Dalvin Cook, DeAndre Hopkins & Chase Young Next NFL Team Odds (Ep. 1653)

nfl next team odds

Dalvin Cook, DeAndre Hopkins & Chase Young Next NFL Team Odds

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) are talking next NFL team odds as they break down where Dalvin Cook, DeAndre Hopkins and Chase Young all end up.

(6:42) Chase Young Next Team Odds

Information on Young is hard to find since he is still contractually signed to the team. The new ownership is also not supporting the likelihood of Chase Young staying which is why his name is floating around. Teams with a lot of cap space are always on destination lists, such as the Carolina Panthers. Dallas is unlikely since they have Micah Parsons and for the Colts, an expensive signing isn’t great for a rebuild.

Pittsburgh could be a likely spot as he can bolster their talented defense and help propel the team into a win now situation. The 49ers are also in win now mode and perhaps they could trade Trey Lance to relieve some Washington question marks in exchange for a big-time talent. The Giants and Saints don’t have the cap space to make a signing like this, but the Bears do. Young going to Chicago would also be a great fit along with the money aspect.

(24:26) Dalvin Cook Next Team Odds

Dalvin Cook has said he doesn’t want to take a small contract, even though he probably will get a smaller one. Cook has also made it somewhat clear that he wants to be in Miami. Most of the longshots don’t really have the money or wouldn’t spend the money to get Cook. One team to look at is the Ravens who are in a massive win now mode and have already bolstered their offense. The Jets are at +250 which isn’t great odds when you consider they have Breece Hall. Dallas also makes some sense since Tony Pollard is coming off injury and Zeke is out on the streets.

(38:21) DeAndre Hopkins Next Team Odds

Of the major longshots, the Raiders are the only ones that’s a little interesting. Vegas is a great location, and the offense is legit as long as Jimmy G balls out. Chicago can be a landing spot, but it largely depends on if Hopkins views Justin Fields as worthy.

Baltimore would be a good spot despite the additions already this offseason. Kansas City should be going after Hopkins much harder considering the unproven talent in their receiver room, but it seems like they are sitting on their hands. The Browns have a good situation for Hopkins considering he played with Deshaun Watson before and could possibly be the best receiver in the room. New England is also making a push despite the movement in their receiver room already.

Dalvin Cook Next Team Odds

Team Odds
Miami Dolphins -300
New York Jets 250
Buffalo Bills 500
Cincinnati Bengals 1000
Dallas Cowboys 1100
Denver Broncos 1200
Baltimore Ravens 1600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1800
Philadelphia Eagles 1800
Chicago Bears 2000
San Francisco 49ers 2000
New England Patriots 2000
New Orleans Saints 2500
Los Angeles Rams 3300

Chase Young Next Team Odds

Odds Odds
Detroit Lions 400
Seattle Seahawks 500
Chicago Bears 600
New York Giants 600
Houston Texans 700
New Orleans Saints 700
Pittsburgh Steelers 800
San Franciso 49ers 800
Arizona Cardinals 800
Indianapolis Colts 900
Dallas Cowboys 900
Carolina Panthers 1000
Kansas City Chiefs 1200

DeAndre Hopkins Next Team Odds

Team Odds
Tennessee Titans 250
New England Patriots 300
Cleveland Browns 350
Buffalo Bills 550
Kansas City Chiefs 700
Dallas Cowboys 800
Baltimore Ravens 1000
New York Giants 1200
New York Jets 1600
Carolina Panthers 1800
Detroit Lions 2000
Chicago Bears 2200
Los Angeles Chargers 2500
Philadelphia Eagles 2800
Green Bay Packers 3300
Jacksonville Jaguars 3300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3300
Las Vegas Raiders 3300

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