin Tucker
  • D/ST – Miami Dolphins

What we can learn from this team is that you don’t have to get too crazy. This team had top-ranked players at each position and went for superstars. He didn’t choose players from the Seahawks and the Buccaneers.

Both teams were eliminated in the first week. Having Travis Kelce in a tight end premium last year was a winning strategy. Jalen Hurts and Christian McCaffrey were also no-brainers.

Saquan advancing over Jefferson was a shocker, but his performance made up for it. Losing his defense and special teams early made it more likely his running backs and quarterbacks advanced. Ending with Jalen Hurts, who put up a monster Super Bowl Performance with Travis Kelce, who also had a big game.

Top FFPC Quarterback Values

The NFL Playoffs have a ton of great quarterbacks. You get the luxury of no salary cap in the FFPC, but so does everyone else. Looking at the scoring, four points for a passing touchdown and one point for 20 passing yards. All other touchdowns are worth six points. This gives an edge to rushing quarterbacks. A 20-yard passing touchdown is worth five points. A 20-yard rushing touchdown is worth eight points.

You don’t necessarily NEED a quarterback to make the Super Bowl. But, last year, you did with Jalen Hurts, and the year before, you didn’t because of Cooper Kupp.

Having them in the Super Bowl helps with double points. Getting your quarterback to at least the Conference Championship is a must. The top quarterback options based on scoring are Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, and Josh Allen.

Best Value: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

This is more about what you are giving up with the other options. If you pick Lamar Jackson, you are punting quarterback in Week 1. Taking Jalen Hurts means you are not drafting A.J. Brown, Dallas Goedert, or any other Eagles. On top of that, the Eagles’ chances to win the Super Bowl have dropped every week.

They are currently 6th, and A.J. Brown is banged up. Stefon Diggs has been unplayable and James Cook is replaceable, Allen is the play.

Top FFPC Running Back Values

The running back position is important, and you can draft up to six of them. You will likely end up with three or four, as there is no bench. The winning team last year went with pass catchers Christian McCaffrey, Austin Ekeler, and Saquan Barkley. He had one eliminated each week, but Barkley and McCaffrey played well the first two weeks.

The Fantasy playoffs have a ton of great options. Looking at teams with the highest odds of making the playoffs, Christian McCaffrey, James Cook, and Gus Edwards are top options. Christian McCaffrey is the chalk play and the obvious play.

Even though you are giving up top options, he is the #1 non-QB option. Not drafting Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen is also a difficult decision. I love Kyren Williams, but drafting him means no Puka or Kupp.

Best Value: Jahmyr Gibbs, Detroit Lions

Gibbs has been one of the best running backs in football, especially over the second half of the season. Without Sam LaPorta, the team will have to find more pass-catching options. Amon-Ra St. Brown is a loss, but Gibbs is one of the best pass-catching running backs in the playoffs.

LaPorta could miss the rest of the Lions season, and this is more about losing fewer options. Reminder: this is a full-point-per-reception format. Pairing Christian McCaffrey, Jahmyr Gibbs, Kyren Williams, or De’Von Achane could have a big upside.

Top FFPC Wide Receiver Values

The wide receiver position provides so many options in this pass-heavy league, especially with a full point per reception. Cooper Kupp was a monster in 2022, and last year, we saw Ja’Marr Chase carry teams through the first few weeks. Of course, with the wide receiver position, you are not able to pair them with their quarterback.

Pick quarterbacks you expect to advance. You know that you are going to be losing wide receivers each week. You are starting 4-6 of them. We will see a lot of wide receivers sent packing this weekend.

The top options for the playoff fantasy football challenge are Tyreek Hill, CeeDee Lamb, and Amon-Ra St. Brown. Tyreek and Amon-Ra St. Brown will be a popular pairing, with both playing with pocket passers.

A.J. Brown’s injury last week muddies the waters and makes me want to pivot off of him. I love Brandon Aiyuk, but you have to give up Christian McCaffrey to pick him.

Best Value: CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys

I don’t like giving up Dak, but I am okay with giving up the rest of the crew. We know that Dallas is on track for a loss in San Francisco again. But attacking wide receivers in the NFC is a good strategy.

Some of the worst pass defenses in the playoffs play there. One of Tampa Bay or Philadelphia will be advancing. If Dallas beats Green Bay, they will get one of them, or they get the Lions or Rams. All plus matchups until they get to San Francisco.

