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NFL Super Wildcard Weekend Picks – Bottom Line Bombs (Ep. 20)

Purdy was only 261 picks behind the #1 selection!

Host C.J. Sullivan recaps the absurdity of the final week and the genius hilarity of Lovie Smith. He then detonates new Bottom Line Bombs for all of the Wild Card games, including: SEA/SF, LAC/JAX, MIA/BUF, NYG/MIN, BAL/CIN, and DAL/TB. Some of the picks with bits analysis are: Patrick Beverly celebrations, Christians against Damar tweets, Staley’s Dana White syndrome, Cousins’ curfew, gambling on other people vs. yourself, and the inevitable disaster of Jerry Jones empire. Finally, a “Man in the Box” segment about gas stoves, slutty M&M’s, and child pet deaths.   Trust us, its fun! For Tobacco Use Only!


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