Free Horse Giveaway with DanShan | ZED RUN Gambling Podcast (Ep. 16)

Free Horse Giveaway with DanShan | ZED RUN Gambling Podcast (Ep. 16)
DanShan is back and the world of Zed Run lending has arrived whether we’re ready or not. For current Zed Run stable owners the way to lend horses is simple. You stake 250 Zed tokens on the lending market to receive a permit. Then with the permit you can add horse to the market. If someone chooses to borrow it a four day contract will be initiated then you’ll split the winning while they have it. Pretty simple stuff but we go into pretty deep detail of the ramifications for the game going forward. We plan on lending out to each other soon to see how it all works and tank each other’s donkeys to oblivion.

The Strategy Behind Z268s

We also get some great breeding insight for the Z268 tourneys. DanShan really knows his stuff and I can’t wait to try his system out for myself. Definitely worth trying considering the cost to breed them.

Thoughts On 6 Horse Races

Six horses races have now been rolled out in an experiment and boy are they fun. Although there are concerns in regards to data analytics I think that’s an easy fix and it only creates more fun. Very encouraging to see and the fact they fill up so quick will only increase user involvement. Paid races in Zed Run needed this exciting little change.

Everybody Loves A Good Nood

Zed Noods are here! Honestly the nightmares haven’t stopped since I saw them. We kind of go off the rails here but sweet fancy Moses these things are terrifying. View at your own discretion.

Our First Zed Run Horse Giveaway!

Last but not least we do our first giveaway! Huge thanks to DanShan for donating and congrats to Tad8754 for the win! Make sure you reach out to us to get your horse!

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