NFL Week 1 Recap & MNF Bombs for 9/11!

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NFL Week 1 Recap & MNF Bombs for 9/11!

Host C.J. Sullivan detonates 9/11 Bombs for the MNF game between NYJ / BUF. C.J. then recaps his contest pick results and why it is impossible to solve the meathead math of Mike Vrabel. The NY Giants wish they were on YouTube TV and not allowed to be viewed by their home fans. C.J. also recaps other nonsense that came out of the NFL Week 1 and finally puts an end to the Luis Rubiales saga. Michigan State wants everyone to know that they are not the same clumsy administration that covers up sexual assault cases. Finally, a Man in a Box about 9/11 stories and themed hotels. Picks with Bits are for tobacco use only!

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