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Free Printable March Madness Bracket: NCAA Men’s Basketball 2023 Tournament

Free Printable March Madness Bracket: NCAA Men's Basketball 2023 Tournament

Free Printable March Madness Bracket: NCAA Men’s Basketball 2023 Tournament

The 2023 NCAA Tournament has arrived! As always, SGPN is your home for the best in college basketball and March Madness content! From our written bracket previews to daily podcasts and everything else you can imagine, the Degens Only Crew has you covered. It is only natural that we give you a downloadable and printable 2023 March Madness Bracket!

Download your Printable SGPN NCAA Tournament Bracket Here

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Free Printable March Madness Bracket: NCAA Men’s Basketball 2023 Tournament

How to Run a March Madness Pool Using the SGPN Free Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket

Pre-Tournament Steps

  1. Print out brackets for everyone who will be involved. The more, the merrier!
  2. Send your friends, families, and colleagues out to fill out their brackets before the start of the First Four or the Round of 64.
  3. Send them links to all of the SGPN College Basketball Content. OPTIONAL STEP. If you do not want them to win, keep us to yourself.
  4. Collect the printable March Madness brackets and the entry fee for your NCAA Tournament pool.
  5. Tune in to the games!

Scoring the Bracket

You can either set each game predicted correctly as 1 point or use a scale.

We recommend the following:

Round Points
First Four 1 point
Round of 64 1 point
Round of 32 1 point
Sweet 16 2 points
Elite Eight 4 points
Final Four 8 points
Championship 10 points

Feel free to modify the scoring to your liking. The big thing is to keep it consistent and reward people that advance deep into the tournament.

Paying out your Bracket Pool

There are lots of options for how to organize the payouts! The possibilities are literally infinite, and you have to do what is right for you and your squad.

Here are three possible payout structures!

Winner Takes All

This is America, after all. Second place is just the first loser.

Winner Take All
1st Place 100%
2nd Place 0%
3rd Place Bag of Tears
4th Place SOL


A reasonable approach that will not offend anyone. First place is amply rewarded, second place gets their cut, and two others get a nice taste.

1st Place 60%
2nd Place 30%
3rd Place 10%
4th Place Entry Fee

More Ways to Win

This is best for larger pools. By adding more ways for folks to win, you will keep more players engaged longer.

Reward the person who picked a ton of upsets correctly with their money back.

The person who correctly guessed the last 9+ seed to stay in? They should win some money too.

What about the person whose Champion gets upset in the First Round? Give them their money back to salve the ridicule to follow.

With a bigger pot of entries, you can come up with even more ways for everyone to let it ride and win big and small.

More Ways to Win
1st Place 30%
2nd Place 15%
3rd Place 10%
4th Place 5%
Most Upsets Entry Fee
Last Low Seed Entry Fee
Worst Bracket Entry Fee
First Champion to Lose Entry Fee
Best First Round % Entry Fee
Best Second Round % Entry Fee
Best Sweet 16 % Entry Fee
Best Elite 8 % Entry Fee

So what are you waiting for? Send this bracket out to your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, and the rest of the crew, and get ready to Let it Ride with SGPN all March long.

Download your Printable SGPN NCAA Tournament Bracket Here



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