The USFL XFL Merger Could Be Here Soon – What Are The Impacts?

The USFL XFL Merger Could Be Here Soon

News broke on Tuesday morning that spring football could see the two new spring football leagues join forces. That’s right, we are on the verge of a USFL XFL Merger. The USFL would be hitting their third season this spring, while the XFL just had their first year in 2023 and would be looking at year two. There are still plenty of details to be worked out. However, spring football fanatics will be waiting to find out exactly what will be going on with their teams in each league.

The USFL is owned by Fox Sports. Meanwhile, the XFL is owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia, and RedBird Capital. It was speculated as soon as the XFL started that the two leagues may hinder each other, leading to one of them folding. However, what would be the benefits and disadvantages of a merger? Will the league personalities clash? Let’s take a look at some of the questions spring football fans are bound to be having right now.

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The USFL XFL Merger Could Be Here Soon

The Details Of The USFL And XFL

While we don’t have any details of the actual USFL XFL merger, let’s take a look at each league on its own. The USFL finished its second season this year, which started in April and ended at the beginning of July. While the overall feeling from the league and its owner, FoxSports, was positive, the average audience was 1.2 million, a 20% drop from last year.


The XFL, on the other hand, had an average of 561,000 television viewers. They also reportedly lost 60 million dollars on 43 games. However, as with any start-up, the losses are expected. Reports are speculating that the XFL approached the USFL about the merger. Perhaps it is because they only have half the viewers. However, if true, this could give the USFL a little more power when it comes to merger negotiations.

Each league consists of eight football teams. The USFL played in four different stadiums this year, expanding from one hub in their initial year. The XFL, on the other hand, had a hub for all practices, but each team had home games at stadiums in their respective cities.

The USFL consists of the Birmingham Stallions, Houston Gamblers, Memphis Showboats, Michigan Panthers, New Jersey Generals, New Orleans Breakers, Philadelphia Stars, and Pittsburgh Maulers. The XFL consists of the St. Louis Battlehawks, Arlington Renegades, DC Defenders, Seattle Sea Dragons, Orlando Guardians, Houston Roughnecks, San Antonio Brahmas, and the Vegas Vipers.

Who Wins With a USFL XFL Merger?

It’s hard to say whether the players win or lose within a merger. More money in the league should equal more resources for the players. Both organizations provided help to players in multiple different ways. The USFL also provided tuition-free education. The XFL, on the other hand, had a beneficial agreement with the NFL. Combining all of these ideas and resources will not only help attract the best players for spring football, but also help players achieve their goals.

Speaking of resources, one league allows direct alignment with the NFL. We’ve seen players from both USFL and XFL get tryouts and make teams. However, this will let them pool resources and contacts to get more exposure to the players who are ready for the next level. Likewise, this will let the IFL, which has a current agreement with the XFL, get some more exposure to the next level.

The USFL paid slightly more to players. However, quarterbacks were paid more in the XFL. If this sticks with the merger, then USFL quarterbacks could make more money, and XFL non-quarterbacks could make more money. The exposure of the league itself and its players could also grow, as separate fans of the USFL and the XFL would finally have to stop arguing about who was better and join together to cheer for one league.

Overall, I think both leagues would benefit from a merger, as long as it is an equal merger. If the two leagues can continue to focus on helping the players and creating an overall good football experience for the fans, then the resources of both pooling together should help all involved. Spring football fans can be hopeful that the best of both leagues will translate into the merger for an ultimate viewing experience.

Last, I can’t help but throw in USFL fans who haven’t watched an XFL game and heard Sam Acho as an announcer. Maybe I’m biased, but he’s the best announcer in spring football. When he’s announcing, you like to listen.

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Who Loses With A USFL XFL Merger?

As stated above, XFL quarterbacks have the opportunity to make more money than other players in spring football. I don’t like this approach, and maybe the USFL decides they don’t either. If so, and the league adapts to the USFL’s same-pay for all positions, some XFL quarterbacks could take a hit. Will this really affect the league? Last year’s starting quarterbacks for the XFL weren’t stellar, so I don’t think this will affect the game or league too much.

Houston may be the loser of this merger as well. If the fanbase doesn’t show enough support for both teams, it may not make sense for the league to keep two Houston teams in a merger. The Houston Roughnecks were technically more successful than the Houston Gamblers. Therefore, they may be the last man standing if a team were to go. However, don’t worry about the players on the Gamblers. They’ll likely move cities just like the USFL’s Tampa Bay Bandits did last year.

The other people that lose are the hardcore fans of either organization. The leagues definitely have two different identities. The USFL seemed to be trying to model as much as they could off of an NFL viewing experience. Meanwhile, the XFL almost seemed to play on being showy with their production. Which of these is best? I suppose that’s down to a personal preference. However, I preferred the USFL viewing experience better.

Some players may lose out on opportunities with the new deal as well. Despite the league expanding, a bigger league with more resources should attract even more players to tryouts and camps. This could result in some of the talent being overlooked. Also, some of the players hoping to hang on and learn some more during the season may no longer have room. Even though the USFL XFL merger could be very beneficial to players, it could also hinder others.

The Potential Outcomes Of A USFL XFL Merger

The potential of the merger is one that should leave spring football fans drooling. Will there be enough resources to expand the number of teams? Even if it’s to 20 teams, ten in each conference, broken down into four divisions of five teams. Imagine the futures market bets we’ll get with 16-20 teams. A merger would also mean more football. Regardless of if teams are added, the playoffs will likely be expanded.

Most importantly, the pooling of resources and teams should overall be a better experience and more competitive football. More competitive football is not only good for the sport but for the fans. Imagine all the matchups of the best of the USFL against the best of the XFL.

Or, imagine which teams get pushed to the bottom in an ultra-competitive league. Last year, in both leagues we saw some teams limp into the playoffs. With an expanded league and more teams, there should no longer be any under .500 teams in the playoffs.

The merger could be a great thing for players in the league overall. They’ll likely have more resources, the potential for better pay or injury insurance, as well as deeper NFL ties. They’ll also have both Daryl Johnston, President of Football Operations for the USFL, and Dwayne Johnson doing everything they can to make sure the league succeeds and benefits the players.

How Does This Affect Gambling On Spring Football?

This is the Sports Gambling Podcast Network. So, it has been pondered: how will the USFL-XFL merger affect gambling? First off, the most important question you’re all wondering. Will the talents of the USFL Gambling Podcast and XFL Gambling Podcast combine? Imagine Colby Dant bringing his cohosts from both sides together.

However, this will affect how you gamble on the games as well. My personal thought would be to take the USFL-based teams to win early on unless it’s against a defense like the DC Defenders. That is if teams stand as is. Perhaps with a merger, we’ll see a redraft or scramble of all teams. Things will certainly get interesting if so.

Also, stick with the pattern of betting on recent college coaches. College coaches tend to have more experience in player personnel change. This helps in spring football. However, are you wondering what your best bet in spring football is? The best bet is to listen to the USFL XFL Merger Gambling Podcast. Okay, so that may not be the name. However, keep following the Sports Gambling Podcast Network for the best spring football gambling content.

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