Zed Token Part 1 | ZED RUN Gambling Podcast (Ep. 12)

Well the big day finally came! Zed Token is here and so far it’s been a wild ride. On Thursday morning stable owners awoke to their wallets having a nice surprise in the form of Zed Tokens. Based upon a June 1st 2022 snapshot Zed stable owners were rewarded based on horse ownership, number of paid/free races completed, number of horses bred with your mares, number of studs entered into barn, skin ownership and more. So depending on your ownership and activity you were allotted so much based on what tier activity level you fell in. 34.7% of the tokens have been set aside for this play and earn feature so more is coming down the line. As of this writing the coin has been as high as $0.1934 per coin with several stables being rewarded thousands of coins so it’s definitely triggered some major buying and selling. Zed Token tournaments (courtesy of our dude DanShan) and poker games have immediately popped up with the community wasting no time to find utility for the coin. With Zed just launching the token and not announcing the uses for it in game yet it seems there’s a lot of potential here. Let’s take a look at some of the uses that Zed has alluded to and other possibilities:
I mean this is the first thing I thought of the show is the Zed Run GAMBLING Podcast for crying out loud. But Zed has announced they’re working on a “prediction game” soon and then the token dropped. The timing lines up for us to finally be able to wager on our horses in addition to the race fees we’re competing to win. An extra layer of action to satisfy the needs of degens everywhere. Even if the game is more DFS oriented instead of traditional parimutuel wagering this is the kind of development that can help the game go mainstream.
Horse Retirements
Zed has mentioned before that retirements are going to be a thing eventually. Now obviously there’s a lot to work out here to make sure distribution is equitable as Brian from the Zed Guru Podcast mentioned however keeping the name and getting a small token allotment based on the horse type and Z number seems like a fair way to do it. This obviously isn’t a priority for them right now but worth keeping an eye on.
Free Race Rewards
Free racing offers next to no value outside of coin distribution at this point. I know number of races completed factored in the initial drop but maybe something like a 5-2-1 coin payout on free races to keep people playing. Qualifying for tourneys almost always means getting blown out by the monsters once you get there. This way the free races become an excellent resource for smaller players looking to gain something. Also maybe once qualified in the daily tournaments the same structure of top three getting paid out in WETH can remain in place but horses that finish 4th-12th can get some Zed Token. It doesn’t have to be much maybe a 9 to 4th, 8 to 5th, 7 to 6th and so on. Something to keep people playing.
Obviously being able to use the coin to pay for breeding would make a lot of sense as it keeps the coin in game Dave & Buster’s style. Then having a percentage of the Zed Tokens from breeding pumped back into the distribution pool creating an ongoing cycle to keep rewards coming in perpetuity. If it gets to the point where the coin amounts are only fractional the initial holders should be sitting pretty.
Entry Fees For Conditionals
Conditional tourneys have been a huge hit and are here to stay. A cool way to expand this feature would be having paid races available in the Open Class all the time. Instead of having to wait until Z268 tourneys to run those have races going all the time. Make it so Open Class races outside of the free tourneys operate on Zed Token. Be a cool way to keep the novelty tourney horses relevant and a fun, new way you can try and grind out winners.
Next Drop?
Not exactly sure when the next drop will be but I think we can speculate based on the terms of the first one. Since eligible wallet holders have 90 days to claim their tokens before it goes back into the treasury it’s reasonable to believe the next drop is either in 90 days or sometimes in the window after that. Depending on when the next snapshot happens should give us an idea of when it will happen after. I’m guessing if the next snapshot is 9/1 we could expect a drop around Halloween. Over the next week I’ll be diving deeper into the Whitepaper and we’ll be having BG on next week to breakdown the distribution percentages and how the coin is actually being spread amongst the user base. Virtually Human Studios who is the company behind Zed has more games on the way and if they include Zed Token in those it only adds more utility and value.
Thanks for reading everyone I hope this helps clear up any immediate questions and concerns and make sure you check out our next episode and post where we’ll help everyone set goals that will help you get the most tokens available in the distribution pool for your stable no matter the size. Remember this is NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE show. I can’t really speculate here about the long term prospects of the coin or cryptocurrency in general. But this is easily the biggest development in Zed since I started playing and I’m excited to see where it all goes. Spend wisely and never feel any shame for cashing out money if you need it.
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