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Pro Bowl Picks (Ep. 1535)

Pro Bowl Picks
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Pro Bowl Picks

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) are giving out their Pro Bowl picks in this latest podcast that’s truly for #DegensOnly.

Pro Bowl Betting:

The Pro Bowl has been revamped largely over the years in regard to the actual game play. This year, the game will be a flag football game between the AFC and NFC. In other recent news, Tom Brady announced he is retiring once again from the NFL, if this is true or not we are yet to see. Regardless of truth, this is all many will talk about over the next two weeks when they are tired of talking about the Super Bowl.

Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball Event:

AFC vs NFC with an offensive and defensive team for each conference. Some players are built for football, and some players are built for football AND dodgeball. Catching is a major aspect for dodgeball and the AFC will have some great pass catchers like Jamar Chase and Tyreek Hill. The NFC will feature a number of 49ers and may benefit from some chemistry. On the defensive side, the NFC has a number of defensive backs known to track the ball.

Kramer and Sean:

AFC: Offense

NFC: Defense

The Lightning Round:

A series of events consisting mostly of linemen including water balloons, a dunk tank, and others which will bring plenty of variety to the Pro Bowl events. Jamal Agnew seems like the value play here for his all around skill and coincides with the AFC having a line of -105, which is intriguing.

Kramer and Sean:

AFC -105

Longest Drive:

This is not a kicking competition, it is a golfing competition. At the credit of Sean’s golfing research, a number of these guys can drive it 300 yards. While he can maybe be considered the GOAT of kicking, Justin Tucker is legit at golf. On the other side though, the Commanders punter Tress Way is reportedly very good at golf and could be a sleeper pick with the NFC.

Kramer: NFC -105

Sean: AFC -125

Precision Passing:

This is an event for quarterbacks, yet there’s some quarterbacks the public think does not belong such as Tyler Huntley. Huntley could use this as motivation and lead the AFC to a win, but this seems like a competition Kirk Cousins was made for. The NFC (-105) seems like the better play here as Jared Goff was the least accurate quarterback for the NFC at 19th in the NFL, but Trevor Lawrence is the most accurate for the AFC (-115) and was 16th in the NFL.

Kramer and Sean:

NFC -105

Best Catch

The AFC is putting out cornerback Patrick Surtain II and Stefon Diggs and the NFC is putting out Justin Jefferson and Amon Ra St. Brown. Of all, St. Brown will probably take this the most serious just because of his sticky hands’ reputation. Jefferson will also take this seriously as he wants to prove he is the best receiver in the league. Surtain participating will be interesting and could pull out some crazy tricks, but there is question of Stefon Diggs’ desire to participate.

Kramer and Sean:


Gridiron Gauntlet

These teams feature some big guys and some running backs in the Gridiron Gauntlet with Saquon looking like he can propel the NFC to victory as he is faster than Nick Chubb. With Penei Sewell, a true big man athlete, up front, the NFC can make some noise. There are a few old vets in this event like Cam Heyward, who might be more focused on enjoying Vegas.

Kramer and Sean:


Move the Chains

The teams will be trying to move a big, weighted wall. A team with Trent Williams on it is hard to look past but the AFC is +105 while the NFC is -125.

Kramer and Sean:

AFC +105

Kick Tac Toe

Kick Tac Toe is a great game in Pro Bowl weekend, because the long snappers are involved. How the tic tac toe will be completed is unknown as of now because we do not know whether or not it will be snaps, kicks, or punts.

Kramer and Sean


Flag Football

The AFC receiving room looks extremely good between Tyreek, Davante, and others. However, their quarterback play looks very tough. The points tally for the weekend will spill into this game so one side could have an advantage before the game starts.

Kramer and Sean:


Pro Bowl Best Bets:


NFC to win Precision Passing

Wyatt Teller’s team to win Move the Chains (AFC)


NFC to win Precision Passing

AFC to win Tic Tac Toe

Pro Bowl Betting Odds

Teams Sprd ML Total
2/2 4:00 PM AFC -110
Epic Pro Bowl Dodge Ball NFC -110
2/2 4:00 PM AFC Player -105
Lightning Round NFC Player -115
2/2 4:00 PM AFC Player -125
Longest Drive NFC Player 105
2/2 4:00 PM AFC Player -115
Precision Passing NFC Player -105
2/2 4:00 PM AFC Player -125
Best Catch (1st Round) NFC Player 105
2/5 12:00 PM AFC -125
Best Catch (Finale) NFC 105
2/5 12:00 PM AFC 105
Gridiron Gauntlet NFC -125
2/5 12:00 PM AFC 105
Move the Chains NFC -125
2/5 12:00 PM AFC -125
Kick Tac Toe NFC 105
2/5 12:00 PM AFC 100 60.5
Pro Bowl Flag Football NFC -140
2/5 12:00 PM AFC -120

Podcast Transcription

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