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Avoiding Fatigue | Zed Run Gambling Podcast (Ep. 11)



Speed Kills With Blake Meyer | ZED RUN Gambling Podcast (Ep. 9)

Everyone in Zed knows how fatigue can negatively impact our horses. If you run them too much they won’t perform until the stamina meter goes back up. Well, we as humans are the same and it’s important to keep that perspective. Avoiding burnout and exhaustion is important to having a fun experience with whatever you do whether it’s Zed Run, fantasy football, or golf. Okay, those are the only things I do. But doing these things in balance is important so we decided to take an episode to make sure we’re not going to flame out like Dick Vermeil. Sure we talk about the new tourney tracker and some other Zed things but this was a great time to confront the fact that it’s okay to step away from the game occasionally and it won’t hurt. You can recharge and gain a new perspective that will help you going forward. Feel free to hit us up on Twitter @ZedPodcast if you’re stressed or need to vent about something. As a community, we must take care of each other when things look grim. Thanks for your support of the show, we can’t wait to keep learning and growing with the game and all of you!