Top FFPC Tight End Values

This is a tight end premium league, getting a top tight end could result in big weeks. The top options are Kelce, Njoku, and Kittle. George gets the first week off, but Njoku and the Browns are only a 2.5-point favorite at Houston. Drafting Kittle means you lose Christian McCaffrey, Deebo, Purdy, and Aiyuk. David Njoku, Cleveland Browns.

He has been on fire with Joe Flacco. The best performances of his career have all come with Flacco. In the past four weeks, Njoku has had 28 receptions, 373 yards, and four touchdowns.

The risk is a first-round knockout for Cleveland, Joe Flacco, and Amari Cooper. Likely is a popular option, but then you miss out on Lamar Jackson. I love Njoku. He is my second favorite option.

Best Value: Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are favored by 4.5 against Miami, and we have seen dominant Kelce performance in past playoffs. In a tight end premium, having Kelce get you through two, three, or four weeks would be massive.

He has had a down year by Kelce standards, but he is still the clear-cut top tight end in this draft. There are plenty of pivot options after giving up Patrick Mahomes, Rashee Rice, and Isiah Pacheco. Making Travis Kelce a playoff fantasy football value for the first time in a long time.

Bonus: Mark Andrews has been designated to return and Sam LaPorta has been practicing, could play this week. Both lesser rostered and cheaper plays. Andrews’ value severely impacts Isaiah Likely, who is getting drafted highly. LaPorta has an amazing matchup against the Rams, they struggle against tight ends this year. But, his injury could limit him Round 1 and if he makes it to Round 2. Also, it is tight end premium.

Top FFPC Kicker Values

A lot of people would prefer that kickers were banned from fantasy football. There is a lot of unpredictability, and now a lot of analytics have teams going for it on fourth down.

We are seeing more two-point conversions and going for it on 4th down than ever. These are tough to predict and bring a lot of variables to kickers. Weather is another factor, having a kicker indoors versus rainy and windy weather.

I am looking for kickers playing in high-scoring games and indoors. We have two outdoor games in the Midwest or Northeast this week. Kansas City vs. Miami Dolphins will have the coldest weather, Kansas City is asking people to stay inside it is going to be so cold.

Buffalo is hosting the Steelers, which is expected to be frigid and windy. Florida is having Hurricanes and Tornadoes, and Philadelphia is headed to Tampa Bay, where it is expected to be windy and rainy.

Best Value: Ka’imi Fairbairn, Houston Texans

Fairbairn has missed a lot of time this year, but when healthy, he has been great. On the season, he is 27/28 for Field Goals and 21/22 on his extra points.

Houston gets a tough Cleveland Browns defense that could end up keeping them out of the end zone. You give up the option to draft C.J. Stroud or Nico Collins, but I am taking the loss here with a team I don’t see advancing far. Losing your Kicker in Week 1 of the fantasy football playoff challenge isn’t the worst thing.

Top FFPC D/ST Values

My Normal advice here is to pick bad offensive lines and bad quarterbacks. In the playoffs, this is different because those teams just don’t make it. In this tournament, you will only end up with two players in the end.

The further your defense goes that may not be the best thing. That means other positions like quarterback or running back have been eliminated.

You also have to give up the other players from that team. I love the Bills matchup against the Steelers, Buffalo is favored by 10 points. But I am not giving up the opportunity to draft players from that offense. Dallas is the second most favored team vs. the Packers.

But do I want to go into this tournament without Dak Prescott or CeeDee Lamb? No, I do not. That is why I am going with the Cleveland Browns.

Best Value: Cleveland Browns D/ST

Cleveland Browns get C.J. Stroud and the Houston Texans. Cleveland’s defense is getting Grant Delpit back, and they are arguably the best defense in football. They rank 5th in fantasy points, sacks, interceptions, and defensive touchdowns. I love C.J. Stround and the Houston Texans, but this is the best defense in the playoff fantasy football challenge.

What is Underdog Playoff Best Ball?

Underdog has several playoff best ball tournaments ranging from $3-$500. Prizes and tournament sizes vary, but Underdog continues to give out Huge Cash Prizes.

They have playoff-long tournaments and weekly Battle Royales. Don’t forget to use SGPN when you make your first deposit! Underdog gives you the fun of drafting without the stress of roster management. Here are their Playoff Rankings and Projections.

