Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report

Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report

NFL Week 13 is a HUGE week in determining who takes home your league’s Fantasy Football Championship. Injuries and bye weeks only make the task of securing a W this week more difficult. With news changing fast, it is important you have the most accurate and up-to-date information to help manage your roster. Let me help you secure your WIN this week by breaking down the biggest injury situations and advising you on how to handle them. Welcome to the Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report!

Week 13 Bye Weeks: New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders

Injury news happens fast and can change quickly, so for the most up-to-date news and analysis, follow me on X @SGPNFootballDoc! Additionally, this article is updated daily until Monday Night Football, so check back in before setting your lineup!



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Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report

Week 13 Inactives

Kenneth Walker III (RB) Seattle Seahawks 

Michael Wilson (WR) Arizona Cardinals

Dalton Schultz (TE) Houston Texans

Aaron Jones (RB) Green Bay Packers

Hayden Hurst (TE) Carolina Panthers

Rashid Shaheed (WR) New Orleans Saints

Kendre Miller (RB) New Orleans Saints 

Demario Douglas (WR) New England Patriots 

Jonathan Taylor (RB) Indianapolis Colts

Dorian Thompson-Robinson (QB) Cleveland Browns

Dallas Goedert (TE) Philadelphia Eagles 

Jonathan Taylor (RB) Indianapolis Colts 

Injury: Thumb Injury
Injury Date: 11/26/2023
Expected Recovery Time: 2-4 weeks
Recovery Time to Week 13: 1 week
Replacement Player(s) to Target: Zack Moss (RB) Indianapolis Colts

After a dominant two-TD performance last week, Jonathan Taylor looked like a train that could not be stopped. Unfortunately, this train is off the track and on the Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report. After seemingly making it through the game injury-free, it was reported that he was dealing with a thumb injury.

A few hours later, news broke that he would be having surgery this week to repair his injured thumb. Injury specifics have not been released yet, but the team is hoping he only misses a few weeks. Taylor missing only two games seems like the best case scenario, and there is a real chance he finds himself on the IR. For now, it’s Zack Moss time.

Colts RB Jonathan Taylor undergoes thumb surgery this week that will keep him out for at least two weeks – SIT. 

Chris Olave (WR) New Orleans Saints 

Injury: Concussion
Injury Date: 11/26/2023
Expected Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks
Recovery Time to Week 13: 1 week
Replacement Player(s) to Target: Jayden Reed (WR) Green Bay Packers

Saints WR Chris Olave was off to a great start to his game last week. While proving how elite he can be, he took a hard fall on the sidelines trying to make a catch. His helmet hit the ground hard, and he was quickly ruled out of the game with a concussion. A concussion refers to a disruption in brain function and particularly affects a player’s reaction time and decision-making. The field of play is an ever-changing environment, and players must be able to make quick decisions to succeed and protect themselves.

Although concussion symptoms and recovery timelines are variable, the majority of players in the NFL concussion protocol have missed one game this season. Just last season, it was much more common for a player to return to play the next week after suffering a concussion. With a more conservative approach this season, it is likely Olave will miss this week, but not a guarantee. A typical concussion recovery timeline is 1-2 weeks, and Olave’s practice participation will be key to monitor. If a player has not practiced by Thursday, it greatly increases the likelihood they will not play that week.

WR Chris Olave is in the concussion protocol but practiced Wednesday and has a good chance to play this week – MONITOR. 

Kenneth Walker III (RB) Seattle Seahawks 

Injury: Oblique Strain
Injury Date: 11/19/2023
Expected Recovery Time: 2-4 weeks
Recovery Time to Week 13: 2 weeks
Replacement Player(s) to Target: Samaje Perine (RB) Denver Broncos

The Seattle Seahawks join the party on this Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report with RB Kenneth Walker III. In a play that looked pretty unassuming, the Seattle RB went down as he injured his oblique muscle. The obliques are core muscles that stretch from your ribs to your hips. Heavily involved in rotational movement, obliques make these movements painful to complete.

We still need some more information regarding the severity and nature of the injury. However, at this point, he has not practiced at all since the injury, and I expect him to be out on Thursday night. With the team not looking to put him on IR, the expectation is that he returns within 3-4 weeks from the initial injury. Unfortunately, it does not look like Walker has progressed much this week. For this Thursday night matchup, it looks like RB Zach Charbonnet is ready to have his chance as RB1.

