Are You Playing Too Much at Online Casinos?

There is of course a big difference between playing a lot and playing away more than you planned at Gamstop excluded sites. This text is aimed at those who waste more money than they wish.

It can take a while before you realize that it is becoming a problem and it is difficult to do something about it before you realize it.

Today, there is better protection for gambling abuse than there was before and this is due to the Swedish Gambling Act, which all gambling companies with a Swedish license must comply with today.

How Do You Know If You Need Help?

The goal for most people who gamble is of course to win money and to have fun. It may differ between how much different players want to win, but a win as a goal is common to all.

Some play for low stakes while others play for significantly higher stakes. Some play on slots that have a high jackpot, while others play on slots that give a low maximum win, but more often small wins.

Some players can very easily accept a loss as long as they have had fun and can afford the loss without any problems. You can then see it as having paid for a moment’s entertainment.

The first sign that you don’t have the game completely under control is when, after losing your balance, you make another unplanned deposit. When the gambling then starts to affect you negatively and you also keep your loved ones in the dark about the amounts you are gambling for, it has already gone too far. For every week you stay in this position, you only dig a deeper and deeper hole in yourself and your finances.

It is now important to stop the leak quickly and the only way is to stop playing. The first thing to think about is whether gambling has any negative effect on one’s life. If the answer is yes to that question, then it is time to remove this negative influence.

You have to be quite hard on yourself to realize that you have to stop and it often takes time for many. However, it is a must that you realize it yourself in order to have a chance to quit.

How to Stop Playing at Non GamStop Casinos?

The quest to win back the money takes over and it is often only when you have put yourself in real trouble that you begin to realize your problem. The truth is that the problem has already started when the pursuit of winning back the lost money has taken over the reason for playing.

There are of course several different ways to stop playing. For some, admitting the problem to yourself is enough to be able to stop on your own, and for others, it takes more.

The points below are some good options to help.

One of the options may be enough for some and others may need to take part in all options:

  • Set deposit limits on the game page.
  • Go to GamStop and block yourself from game sites.
  • Be honest with those closest to you who are often more forgiving than you think. It’s a nice feeling when you can be open.

How to Set Deposit Limits at Non GamStop Casinos?

All non GamStop sportsbooks also must offer their players to set deposit limits. On many pages, you see it clearly as a heading and on others, you first have to click on the heading, which often reads “Responsible gambling”.

There you can set the limit that you yourself feel you can manage to play away without any problems. This option works well if you are honest with yourself, set a reasonable limit and stick to playing only on this site.

The deposit limit you set only applies to this game site, so if you register on several different non GamStop casinos, you can still get yourself into trouble.


Unfortunately, something so fun and exciting can also bring something so boring. Games must be held at a level where you can always live with the loss so that you can focus on having fun. If you fail to do this, things can quickly go downhill and luckily there is quick help to get.

Winning back lost money is the clue that it’s time to take a step back. As with many other things you try to quit, it is the first week and month that is the hardest.

There you have to bring out your full discipline to later gain greater control over it and move on towards the good in life.

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