Top Underdog Quarterback Values

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts is the 6th quarterback coming off of the board. He gets the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Round 1, a PRISTINE matchup. A.J. Brown will be limited but Hurts’ rushing upside makes him a great value at pick 25. The tush push is a beautiful thing for Hurts’ managers all season.

His 15 rushing touchdowns were second for the position. If the Eagles advance, his upside is the difference that you want on your playoff fantasy football team.

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams

I am targeting the NFC for quarterbacks because of the pass defenses. Stafford gets Detroit in Week 1, and if they advance, they have plenty of good options. This offense has been on fire lately, and the offensive pieces are all healthy at the right time.

Having Puka Nacua and Cooper Kupp at his disposal, Stafford could end up putting up gaudy numbers if he advances. You can build up a bully and then select Stafford with the 49th pick as QB10.

Top Underdog Running Back Values

Kyren Williams, Los Angeles Rams

Kyren Williams came out of nowhere and has been a fantasy monster. Williams has three receiving touchdowns to add to his 12 rushing touchdowns. He did all of this in just 12 games, including not starting the season as the starter. The biggest concern with Williams and all of the Rams is how long they will last.

They currently have the third-lowest odds for NFC teams to win the Super Bowl. Detroit is a tough Round 1 draw; they will likely get Dallas or San Francisco as a reward for winning. But if you can get two weeks of Kyren, you will be very happy in any playoff fantasy football challenge.

Gus Edwards, Baltimore Ravens

Gus Edwards is another touchdown machine, scoring 15 rushing touchdowns this year. Being on one of the top offenses and having the 2nd best odds of winning the Super Bowl does help his cause.

He is going off of the board as the RB7 at pick 26. Pairing Edwards with Christian McCaffrey could be a winning combination if both teams end up in the Super Bowl. The situation makes him a playoff fantasy football sleeper and value.

Top Underdog Wide Receiver Values

Devonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles

A.J. Brown went down last week holding his knee. He is currently questionable for this game and is a risky play for the entire playoffs. Tampa Bay is the best matchup on the Super Wildcard slate, but I am going to take the healthy option here. Smith could be in line for a huge playoff with Brown’s injury.

While people pay up for Brown, I am building my roster and taking Smith as the 16th Wide Receiver/ Tight End at pick 32. Smith is averaging over 65 yards per game in the playoffs.

Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This could end up being a one-week play, but the matchup is pristine, and he is basically free. Godwin is currently the Wide Receiver/ Tight End 34 and going at pick 54.

You could pay a little more for Mike Evans, but Godwin is going between Juan Jennings and Rico Dowdle. Give me the free Godwin, even if it is just for one week. If the Buccaneers end up upsetting Philadelphia in the NFL playoffs, you got a huge win and great value.

Top Underdog Tight End Values

Dalton Kincaid, Buffalo Bills

Top tight ends come at a premium, especially with teams that are projected to go far into the playoffs. Currently, if you want George Kittle or Travis Kelce, you have to pay a top-15 pick. If you want the hottest tight end in football, David Njoku is a good value. But the Browns have very low odds of making it to the Super Bowl.

Isaiah Likely is a positive option. We have seen his stock rise. He is currently getting drafted in between Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle.

Buffalo has better chances to advance than all of the above teams. Kincaid is the #2 option on his team, and his value is great. You can get him at pick 39, and he is the 21st Tight End or Wide Receiver off of the board. This is great value if you are going with a late-tight-end strategy.

Dallas Goedert, Philadelphia Eagles

I already talked about A.J. Brown’s injury and the Tampa Bay defense. Goedert is usually the third option, but when thrust into a top-2 target share, he is a monster.

There are a lot of good options. Jake Ferguson and David Njoku are great values. Sam LaPorta and Mark Andrews are getting drafted late, but neither could even see the field. Tyler Higbee was also considered.

But Goedert should give you a huge Round 1 and has fantastic upside as the 26th Tight End or Wide Receiver drafted.

Bonus: Mark Andrews is going as the 56th player off of the board and 32nd Wide Reciever or Tight End. He has been designated to return and if he plays next week, that would be a massive advantage. Ravens have the second highest odds to win the Super Bowl. This would really help the Andrews’ teams and Likely teams will be hurt. The bye week is huge. Andrews could be a massive difference maker in these tournaments.

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