Big 12 College Football Preview Pt 1 (Ep. 1674)

big 12 college football preview part 1

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Big 12 College Football Preview Pt 1

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) Big 12 college football preview has predictions for win totals for all Big 12 college football teams. They’re joined by Colby Dant (@TheColbyD) from The College Football Experience in studio as they talk college football picks for Houston, BYU, West Virginia, Cincinnati, Iowa State, Kansas and Oklahoma State.

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0:00 Intro

There has been plenty of changes in the number of teams in the Big 12 over the past few years, but this just makes each year exciting.

7:59 Houston Win Total

4.5 is the line for Houston, the basketball school. This is their first year in the Big 12 and their opponents have a combined record of 96-60 from last year. With a question mark at the quarterback spot, Houston will have some trouble this year. Fortunately for them, a lot of their games remain in the state of Texas and their defense is quite good.

18:42 BYU Win Total

BYU also has a win total of 5.5 and has a real shot to get to 6 wins with their new defensive coordinator coming from FCS Weber State. They hit the portal well and brought in some talent on offense. However, they do have a tough road schedule that could make things difficult if there is a slip up.

27:33 West Virginia Win Total

The Mountaineers will also have a win total of 5.5. The athletic program for West Virginia is currently under turnover and their coach is possibly going to be fired at the end of the year barring a historic season. Essentially, they are too many questions in the program and all the schedule to mark down many wins for them at this time.

35:07 Cincinnati Win Total

Another team with a 5.5-win total is the Bearcats. They only have one returning offensive lineman, but they did hit the portal fairly well. In the first half of their schedule 2 wins is possible but in the back half it is very hard to find 4.

44:00 Iowa State Win Total

Clearly this division can go in any direction, because the win total for Iowa State is also 5.5. The LIT factor for Iowa State is huge, but it isn’t necessarily always enough. They were quite young last year after the loss of Brock Purdy and Breece Hall but looked fairly impressive with 6 losses being 1 score games.

52:01 Kansas Win Total

You guessed it, Kansas’ win total is 5.5. Last season Kansas played well and had stellar quarterback play and should continue this momentum behind a good schedule. A ceiling for this team could be 9-10 wins.

57:18 Oklahoma State Win Total

6.5 is the win total for Oklahoma State. They lost a good amount of people in the transfer portal but also replenished well. They have a veteran offensive line which will help them with their new hard-nosed running offense. Head Coach Mike Gundy hasn’t won less than 7 games since 2005.

1:06:40 Big 12 Best Bets

Kramer Locks: Iowa State over 5.5, West Virginia under 5.5
Kramer Future: Iowa State win the Big 12 40-1
Sean Locks: Oklahoma State over 6.5, Kansas over 5.5
Sean Future: Jalen Daniels to win the Heisman 100-1, Oklahoma State to win the Big 12 50-1, Kansas to win the Big 12 48-1
Colby Locks: Kansas over 5.5 wins, Iowa State over 5.5 wins
Colby Future: Kansas to win the Big 12 48-1

Big 12 College Football Win Totals

Win Total Futures
Texas 9.5 -120 100 125 320 2500
Oklahoma 9.5 120 -145 340 700 6000
Kansas State 7.5 -190 155 470 1600 15000
TCU 7.5 -140 120 1900 3700 20000
Texas Tech 7.5 120 -140 1100 2800 20000
Baylor 7.5 155 -190 1500 3400 20000
UCF 6.5 -110 -110 3500 9000 25000
Oklahoma State 6.5 120 -140 5000 18000 25000
Kansas 5.5 -140 120 4800 16000 30000
Iowa State 5.5 -110 -110 4000 10000 25000
Cincinnati 5.5 100 -120 7000 40000
West Virginia 5.5 140 -175 7000 25000
BYU 5.5 -110 -110 10000 40000
Houston 4.5 -130 110 12000 50000


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