The Most Successful Betting Strategy in Soccer

Before we look at the best football strategies, you’re probably wondering whether you can find a single tactic that works in every situation. Unfortunately, there’s no universal approach that’ll guarantee you winnings each time. But don’t be discouraged just yet – trying out varied tactics can give you the best chance of winning.

This article will show you what we believe are the most promising soccer strategies. Plus, we’ll hit you up with additional tips and tricks to increase your chances of crushing it on the field. So, without further ado, let’s learn!

Betting Based on Stats

This is basic and mandatory. And it applies to everything that requires you to predict some sort of outcome. Whenever players believe that roulette is all about luck and has no strategy involved, they either don’t want to take accountability or are just trying to have some fun. Sure, luck can definitely be a factor in lots of things, but sometimes switching it up or looking at it from another perspective can seriously improve your chances.

To some extent, it is much more common to know about soccer than any other sport. However, don’t let its popularity fool you into thinking that you don’t need to put in the effort to stay ahead of the game.

Stay ahead of the competition by doing the following:

  • studying match previews;
  • consulting statistics;
  • analyzing the form of both teams;
  • modeling the motivations to win or score for both squads;
  • paying attention to external factors (weather, referee tendencies, team rotations, etc).

It’s the little things that often make a big difference in soccer matches. Remember, every bit of information counts!

Betting on the Draw

It is one of the most interesting strategies for soccer betting that we can find as long as we analyze the game well, and it is a common bet in the predictions. The key is that the tie is usually the market with a higher share in bets on the winner of the match. In this sense, it is important to know which teams have the greatest tendency to tie. Just look at a classification where the victories, draws and defeats of each team appear, if possible differentiated at home and away.

Going Against Trends

Apart from these above, it is also interesting to choose matches with teams with an under trend, where a 0-0 or a 1-1 can be interesting. Teams without a goal, but who know how to defend themselves and concede a few goals are usually the best to enter this market.

Finally, the trends of each team must be taken into account. Of course, it is a market that we should avoid until the 6th or 7th day of the League event, when the teams have played two or three games at home and away and trends begin to be intuited.

Handicap Betting

Just like how quarterbacks in football call audibles, soccer fans can also switch up their game with spread betting. It’s all about picking which team will rise to the challenge and cover the set goal distance. This technique is especially useful during international face-offs when top-notch tailbacks collide against low-tier defenses. 

Consider this: Argentina enters a match-up with France as favorites, given a potent lineup that grabs them a -0.5 goals deficit from the get-go whereas their opponents earn a +0.5 cushion of extra kick-ins to level things out.

How does it work? If you’re rooting for Argentina and they clinch an impressive 1-0 lead without giving any chances away, then your bet paid off. If you picked France and they finished the scoreline at 1-1, you also won because France covered the spread.

With that being said, you need to understand that handicap betting isn’t just black or white and offers loads of intriguing options beyond goalscoring borders. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Handicap 0
  • Draw no Bet
  • Winning with an Asian handicap
  • Most corners with spread
  • Number of yellow cards
  • Number of offsides

Live Betting on Favorites

Some of the previous soccer betting scenarios lend themselves to taking one of those favored squads if they for some reason go down early in the match. For example, let’s say you’re watching the game, and one of the top dogs takes an early hit, losing a goal or two.

If you see a team that’s been outplayed for 20 minutes but still has plenty more time in the match alongside superior odds compared to their opponent, it might be worth contemplating placing your bet with them.

Sure, sometimes those favorites start slow and don’t have many scoring chances in the first half. Still more often than not though, they make massive comebacks that pay off big time for savvy viewers and bettors.

Taking Value Betting Opportunities

And finally, when it comes to betting on sports games and such, the sharp bookmakers are usually right about what’s going to go down. As a result, there’s a team out there that’s pretty much favored to win with a 65% chance of taking home the trophy. And most sportsbooks have their odds set between -250 and -220 because they know what they’re doing.

However, there is one bookmaker who seems to be falling behind or something because they got some crazy odds at -145. That means if you put your money and bet on this winning team with that particular bookie, you could come out ahead.

If you’re all about finding these kinds of value bets whenever possible, then, in the long run, you will end up with a decent profit.

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