Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wire | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 88)

Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wire | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 88)

NFL Week 11 is over and each week gets more and more important! Have you already been hit by injuries? Has one of your players fallen out of favor with their team? Are some players going off while others are duds? That’s okay, we have you covered with Fantasy Football Week 12 waiver wire suggestions!

Hop in our live stream, watch later on YouTube, or find it on your preferred podcast platform, to get our picks for Week 9 waiver wire players. Suggested players are rostered in under 50% of leagues. They’ve made our list either due to targets/usage, injuries, or just a hunch. Even more, we’ll let you know if they’re a start now relevant for a week or two, a relevant rest of the year, or a stash and see how things go.

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Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wires | Old-Fashioned Football (Ep. 88)

As always, it isn’t all football. This week the hosts try 2 O’Clock Chugzz from Krogman’s Distillery. Find out how this unique whiskey got it’s start and what it stands for. Also, find out all the single-barrel offers from Krogman Distilling. For the first time in the history of Old-Fashioned Football, Miranda does a blind test.

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Time Stamps

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0:00 – Intro
14:40 – Injury Report
19:57 – Sir Throws A Lot
21:45 – Studs And Duds
34:19 – Waiver Wire
47:45 – Whiskey

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