BIG Ten West College Football Preview (Ep. 1673)

big ten west college football preview

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BIG Ten West College Football Preview

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) BIG Ten West college football preview has picks for all BIG Ten West college football win totals for the entire BIG Ten West. They’re joined by Colby Dant (@TheColbyD) from The College Football Experience in studio as they talk college football previews for Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, Purdue and Northwestern.

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0:00 Intro

The Big Ten West is the weakest of all the divisions that have been discussed so far. A solid take for why this is true is that many of the games are played in a dome.

10:37 Northwestern Win Total

To win the division, Northwestern is 85-1, which is why their win total is at 3.5. However, the division is wide open, and they have a great coach in Pat Fitzgerald who has the talent to coach at much higher levels.

20:58 Purdue Win Total

Like Northwestern, Purdue has no odds to win the National Championship, meaning Vegas thinks they have no chance. Their line sits at 5.5 despite having a brand new and young Head Coach to lead this year. They have a tough schedule as they play 11 Power 5’s but have some more winnable ones towards the end.

29:19 Nebraska Win Total

Nebraska’s win total is at 6.5. Matt Rhule is doing his best to bring back hard-nosed Nebraska football using more fullbacks and tight ends. Rhule will also have the keys to a fairly talented roster but has to face off against some tough opponents throughout the beginning of the season and some either way battles in the back half.

38:14 Illinois Win Total

Overnight, Illinois became a smash mouth football team as they had one of the best defenses last year. Their line is at 6.5 wins and their new quarterback can give them a more explosive offense which is exactly what they needed. On an optimistic side, they can easily get to 9 or 10 wins based on their schedule.

48:10 Minnesota Win Total

Minnesota has a win total of 7.5 wins but they lost some talent on offense and have a tough schedule since they have to play both Michigan and Ohio State. Sneakily, there could be a number of issues going on in Minnesota that will hinder them from success, but you cannot completely write them off the over.

57:10 Iowa Win Total

8.5 is the win total for Iowa. Offense is hard to come by for Iowa but they still win games by producing great talent. They have a very high floor in terms of production and have a very hard stadium for other teams to play in.

1:07:56 Wisconsin Win Total

Wisconsin is also at 8.5 for their win total as they seem to be re-tooling their offense entirely. There is a worry Wisconsin could lose their physical style of play which would not fair well for this type of division. Due to the questions left to be answered, their floor could actually be pretty low in terms of wins.

1:17:40 Big Ten West Best Bets

Kramer Locks: Illinois over 6.5, Northwestern over 3.5
Kramer Future: Iowa to win the Big Ten West +250
Sean Locks: Illinois over 6.5, Northwestern over 3.5
Sean Future: Iowa to win the Big Ten West +250, Illinois to win the Big Ten West +650, Northwestern to win the Big Ten West 85-1, Illinois to win the Big Ten 16-1
Colby Locks: Iowa over 8.5, Illinois over 6.5
Colby Future: Iowa to win the Big Ten West +250

BIG Ten West College Football Win Totals

Win Total Futures
Wisconsin 8.5 -125 105 130 800 1200 7000
Iowa 8.5 100 -120 250 1200 2500 15000
Minnesota 7.5 135 -165 450 3000 8000 20000
Illinois 6.5 -115 -105 650 6000 20000 25000
Nebraska 6.5 120 -145 1500 6000 20000 30000
Purdue 5.5 120 -145 2000 12000 30000
Northwestern 3.5 -110 -110 8500 30000 100000

Podcast Transcription

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