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5 Most Popular Sports People Place Bets On

Sports have always been one of the most common hobbies people have. However, sports are not just about watching games but also about engaging in the teams’ and athletes’ performance and sometimes making the correct predictions.  

If you’re thinking of starting to place bets on different sports, it is a good idea to get more details about the most popular sports you can wager on. 

That’s why we came up with a detailed list of sports that might interest you the next time you decide to go for betting. 

Professional Football

Professional football is no doubt the most-watched sport in America, and the NFL’s biggest event, the Superbowl, gets the most views and bets worldwide. No wonder people get excited to gamble on their favorite teams regularly. The support of the fans and the game strategy make professional football so special; thus, the bets keep on coming.

The popularity of Professional football

Whether you’re a professional football fanatic or not, people like to get a glimpse of how it feels to wager on their favorite teams. For example, the NFL is part of American culture, so it’s no surprise people turned this event into a money-making machine.

Betting on Professional football

Professional football can be predictable depending on the matches, so people prefer a safer route to rely on and bet on the teams that have a good season or a good reputation. Unlike other sports, the opportunity to gamble is always at hand as professional football is played constantly, and there’s not a specific good season for football. 

So, punters can always keep up with their scores by watching the games live on television or by checking them on their phone or computer.


Similar to Professional Football, soccer is the most popular sport in many countries and a big part of European culture. As it’s an easy sport to follow and understand, people choose to bet on these games as often as possible. 

The most passionate fans spend their time researching the teams’ performance and the past score. Also, you can wager on the number of corner kicks, yellow or red cards, who’s likely to get them, throw-ins, and the times these events can occur. 

Number of soccer supporters

As soccer has a large community of fans, this sport is at the top of the list for online betting. 

Matches have a large following, with regular fans supporting their favorite teams both live and at home. According to recent statistics, there are no less than 3.5 billion soccer fans worldwide. Moreover, the number of bets naturally increased during the Champions League final and the World Cup.

It is roughly estimated that over £1 billion is bet on soccer games each year. As there are unregulated markets, this number can’t be that accurate. However, no matter which country you are from; placing bets on soccer is easily accessible to all punters.


There’s no other sport that can bring out more exhilarating emotions than boxing. Unlike other sports, you can never reasonably foresee the outcome. Boxing, or even MMA, is a great sport to try your luck, even for new bettors. You can even wager on the strategy which will bring the victory of one of the boxers or the judge’s final decision.

Usually, people tend to bet on the champions; there can always be a turn of events in the end due to the knock-out blow. The fights are almost unpredictable; thus, throughout all 12 rounds, the tables can be turned in one’s favor quite rapidly.

Why is box betting so popular?

Box betting evolved as the sport became so appreciated by sports fans. The rise of the boxing industry, especially in the UK, is owed to the greatest legends who made history in the boxing world. If you are a boxing fanatic, you might have heard of some of the best British boxers, such as Joe Calzaghe, Duke McKenzie, and Lennox Lewis.


Great energy, lots of teams, and high scores. What more can you ask for? 

Basketball is one of the most-watched sports due to its complexity, numerous teams, and divisions. Like other sports, basketball is highly competitive and has a large following, especially in the NBA. Unlike others, basketball has complex strategies and rules that you need to understand before betting on teams. It is not as simple to gamble; it’s quite tricky but not impossible! 

Popularity across the globe

Basketball is not only popular in America. In Europe, there’s the Euroleague which is also very famous, and people love putting their money on different European teams. Even though this league does not get as much exposure as the NBA, European basketball betting is pretty standard. 

To grow your chances of winning, you can find more details about the teams’ scores or final season results and decide when comparing the teams facing each other. Also, it’s easy to keep track of your bets as there are many options available for checking results online while watching the games.


The beauty of tennis is its uniqueness. That’s why many people enjoy this sport so much that gambling on tennis matches is quite common. There are big tournaments (like the Grand Slam), lots of practice, different techniques, and a good sense of individuality in this great sport. Also, there is the suspense and excitement of each back-and-forth hit to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole match.

The difference between tennis and other sports

Unlike other sports, tennis implies specific rules that you need to understand before following such a game. Thus, it is not as predictable as some wish. In the first rounds, the odds you may predict can always change in the opponent’s favor quite easily. You can study each player’s past performance, and also, you can predict the outcome for each round, so the likelihood of placing at least one winning bet is pretty high.

Tennis is as popular as the other sports, and there are many ways in which you can risk your money. Moreover, if you want to keep track of the schedules, you can easily find them, or if you can’t watch the live game, there are numerous platforms where you can check your results. 

Final advice

The recipe for gambling correctly is finding the sport you enjoy watching and supporting. The sports mentioned above are just a few options that are the most popular among sports fanatics. 

However, you can always find new engaging sports which you can wager on as there’s a wide range of sports betting. If you don’t want to think about it too much, you can always choose between these five most popular sports to lay bets on. 


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