Seahawks RB Kenneth Walker III is dealing with a moderate oblique injury and is unlikely to play this week – SIT.

Tee Higgins (WR) Cincinnati Bengals 

Injury: Hamstring Strain
Injury Date: 11/8/2023
Expected Recovery Time: 2-4 weeks
Recovery Time to Week 13: 3.5 weeks
Replacement Player(s) to Target: Jalen Guyton (WR) Los Angeles Chargers

The Cincinnati Bengals took two Ls a few weeks ago. One at the hands of the Texans, and one by having their stud WR Tee Higgins end up on the Week 13 Fantasy Football Injury Report. Higgins has struggled this season, dealing with some drops and a rib injury. Unfortunately, it is not getting any easier as he picked up a new hamstring injury during practice. This is an awful injury to have midseason, with the majority causing missed game time.

Higgins has already missed the last three weeks, and his availability is in question for this week. Hamstring injuries refer to damage to your hamstring muscle, which plays a big role in generating power in your lower body. Furthermore, these injuries also carry a high reinjury rate, especially in the first two weeks after injury. Higgins’ practice participation will be key in monitoring his ability to return to the field. Playing on Monday night does allow an extra recovery day this week.

Looks like Cincinnati is finally getting some positive injury news. WR Tee Higgins has returned to practice in a limited fashion on Thursday and told reporters he plans to play this week. He will have an extra day to ramp up with the Bengals playing on Monday night. However, hamstring injuries are notorious for re-injuries when returning to play, and his QB went from Joe Burrow to Jake Browning. Higgins is too risky of a play for me to start this week.

Bengals WR Tee Higgins is back at practice and does plan to play but I am skeptical in his first game back – SIT. 

Dallas Goedert (TE) Philadelphia Eagles

Injury: Forearm Fracture
Injury Date: 11/5/2023
Expected Recovery Time: 4-6 weeks
Recovery Time to Week 13: 4 weeks
Replacement Player(s) to Target: Pat Freiermuth (TE) Pittsburgh Steelers

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off a big divisional rivalry win a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it came at a price. Starting TE Dallas Goedert was taken awkwardly by his arm by a Cowboys defender. He immediately left the field and walked off to the locker room to get X-rays. The X-rays found a fracture in his forearm, and he is expected to have surgery and miss around four games.

Bones need TIME to heal, and surgery can help this process for stability, but it doesn’t speed up healing. With Goedert being a pass catcher, it’s also not a situation where he can play through this with a cast. After missing the past few weeks, Goedert is attempting to return to the field this week. The Eagles offense has definitely missed him, but a return this week would be a best case rehab scenario. Although not impossible, his forearm’s response to practice will be key. As long as the bone is healed, there is a low reinjury risk.

The Eagles TE is dealing with a broken bone in his forearm and had a chance to return but is listed as DOUBTFUL – SIT.

Aaron Rodgers (QB) New York Jets

Injury: Achilles Tear
Injury Date: 9/11/2023
Expected Recovery Time: 10-12 months
Recovery Time to Week 13: 12 weeks
Replacement Player(s) to Target: Jordan Love (QB) Green Bay Packers

After a badass patriotic entrance, New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers was quickly greeted with darkness. Just FOUR snaps into an incredibly hyped season, Rodgers completely tore his Achilles tendon, and it was over. The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscle to your foot and requires surgery to repair. Rodgers now turns his sights to 2024 as he is looking at about a 10-12 month recovery window.

Although around 30% of players never return to playing after an Achilles tear, QBs do tend to come back at a higher rate. More good news is that the injury occurred to his left leg, which is his lead throwing leg and does not require as much power as his back leg. More bad news: we have another year of watching Zach Wilson try to play QB.

Well, well, well. Just 79 short days later, Aaron Rodgers officially had his 21-day practice window opened. What does this mean? He has been medically cleared to begin football activities as part of his ramp up process. The Jets will have three weeks to decide if he is healthy enough to be activated off IR or miss the rest of the season. It does NOT mean he is cleared to actually play football and he is nowhere near 100%. I do NOT believe Rodgers plays another snap this season. Tune into this weeks Degen Doc’s to hear why (link above).

