Dynasty Football: What Players are Worth Pick 1.01?

I get this question a lot, what would it take to trade the 1.01? My first response is always, do not trade your picks until the draft. The picks will only gain value significantly the 1.01. The offers will only get better, and a player can get worse. You do not want to trade the 1.01 for a player who gets hurt or suspended during the offseason.

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Picks can’t get hurt, arrested, or suspended. Situations also change during free agency and the draft. So the first rule is not to trade the 1.01. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to sell for it. If you do decide to trade the 1.01, these are some players that are in the ballpark.

Bijan Robinson is the clear-cut #1 in your single quarterback rookie drafts, someone I ran some polls on Twitter that received thousands of votes for players vs. 1.01 in Superflex. Here are the results.


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Dynasty Football: What Players are Worth Pick 1.01?

Pick 1.01 vs. Quarterbacks (Superflex)

The Obvious Accepts

Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills (Age 26)
Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs (Age 26)
Joe Burrow – Cincinnatti Bengals (Age 26)
Justin Herbert – Los Angeles Chargers (Age 24)
Jalen Hurts – Philadelphia Eagles (Age 24)
Trevor Lawrence – Jacksonville Jaguars (Age 23)

Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens (Age 25) – Decline

Lamar Jackson broke out his sophomore season with a monster 415-point MVP season. Jackson’s 1206 yards on the ground and seven touchdowns would have put him in RB1 consideration. Jackson threw for 3,127 yards and 36 touchdowns that year. He was a league winner. Unfortunately, his points per game have fallen off each year since.

Jackson went from 27.7 points per game in 2019 to 22.2 points in 2020. Jackson’s points per game have continued to decline, with 20 points in 2021 and 19.7 points this season. Jackson has seen a decline in both rushing and passing statistics.

He is also a free agent in 2023. I expect him to return to the Ravens, and I do think the return of Rashod Bateman will really benefit him. Is Lamar Jackson worth the 1.01? In a vacuum, I do not think so. I wouldn’t trade the 1.01 for Jackson right now.

Justin Fields – Chicago Bears (Age 23) – Accept

Fields has absolutely broken out this year and has been the QB4 overall since week 6. Justin Fields has already cracked 1,000 yards rushing this season. He has rushed for over 60 yards in 8 straight games, including 80+ rushing yards in 5 out of the last six games.

The situation in Chicago is improving but is still one of the worst in the league. The offensive line needs a lot of work, and this is one of the worst receiving corps we have seen in a long time. There is a lot of room to grow.

Fields has only thrown for over two touchdowns one time this year and over 200 yards 1 time. This is very similar to the Jalen Hurts 2021 season. The Bears will look to acquire some weapons to help support him in 2023.

Tua Tagovailoa – Miami Dolphins (Age 24) – Decline

Tua has broken out this season, and we have seen huge improvements. Earlier in the season, Tua was one of the top fantasy quarterbacks in the league. Tua had 4 top 4 quarterback finishes in the first eight games of the year.

This included a 66.86 performance that somehow was #2 on the week. He has cooled off quite a bit, and this offense, generally, has cooled off. Teams are playing the Dolphins differently, and Tua has not been a top-12 fantasy quarterback since Week 10.

Tua has been a solid QB2 with four performances in the QB13-QB18 range. Tua’s decline since his injury and since teams have adjusted to this offense are concerning. I like Tua, just need to be in love if I am going to ship off the 1.01.

Pick 1.01 vs. Running Backs

I ran some polls on Twitter that received thousands of votes for Bijan vs. RB. Here are the results.

Bijan Robinson is very clearly seen as the most valuable dynasty RB right now. If you had the 1.01, you can trade that pick for any player you wanted. I would take the 1.01 over Saquon, Jonathan Taylor, and the other running backs.

Mainly because I know, I can take Bijan Robinson, and I have the most valuable asset. You could trade the 1.01 for any of these players, plus more right now. If you are a rebuilding team, you could turn this pick into a Mike Ditka-sized draft haul.

Pick 1.01 vs. Wide Receivers

CeeDee Lamb – Dallas Cowboys (Age 23) – Accept

CeeDee Lamb is the WR6 this season. Lamb had not cracked the top 12 in his previous two seasons, and another Dak injury seemed to be another barrier. Lamb was able to play well with Cooper Rush, and he has had his best season yet. He has six top-12 performances and eight performances of being top 24 or better.

He has only had three games this year below ten fantasy points and is currently WR7 on the season. Who would you take first in a startup, Bijan or Ceedee?

Tyreek Hill – Miami Dolphins (Age 28) – Decline

Tyreek Hill has developed into one of the best wide receivers in the game. There was a lot of concern this season about how he would fit with this offense. The questions were more if Tua could support him as well as the support Waddle production.

There are questions about McDaniel and this offense. Tyreek Hill is the #2 overall WR this year and has maintained his dynasty value. Who would you draft first in a dynasty startup, Hill or Robinson? Hill will be a 29-year-old receiver next season, and that is why I would take Mr. Robinson.

Jaylen Waddle – Miami Dolphins (Age 23) – Decline

Earlier in the year, we saw both Waddle and Hill absolutely lighting the NFL on fire. Tua has cooled off, and so has the rest of this offense. Jaylen Waddle has seen less consistent target volume.

Waddle has received seven or fewer targets in 10 out of the 14 games this season. During this span, he has had five targets in 50% of those games. Tyreek Hill is the alpha in this offense and has only had less than eight targets once in the last nine games. Only three times this season has Hill seen less than eight targets. Waddle is still a great dynasty asset, but he is not worthy of the 1.01.

Amon-Ra St. Brown – Detroit Lions (Age 23)- Decline

Amon-Ra St. Brown has been one of the biggest rookie values of late. Last year he finished the season strong, and there were 900 excuses for why he crushed it. Amon-Ra has quieted many of his critics, but there are still some haters out there.

He is one of the best wide receivers in the game, and he is currently a top 7 Dynasty WR. But that doesn’t mean he is worth the 1.01. I would not trade the idea of getting Bijan Robinson for Amon-Ra.

The Obvious Accepts

Justin Jefferson – Minnesota Vikings (Age 23)
Ja’Marr Chase – Cincinnatti Bengals (Age 22)
A.J. Brown – Philadelphia Eagles (Age 25)

Pick 1.01 vs. Tight Ends

I would not consider trading the 1.01 away for a tight end. Last year you may have seen trades like Kyle Pitts for the 1.01. Mark Andrews or Travis Kelce might have even gotten the 1.01.

I understand the premium that needs to be placed on tight ends, but this is too far for me. My #1 dynasty Tight End is Mark Andrews, and I would value him around 1.04 or 1.05.

It would take Mark Andrews + for me to consider moving the 1.01. I would draft Bijan ahead of him in a dynasty startup right now.

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