New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers lasted just four snaps before tearing his Achilles and I still believe his season is over – DROP.

Aaron Jones (RB) Green Bay Packers 

Injury: MCL Sprain
Injury Date: 11/19/2023
Expected Recovery Time: 2-4 weeks
Recovery Time to Week 13: 2 weeks
Replacement Player(s) to Target: Keaton Mitchell (RB) Baltimore Ravens

Aaron Jones is an absolute BUST this season. As a fellow Jones manager, it pains me to say that the struggle will continue. After dealing with a hamstring strain to start the season, he was again knocked out of a game due to injury. He injured his knee and is dealing with an MCL sprain. He is being called week to week, which tells me he likely has a grade 2 or moderate sprain.

The MCL is a stabilizing ligament located on the inside of your knee that is important in lateral stability. The good news for Jones is the MCL is the best healing major ligament in the knee due to its good blood supply. I do expect him OUT this week and limited for the next few weeks. However, he does have a chance to play this week, and Jones should return before the end of the fantasy football postseason. Let’s see if he is able to practice this week. His cutting ability will be tested, but this injury carries a low reinjury risk.

Packers RB Aaron Jones has lived on the injury report this year, and this week is no different as he is OUT – SIT.

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Amari Cooper (WR) Cleveland Browns

Injury: Rib Injury
Injury Date: 11/26/2023
Expected Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks
Recovery Time to Week 13: 1 week

The Browns and injuries have gone together like America and freedom this year. Unfortunately, this trend continues in Week 13 with Cleveland WR Amari Cooper being knocked out of the game and onto this fantasy football injury report. Cooper took a hard hit to the ribs while fully extending for a football. He exited the field after the hit and was quickly ruled out for the rest of the game.

The good news is Cooper received negative initial X-rays and appears to have avoided a major injury. This likely means he only suffered a rib contusion, which is painful but also an injury that most guys can play through. Rotational and twisting movements will be uncomfortable, but if Cooper can manage the pain, he is likely to suit up.

His practice participation and how much he is able to move around with the injury will be key to watch this week. Rib injuries are also notorious for initial X-rays providing false hope when, in reality, there is actually a small hairline fracture. We will know more over the next few days.

Browns WR Amari Cooper is dealing with a rib injury, but it is expected to be minor – MONITOR. 

Top Waiver Wire Targets

Keaton Mitchell (RB) Baltimore Ravens
Josh Downs (WR) Indianapolis Colts
Samaje Perine (RB) Denver Broncos
Zack Moss (RB) Indianapolis Colts
Joshua Palmer (WR) Los Angeles Chargers
Pat Freiermuth (TE) Pittsburgh Steelers
Jalen Guyton (WR) Los Angeles Chargers
Jordan Love (QB) Green Bay Packers
Jayden Reed (WR) Green Bay Packers

Short-Term Injured Reserve

These players will miss a minimum of 4 games.

Justin Jefferson (WR) Minnesota Vikings
Joshua Palmer (WR) Los Angeles Chargers
Darren Waller (TE) New York Giants
Luke Musgrave (TE) Green Bay Packers 
Michael Thomas (WR) New Orleans Saints
Salvon Ahmed (RB) Miami Dolphins
Zach Ertz (TE) Arizona Cardinals
Evan Hull (RB) Indianapolis Colts
Kenny McIntosh (RB) Seattle Seahawks
Justin Shorter (WR) Buffalo Bills
Jelani Woods (TE) Indianapolis Colts

Season Ending Injured Reserve

These players will miss the entire season.

Anthony Richardson (QB) Indianapolis Colts
Mike Williams (WR) Los Angeles Chargers
Kirk Cousins (QB) Minnesota Vikings
Kendrick Bourne (WR) New England Patriots
Daniel Jones (QB) New York Giants
Cam Akers (RB) Minnesota Vikings
Nick Chubb (RB) Cleveland Browns 
JK Dobbins (RB) Baltimore Ravens 
Aaron Rodgers (QB) New York Jets

Commissioner Exempt List 

Players are unable to play or practice until allowed off the list.

Hassan Haskins (RB) Tennessee Titans – Aggravated Assault Charges

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